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Did Tom Brady's angry antics towards teammates go to far?

Sep 13, 2013|

We disucss a very vocal Tom Brady with the fans, and are split on the way he handled some poor plays with his rookie wide receivers on Thursday night.

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Well it was a worst case scenario for these young receivers last night because you could tell all the thinking that's going on with those guys posts snap and turn them where does Tom want me to be where do I go based on my post that read in terms of the coverages and then the rain came down so I just -- -- where you gotta be the right place to be. All of us that you forget that when it's raining and your gloves are wet your hands are wet that's when you have to focus even more catching a ball. That's a thought process that these young receivers credit for him except for Julian -- Even Julian elements and has some problems -- the last night Tedy Bruschi today on sports that are breaking down the patriots game -- some good stuff from him we the other thing from Teddy is well Andy. Another quote from Teddy that I mean just listening to him because who understands what's really going on their better than him right. Me understands majors what they're trying to do understands the way Brady thinks about it. Thinks about his teammates things about the game understands the offense even though played much more obviously in the defense side of the ball. He won't give them a break last night. Bring in these players that are young that aren't familiar and you can see last night there are problems with -- the passing game that. Everything it's that in terms of catching the ball running the wrong routes okay not judging the ball properly in the air. Some of these are fundamental problems with the receivers. And then the other problems -- -- and not being on the same page with your quarterback and you see a lot of frustration their right Brady but he's got to know to. I mean these are rookies here these are rookies and they they don't have the same standard that Tom Brady has for himself -- yes no it's gonna take a little bit more time. All right so I think what would Teddy just sit there and don't have the same standard as Tom Brady. What's the best way to get -- to that standard is the best way to do it right here on the field or is it too. Take them into and that's saying handled him with kid gloves -- NFL -- paid this is your job. -- craft -- you are expected to perform at a high level at all times but. Do you do you can you do teaching there on the sideline. Or is it. More realistic to think you take him to a meeting room right on the practice field -- state. This is this is what I'm looking for I guess I just felt throughout the game as if they have done that and that's what was so frustrating to Brady look like -- we did this. We've gone over this week this you understood this you know what to do when the guy does this is supposed to that. Why aren't you in the right place after well what you don't look at it this way. If it veteran out that's the case about. Us that's true I think Tom Brady. Had that thought pretty unfair. Tom Brady thinking that way about the jets. So the jets are mostly due out -- from reading your tax correctly in your tweets and listen to because most you don't think the jets to going to be very good. And and and Tom Brady has -- some -- teams that have -- good and he has struggled against them with experienced receivers. So expect some guys. Who have never played in the NFL before. The -- -- -- and Rex Ryan for the first time. A team a defensive team that's done pretty good against Brady over the years nineties. Got a good record against the jets. But but Rex Ryan shouldn't be ashamed of his record against the patriots considering who the patriots have been. In the last in the last few years in the jets have been. Struggle against them and you don't know exactly what to do -- you've had experience. Playing against this team in this system. And these guys haven't you record could be on your -- it's just totally unrealistic six on 77797937. Here for -- you guys -- in his car what's up man. Alienate who would it. I broke through all on this Thursday night thing I think it's entertainment but also worst idea ever came up with and that. NFL network crew is probably the worst. Amounts -- us. Hey -- -- Brad -- very very I would defend bestseller -- like dot buckle Marek. I'm all about man -- like Jack hand them I got I mean that list remain I'll find it. I love naslund -- has got a voice for football jock c'mon man. OK you can have their opinion that five. Look at Brad and network bit Thursday -- meant for that song you like baseball or basketball our hockey. You know it's -- two time purple ball on Thursday night. Anyway a dispute doesn't screw up that the schedule that shall we can now ago -- excuses. But that's analytical or. The problem with the patriots in this whole window with Brady. Have to worry about should they win now should they plan for the future or whatever. Peace at last night at ten million dollars under the salary cap. For whatever they paid -- -- If you add ten million dollar that they couldn't find a receiver that would have been able to play Thursday night that might be able to help these young guys all along and not they sure do vote. Look at factors that would -- -- Dolan to America let the -- and mental thing go any time soon -- A receiver who what kind of receiver who are we talking about it if it ever overcome a Michael Wallace. Let me try to go read a drug a good receivers who were available in free agency. Or not. So you'd think Mike Wallace solves the