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The Mort Report: ESPN's Chris Mortensen tells Salk and Holley the Pats performance wasn't as bad to look at from the outside view

Sep 13, 2013|

We talk about a tough win for the Patriots with ESPN's Chris Mortensen, Mort believes Pats fans might be overreacting to an ugly game.

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Let's go to Chris mourns and he joins part of her patriots Friday coverage via the AT&T hotline more how are -- -- Property where -- are people here are other open arms Mort Cooper Brady in the frustration and all that. What did you think watching Brady scream and everybody last night. Well I remember that the I guess maybe because we. -- I in this and I want to dive bar watch -- they want their personalities their their personalities. I mean. Dan Marino annually for talked about it before Dan Marino that way and of course there are a lot of Canon cameras weren't always on the sidelines or as many cameras and there are. We have a prime time game -- got more cameras that these Thomas frustrated and he addressed today after the game and -- maybe you have to watch body language -- you know listen it's it. It's frustration that's promote a fierce competitor and there was no there was one more I wondered whether he was mad at himself you know on. -- I you know I'm not gonna sit here and say well it was gay cover Cam Newton may be -- on this David do and that just this -- They've accomplished too much -- too much respect form and understand his frustration you know I think I really do a body was sure that the rookie receivers that -- -- all of it you know I mean at the cents. Some of that that. Do you guys have a problem with that. I didn't have a problem with him with him gone off a big part of the reason is the story Mort is because you don't often see it from Tom Brady at that level. And I think he's never screamed at. Is his receivers before. But most of the time. It is it is not so while it's not so outsized. And so I think that's what makes the story and then in the situation he's going through right now with all of his receivers. Either being in jail -- a note or in another city to have frustration just bubble reform. Yeah and I I think it did in -- person on. I'm always. Selecting Tom do something during most games at this you know do whatever content competitor he wasn't sometimes notes that the frustration and it's it's a brief moment that. On the US -- had to be. Frustrating form I mean in the notice in police say it this week so Ali get to clean up everything you did -- the previous week. And then you mention no you know it. Aaron Hernandez not going to be there ever. Gronkowski her. -- Welker in Denver and get too young guys -- -- -- -- How to play in this way I get it and so. Mean it is like okay -- to know. Could be on to it would have been up to -- on to. -- You -- playing rookie quarterbacks on the other side. It would have been only two and only two in your division against two rookie quarterbacks are teams that you're not expecting to do too much this year so I. Right. I mean look I agree -- we've we've been pretty positive about that element throughout the day that you bring up. The weapons writer or what what he doesn't have about parents out there wolf how do you fix that you're -- -- -- back at some point you're gonna get him and -- back. One of the guys whose name has come up over and over again as Brandon Lloyd did. Apparently some reports out there that that he is turned down overtures from six teams. What's the deal Brandon -- And different dude that's do though is -- the one thing people foresee using different guys that these. He's just not all football I mean you know he's he's he's he's he's got a life that. You know we're football wasn't necessarily a number one priority form and they don't -- very talented Gavin that's that hit a union but. Generally when you have been to get a team -- team you like guys who were all in -- have little cliche but that's what they want and the word I'm Brandon -- -- never been quite all end. Very good player when he when he when he's into it. I mean no bit player not not a great player. You know these people being great catches. Some of the kids that were made last night. And people make him some of those that that. That's space and I don't know. How recently at the patriots start to them. Because I don't know that they did on as soon -- they've had some conversation -- misery and they didn't bring him back we have besides money. Are you buying either of these defense is that you saw last night. Not by the -- defense and little bit more just. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And in these great players they blocked a more I mean and yet defensive front not -- -- No I get sick and listen everybody depresses. You know by average to above average Judas. In this in this area there's -- -- that is hardly any dominant defense is except for maybe Seattle and San Cisco Field dominant that. You know. I just have to I'd have to see morality more what is what's gonna have the patriots know they get they get some time here is struck out -- the -- victory -- doubt it. In the everybody talk somebody could be very weak tree goes. And maybe another week or so after that. I took about this -- You -- but I don't really helps me helps the whole -- rather not talk about this. This text exchange that you have with Mark Sanchez and is Sanchez out for the season and not your -- Well it looked in my opinion I don't team plane this season now this you know based on sources -- bottom line is got a torn labor. This thing about the jets and that throughout this process that he was dated today. Actually when we reported. Label here and I was the only one. They denied that the at a -- turnout been confirmed dead as -- -- that solar. And rehab by and by the way when I reported. I said rehab was still an option and it's really up the market he was trying to rehab his shoulder and so strong enough and you work through the pain. Because I told them together the best statistical season as the giant. It was of last year I think -- impossible. And the head coach's office coordinator -- remembered as head coach. He he played build peace and Lipitor labor. The the issue is that you don't get to read you don't successfully from -- -- labeled tear through -- industry in the area around it. -- opinion issued a matter of -- your bio mechanics changed and they were your arm motion change because of that because your body does certain things and send signals to the rest the body does. And some -- out here much at this down. So it's just the wisdom of rehabbing vs the wisdom of having surgery now because you are going to be a free agent. And you want a chance that. -- grown into free agency next march that your shoulder is still not fixed but. You know disease who is have been advised that he needs surgery yes. The Smart ones with a re air -- right now yes I think this is the week to week thing until either come to grips with what he wants to do. Or simply lead to after the season. More great stuff is always a touch again next week. Are -- others -- resorts and joining is via the AT&T -- a -- accurate a lot more your calls. And then of course answer the question here in about a half hour just major questions 37937. Text them whatever you got 379237. Milan serves alcohol WE.

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