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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question, 09/13/13

Sep 13, 2013|

Answer me this my man.... OKAY, WE WILL!

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It's time for answers the question -- the question which saw it is the big question. So -- should be -- -- answering. -- answer that question. -- We are Mikey this -- it's the question back after your time you went beyond her mr. right all the way beyond star. Which went. At. War buddies I'm scenario it's Mike's got -- -- of the press currently the president and big moments like I think it all the way that -- want my quivering. -- ask -- -- -- be you're relentlessly even these men. I told a house I would -- squall enough with the squad have not been disclosed since the people work at that restaurant I should say the girls. But ladies yeah. That's where you wanna -- theories ornament Pasquale. -- accidentally able to detect its ability to -- -- so preposterous. We think -- yet yesterday we figured out that we got to be getting care at a public. Arrogance and the match went what a discreet and said -- table cash in -- -- -- -- -- wall like a template so I'll call that it didn't answer my question -- vital areas restoration specialists are very property or facilities manager or insurance broke earlier I asked him mystery of -- disaster restoration -- Clinton please call 877461. 1111. Or go to a our -- serve -- dot com. It's the question jerks. That's good stuff for you name like when throwing a tantrum yes what is better. Holding your breath or going -- on the floor. Going to vote for can be embarrassing. On the floor that is the author -- because. Big problem and he accused of that yet they throw full on they didn't. Open your -- -- -- incorporated. Yeah. Out of breath as a fraud -- hold my breath so you that you're gonna die yeah so that's stupid. But they'll throw yourself down on the floor as the best Intermune is gonna have -- you know stomp your feet if you're gonna get I think the thing to do is get so worked up you vomit. That to me if you are get a girl full on tantrum as it did it get so worked up you actually vomit somewhere in the it's not everybody is -- -- everybody loves vomit now. It was like five minutes away. But still -- I sort of thing that caused them. Husbands of the -- she's -- I will agree with you the husband is and pulled from marrying a -- It's the question what could make you care about soccer it. Well let me tell you what there is putting them on site there and you know what's gonna make a lot of everybody -- -- you know toward the end when US -- wins the World Cup winners and wears when regular passwords that broke up a -- that's -- And actually I thought there gonna do it in in in cutter and it's where it is great that it's gonna happen in Brazil -- resilient because there's a great missiles killed I mean people getting killed well it just means that we're gonna get our our our national -- our global respect. And soccer however they'll get it home to imports about removed brightening in the died. Happy and happy guy out of your game and I aren't helpful either oh yeah he seems to dean sisters -- -- Montreal Vancouver hello have you seen Gregory Campbell. It happened on the Boston Bruins but it happens in the sport -- not the way doesn't soccer in the biggest problems with the biggest problem the rest of the sport watching the sport -- the biggest problem caucus got attention -- disordered people watching it nude -- before them -- soccer in my work and -- and Tuesday of the new -- -- next question. What is the worst we -- your wife has ever made for you teller. She makes some of -- every time. She made some deals. Some two. Like this is that your house units and it was Faldo was what happened it was a using the -- drivers. Now yesterday she made -- It is also thought. You -- pickles this it's a deal it's humid. And ultimately. You're white you're white parents who want she's -- -- -- really she's the greatest woman ever wife goes out of her way to do those eating well things I tell them the first time there the differentiate between good enough to eat again in good enough tonight. You don't mean. Like there's nothing. Out of it to go out -- -- afterwards. That we. Could you put out this really mean we actually did this in this the second time that -- that totally. Around. You just have to. Do it for you never. You more -- two more days next question of which would like you know. -- -- -- After most soccer team owner announced there's pressure yes on all related. Shore. I got that she's late she's accuracy -- it was just put it. She. Asked you to go because they do hot dogs aren't quick for me where she meet the woman goes over to the -- -- station just to get -- it's -- together it's gross right now almost as bad but you know catch him but kept a mile an hour or not. But nothing. Nothing but it's hot -- You -- -- to be angry about it it's about some questions from should visit to Chicago thugs everywhere else and it's ketchup. And it grows. Don't post you don't get to them for it but hot dog with the kids put ketchup and -- about what you become older and -- picture that you stop so -- wouldn't do what you've done. Mustard medium onions sauerkraut to put stuff on it of course it catches up why it just doesn't sugar. Doesn't go on hot spots are about to happen on the market. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Nine. Which ones. Like this it and so there's -- in chief right in windows yet sailor the construction. -- guy who doesn't have time showed in the NBA. The lights go on dollar to her it's all every -- -- the ultimate game. -- played up. Right. She's awesome and balances and there's also a guy. Who has the Village People on one hand but all of them. Kind of like -- A puppeteer. And it the whole thing by themselves. Of music -- -- -- -- Atlantic she can't. He does a great job by people politics -- I do agree with your assessment of the women who work the -- -- lot of people. Are awesome apparently it's famous. Wednesday so what's. Wobbly position coach and it's coverage of their -- patriots if coach. But the good woke -- in the receivers were capable earlier topic open. Different completely competent and skilled. That's you know. The coach of the play. That's more than Belichick usually refreshments. Guys if you close your GM would you go home to shower after speakers work shower. I would go home to our today. Apologies or and I -- an awful okay when when when it means that this smell. I don't know when you can smell yourself. Well I just read. It but still. -- I'll go home to shower in his disgust. Real you know -- those rumors you hear about the men's locker rooms -- him or be over exaggerated sometimes although players. And one case that want him to do is added in the -- one good trio took pictures of these. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- From the -- and without showering. You have to bring like an old towel for your car -- the commitments I hate that I hate the way you -- an excellent we'll see. That is added to do what dividend like that -- -- you're sit on right now yeah. Short answer. Yeah -- there are -- that can mean geez come on don't accuse the shifting your idea I just it's all over the place just some art world. Hi guys we have to get out of here we are done for the day Mikey -- coming up. Looking forward to that some good talking about yesterday -- there you know probably do this show run right over to the the October fest at the castle I justice Sam Adams and unity day going to be trinkets and Beers and -- sounds like it like for you and I know you'll be watching this Red Sox team because more than anyone you like. I love this uterus and I was enjoying listening to you talk about about there will be equal relief corps talking specifically about -- horrible we'd maybe -- so Mike is coming up next to you guys we will be back on Monday for a patriots Monday we will be down in -- to talk to Belichick in Vince Wilfork. Will break it all down for -- -- starting at two on Monday stick around for Mikey have a great weekend. -- -- -- That stopping right.

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