problem Mike Wallace had one catch in week one in the complained about the offense that he's running in Miami. -- but at and and the reality is no matter who you -- We could be cabinet saying you know where we're at it I mean look at Ochocinco he was going to be great in what happened to him. So you never know I agree with I mean it's it's all crap she never consult. But the fact of the matter is. What they do with the money they should be doing -- -- with that money should be paying somebody Victor in that complaint. Some of the gut and experience something that you know that. Yeah like who are members try to think of -- MEI echoed through Mike Wallace that you liked -- I'm not sure of crazy about the Mike Wallace idea for. That money like Mike Wallace. Is he gonna solve the problems. I'm not sure -- still has to come in and always a better receiver. No tort known for his wheels got great speed. But he's gonna have to come in and and learning -- they. Or receivers that were out there all had a probably Dwayne -- is one of the guys that you could have right I mean MacKenzie and -- but Dwayne -- is has all kinds of problems himself he drops a ton of passes he's not exactly known -- the brainchild himself he's -- all kinds of problems learning their offense incredibly talented the type of big huge physical receiver. May be even more so than one ball in the wisely as good as in crumbled and well -- that same kind of receiver story there are quarterback -- ball. And he's a dope means it don't mean he's got all the same problems that you're talking about I think. -- that I like chuck chuck probably went to the extreme. Of of going up going for the big name receiver like those of you saying altering for Calvin Johnson support that that's crazy to imagine that can happen. But chuck is is going to the when they need a big time receiver but at. Thought I heard this over the last few years but the problem with the patriots. Was that they became too reliant on office. I became too reliant on. Their quarterback and it just didn't play football when he needed to -- the football team that that winter games in January February tough running game. Stout defense. If you're Auburn scored seventeen points and nineteen points that's all right. Good enough we'll still win. Because our defense is good -- now I'm hearing these -- Mike Wallace trade for Larry FitzGerald get that guy bring back Randy Moss you know. Bring back this guy bring back tech guy. I think what you -- what you really want is already in place. It's just not mature enough yet what you want is account is competent receivers. With some speed in some. Talent out -- a good defense and I got a good if I'm not writing these guys off yet I'm not writing this young receivers off because they played one or two bad games apiece I just don't buy -- yet six point 777979837. Bricks and -- what's up man. I have no idea that I'm -- -- to rely on dark and full panic -- me but -- looked pretty tough to watch by. Is it it's complete open and we'll look at the laundry list of guys that come through here. The would not even able to get on the field at all Chad Jackson and Ochocinco. And Doug Gabriel and -- could not even. It on the field we get targeted by equity and lose what you have these guys. Now that are on here okay -- that the mistakes are -- But there's been targeted 101215. I know cynics will say. All of that probably got beat at the target them while they're still the general on the field and -- gaining experience some. -- -- -- got to be -- maybe it's pulling -- kids seem to get on the field so well you know is even an open act claps yeah I hope not but. It's strange that it couldn't on the -- last night. Well you lot of mistakes. You know I'll get it didn't and didn't talk -- it means. At that time that -- There which drops they're -- knowledge. They -- completely 100% of lost I mean they lost a lot by the time they'll open their time they dropped the ball. Played -- and they are gaining some experience and I think it's something bigger. Because there on the field get targeted as opposed to in Albany all the old tried -- your name. I hear good phone call -- -- lot of a lot of good stuff in there let's go to Josh and grow with -- Josh. And I don't it was. And then -- really like heaven you know I think is great in the air out on the sclc and by the way. And well -- bridge island out by the way. So I'm just think it is like. Don't -- it blew it and like Tom Brady's talent I mean the guys get all account the world and he would like just waste in the way. Are off. Mark are you afraid I think Tom Brady think to -- I think we're losing top rating. I think that it is too early to judge that this year at the end of the year Tompkins and -- boys are better than they are in week two then yeah. They've wasted a year of Tom Brady there's no doubt. The Brady -- only has so much time left but Josh. I'm just telling you this I said over and over again I'm not in a judge this in week two look and see they'd wasted the year whether till now. All. Know what they've won both games against their division opponents. I am not going to say that the patriots wasted this year like Chris Gasper -- in Charlotte seen so many of them let me ask you let me ask you this and -- think. You think I'm just blasting -- one I'm not. -- all polls. On Evan dole I don't want you change your mind I'm never gonna change because it's kind of fun that you don't change your mind because I did -- change your barred the at what what I do. That's because my my talent is made up just on principle garlic so. Principal yes there's a -- -- -- the prince -- don't you worry about I don't know what you where you're really not about my