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Ugliest game in memory for Tom Brady and the Patriots has fans on edge

Sep 13, 2013|

We talk football 24/7 after an ugly game in Foxboro, MA last night. The Patriots won but the ugliness of the game has some fans worried about the offense moving forward, we discuss.

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Mike salt stock -- our acts. You are right good feeling good about the patriots -- -- you know they got ten days off. Again I needed to get ready isn't everybody thinks elements of what I've heard there's around the city -- people on the radio you read the Boston Globe and herald and ESP impossible knock on WEEI dot com -- everybody the Arab masses are excited for -- championship. Run here in Boston because if you look at Mike. The team to start off all went through. They have a hard time of make it to the post season but teams that start off to a no. Really put themselves in position. Do some good things in January and February so when I'm thinking that most people are excited right that cater to two -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- sure -- Don't know about I'm I I I haven't seen in the games. I don't know I haven't looked at any of the scores but I've heard people talk about it so I'd imagine there's no way either 210. -- -- They've lost two games how often it's the only way to explain the conversation about the New England Patriots. It's the only way to explain Dan Shaughnessy this morning right it's Tom Brady and not much more it's the only way to explain Chris Gasper also on the globe this morning. Get used to this struggling Patriots offense it's all about the weapons of mass frustration. Which by it was a really good credit -- But can't possibly be to -- all right. -- -- -- Now there's a million problems. From last night's game and we could talk about every one of them and we can dig into Brady's frustration or lack thereof we can deal with the wide lack thereof I don't think that did not measure Brady's frustration and deftly Prosser -- -- mean I don't know why it's. -- -- And report where Julian gentleman knows what Forrester. In religion. Related news in. Create a more focused on. In my attraction situation that we had to clear out and -- And I really didn't understand. -- was only in two innings I -- it in other words Julian adamant that the guy I've been around Tom Brady long enough to know that's what he starts agreement. Go the other way now one time settlement was sitting right next to. When he was going the hell off. On Aaron Dobson -- going on -- what was right that. When Brady talks like that that's not frustration now is. That's just how we talk just normal Brady usually demonstrative on the -- on the sideline screaming at everybody who's within any any I feed our ministers and give -- that. No. You know. You know we're all competitors out there you know every every you know after a place sometimes. You know everyone gets a little. You know he -- some I don't know. But I didn't sense anything. -- Michael he wasn't frustrated he was just -- -- he didn't sense any frustration -- he was heated and he was and he was frustrated but that did you have a problem with with Tom Brady. Screaming of people after the game Acura Lipper who asked that you sound like Bachmann my short was. Somebody asked him about his body language BC had to give betterment body language have to work on that. But did you have any issue. With the quarterback of the team. Bottom up I thought about a lot because it was it's clearly the story of the day we'll get you guys all day long today Tony your calls are patriots Friday 617779. 7937. Up perfect -- by the way for -- If there's one person I wanna -- answer that question that you just asked me it's the it's big you know we had a rotation of -- Friday guys and it just worked out perfectly today that in our rotation today -- term. Is there anyone you would rather hear answer that question today about radiant and being your -- and all that and Herm Edwards I mean we got what their next week will be Cris Carter. Perfect talking about -- -- perfectly talked to him on Friday. The week after that will be jaws the camera back to quarterback play with jaws the only right back again to march like are fine. But today today I wanna hear from harm her is the perfect person -- do that 330 Chris mortenson in the 5 o'clock hour qualify fifteenth that's coming importantly. Was I upset with the way Brady handled it. This sounds like a cop out answer but I hope you'll understand why it is I don't know I need to know more information I need to know whether or not. This is the best way to motivate these specific guys. It turns out that the best way to motivate Kimbrel Tompkins is discreet adamant always in the right place that I have zero problem Brady screaming at him. But if it turns out the best way right now to motivate camera Tompkins. Is the -- -- -- -- -- hug and say hey let me show this to you one more time and ultimately make him feel comfortable and confident in order to be in the right place. While that I think you need to do that so. I wish I knew why I was Brady just so frustrated that he couldn't stand it anymore he's been doing this over and over again in their error Peters and it's driving him crazy and finally just completely lost it right in middle of the game. Well they know I have a problem with that it turns out that these guys really need that in order to motivate them and that is motivational tool will literally have a problem with a at all. You know -- that makes sense I don't think that the couple is a little -- no yield on -- on don't panic about commodity like it's fine -- should do that though he isn't sure shouldn't -- like -- more complicated and I -- like a lot more competence I give your pass from that bank account for at all. But I wanna say -- about Tom Brady is not above criticism. He is not the golden child so when he has a bad game. We can see where knobs and he's done a lot of great things going to the hall of fame. Where not to say Tom Brady had a bad game or Tom Brady overthrew that receiver which he did a couple of times last night. But this is why I didn't have a problem with what Brady did last night most of the time. Hold Dan Marino thing to him readers to do that used to drive me crazy. Most of time I don't like it. -- Brady. 99%. Of of the time Tom Brady takes -- On the field and off the field. He hasn't done a single interview. Where you say to yourself main. -- really -- his team in under the bus there or bill Bill Belichick he really caught out bill on battery called out Robert Kraft. At one time we talk about getting moved up in the patriots rushed to his defense that no no he meant drink water no we didn't he -- drink you know it actually. Of a fine thing that he said not a problem you talked before they want to live to be buzz for the game to be loud. That's one of his slip ups and have a problem with that. But finally. Tom Brady. In the first home game of the season had his opportunity to a bit but everything that has been placed on his table that has been placed. At his feet surgery -- thank you. For the 2013 season he's got -- he's got the tight end. Who's in prison. And he was signed to a long term contract on the -- was never a big fan of his. And so this guy assigned to a contract he's in prison one of his best friends. Was not signed to a contract. Even though Brady. Took took a hometown discount. And is one of his best friend is now in Denver. He's got rookies in roles of responsibility. And I think he's just mad at the situation of the -- that those guys I think he's mad at Bill Belichick. And. -- man. What I. Like to say yeah. I don't like the air I took home