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Kevin Millar, MLB Network: On Sox pitching staff

Sep 13, 2013|

Millar joins the show to talk about the upcoming MLB playoffs and how the Red Sox are looking with their starting pitching.

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We'll see. What kind of response he gets I think it'll be a huge response tonight from our Arab -- throughout the course the weekend may be like Michael said. He doesn't pitch in this game tonight for his last five games. Girardi -- there. I'll let's talk baseball the regular Friday got somebody Campbell mark. Campbell are joining us here on the eighteenth the outline. -- -- -- -- -- I'm my blew them out like I'm Karen barber Stevie. Hold -- say hello I just take it Friday's jobless Chrysler avoid not so -- last Friday so let's just turn this thing -- try to -- I took my medicine last Friday from a law here's the issue for you -- dark clothes come for your job below we've played with the year. Just did three games -- -- are still -- first three games in the broadcast Booth and your guide the low Kevin. In an unbelievable job called Red Sox games I would -- on potential talking to Chris Rose they can do it. You're -- we got back forehead. He's in Italy these silly young and I Ratner is skeptics and so public and schober period and you know you write this let yourself. You know answer you know any high. Value I use it right there and Derek well I believe will be rate actually shocking joked that he'd -- rich. It started working right away that was a shocking thing about it right where. No absolutely Zemin at the country club is golf and each and every day but down it to apple TV gets more games put. Nick said quietly to stay in Florida has made enough money. The -- forever or -- -- -- in -- ministry we -- Exactly. A multi bit later on I would give you an important thing goes a long way they're so. -- -- -- -- -- -- people at the microphone holed that little lot MLB network in that bed nets and Mike. All one deal font. He would never shake them -- that sound like below his personality. Yeah you you can't let Derek -- make any district and that the that's one -- I -- -- let's. Get the. It felt like Terry Francona ballgame and we're going to be there we're gonna lose let's keep tila and we're gonna win and below you don't shake up -- we have a shot. -- let me ask you Buckley buckle does this guy comes out of the -- two and a half months and and I don't know what to expect there you -- I thought the first two because she goes to look at the last two before the post season but. He comes up minutes like he didn't skip a beat. It was him it was amazing. Yeah you know it will want what you have that package that 95 -- and -- yeah at the curve ball. And the whole shebang at the packages LP. I think you're right it's gonna excuse. Stop but it was shocking and eager for him to beat like locating it well it would now await -- result grown up -- are you able throw. -- bubble not heeded that struck and in Marley and pitchers are different position player to meet. I don't think there's a whole bunch of timing issues that -- all -- I am pop up or down the middle we get ourselves out. We're -- we need that you know. But I mean buckle straight and what did that now to solidify and tighten up that rotation we're like OK thank you match up -- anybody I don't have a problem -- -- celebrity Troy. It is a series -- down there when you get cheers -- Verlander well Anibal Sanchez and I'm looking pyrotechnic America. Zip that's the question it's like you know I watched him do that -- nice start. Looking at -- and I think that they can win the American League now we know because just kind what -- suffer balked in skip a beat Tammy. Was there a moment we said look at this Red Sox team as -- only had to sink in when the American League was a buckles was -- Lester turning around it was before that. -- -- debate -- I think Lester Lester throwing the ball the way that each cable giving had to be Leicester tumbled seven. But I know one thing he's got enough fire starter and I got -- gonna -- left well roster yet his career and you know Latin I we joke around a week you go to stretch their -- like. You know you eat eat eat -- up -- guys out. You know and -- mansion and -- that matter and not told what they've -- that now believe you're the best out Erica. He's still a great picture once he turned that corner and got right back on track. -- you look at that because. TV or not we don't know where it's at PB bigger -- Diego 95 the back pocket now. Now a Bulldog Italian we'll take you an extra step with 88 and 92 watt power -- -- -- eight buckles saying eat people they need internal act maybe it back actually meet its. Well Kevin -- -- team right you won the wild cards on one walk her at that time to finish seven games have old ones out last week of the year. You sort of felt confident -- get -- in in that it. Give me a sense of what that's like is this team -- -- eight and a half game lead in the division they know they're going to and that the balance between. -- got to get our get our team sat and still try to win some games here in a final couple weeks what's that balance like. You know what -- military. When you when you comment on the situation in particular the great Iraq socks older going to be an OC right. It's one little thing. Either you are now that the -- thing that's keep all its its New York. Intensity high and make sure that you don't skipping a beat and don't give -- an inch metal because from now to -- in October when you need to play the best. You cable plant and the best teams don't always win the World Series it's a team player hot at at that