pretty what are you tell me my principal is based on your argument about one guy's lucky one -- unlucky which to me it's foolish not to rent we'll look at -- -- one guy you don't -- the start of the future -- on -- -- you know I'm trying to be nice -- Now you want to be able warcraft a little more harsh. One guy can't stay on the field. And the other guy can't and I guess my iron about your -- hasn't stayed on the field at the army he's not going to let what standard do you wanna go to my if you go by a sometimes looking at I just don't -- that -- -- the I don't I don't believe that if I'm bored by games played 2011 he played -- 12012. We played in eight. This year he's played in one game. So regalia submits to hit me with your -- is as the lights out of my question is what will it take for you to say. All right. Maybe that wasn't the best use of funds may -- they had the right idea with a player like Danny Amendola. Danny Amendola was not that that Danny Amendola -- But they need on it right. Any dear Richard it enemy in there's a lot of different ways acting government all admitted -- the -- the year it was a bad decision he doesn't play any -- how many weeks and others don't number that I don't know I mean look. If he misses the first three weeks of this season -- the next you know he misses this week which is already done. And next week and the Atlantic game but then he's back after that and -- -- -- porno or three and one when he comes back and he's great for the rest of the year and he makes a huge catcher -- for them as they go through the playoffs. Why he's a bad player because he missed three weeks in the beginning of the year are not because even if he missed it was it a bad decision because he missed a few weeks even if he misses this full six weeks. And they end up at the end of that they're five and two. Because they survive without common ground comes back and that he's great for the rest of the year great the playoffs and they win the Super Bowl -- say it's a bad move because he miss six weeks. I'm not I'm not gonna think about it that way but what do. What it would if it comes down to what we've seen already. A guy. -- them and get game Warren game one of this patriots career. There was an injury that has now that looks like -- -- -- prevent him from being on the field for a month or month and her dad could and we're gonna wait and see and then -- would elect a guy when he comes back to call that don't I got -- I. I don't know what to call a bad sign it because they brought an -- for the next few years because of the few we know not just back. But it just history Michael if it -- -- his secret keeps happening. Agree with -- it happens again I'll agree that if we can horror and then again and then again in his second injury later this year and this is five weeks at the beginning in four weeks at the end he's unavailable for the playoffs. Hey I'll buy it -- it with a company on sixteen game seasons from Danny Amendola you need to see before you start to say. Okay and the guy accused of appeal to World War II. You know what I'm never gonna -- without it I don't get that way. I don't view of the world the same way you do not start six what I like 77 I like -- 93 drugs and more your calls here and sex alcohol in WB yeah. Shops at today everyone so frustrated upset. People the people are frustrated people who are upset they're just taken a cue from Brady I think it will break him as a and I. So so they can be upset that they're gonna come back later apologizing today on -- myself get. If the have to work an -- that Letterman like that I can't picture I deliver the ball to the month started here better in our when I didn't mean to. -- -- Brady gave everybody it's licensed to go say what they've been wanting to save for awhile but not a matter build -- better receivers. Pretty stupid I can -- People fear that's okay -- Were you able to read lips last night -- -- bella jacked after that cannot read lips at all with that scrum on the worst. On the worst can read anything is trying to get the players his players off the field. Chatham and I were trying to get on the it it's Youngstown desperate -- -- out. What Belichick was -- last night. Late in the game after. Yes I did figure that when he sent. Old embassy in FCC just opposite the return. A six and 7779793. Sevens a phone number been taking your aggravated calls. All day long and I understand the aggravation but I'll keep coming back to the defense men and saying we wanted to see the patriots when these types of games and now they're doing it. Tom current saying that they can never win a game and they don't score 21 points or more -- -- and they scored thirteen in 613 yesterday and they find a way to win. Right I mean they they only allowed and the defense does he want them to do with it against an offense no but it was against a good defense. The jets defense is pretty good Rex Ryan as you said -- good defense of the ground offensive coach and he's got some players on their defense now. Despite all that issue to score a whole lot more points they should scored sixteen anyway because you missed a field goal probably should have more than that. -- with the huge drop in two or three other bad plays Tompkins in the wrong position it is a million reasons they shoot a score more points. But they won a game in which the offense let. And down you have to you are positive but -- look at it no it's a positive but I can see what the problem I think I've figured out the problem. The problem what one of the problems is that the receivers objectionable but no but the other problem is just over the way we're looking and it. And Tom Curran is not the first one thing a lot