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Jarrod Saltalamacchia with Joe and Dave on the star of the game show

Sep 13, 2013|

Joe Castiglione and Dave O'Brien talk with Red Sox catcher, Jarrod Saltalamacchia, after he hit a grand slam to propel the Red Sox to an 8-4 win over the New York Yankees.

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Bench. -- there's a high fly ball to right center field they've lived back. Then. And it -- players generally not let up on all of us but everything I've been hitting the floor. Bet there -- -- Ortiz. Double that bounced off the knocks them right. Grand Slam results they I tolerate bracket -- return that wants to. It over the reds about we'll. And into the bleachers. Red Sox and Patriots they have been here they've. Salty was that on your mind anyway we came up but no I was glad that element and it. Master of the it was a blast tell us about that your approach it that at bat if -- just struck out not with a couple of really good change ups. Yeah that was you know one of the things that mean he he showed a lot of pitches than. -- faced them once he never threw it changes so. You know I've seen that enough -- and look for that and in the zone. First pitch change. Justin wanna you know and if you if you it is so once you pitch versed in the in you know threw -- fastball close to me and they would do something with -- Salty had gone through a little bit of a spell there year old for 21 you busted out with a home run. Did that do it because the way you swung the bat tonight certainly looked like a man who is not in any kind of a slump. You know I was in Philly -- the played in actually told. David Ross -- -- -- put them and I just went. You know believe somehow who win you know whatever he -- or homers and I'll just take a broken -- -- near the and then next about it at the home runs and you know I kind of just made me feel. You know better. You know better to play locked in a little bits of that a lot better since then and physically you're feeling better. Yeah physically have some good it's it's getting better and you know run so much fun right now that. I don't think it is good that we missed that. I mean everybody in the ballpark is having a blast to everyone following the Red Sox but it but you guys look like you have -- a time of your lives every time we turn around. It's another moment like this to put up. Among among a succession of great moments this season -- it's remarkable. It is -- you know I've never had so much fun playing baseball my lessons this year -- -- this year. And you know even without the wind -- such a great guys in the clubhouse and we we get along so well and you know we're all here for the same reason and it's it's the win and to go out there and played it in the right way and we're we're constantly police each other constantly. Im just going out there and playing hard and you know let the other team make mistakes and it's it's been paying off. -- certainly tonight that he had a chance to break it open early for us in the first chance to break it open the second -- -- but they -- -- thank you come back so that shows. A lot of where with softball. Yeah I mean we score for a reason and that's that's huge you know I mean anytime you can put some runs on the board in Canada. You know it helps you breathe a little bit and give -- little cushion in threw the ball great you know. If they got a couple runs in the got a situation last thing that down. You know which we could of got out of it without any runs scored go like to win. This team just has such a great job Johnny had unbelievable. You know. Walking right there at first and second and that's that the future better there yeah I think they're kind of pushed everybody else. And finally sold did you get tomorrow off pretty have to strap it on again tomorrow get right back there I would love to strap it on but I think he either its home I had tomorrow off -- if we could but yet you learn to -- it deadlier than. They congratulations thanks guys appreciate it I think you are. Saltalamacchia. Is that the right away jacked after that sloppy really. -- hitting the ball with great authority of course catching it throwing extremely well as we saw Tampa Bay. So the Red Sox win it 824 at that -- the Yankees did not ten and a half back in general update you on this course regarding Tampa Bay a little bit later.

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