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ESPN's Herm Edwards with Salk and Holley

Sep 13, 2013|

We discuss the Patriots tough win over the Jets with the former head coach of the NY Jets, ESPN's Herm Edwards.

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It is patriots Friday we told you about our all star rotation of Friday afternoon -- for -- last week. We kicked it off -- march later next week will be Cris Carter making his come triumphant return to Boston radio the week after that's. We will go with jaws for some good quarterback talk but today the perfect person along the way just happened to work out this way to talk about what we all saw last night her Edwards are what is going on. You go from different it was ugly what we witnessed last light on the on both sides of the football but accurate because it can be cataloged it. They do you watch two quarterbacks -- struggle trying to complete passes receivers dropping -- it was a wonderful game if you like because it. Wasn't there an -- first -- -- the -- -- brought you by DCU digital federal credit union what can DCU -- view was it actually just good defense or how much of that was that often. In which we know what I mean you watch this thing unfold and now. Obviously we think about doing right now they're really struggling to convert third downs and that's what -- They release them it's about the pictures in in in this offense in the league last year with one and 441 downs they can't cover first -- kissing -- -- -- can't score points. On the struggle in the red zone you know whether it was due to accept them mental error by receivers drops. Not -- right -- all of these things. Seem to come off in -- it's kind of ironic because during the pre season. He's got played pretty good in that was my might take on -- that you received one thing also -- season starts it's different you know in a -- and it's caught can be gassed by surprise but. I think two weeks from now that he's got to play a lot better armies will take them bought these -- figured this thing out. We haven't seen Tom Brady act. Offer in the way he did last night what was your take on brittney kind of gone off and as the receivers being really demonstrative. And you think that's appropriate or not. Well I think he cleared up the depressed opportunity and he understands that. The problem he has eight get blood you know -- -- anybody else that we got that. That was great about football offense but boy get straight players. These gas -- that has been determined easily beating your football players like him in the pre season like entry camp and I don't like so much. And I get that but but this is this is the process of when you play young guys in and I've had to do with -- times in the it's hard because they make errors and make mistakes and on offense it it really is. Workers say it because it's all about him in the balls one points and you know Tom little bit -- wrap up press conference -- set the record straight and in the city center right you are gonna keep my composure because the young guys look at the the quarterback. Hall of -- guy -- -- manner that kept putting more pressure wrong. I think -- too. And Doolittle got to a great job coach they're Smart coaches. I think you got to look at which -- asking me do it -- maybe not run so much no huddle. He'll let him have a breather and I know that's what you wanna do. But sometimes when you run the no huddle. Which young guys they -- -- it puts so much pressure on Obama and that's what it dropped balls with all of that in you know that debt debt debt that adds to it. In and so maybe see some more of that dog. Herm Edwards as we will hear on some Fridays for pictures Friday on WEEI. And -- fortunately I mean things will change a little for him I mean he's gonna get Krakow ski -- the next week -- the week after he -- get -- back soon after that -- -- the return and it was another young guy but it will at least get some other options out there besides just what he had out their last night. I guess the question what would you say to him if you're the coach at the end of the game you sit down with him or you watch the film together. What are you saying to Brady about these young guys to try to get them all onto the same pants. Well basically how -- -- you know what are we need to do because we're we're we're we've got a lot on the plate right now they're rookies and we know we have talent. And we got to make sure we don't squash him in before you know. You can you can hurt a player -- if the more criticism he received that want quality battled back and -- -- pro football is it is balls to do it but the young players. And when you have more than one or to a -- lineup it chills up our policy at this would you play a young player rookie player he -- geno Smith last night. What happens to gadget this big game at that gets to be played. That the longer the game goals the more mentally you attack these. And what happens to -- Because it it it's too much in before you know what they can't -- -- -- processed information fast enough. And not a Catholic football you see the smoke coming out flatter helmets you know this sport I'll give it. You know any wonder what's wrong to -- we would go to the first quarter -- but as the game continues to be played owners is -- after the guy. All these things become a part of the equation it's couple. -- do you think the Patriots defense is good enough to carry this team is not something we're used to. But it's something we've seen in the first two games so far away. You make a great point I think I don't think they're good enough credit because. The thing they've been they've that the last two weeks they've taken them all -- six time. -- what you can do that that limits course in you know bill belief in this he sees the situation football man and media understands imports of playing good in the red -- Playing very good on third down taken the ball away and -- the scores and you dual three things they might move the ball on you. But they're not gonna score points in right now the way this team is not scored a lot of points to -- that he used to score political points a game. The deal did not gonna win like debt even if that don't have between the twenties. It up and get that 34 that magical number -- to what -- last year. Because of the fact that all these guys are are mixed on human and there are going to be some got in the back -- some young guys but the defense is that a pretty good job -- that really hold down the score. Indicated -- defense. And it's part of a little bit last year when faced trouble get off the field on third down. Did it compound. Because offensively you're not convert on third downs that's not -- -- -- you put your defense on the field again. On the other side