of people's what is the patriots win a game like this. What you're asking for you wanna see them win a game like this. But not need to win games like this need to -- you wanna know that they have the ability to do it but not need to do. This argument it was somebody's elect. Persons classy classy person but I wanna see. Every once in -- Cingular logos that do little dirty little crazy -- that are. But they have the ability to do it with the patriots you think what they are their DNA they are high scoring 35 point per game team. But what you've seen the first two games is. Let's not the united -- They didn't just win games like that and it was just some coincidence right now that's the only way it was gonna have -- -- you -- to see them do that against a team you wanna see them -- -- thirteen ten game against Baltimore. Not against the jets ending that's part of it as well 61777979837. Mark is in new and I'm mark. Hey how -- you guys. I couldn't disagree with Michael -- Douglas and you know you got that he under the patriot and you want to read on Tom Brady -- -- -- ten receivers which you work it out I. Like I don't want them with great receivers. Well -- obviously it's a great receivers -- there if they're available. If you if you have a great receiver available in free agency market or free agency or in the draft -- go get them competence not on a negative work up a negative and this is not had any mediocre either -- of -- -- mediocre pop singer got receivers dropped at least get a. But we usually get great -- trying to work. Shall I hear your arguments a -- aren't aren't arguing that the land you know Michael mean particularly difficult Joe's in New Hampshire hi Jim. Bonus for 201. O'clock -- younger here is the first you know availability. Two more games. By many as well six years I'll is that I have heard that thank you John I appreciate it thanks reporting -- journal earlier are. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Operating in all these guys everything -- are great again not to be a victim that he. He had a big part in not developing receivers and you think about it 02. Probably don't a year he ever developed. Young receivers with Deion Branch. Dave Gibbons. -- -- Has there ever any young receivers coming -- -- -- haven't that's his faults and have a problem Rob. Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez. They get in yeah they'd worked out but I'm saying. But they aren't they were too young receivers came in here worked out artists -- our receivers out double wide receivers. It's it's his job to develop young wide receivers but not young tight ends in the passing game. No beating him freaking out on them. I know you got to be a leader and freaking out like that really helps them I mean -- these guys are intimidated enough that. They're all behind batteries -- the great quarterbacks all time you know and you know an encumbered you know we -- note to win you know you have to use a regular yet on April -- what are what are -- now I mean. Joseph I said the same thing to Michael earlier I don't know the answer to your question I think is a fair one but I don't know and I don't think any of us now I don't know the best way because I don't know Kimbrel Tompkins. I don't know the best way to motivate him. Maybe this is the best way to motivate him maybe he needs to be yelled that maybe needs to be screamed that maybe needs to be forced to do the right thing and embarrassed and shamed into it. May be -- since the same way or maybe -- the opposite. And unfortunately I don't know enough about their personalities. I think it to read their personality test I didn't give them anything that Jim Craig refused to take herb Brooks I don't all well -- the best way to -- they -- guys they don't see the world we're saying way to Richard Portia -- six or 777979. Victories seven. I will come back to the way I do see the world and that is I think Tom Brady was just doing the same thing and having the same problem that many of us in the workplace of that recently it's soccer I'll tell you why next on W the our Chris -- is gonna join us here about 1015 minutes talk -- and WEEI. I betcha Mort has very little patience. Very little patience for them -- -- if I if I have more pegged. We heard -- -- a lot of lessons for the millennial generation what else you know a lot of patience for people showing up late. The not a lot of patience for people not doing their job -- like patient on the place before they've done any art what kind of what's what's an ideal meal work. For more I got your meal male artistic selves and I expect god Bryant and his commitment arkansans there. Maybe maybe an ice like pork -- for -- -- the ball -- he calls a beer and whiskey kind of a guy Malia and mortals and we'll talk to more here. In ten minutes and the reason I bring up the -- -- is like telling you -- watching Brady last night he's 36. He's about my agent and and not much younger -- new Mike Warren the gen X we are -- -- -- isn't. What's the rap on -- Eagles rank the difficult to work with the difficult in the commend the office there they think they're entitled to everything they've been. There is rare thing a they said the same thing about a now they -- -- -- that crowd -- -- on same thing about not like this and and I I was just you know it's funny I was just reading an article about this won't -- -- about where the article was -- what was about the big picture but I. But the one of the lines from the article. Was. -- hear all these teaching these teaching trends like the progressive education. And this is the way to do it. There right now that the big things emotionally intelligent emotional intelligence is great. But back then