town and gown and I think what -- get me. Yes I script to a real -- I overthrew a couple of guys edit and Rex. Let me rant. So I'll get my past. I -- or you come from man and I agree with all that and and and Brady could see it you could sense it and I believe that it was more out of frustration than anything else. But if it doesn't help these guys get better than he's made a mistake because that's asked to be his role you're asked to be a teacher and leader for Tompkins. I mean look. Hill right. I mean if I -- the situation. I there's no way I would have been patiently on your tenure veteran. And even doing this every single year and it turns out that they stick you if your race car driver -- -- stick you in a chief -- Hyundai and -- I drive down the street at the same 120 miles an area like. This car doesn't do 120. Like I know you want to turn this way you want me to trust that the wheels are gonna handle it this -- can't physically do this. This car will tip over after long you would've -- at some points -- would have guessed correctly just by accident. Like Brady would throw the ball he would think that he was get number he was gonna break to the sideline and Tomkins had a choice between the sideline are going deep you would think by accident. Pumpkins would have been on the same page is Brady eventually and it never happened I mean just it every time he tried to throw in the ball on the Dobson. Problems that problems -- just catching balls in his hands. -- just. You heard may -- talk about it is his head around in time I sit in the match -- at the time he was in exactly the same things that he just. He and get his head into turn around time to catch the ball it really simple simple mistakes. That that were made over and over again. Of course Tom Brady's and of course is upset. Of course he's frustrated when he's used to driving a Lamborghini and now was driving a -- like our pressure the guys just that by I don't blame him for that can't please got to make these guys. Thursday he hadn't had a one he had his moment. He had his moment to get that out last night was that width height of frustration. So part of it is on the receivers and and -- mentioned that today. About what put it out there got to rethink the New York Jets ever think. After ripping my prediction they beat three and thirteen foreign twelve terrible. I don't think they're great football team but they're deep I don't have -- -- -- -- three picks in the -- recorded -- out well Ali got a bad quarterback. -- -- a young woman who did not know he's a backward -- right now Albright right now is -- are you find yourself anymore intrigued by him and now. Really I'm not on the tree until they didn't win the job Amanda got to point that out. These are starting quarterback but but Mark Sanchez won the job in the in the looks like he's going to be -- the year -- for a long time. So. They had some problems on offense getting it together Brady was frustrated but the jets defense was pretty good last night as what the Patriots defense. I look at this. It. If you've never played football before and most of us have not played pro football. Does it get any situations you've gone through. About a tough situation and you know it's going to be a rough point MCI can just get through. This day or get through this situation then I'll have a couple weeks to figure it out I have a have a little bit of a respite. Before -- -- come back and do it again. And I look at it this this part of the schedule from day one said. -- -- -- Should be easier for the great patriot because they're playing the bills. May be a little tough but it's the bills even on the road. Then week to come back four days later you played it yet. And then you have ten days now Tom Brady's acting like this on September 22. I'll be all over but I think the patriots survive that test get through those first two games. Just make it win games and now you can go back to the lab and get everything right. Well. They did win two. I don't know whether anybody remembers that because -- -- lost in the in the excitement in the anger in the year two -- Brady's frustration. And the upset -- -- dole without pronk is out in the and and Welker is gone and everything else. And Hopkins does know the offense and Dobson can't catch him -- despite all their troubles still couldn't even get on the field last night. And yet they're two and now. And now they got a whole child wanted time off even though we knew would be an ugly game and Thursday night. -- all ugly games in a Thursday night -- no time to practice in only four days it was and yet he can't help a panic and I guess I understand that. But panic after this panic for a 210 team that now has ten days to get everything straight it's gonna get Rob Gronkowski back sooner rather than later that is eventually gonna get Danny Amendola back. And and you assume the young guys are gonna continue to improve well. I mean Donna well don't give me a well on -- -- -- -- and doling out well that is come on man it's two to six weeks it's not out for the season but has -- power couple weeks the market cornered mr. -- to sort it out from her that they over on the other. On the air from two are nobody meant for good lie -- the human the other thing that's nice it's Johnson Franklin John -- -- -- amen. You didn't look Good Friday. I swear by looking all the comments -- It's outmanned a -- shocked no problem Brady such -- -- I was frustrated. My white had to take -- remote from the. You know -- it -- you know one of those who threw throws a remote at the TV anything like -- destruct like that -- -- change the channel -- I -- or. You -- Sox game last what did you change channel them. -- the flip I flip when I I think what -- you I am Lara Lara asked if fluctuated and that he isn't structured. I'm not shocked that it is the huge. Subject. It's a huge subject -- I got -- that is a much other to continue in the second ads are a multi -- that you -- subject because of what I said most of the time. Tom Brady. Is. Corporate America 0101. In his public comments everything is great everybody and a great job I'm happy to be here this is wonderful. We just got to get better will get better with practice. On and on and -- You don't usually see him go -- like he did last night and the other time he did it we remember it was on Joey Galloway. When he says Joey Galloway and I quote it's hit that. -- it hard. Is it that -- Bernardin for Joey -- at one that's so that's why it's a big deal will see much from Tom Brady. I don't think also. Want to expose receivers. I think -- -- -- -- Butler so now he's been simple hole. He's been soiled with receiver since that I gotta disagree an extra -- turn Troy Brown from being a guy that never did much into being -- patriots hall of Famer and one of the great players that we watch in this -- I don't know about you I will be honest I had never heard of David -- before he arrived in new England and never heard of them. I know we've been around for awhile but I had never heard of the guy. Fred Coleman had one of the big catches ever made for the patriots to help them advance I mean did -- there's so many and then you get the Reche Caldwell Doug Gabriel. To -- Jabar Gaffney thank -- he had Randy Moss for awhile for a couple of years but even for that long -- -- they've all 'cause there's a -- because we're spoke clearly there was not much before he came here. And it's not like he was this hall of Famer before he got a New England. I mean it's not like like Payton who for the majority of his career has had to Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne at. And at least one of them at a time and Dallas store Dallas courtroom I mean really really great our receivers so -- back come