time reaching record I'll do it. You know Utah Portland they were like the point seven -- with a -- -- basically local and what firecracker hot in the playoffs. So you have to find a way to keep in Turkey right now. As what are your -- and what are your complete pro La -- spots we will give your play hearts but like the Braves in the Red Sox can't anticipate kind of there. They have to find a way mentally whatever it can keep that at Mallory and that's the last game of the year in the air play that because what you -- October. You've got to keep -- -- your heart you know and get it right now. And you work -- guy was big in that clubhouse here and there went talked about a character guy one of the personalities in the -- did you take that is party responsibility to keep your team. Focus and like a Jonny Gomes role here the next couple weeks remind them hey still a greater goal here. Yes I think you have to fear we talk about -- for your job certain players don't have any more that the salaries. Dictate play -- I think you're -- -- did have a problem. Appointment to look at that I'd hear from my job pretty sure guys like angle that the for a match -- -- the job. Yes you've got to keep that but they're lucky that their leader Dustin Pedroia. He had that fear a great leader and captain and a -- contracts. Pop it up we're about you've taken -- bad cop in the old he's a great target I got it so the lucky they have all -- -- -- in -- You know Kevin you look at their coach you we are this year in John throw against Tampa may be the last time he goes about it that way before. You know four out save -- the next that it comes in and tie ball game was written over the Atlanta coming up but where you are now at the money games go back. What he's doing is just unbelievable -- final five ever seen it before of give the keep an eye and that the rest of ways that I you'd want a manager. Yeah it's remarkable we -- and maturity Soriano Laura are which more supply and we sort -- -- he's playing again like you like twenties. Or are you have perfect -- -- village cop. Would you approve that 34 whatever consecutive. You know -- our batters that he you know got out her role on the heat don't. -- -- And and actually be your own staff or locate -- pitchers. So -- well I don't know exactly how you handle it when it was buying it by the McNabb of artwork. I'd always talk to mount a lot with a view you know in terms of Mariano Rivera if you had a major -- -- baseball moment. Been a vault him he's gonna make his last trip in -- Fenway Park LS is a playoff game here. This weekend Kevin when you're asked about a -- remember Rivera what he's meant to the sport. It it's the perfect he's clash that talk in the police say mark -- actually collapsed I don't straight dominating the Olympics and we're gonna clash. What do you compete against them will be played with them when he -- them. -- Young ran -- now young candlelight -- baseball. Has respect for every single player in the arena. And -- pretty cool when you -- -- that at -- -- like cal Ripken everybody loved cal Ripken on the parent -- but let Mario Rivera because the class that you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The Dade detective mount basic come out of the bullpen did they retires since I don't think we've ever seen a run 918 consecutive years of dominance. No we look at three guys that came when you look at nineteen years ago -- the same Jeter -- -- -- however they kept their bodies into top shape. You don't need the extra two and fifteen pounds like we all fluctuate within like cult leader Abdullah -- These guidelines out of freak of nature industry can nature and spoke about all next you're in the next chapters in thirty games. -- -- -- And retire let's do this saying you've been great for baseball great yankees or. Up from Boston that you do an actual ceremony or because that's what about we all. Our family what he'd hate each other on the real world certainly an area. Are you tell us we can try out for Brady -- lineup this patriots team -- yeah search governor Siri like doing an element thank goodness gracious. But I'm I'm -- apparent that we as a speaker -- morning. And -- Tom Brady soak up under him and more frustrated response is not quite there in her life. You have got to frustrate program that has no idea what you're right now be illegal get somebody in the skull. I think you know -- five McCluster said it all right there. Kevin as always we appreciate and enjoy the time we'll talk next week. I love you guys when you're getting -- great job on a big fan you guys put up yet a grave error and and get short. -- doesn't count -- -- we don't -- night February discussed it with a restaurant you order. Areas. He is facing future wide receiver potential for the patriots Campbell when Bob brings wife. It's sexy she's six and now as always Kevin has brought to you by -- tractor corporation by -- insurance by commonwealth mortgage. And that's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Who didn't pay -- we've got a picture hey lady great soccer player created out I'm happy because the Brazil line. But -- -- sitting exit -- but they do we have Kevin Millar with -- -- posting what died -- -- was that I would end up on that. I'll talk to Sean and Mike and all your phone call 617779798372. Things that tune into for 1 o'clock your chance when a thousand bucks and it and fantasy football week to. We put out beyond on the air Michael's -- Ottawa felt that workers watched over your shoulder on the NFL network he answers your calls so we will clear the lines at that time your fans -- -- the -- -- at 1 o'clock keep it here.

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