it was like the hole and increase. It kind of wonderful. And that was good for the -- the steam of kids to do what happened turn and narcissism -- Well it's all go what. Millennial now. And -- Team a year -- may -- -- -- Don't even. Heidi there -- young band and out here because he's raring to defend them when meals all day. Either -- I'm expecting one of Ben's parents stick a little bit later and complain that we've been mean to him if you keep your in those stories about similar deals as well as for all your own -- -- out. Obama has been on the horn for Belichick. How Belichick. This is mrs. Tom like I don't think there's that they bring about a -- -- reduces would -- did you ever get a trophy for participation they'll never did. I never did -- that was just be just ask. After -- started to -- You're an old -- right I'm right on the ground -- you're really you're really more gen -- what -- this to dirt your original hometown yes there one of the worst I've heard that. I mean it wasn't that -- -- That's a joke what we have. Team captain you know what just teams just it's just everybody get every example on the team and having captains I think Brady's frustrated -- I teaching people how to be leaders that you lost demand I think he lost that I think he lost that on Tompkins and and and -- But who you can't deal with kids showing up thinking they deserve to be the top receiver when they don't yet. You can't deserved -- deserved -- didn't drop below that I apparently ideals. -- those guys. First time in their life anyone's actually got mad at them and Brady was finally the guy. The send them messages are you doctor says -- of that millennial children are facts and Iraq plus. And the millennial part of that probably your fall pulpit if you're millennial children sockets you let you know you're treating them that way come on man that's on you. Jackson Norwood hijacked. -- Jackets are your sorry arson and what's going on how appalling in the truck apple. -- doing all right man. I know what we eat it it's an outside of that this he's inside and out faster and -- -- -- certain you on the air. -- I have there has -- up ground units that are. Ground Rebecca Rebecca maturities and I think this just really good night and sit around the National Football League right now I don't -- -- -- -- -- sure that it's called out they were you must not it's it's an easy call there aren't I mean there's not they're not great tight -- right out the jets had to go Kellen Winslow -- like limping around the field at this point those guys out there and available. Yeah just all I know I. Mike and Ron -- out if they they don't outside and right now it's ultimately side. That's like that's like garlic a lot so inside an adult spot. I collapsed right. Although he he played Smart dot. I I also believe that if they get a minute edit these strips right so I think that -- well. Regret backed out Brandon Roy -- -- -- cents -- I don't wanna go. -- -- -- these stories done on Brandon -- something going on with that guy. Be decides his lyrical skills and an -- got to bring themselves to more rhymes from Brandon -- -- people can know what he's been up to but. Apparently six teams have contacted Brandon Lloyd -- total sixth thanks but no thanks. I'll think about something else. Maybe thinking about his career gimme stuff. It's a Brandon Lloyd. And even Garrett Jon Alexander you know Sean elbowing John Alexander record setting running back. Apparently said at some point to the team that he was he was going to be fine -- he was gonna make more money after he retired at that he did all he was -- a ball well. Let me talk about how delusional some of the guys can be either a man I'm also wait till I get done here I'm gonna make so much more money -- -- -- he -- -- he was trying to it was trying to call Paul Allen who is who's the -- -- -- -- if -- that's -- all -- So yeah if you're talking saying that some of these guys can be delusional you're right they absolutely can -- in the car. It's on. -- and they. You know like I let all these complaints and to 100 million. You know you can get -- break Eads. And -- who. They've suddenly been thrust into a lead position whether it be leading receivers who was brought -- and a commitment that these cute but eventually that making rookie mistakes like everywhere makes. I'm into all. This. I can't would complain. -- look I agree but I think the people are really complaining about the receivers I think the people people know that they know that -- a rookie right is that the other what they're complaining about is that that's the only thing Tom Brady has they're not complaining that hump and stinks -- Dobson stinks I think for the most -- people -- -- they'll get there -- better -- -- -- waiting because they're the only -- what do you mean -- -- Tom -- have to wait for -- to get better he's Tom Brady he's ready to go right now that's the can be. And that also Welker I think there's some carry over from Welker. And then and maybe. I'm hearing a lot of frustration with rock right now I think. I think people. For the most part look at and say he's ahead of schedule. I didn't expect rocket TO. Well Intel when they can put them on the an impediment IR. That's the first thought I had of oh wait a minute he's coming back fairly soon but before a week before the final -- of the season. -- -- and maybe weeks haven't we don't hate it right -- -- -- UP lists are really getting him back by week through four is a whole lot better than we originally thought this was gonna make you hear a little something when your little knowledge a little Brandon -- acknowledged drug drop on on the. I'll do this tip from my health I do that's different