up by -- at all on the up by and that that it. This is almost more than norm than it than it is in the -- Marshall Faulk and Edgerrin James John isn't Wilbur -- am I John. Oh am -- -- -- -- -- I -- the bright side arms about that defense I mean I think about are you wanna gained thirteen and obviously. Offense could be better but I would like CNET Eli and the real -- Smith. I think Clinton and it broke they're gonna get drunk acting in the -- back. And I thought it was entirely alien like out. A tough defense is. Oh yeah I was I was just about to go I was committed -- segment of the show because we we talk when you're out Michael -- was -- for a couple of games. A couple of days and current kept saying this while they have over one another record is whatever one's one and hand or something and in games. Where they're often doesn't score when he doesn't -- are right right. And we kept -- well if they will really wanna be the right kind of team is the offense isn't going to be what it's been this year they're gonna have to win some of those tough games -- their defense comes a big. What happened yesterday. They won the slug and slugging match. They want a dog fight in the rain. In the second half they got 31 downs portal. And they had I think it was seven and a good mom I want that could not -- -- on every single possession they had in the second half of one of their offense do or the defense to play better and better. Came up with three interceptions in the fourth quarter every time the defense needed to stop they got one. We're gonna see here and so does a terrible game and it's disaster in the offense didn't do well aren't fine. I said over and over again no which is probably mean that's fine. It's my personal belief that an offense that plays directional football that please -- position that -- a fair amount can help your defense. And I think that's exactly what happened yesterday now I'd like to see the offense be better don't get me wrong -- to talk a lot about it you have to be better than you were yesterday when you play against better teams like the falcons etc. But is part of the reason the that the defense was in good position all night. The offense didn't take a whole lot of chances and then put the -- put the defense on the field. You know that the real turnovers pictures and turn the ball over. I reports and they got they the got a lot of turnover from the defense and has Brady said after the game I was given some short fields and into anything -- right. But they didn't have to defend any short fields I mean every time they can put the jets' back putting them beat inning and keep getting him deep and giving the offense eighty -- ninety yards to work with behind them so they could bend but not break they can afford to take some chances when they wanted to they didn't need to jump right back out there immediately that. Many ups and I saw -- I. I'd I'd I thought that there are possible here but I still don't understand wearing martyrs and intrigued by geno Smith with really. There's not going to be intrigued treat not necessarily for a drink half of this season -- get inside a mind of a guy. Who who throws the football to people who. Our comfort of their man I'm intrigued by the soil and over onto an element treat these. A guy in his second game probably not is afraid and yet did you not see that you know yeah he's not. Area but I'm still intrigued by -- curious -- what he's going to becomes an NFL -- 6177797937. Your calls all throughout today Herm Edwards in an hour up next they'll likely talk about Brady being frustrated and it finally dawned on me why he was frustrated it's no different from the same reason the U or me or any number of other people our -- been frustrated in the workplace it's up next rockaholic W media. Radius. Ripping into. His teammates and it's gentleman who's now getting. An -- From Brady. The government just that they want to we'll be over the oxygen card because of this kind of stupid if you put the cellular oxygen of a body but. You know I that's that's obvious fiery does -- ladies always been. I mean NATO has been fire -- he's always been like -- I very yes. Screaming and giving uncle layered every one of his wide receivers over the course of the night I don't care -- home that yeah I got a regular basis where and ever or just glad I'm always been like that's like no I don't know we're not always have always been like that now and I've always seen now out like last -- last night to over the -- was a little different it was over the -- and way up there. -- -- just agreed to that you're not just another level but to a three levels beyond what he usually does because it was so obvious what he was upset about writing usually sometimes -- he's upset you know always fiery you know he gets in the game. But he was so much more upset that was -- eagle last night with Trent Green do in the collar and and he was he was. You could see exactly what it was I'm -- you because you're not the right place what he was also mattered himself though there was one he missed W missed -- yet on the -- -- -- yet just -- don't know what it absolutely -- didn't run run the wrong route he wasn't in the wrong -- you do -- -- between physical errors and mental errors and I didn't see him it merely is upset at Dobson for dropping a pass it wasn't physical errors that seemed to drive him crazy. When he threw the deep ball down the middle adopts an absolute wish I had to opening his involvement around ten times. He didn't get upset about that want. He was upset when guys are in the wrong spot is upset about guys not know when the offense not reading the defense the same way he did it and just generally be wrong. Not being not screw not scoring up physically. Mentally it's like you open your Little League coach told you I can -- with physical mistakes not mental not mental ones right. Yeah as is true and enjoy it might carry it as I've listened to some -- and we have taken many calls for a couple call to mark hunt and I know we will own and your calls all day long. And your text but listening to the listen to a couple of callers that we've had. And and reading the text mostly in the and tweets last night and earlier today. I think I know I know meeting in the middle doesn't usually work when -- when talking about Sports Radio because it's gonna be bets or. Bad it can't be being unreasonable in the middle can't be anything to you want to like it appealed this where that way. But I I gotta say. I think we can say a couple of things here I think we can also. As football for. -- the patriots. Even though they stand to a note today. Did not play a great game last rectal cancer that they did not play great game I think they played at times. It was bad football gods that the defense put -- in. But but it times there were some bad things happening at the Pope overall they're defense plan and game and then and -- -- include just done on a couple and it takes to its overall throughout I don't wanna miss anybody here talking about. Some of things went wrong in his game -- called late in the game. I don't know if it Belichick called it if -- overruled Josh McDaniels -- or Josh McDaniels called this. He's just slap himself like four times. For calling a pitch. In eagle rain -- -- when you're just trying to eat clock to a fumble. That. A pitch in the rain to -- bomb -- the end of the -- what are you doing it was the hearts writing almost double that watch over disasters but that's all that. We can talk about the patriot playing poorly last night. But in this and a public that would have a problem with -- it to that next level and you you pointed out Chris -- Boston Globe headline. You get used to strung often. Used to it's we too. What