of -- you can't get off the field the other team possesses the ball that's what happened last night. -- 34 minutes of possession can you imagine if this was. Peyton Manning's offense or. Aaron Rodgers off -- Drew -- off -- and you gave him. The third -- minister possessed the ball. You'll be in trouble. Yet and an email Aqib doing that and that that's very obvious what do you think they will look like. In three weeks six weeks eight weeks down around. Well I think the receivers will be a lot better I think to be more confident a -- do some things. To make sure that they know what to do first of all and they can do well. It whether you repeat a place. And switched to formations. In which players in those formations. But at the same played. You know in any medium -- because. This offense is predicated on first down we know elemental to the ball try to boot chain but when they double. Thought we did a great job left not a put him in. In motion because that's very difficult to double because a lot of times we gold emotion inside a linebacker has to pick him up and he can't they wouldn't compete quickly he knows how to avoid those -- When you put him outside they got it. Like just think the more they use him on first down. Make it you know don't get -- old third and long situations third five warped that a lot of pressure on the gas so I think they're gonna get better. If you're new alien. You've got to be pretty happy about it. Yours your schedule so far in your record you're 210 -- -- two division that's big. Now we're sort used to seeing in the Jetsons jets patriots always a big deal around here. And there's always some type of of controversy or some type of drama. Surrounding the jets now you coach them wondering. Do you think it's the organization. Or is it just coaching in New York there's something that I just didn't go about coaching in New York that brings about all the drama. Well I just think it obviously if you're at it if you play but it gets -- like your second team in new York at all despite -- that's kind of that feeling that people have you know I don't know why I mean because they immediately where they were we're first in the original team but. You that you played with a chip one crucial little bit hey you know I -- you get it. But I just think there's drama with the jets means the way they play what has happened in the last couple years obviously within the quarterback situation. On that that hasn't been in you know that has been in -- to safe bet to say at least -- think about Newman the patriots. They get one got a long time. They've been pretty steady and I think you look at teams that are steady in this league. Didn't take long to figure out they're probably gonna play pretty consistent. You look at vehicles football teams in. And that's what happens when you have a quarterback he seems to calm everyone in -- that you know you're gonna get consistent play week in and week out from the guy that plays with a ball. In the got the plays with the football and that's football -- he affects everyone. -- decent special teams and when you don't have that guy. And you continue to try to find that guy guess what. You got a lot of them down I know I lived it it's all part. Now you know we're not gonna to get out of here without asking about Letterman how'd you wind up on Letterman. What was that experience like. What it was. It was like top of the Salk you know obviously Canada was don't mind I'm not on -- -- here -- used to be on the show notes Seattle nine big diamond ball emotional apply some like that. You know concede my year old was and the skills and bloody well lose to order your -- about big game this week to. But it was obvious tactic. -- you're okay can you walk on stage in the and we get on stage -- -- looked better before you do -- he -- two empty chairs and got to go. This is pretty good animal Letterman and that is the good. It in the digital communal trip and you lot fear but -- that he didn't care and have a conversation. Spent some time thinking about where you can where Letterman as you want to welcome you to decide -- important right. What -- -- -- -- -- don't got to work think the Sox actually much more important or something like that right as they can actually see your -- talked about that what -- what where. Whether or what about where I'll let you know two days to figure out -- -- just run your life doesn't hurt to just run everything in your life he had an idea what the Sox would be but you have to wait until two days before. Yeah and we figured out yet about it or are we -- -- -- relax her wakes up as you know like 3 o'clock in the morning so 330s knock them. Eight body what kind of -- already -- a term thanks a lot man it's always good to talk to -- we're gonna be -- it -- a few times throughout this the policies and thank you very -- Diego there's Herm Edwards of ESPN former coach in the NFL with the jets and she's brought to you by DC -- -- federal credit union. What can DCU. Steve you so he -- not at all panicked. Right I mean not panicked over the Patriots offense the way so many people are and -- a lot of panic out there today and have heard that I've read it. I know -- I've talked to people that a lot of this real anger in an. And this is back to 06 and run and lyric is growing over Brady in the Brady window was close -- and -- and understand the anger for this game. But -- -- it's not just for this game like I've got this is what it's going to be this year where this is the preview of what this whole season is going to be. I'm sorry I just don't believe that and that's the question I guess I'll continue to ask where did you believe this that's a word here is going to be. That's where that's where the debate this because people the year some people are willing to look at this. And say this is what it is it's it's if these sloppy game on Thursday night football and the patriots had receivers dropping balls running the wrong routes for the second game in a row. And and and that's just what it is it's early early part of the season they'll figure it out I think that's reasonable but the in the other one. And I -- how -- how big is this lobby. You know it is that this does this represent -- -- and pictures -- is fifty. This is gonna be bad. All you're sure it sure sounded like more than 50% to -- maybe Twitter in May be listening to people on the radio is not an accurate representation but dot. It sure it sure sounded like -- you guys can jump in -- 61777979837. Was last night. What it was because it was game two after a forty week. Or -- gonna see this year. Is that the Patriots offense on display. For 2013. 61777979237000. Dollars to give away in twenty minutes your calls next -- call W media.

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