well. And wrap -- go to bottom myself. They say B boy act like he -- for himself but when you factor in that family that attitude help. This report is never played -- down no quarter. Come to the crypt after break down a pound or quarter you've got no view these men these -- as well extortion he got no dreams man these clowns would distorts it. Coming Georgetown -- day. Black employees. I'm not epilepsy read every day Christmas acts and come to me for Bob with a big -- these genes you can compete would -- seven jumbled trees. Home you can see me in your wildest dreams behind -- is a malice being millennium proving its DOS women in and around. How -- brother won't be too -- for. -- -- -- So current died seventeen years ago today and you -- to embarrasses like it's he with the -- so what are heard with several tenants who thought what I heard it was several references to marijuana yes so that's probably and what I read in the Franklin flop as you may not want to play. And another thing that he -- that Tom Brady might be huge it and he -- he can throw the ball to -- this. So maybe that's what Tom Brady may be trying to do that I might as well see our investments have been 79. 7937. Jackson Norwood hijacked. Yes Jack Jack. -- -- Cars -- Jack when -- in New Hampshire hikers. Hey guys NATO today. Hey ours isn't what I called assault until guilty and so I. I jilted yeah sort of left yet see him until altar on Monday I don't of that man come on we -- out to dismiss it could be -- sixteen with a -- you know. They did nothing to sixteen they are two mistakes and by the way that might be too Margaret to just write out your fresh also my. But the bright side anyway almost been deployed today with what's puzzling to me is the -- there is more than some of the world. All they say is he's Easter is a little bit weird but nobody at any time anywhere that I'm aware of all these players he's put I don't know how many locker -- he's dead and so hundreds of players. Nobody on the record anywhere saying why. What he'd done what is he said. Why is he such a light and in an NFL locker. The drama Brandon Lloyd yeah. I'm from players there are careful not always tell -- that stuff they keep a lot of the stuff to themselves they don't want to let everybody know and certainly on the record I mean is if -- more shift in these guys. Who talked to enough players and and you know enough of what's going on and -- talked more western -- for more -- of -- of fairly. It's a fairly good topical question for Chris mortenson. Why not Brandon Lloyd. Why why has he -- he bounced from team to team to team and why I hit it. This is the one and I think I know why he's bounced from team to. Part of his production -- finally figured it out the last few years before lives typical right now nothing special. What I wanna know is why you're telling six teams know. Have to continue to make as much money as he does rapid why do you wanna go put your body through the torment. -- playing in the NFL and get hit for sixteen weeks what do wanna deal with a half. Think about the kind of cash this -- -- make. As we watched as Washington answer he's gonna make Nickels dimes and quarters and then you don't -- mess with the Washington interest I don't know because he's in Georgetown are important for our civil. All right -- endorsed on every day on what's up man. Well I only straight out out there for it or someone that it's not. A white slightly that you know. It would be disingenuous. To say that I gave it away and then we -- I would have been quietly. As they need -- that the current and deep breath and broke they give up ten point. -- -- -- That's a record gets that. They played good problem they played well last night it is all blocks all capital last week -- apple on Monday. Let's make this. I'm constantly opening that he had a -- -- -- play in any well I haven't heard any day. So you. Get there a spot 20 yeah and that other people they're Diller and at best they can pick up Terrell. They -- there aren't any -- at all. John -- cut you off but I think again that's where Michael's argument that I I tend to agree on the Brady was mad at them. I think you're taking it out on them. But I think you mean I was joking about the millennial things that matter the situation Billy's -- at the situation he's glad that he stuck with a guy the -- to wait for. Again he used to drive a Lamborghini and I was gonna see -- drive and a boss that only goes sixty miles an hour duties to drive 120 hour wait for this. -- -- -- -- I'm -- highway and -- sputtering along. Well somebody stopped me in this stupid car with a summit on somebody I wonder rule rule in this room did this to me that guy over there isn't like -- Holbrooke motherhood like a jolt that you agree with Herm Edwards remembers that maybe they should not. Go no huddle so often comes lowered down for the rooks. On one hand I understand what terms and on the other hand I was it would match -- last night during some of the game and the play were all eleven jets bit on the fake it once. Chatham said I said what happened on that place it'll tell you what I've never seen that alignment my life. Where they put bowl wide receivers and tight in spots on the wing. And if I were there would have done account I have no idea really what he was saying yeah but something like the county would have made it would've made any sense -- -- And he's got I don't know what I would have done as well when the call -- around well. But clearly they caught them in a personnel grouping that they like the no huddle had some effect on on scoring that touchdown for the which has turns out was pretty important --

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