did you see anything and we true. Why why is this a wasted year of Tom Brady's career and -- all. I can't go there at all or -- them all day long about last night game but the big picture and what. Seven and nine rebounds and a -- from the playoffs I can't go to -- and I think. Because that you know people -- -- -- easy narrative again values the term of the Patriots offense is gonna stink and they've made too many mistakes again reading Shaughnessy. Wes Welker is not here Aaron Hernandez was not there he's in the Bristol. County house of correction Rob Gronkowski was not uniform he still recovering from Sergio we don't know what we'll see him just -- -- -- -- -- -- you can see -- next weekend the weekend after that -- it's not like it's -- up in the -- you're gonna see him at some point the next couple weeks. -- -- felt was not uniform he's got a hamstring pull what -- a way to another week before joins Russ Francis and -- to salt on -- great and it's funny but again. We know these things again returns -- is gonna come back game and -- is gonna come back housekeeping note was gonna come back. This -- not signed up and we think that these guys are gonna get better in the meantime we've not signed up for a full complete year of terrible Patriots offense. And we said this earlier and I think it bears repeating again. Four days. Thursday night games are traditionally horrible especially early in the year like this and especially magnified when you have a bunch of young players trying to slide into positions. That they don't they have an ordinarily been great this is Dobson NFL debut didn't even play last week police didn't get on the field. Right gentlemen at the slide up and image dole spot Tompkins to learn the offense. -- -- didn't play I mean a whole bunch of things changed on the patriots in a very short window they didn't have time to turn themselves into the the huge unbelievable. High octane Patriots offense that -- -- -- an -- with everybody on with everybody in a lot of people have said this about. The opponents. While you can't play like this against the Bangalore he can't play like this against the falcons -- Can't play like this against a really good team you're right. You can't. They didn't hate hate the pac ten game. Put the pretend game with -- Welker and -- -- Dolan took. Well there Wes Welker had been hurt in week seven instead of in January against the Texans then maybe he'd be in the same situation of them don't. If that it happened. We can have a conversation. I don't wanna pretend like you we got confirmation out here we know what happened unfortunately for Danny Amendola he's unlucky. And when he gets hit. In the week six it usually means he's got to be out for a few weeks. And fortunately for Wes Welker he's lucky he got hurt at the end of the year and it didn't miss. Much of the regular season or any of the regular season I can go put it this happened that happened just at that's crazy talk. -- -- -- Mike's not a doctor but I agree with half of what you had to say -- 61777. Nothing 7937. Derek in the car what's a man. They like Michael Barrera -- -- To bring up something that I I. I cannot achieve positive in -- receivers everybody wants to bring the negative but there is one positive thing that nobody talks about. These guys are able to get separation on the defense. And become viable targets to be -- at times yeah I think eventually start catching the ball. Yeah you don't really have to think though they still have to go to the right place like they've gotten separation. But not in the right spot but seems to be the problem. Right but they're very athletic and not -- -- that's our hope that aren't I think they're gonna become viable and I think they're gonna become so important and they won't come right. It's interesting you wonder if they were in the if they were in the wrong spot but open where they actually in the wrong spot I'm in I'm gonna assume they were again because Brady is Brady and they are who they are. But if they were in the wrong spot but open was it really the wrong spot. Where does Brady have to learn a little bit to adjust. The way these guys are going to play the way these guys are gonna get open I don't know the answers to those questions and as I told -- I still gonna believe Brady over the kids. But I think that's another thing the bears watching what they're. There was a there was a time. Well there was a point last night were Bill Belichick said. Tom Brady is -- is is the best leader of a veteran group that's the state and now and some of the guys who have been on this team. You know Mike Vrabel and Tedy -- come to mind and and it kind of other guys on the patriots during during their three championships in in four seasons run. But a ticket example it is debatable I mean you can go Bruschi got a lot of people but I'll -- a great example of Tom Brady's leadership. And it maybe. And it may be. Something he wants to bring back right now. -- -- -- 2006. We didn't have receivers. Yet they had Deion Branch David Givens taken away from them -- -- left for the receipt Caldwell and others. And at one point the with a bye week in 2006. Trying to get on the same page Reche Caldwell. So he took Caldwell out to a practice field. Tom Brady slow Tom Brady ran the routes in from its recent call I want you to run routes like this. And he did. And Caldwell wasn't great receivers and number three or can only imagine how far sized bug that has got a -- about you know guys are like all yeah. All. But he became serviceable. It began serviceable war for the patriots. And maybe that's gonna happen in the next week and a half. -- -- our time now. Are just what gonna do -- I know we went to training camp and you thought you got to the training camp you know game plan for you and training camp -- for pre season games that you do right now. We've got some time now this is when I'm talking about. It had to study is fine but to take you to the field so you know exactly what I mean so we'll have to go offered your game. Like -- did on national TV so on an -- on that rainy Thursday night I wanted to get to this is that it would not want to get to because I was thinking about Brady get mad at these guys don't get my whole lot more your calls -- before 330 with Herm Edwards 617779. 793 cents. Brady reminded me he last night. Of so many people I know so -- around the same major little enemy but people of gen X we're both -- actors as are many of those that many of you listening to us today. 35 to 45 somewhere in that range. And one of the things that all people in that age range maybe even a little bit older starting to deal with are the millennial centering the workplace right you get all these kids or 222426. Years old and they show up your office for the first time in their parents have -- on the they're wonderful their entire life they've gotten a trophy for everything they've ever done they -- everything is great for the millennial generation they should be the CEL one dates. And then they show up in your office and they reacted that way and you're like then and and and and and now I'm telling you what to do. Don't don't go off when your own don't start trying to make something up don't improvised. I'm the boss. I'm telling you what to do when I tell you be at 9 o'clock it doesn't mean you email mean today. Oh hey I gotta wait for the cable guy Albion at 10:30 this morning which is a true story that a friend of mine is probably just within the last week. It doesn't mean that you say hey my flight got in Italy it's gonna be just easier for me to work from home today actually think you should command now is gonna stay home. That's the millennial generation Tom Brady Howell. 