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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - 09/13/13

Sep 13, 2013|

We tackle four topics... today ON topic. Four questions about the Pats/Jets rivalry, including the best player to play for both teams and the most memorable game in recent memory.

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-- Now -- -- silicon -- swollen painful rate roller board or the four. Fun cleaning. -- -- Well we solved it finally got on Sports Radio W -- So few minutes ago we talked to former jets head coach Herm Edwards. Say what you will about her -- time leading the jets but he sure as hell was entertaining. So the jets have had Edwards Pete -- Bill Parcells Rex Ryan and Eric Mangini hole. Has been the most entertaining. Jets head through -- got to go powers experts consider it it's not -- -- tight it's not Bruce consulate although maybe they are light years -- entertaining in their own right Rex has. Certain quality to him that I guess is entertaining but Parcells animal entertaining and brilliant what are my favorites of all time local -- I'm gonna go it directs because Rex can't control himself I don't think there's a method to the madness would -- There was to a degree with ourselves. Into what he was doing trying to distract you he was successful. Firm. I -- -- -- Iraq's many as to Parcells but there was a method thereto. Or method would Rex. Just flat. Every field last night. After the game. I just thought he's won. Just want decent question. From just blowing up. And in that they never got him there. But -- won't make any jet -- think you are committed for the long haul based on the track record of on franchises. -- the question is how Chris Russo. Time -- -- make any New York Jets fans think that you're committed to the long haul on facetime you're bailing out of the other teams and. I hate to pay the person who has stepped closer I don't know little. There's a lot of my contract has expired here in new way to look. It. I didn't write it and bail at all our dog not it is it is Elena. What you're seeing it exactly already majority sign the deal with the -- it didn't go back with the -- after the super you know it's the lamented despite don't know yet I still love I. I and I are looking Italian manager. The correct answer was Lou Holtz. -- Local since the at -- and -- have employed many of the same players over the years. Of the players who spent time with both organizations. Which was the best part of garden is -- answers Curtis Martin is really no other game changers and one close title I'll go point. I know slightly it's what -- wasn't great with the jets and he was a great player who plea for both. Curtis Martin was actually great for both prime time I was fine with the -- he was acceptable but it wasn't great when he was in New York he was great when he was here. I don't you can go there Hank Poteat. I don't wanna go boutiques Brian Cox what are your favorite Brian Cox is great both play Roland Martin -- here Larry is that. I was gonna say -- is over Chatham both great special team errors but that's a great overall. Audience has got to be -- mark how much are Rossi could go. -- -- If you take one player off the jets team right now and put him in a patriots uniform who would have me. I think they'll comply. That happen. Is not. Australia to go at the kid would break last night. Talk about patriots corners. And they may need to quarters I don't know what could have without until dinner down the road always good to have. Corners in the passing league team owner. There's going to be a terrific player in a year. I think you'll go with the guy that I always wanted them to draft that was. -- when they didn't and he turned out to -- really really good player could -- in the second round that's David Harris I think he's -- an excellent linebacker I know he's one of the eleven guys I think you have got caught up on the the play -- last night but in general for all the years he's been there. Really really good player I don't know that they specifically do you did. That player right now today on this patriots team but I've always I've always liked him and wish that they drafted him at the fireplace -- some guy he just beautiful -- what seems like -- patriots kind of I -- I was really really surprised -- Belichick didn't -- I made a case for a -- -- the last -- we produce -- -- -- that was -- -- -- -- -- -- did you think that -- -- think that -- -- -- -- I did not I don't I didn't I didn't see it Albert's career was -- about it now you know it can see Heidi who's trying to burn some clock. He's running in he's -- he knows that if he -- goes to serve the game is over. But is that think he thought of a touchdown for a second you know look at the field. That wasn't possible Bernal clock jumped out of bounds. Jumped out of homes. It's out of the black person to an -- which -- -- -- for -- how we got to stop what -- about -- This jump out of jail after all that happened patrons lined up for what more -- the lowest in history. I don't dance yoga because I've always thought it's been that you've been seen it was a little. Starter rule. Like if you do that. You can't do that essar at there's a certain point in the game for that. Could run another play of an offside but -- -- were here really as a living on the record Chris -- he knew right where the where -- -- where's the camera right there OK and advanced combat camera choreographed. That's going to be -- third act you dance he get a sack on third. -- The AT&T question. Jane. The patriots jets rivalry dates although it back to September 17 1960 when the Boston patriots beat the New York titans 2824. What is your favorite moment. From the front there's a couple of great ones. Maybe when the patriots beat the jets in 1986. Wild card game before finally squish and finished but my first patriots are really -- football memories. Is that. But I would say. My favorite memory of them is just Belichick. Resigning on the napkin he has an eight Saturday of the NYT has -- ever changing the fortunes of both franchises. The the oddity and humor with which it occurred at. There's a lot of really good answers to this question but to me that's. Went at it it's all it's also read that's the right answer it's got to be something surround opportunity -- -- -- -- it's got to be Parcells Kraft down or. Parcells Belichick round draft. How about well hype for that first game again all the all right awesome -- noble one and announced recently but it's it's almost pulled a game. They did it was that it was an overtime field 2724 from some Veronica. But when when they finally allow Belichick to come to new England's. Bill Parcells. -- story called up. Robert Kraft exit and of this dark breeder and a half past. The border wars over the whole thing yet has got it. And -- -- while there's one that -- -- that Thanksgiving 2012. -- great day with your family is great you know you're feeling good and you just watched. He's dismantling of the new year excluding the book is about -- so much on why you think that -- -- fumbles the best moment is just I just remember dancing around the room that night it was so much for. The bought from a -- happens if it's not for the resignation -- of the ball you are encouraged. -- Dexter I'm sorry you're right. It's better than about Bob and it's better then Parcells Belichick texture says. About. Drew getting hits and -- taking over great point that's what happened Mo Lewis. Mo Lewis changed as a rivalry for over. It seems a good at the time didn't feel like one of the great moments of that I don't forget handshake. Mangini and that's an -- those good when -- good couple years there between the two of them with a lot of good hatred in this round or. There were a little at the end of the game we're restarting the handshakes -- remember one year. Belichick -- bear -- them. At that at midfield. It was it was thought -- terrorist -- -- I was like you would much rather you can't try to squeeze felt like about a million asking well maybe we'll speak the truth it was able to that is today's forward four assault Hollinger WEEI.

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