3636. And these kids -- Howell. When he when he won 22 years old. Primal lineal generation you know I think just think Pernod -- it reminded me of -- and I know my age program -- not an excuse from map but it sounds but they sure sound like colonials to me. Error repeater is entitled think they can go wherever they want to think they deserve the spot before they've actually harder and I don't think these guys are entitled I'm scared I'm going one way -- tell me to go and I don't know what I don't know maybe it's that you all don't know what -- that's sounds like the millennial also don't go there when it. He's still up and have no clue they just think they do so I just was thinking about Brady in the frustration I know from so many people. Who were my age is who were watching some of these younger kids show -- the workplace and I don't know whether Tom -- I figured the next thing that's gonna happen Michael. I figure Aaron Dobson mothers in a column telecheck and complain about Brady yelling -- Garcon. You know he shouldn't be yelling and -- -- he he's really working hard and he's always been the best that whenever he does before I've always told them he's the best in his coaches in college liked him so much. You've got drafted you among -- door and letting your middle manager all of them are now working for now it doesn't -- at what would they would never survive and Michael it doesn't work in the workplace. 61777979837. Spectacles and a sex alcoholic WB. Let's send it downstairs ticket with Ross Tucker guys that -- here for a couple years and that's about as frustrated as I've ever seen Tom Brady was an option route to doing element. I don't think element incorporated was expecting him review was screaming at him. No more since the -- that great things like the town doing who cannot count on. Good insight from a guy played Iran Stockard is a great job on ESPN and other placing bets on Westwood One last night's all collier WEEI WEEI dot com Herm Edwards gave his take on Brady. That he ever right to be frustrated should be showing any emotion like that who better to talk about it then Herm do that at 33045 minutes from now don't you go to. Got quarterbacks mean think about it and football. Quarterbacks may be middle linebackers. Can get away with this kind of stuff. In basketball your point guard -- and I think. Kind of but it doesn't really translate to basketball like it doesn't football mean you'd. The court goal we'll do this occasionally and you'll see hockey goalies do this right because they're doing -- on the completely different -- what the hell's going on in front of me why are you screwing this up over and over again you need to covered dispersant I don't look bad. I think the only got a baseball into as a catcher boy I 'cause it's registering -- don't forget the other night David David Ross. Running try to motivate Dempster -- incident and Nelson had you know great job -- capturing it. I had the cameras and haven't -- in the right place so Ryan Dempster is just doing his usual Ryan Dempster and just trying to get to five with the and he's he's in a tough moment. And -- and then -- as. Don't -- Come on Dempster. Come on -- but he motivate them. But you can see it catch her doing that but while when a pitcher -- who don't like it a bit direct immediate job market last night look like John -- at all that it remind you John Lackey. I don't know that it did I don't know that Brady was showing people up I feel like he just hit his breaking point. Lackey does all the time and bad body language and it's sort of it's a trend with him. -- Brady was more like guys I've been patient for this long we -- six weeks into camp here now you know from from the beginning trader -- now's. -- -- Please just do you where you are supposed to be 61777979837. Oscars to your calls knicks in the car -- -- that guy and -- I put it out somebody. Get that last night. -- probably they will get that it's. Really important. Game against a divisional rival. Let my my problem -- -- is. It liquid out where and when Wes Welker and the Nazis and in need. AFC championship game where the where is that where that action land Wes Welker and receipt and drop involved. In the Super Bowl I -- Alessio I wanna see and be consistently. We have these jumped on he's jumped on walker before. -- appeal Brady Brady has yelled at his receivers now it's usually. Not to that degree because that usually doesn't happen this that is the unique situation. Four for Brady won it happens every what six years 56 years. There's just a total overhaul. Of his receiving -- it's like haley's comet hit it gets to deploy it which is or what what can anybody run over right routes here. But when guys -- got Troy Brown about this straight brown. At the end of that AFC championship game I'm speaking of 2006. -- bloated big lead and it comes down to the end of the game. And they had a that the key third down and while the colts the comeback and in actually -- the game to keep third down. Brady's expert -- brown doctorate ground ran the wrong route or had a miscommunication Troy Brown butter ball's going to be somewhere else that goes to win. A little bit immature -- earned the right at that point to go back in Brady Kimbrel Tompkins has not Webb -- and settlement is not Aaron Dobson is not those guys haven't earned that they haven't but the caller saying. What Tom Brady doesn't do that to Michael Wes Welker they did you -- but those guys coming right it goes right back to -- yeah I understand and that makes sense. Just watching him go after those guys as we c'mon how does he continue to have to deal with this kind of -- did yes -- did Tex receive you there and and -- -- it's it's unbelievable people think that. Anyone in the media is afraid to say something negative about Tom Brady absolutely not no he's -- Tom Brady we sedated to off topless at Tom Brady. Mr. pass it could have been a touchdown Angelina just flat out -- there -- -- Things that they do point out that they do and need to be pointed one as as bad as they were on third downs last night when they really really needed one they got. The 13 down they absolutely need it last night to seal the game. -- gentleman on third and five. For about six yards that got the first down or able to essentially kill the clock -- with under remain and they punched him in the game's going to be over at that point notes are they didn't -- you know time passing needed that one -- first down to get them under the two minute warning down to a minute so so kudos to them as bad as it was when he really needed it happened. The second thing and you brought up some of the coaching problems with. -- -- a pitch inside your raw red zone in the rain are fogler at the end of the game bizarre. And these are these drive me crazy we have been under football season to get the -- don't know this but this is one might be pet -- throwing deep on third -- one. Is like one of my big pet -- I know works occasionally. And occasionally it does that are low percentage error I want just get unless -- first down unless the defense to completely fallen on my guys don't like that's an ice down and not an -- -- -- deep -- that. He threw the ball five yards stops and rain and all the way yeah for the most part. Just get the first down but they're off they need it don't throw deep down the field especially on -- night -- not here guys -- captured be in the right place just to give up price if you're gonna go deep and I want them to take their shots. First and second down or third and spot 3637. But on third and 13 to throw deep drives me absolutely crazy Marco -- -- in the car. -- -- Yes they -- up all night at one end up bring up a point. But it likely at all the secret stand. By getting about Brady and Belichick has been -- and I'm like I'm yet spent a -- and yet it yet and -- Well all the quarterback -- watch your -- debate -- not -- in about thirty -- you think you can get up -- When you're there and have pretty -- you guys would probably yell -- you right now. Come but just met Indian jets fan or thirty years what -- -- repair the new guide Tom Brady. No thanks. But no thanks I'll ask. I'll pass on that up and I don't have to imagine Ken O'Brien I'm good and I don't have to imagine Brooks ball in your LB also I'll say this it it seriously. Even without Tom Brady. And there there was it it was like for Tom Brady we all remember it. I still -- -- -- beat consistently play -- so the Drew Bledsoe used to read that Drew Bledsoe and in those patriots. Then then anything associated with being jets -- you really think about the jets. For the last 42 who was the jets what boomer during that time a lot of test of her boomer a lot of -- all this on and on. For the last forty plus years. If if if the jets can get -- -- Neil -- under Parcells a threat. If if the jets can get it wrong. They'll get a wrong. It took forty plus years. You know I don't know I don't know I got to -- We were down -- at Gillette yesterday doing the show. And as we are walking out now walking on the bar we saw some it's awesome jets fans. Usually sees him gesturing to a talk trash to more. Think what you're doing it is to San what are you doing here you where you're you're Joseph Klecko jerseys. You mark Kasten though throw -- Here here here at Gillette Stadium on a third and adults only 200 miles for you and roughly 200 miles. -- can win the game the funny part or do you think we're gonna win the game it was an ugly sloppy game -- jets had opportunities to win it -- you really think the jets are gonna win that game. Thirty of those years the patriots were just as bad amid all the same bad decisions that's the amazing thing. Is there for thirty of those 45 years or whatever it is for the jets the patriots were just as bad if not worse. And now finally around here -- -- decades now since Parcells and aircraft since Belichick completely different but for the but for the 60s70s and eighties. Pretty much the -- spam problems. As they had in New York 61777979837. Assault Ali Herm Edwards in thirty minutes is Tom Brady a biblical figure. Well biblical. Figure is Tom Brady a biblical figure or maybe Moses or maybe characteristic come in Jeremiah one of the two Jeremiah. Surmised Elijah. I don't Elijah now and I know he's -- -- comes around every April. David David I know he's king eventually. Solomon out. -- an apostle from salt Republicans in the Bible from biblical trigger recorded three when I'm sure to make sure I know which ones which. Welcome Paula was on the way to Damascus. He says it was. Struck down all kind of reminded me change as -- -- from salt Paul and -- adamantly. League if you have adamantly changing -- ways and that depend on to sort of his time his place and time -- have -- out as much humidity we have Tom Brady Robert Thompson there's a doubting Thomas but -- -- that could -- -- and he seems to be -- some time that we're going on the album last night on the figure. I had a mind and thankfully did little research earlier because I didn't wanna confuse Joba. And Jonah because their names similar until it was in the way -- -- was in the way that I Jonah is a big thing to Mario deport him the big report things though. -- is not the conversation it's not about you know Joan did. He tried to run away from god and -- never done. He's never tried to -- never tried to we've got in line. -- -- -- filtered companies closer oh he didn't do. Exactly if this poll that this apple to blow. He's not jump. He's much more -- and we talked about. -- And -- lose all. That joked about not match you know. Not the joke from Arrested Development the actual original GO JO would be. Not GO not match. But he is sort of like GOK. It's sticky fingers or -- an -- Oh yeah you you think you're a replica of steel hook up. With the so he's got -- So Joseph had everything going for yeah for -- he was he was the wealth the successful. Great -- he was good he did everything right he was number. And then things started to go right for and everything went poorly for -- it was a test it was a -- -- -- usually -- -- -- I'd bet. Joseph become the subject of -- I'd bet between got the double. Hey we've got Joseph he seems pretty cool basically trading places and pretty loyal to you all -- here. I didn't come to the dark side essentially trading places on the Internet what happens -- -- essentially to enact related trading -- -- -- start or real bad things to -- also isn't. Brady -- -- just feels like every year something else has happened to him is I mean where we talked about we're extra except Bill Belichick trying to have bad things after it seems like that sometimes I don't go to -- -- I think that last night it felt that way to -- what else to -- have to do. I learned your offense I master your offense I never turn the ball over Imus 65%. Passer I do everything you want me to do I I walked the company line I never talked trash to my opponents before the game I do everything you want me to do want to work with the receivers I won you -- rings. I'm the luckiest human being for the first five or six years of my career. Everything you've ever asked of me dale I'm happy to do it and how do you repay me. You take away in my weapons over and over again and you make me walk through here well where you -- -- -- Marvin Harrison forever -- -- -- yeah. Reggie Wayne anyway and it -- that's how many rings via okay come out wondering wondering your theories so I think it ought to be doing and and your utilities receivers again David patent and are excited about that but he helped to win a championship -- a couple of great characters AFC championship game and the Super Bowl. I -- David Givens seventh round pick you got to thread about that but helped to win a Super Bowl. -- Deion Branch second round pick almost a third round pick pick 65 I believe -- How to what is of multiple MVP. Brady can't play that game. You can't play that game as as the defense attorney for Tom Brady when you made the case. Couple days ago. Have a good -- Do any damage to our he's got a couple good weapons and well I'm not making the case a plea I I am not Brady's defense attorney -- I'm not signing on to to defend Joba. I'm not doing that. Which again is actually in other recent development. But we leave that site has now. I'm not signing up to defend Brady I don't actually necessarily feel like it's the case but just as you said earlier Brady felt like he was blaming Belichick last night. And picking out his frustration on -- -- that you want to -- the -- everything it can't feel as if he sees himself as the type of GO constantly tested it and forced to overcome all these odds that maybe just doesn't need to be that difficult. And I hear that from so many people were so happy that -- -- until it's not gonna play because really they were rooting for what happened Belichick and now I'm happy bull bull crap site -- -- our exports are what ever they're not happy happy to be right it feels so good to be right I was right about -- Dolan Welker and I'm smarter than bill and an army and on on our status you know guys -- elderly and way too much. -- do you think driver -- Danny Amendola is up from opening up today but yesterday yes. But he government and perhaps we didn't -- -- -- year man you got here to all year you I don't apologize here. You pay -- look at you're not gonna get well. You've got that that unbelievable eating grin on her New York right now. A lot of that is regularly it's you it's just like okay how about you -- -- -- -- an injury prone guy in sports other than did you know J. D. Drew. Are so it J. D. Drew gets hurt. And if J. D. Drew comes to your team and you look at and you say why -- my teams signed this guy he's gonna get hurt. Any winds are being hurt you know happy about it you know it just surprised it's like you're predicted. Like I'd be happy about. If I got the score of the game exactly right I predicted yesterday. It's going to be a thirteen to ten games going to be sloppy in the -- gonna turn over three or four times and I got that right I'd be happy about it. Happy that it injury prone guy. Yeah did yeah I think you learn what that is destined to think you'll happy about it 61 thing only did what kind birthright -- -- -- during seven look at yourself Adam is on the game by Adam. Hey guys on beacon of weapons. Just one. Comment that in play and wanna see how you guys felt. In regards to having I don't think the patriots have. That big. Wide receiver whose navy veteran who could spread the field -- and Tom Brady could scroll ball up. Where it's kind of up for grabs but relying upon the -- of the wide receiver. Kind of like picking up someone like Bolden -- 49ers picked up by. That's clearly how they were beaten pretty much by Baltimore. And so it looks like for me I just disagree with the moves of late date. They put faith and Dobson being that big guy who could stretch the field out and also I mean after watching the game last night. I mean I I would have taken seen in the Plaxico Burress out there and thought he might have more success by. One NFL -- hold on I mean -- trying Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam dobbs has played one game. One he's played in one football game in his career he clearly was not that guy last night he was not. In one -- in the last night and maybe he never will be but he's played and won game. One. In in on a four day week. Against the jets in the rain for half the game you don't think may be it's possible he gets better than he was like. Well at a -- -- almanac aluminum piggyback on that a little bit -- and implement a natural curve ball here it's a little different direction. Is that I'm just like a reasonable man calling their from the -- -- -- You're right last night not pretty for a lot of guys Tom Brady not pretty forward Dobson are pretty for even the despite thirteen catches that pretty for -- and quite honestly. So no we don't we agree there but do you think. This is how it ends. This year. Are we talking about this in week ten. We twelve do you think you'll still be deeply disappointed in the receivers -- you still be deeply disappointed in what Bill Belichick did. And we can we -- and I'm asking a master to see the future but gets a mask and. -- I'm no I do think things will come around in regards so hopefully. In the dole I think was great pickup on port please hurt but we'll be back gronkowski will be back I think the rookies will improve. But I still think -- in accountant that's seeking Super Bowl. When going for that do you have still do you really think at the end of it you can maybe make into the playoffs have good record. But do you still have that big wide receiver -- the deep. I'm we will see you adopt an employer ever had a guy that -- -- a voice would be that -- had never had it. They've never had a -- again in their Super Bowl years. And it it he never had they had Randy Moss way but we've got somebody talking about because Randy Moss is a gazelle. Nobody was anything but he's also a big receiver you can throughout wet wet but the best of all you can do. I'm not -- months. Oh hole and already must but. Ready in my eyes a couple of times you were surprised when you saw him get the ball over the middle when he caught the ball over the middle while he was -- for the turf. He was very special. Luxury. Vehicle okay. All wrote and you won't be able to catch him he's got to get beyond defense but the guy he's talking about at least and I agree with him. I agree with Adam that's what you ideally that's you want you wanna young and humbled and but the but the patriots get the close of the closest they come to that is. Given. I'll get to Gibbons or sports or stall or kind of -- its price given -- didn't just or could really wrong you seem run down some time -- other -- givens and it was a good player for them for awhile and if they're able to get better Dobson -- -- one of these guys turns into something like that's fine. But I have to say it's never gonna happen because in one game Dobson didn't look at boys and get on the field. That feels a little premature to me we knew this was gonna take time for these guys to get all the -- all get on the same page and I know it's ugly when you actually see it in person. But you still knew it was bound to happen Chris is -- expert actress. -- they do it today it occurs. Good -- eight you know might hear it intrepid but it he's twenty either to hold for twenty years. Illegal debris critic put any wide receiver out there in the court this -- people would -- -- order is given equal branch. You know. Actually you know while what you mean there anyway. What it really matter who bring. They can't catch on the picture of being -- and so complex. That it actually harming them back -- about people who are so specialized audio -- and so well. -- him straightened themselves. By having an -- at the so complex that the look and understand how well the complexity happens. -- -- -- 2009. Mood around that time you know -- -- He used to be where -- spread the ball around to everybody in Mexico well which got mark. Oh god it's added output by -- through the ball to them all the. Amateur records -- you know a point this out Wes Welker. First year with the patriots successful never talked about the system ready must have a pre season with the patriots ever talked about the system of the offense. Donte' Stallworth -- the offense go back to those branch given days. -- -- -- rookie came -- knew the offense a David Givens seventh round pick the office over to tech company. Anybody go all the way back to the beginning it was complicated enough without point what's the Donald Hayes who came in -- Carolina and -- -- never figure out -- never heard a player that any more or less complicated now than it was and got every right guys to run that kind of complications last night comic was complications that that caused the problems -- they're dropped and dropped it right. I don't think it was like well. You know I was -- this route. I was -- -- Texans play and I wound up running and and and Michael while I play in that threw me out now -- I think that quite a drop a part of the question with him is is he is he thinking about things too much in terms of -- -- supposed to be at -- time and then doesn't end up doing some of the basics that he needs I don't know the answer to it get brought up and still seems like he does not know what he's doing up there he seems to be in the wrong place. A lot Brady was given to him again last night for the second time in to open a lot -- did you did you notice them being open. I don't know I notice I noticed Brady given locks and now it's happened 34 times in a very short year that he Brady even given to each other while at the end of the plot -- -- they say anything good about it. Getting the bad news good news on Dobson okay bad news drops good news seem to be open quite a bit. And if he can get his act together he should be a right but he was I'd I'd saw him open several -- -- And whether it's -- running the wrong route or Kerry or as may -- images that match out of pointed out -- not turning your head quickly enough. Look at those -- collectible problems. But it receiver. The job is to get open and catch the ball you don't get open. I don't know if you play the position six or 777979837. Dawn is in New Hampshire kinda. They would then vote up and. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Aaron Hernandez was an Angel -- and he -- conferences like a lot of the -- out I had done about it. Won an Olympic record on -- all what you not help what little perspective on what you are Ebert and well. We traded away -- arms wrap it. They kill quarter -- -- doing. Are we didn't and haven't had it and what you're looking -- Allen bill. The Andre opt in. I'm he got a couple of acted when he got a bonafide number one across the field from him what adult I would expect you looking at me with the bill. And I think. That that's -- he was not really that in the are frustrated and -- -- Well Madonna it's an excellent point on one hand if you look at it it's great point you can't expect a lot from rookie receivers especially if you're not drafted now. In the top five or top ten has some exceptions but most of the time those guys take two or three years to develop let's appoint a bit but let's turn around and look at it. If if that's the history in the league. Then don't you expect Bill Belichick being in this day. Well I can't really I can't count on but he wasn't rookie wide ones that are trying to count on rookie widely seen as I was trying to count on gronkowski and Hernandez and Amendola and -- none of a rookie wide receivers all our whom should understand how to shoot well like why did anything they were pretty well prepared to argue whether you I don't understand April draft time right. Why you would count on Gradkowski and Hernandez I don't understand why you account Amendola I know I'm I'm not trying to do the -- now by the problem. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And we just have to keep battling -- making it very clear. Out what's going on there with a -- -- Sears now could be worse. It could be work -- it could be worse. We're sitting here talking about Aaron dobbs he dropped the ball into Pasadena care adoptions terrible player. No I don't know I still think there's a lot of very intriguing upside there by the camera pumpkins terrible player I don't know no I think he's got to figure out the -- And I'm curious still to see what he has he's like a fool woody and their full. -- -- I think voice is a bad player known -- out of the wanna see a lot of loyalty to snaps yesterday you know I think is a really bad player. Is Clyde gates. -- is horrible. If he were on the patriots right now I would be going ballistic today. -- got a guy right now I'm -- often until he would not if that goes on the patriots he would still be there worst receiver. He is terrible he ran wrong routes he didn't catch balls and his hands he he was god awful yesterday. Watching it did you hear Michael Irvin -- afterwards -- we have that Andy Michael Irvin talk about Clyde gates just torching him. Will find this for its audience -- because act I was. He was off Michael Irvin he's no the jets still aren't that -- no Michael Irvin the jets the market all eleven guys biting on one play fake I've never seen that. I've never seen all eleven guys that want to buy an electric. Like I've seen some relatively old and up. The whole team totally wirelessly into high gear teen alien vs good the whole team I don't know life threatening their defense is legit and -- let you guys. Not a Rex ran Albert say Ohio opposite I am. I think he. I think he knows what -- what he's doing when it comes to defense. And and get what he's had to work with I don't think he's the guy who -- got them in the capital. But given what he's had to work with -- with some with some. Pretty pretty awful. Awful personnel decisions that have been made around him the -- advocates advocates. To -- a month site from a cooler and diseases torching my guy. Ten seconds are we here justice is very much torching my guy. Wartime gates did you watch him I'd ever was putrid. Even the putrid basketball player last night from -- gave I don't know I'd never heard of him before last -- watching them I was really disturbed at the fact that they would rely a Mecca like I felt bad for geno Smith. You've got to for -- -- I mean Brady who was in his mind because as we said earlier he's used to driving a Lamborghini and somebody stuck with a micro bus. But in the meantime. -- is terrible. Got literally can't catch. Out here today here and there were were very close coach is right there were they were very close to possibly win in that Jamie made some nice throw. And we've got a young guy like geno has received I would've liked seeing these guys protect them a little bit more all on so much about it rolled steel. Make -- more equipment more of an effort to make sure they're not in a softer. Now guys I'm just going to -- I think I would -- like -- right now. Like my right now Marlins are my I would cut and well I don't know that I know. Knowing that it does somebody else to replace more than ready and willing and I don't know I don't know what a good as anybody you go to somebody you can hit -- sports authority -- Like I did terrible -- Michael I was embarrassed out of right. -- no court called and we got her gyms and -- feel like him. I legal guys. Are being good listen you show and I've enjoyed -- while watching Brady's development over the years. VP -- public. Humiliation is no way to advance anybody's. Development. And if anything I think it can we targeted development. I just like his behavior goes this way over the line and I think you want to think about it a little bit of change it. But he seemed a little a little embarrassed afterwards saying that he laden let you know we demonstrate his emotions -- more than he should of I don't know for sure whether or not it's going help their growth or heard -- I don't know the answer to that that's why Michael when you asked me I didn't know what to say because I don't know. I just don't know I don't know what the best ways to reach -- all the best way is to reach pumpkins and I think it's different for everybody. But my guess is my guess if I had to guess. Is that this stuff is okay but does this thing need to pressure put on them to do the right artist Robert you do that the millennium is that Tom Brady seemed a little bears aren't you -- he said he's in the bears for for his last night. But in Abkhazia embarrassed because. It is -- -- because those of my teammates and I need to be building those guys up and I got to do better than that gave -- the bears that are I'm all for among a ball on with them. But if it has anything to do win it. His image. Sponsorships. Callers like. Last what is not good for him I don't want to. It investigates go ahead and do -- -- hey I don't wanna let my emotions get the best -- -- like that you ever like see red get really really pissed off at somebody after July. And yet I do that again to what is wrong with me c'mon man six wanted to throw did you do that I think he just was -- I think Brady's he's the type of person can be aggressive and we get upset about that type of stuff when he doesn't. I'm probably not that surprised by our permit is gonna join us in the second first though. Beat the ninth caller at 61793109372. And a pair of tickets to see the Yankees and the Red Sox at Fenway Park. This Sunday night to the ninth caller right now 6179310937. You can be there for the wonderful final bid adieu to Mariano Rivera just call 61793109237. A moment every Red Sox fans should look forward to forever Newser finally be able to -- the honor. And on the edge to the greatest player who ever -- year. -- rival's uniform our veterans will join us next what does he think Brady has last night Alaska and alcohol W via.

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