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Michael Kay, Yankees PBP: On Mariano Rivera and Bobby Valentine

Sep 13, 2013|

Yankees PBP man Michael Kay joins Mut and Merloni in studio to talk about Mariano Rivera and his final trip to Fenway Park. He also discusses Bobby Valentine's comments about the Yankees.

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Fenway Park. This weekend marks are fairly. His last appearances spent way too much. Block away because I'll -- -- the voice of the Yankees on yes and ESPN radio's. Michael head hanging out just. Walking around radio studios today before this game Michael I was lost right sorry guys on the top -- I thought you a spring training obviously this season as -- surprised that with. 1516 games go to yankees are still in this thing. Love spring training that they could win it that when everybody started going down I don't know how they hung in there and I really believe that is between. These between Farrell -- -- manager of the year mean. You know Farrell how he's changed things your service to wave everybody thought about the Red Sox -- clubhouse and I don't know majority kept this team just the head above water so when they started to get guys back they can make this run he's done some job. The job and amazed by I think Francona probably in a conversation as well but it where they are right now rescue boat and get mail we're just discuss -- Mariano Rivera because maybe. Some people say give too much go to nick -- the most dominant pitcher that I've ever seen. Because he's closer. -- to this day one he walked in that it -- to relieve. Presidency second nineteen years. Of pure dominance each and every day. What kind of do you expect Red Sox fans I mean today that it Buddhist optimal enter sandman without ever -- I think if you know I -- that played average cash. I mean that -- really Wear on them if they did on Sunday and it's it's it's it's it's a perfect situation as the Red Sox a run away with a that are -- the other not a threat to -- to catch the Red Sox this year mean in my played him in the playoffs but. You know right now if you if you do it's it's a nice honor and Mario I'm one of the great -- -- Mario square is the only blue 2004. The next came out the next and on and on laughed and smiled as you know they cheered him. He's got a great way about it and whichever way they wish cardinal Arctic will be cool that. He tipped his cap to the fans that was so cool that he did that again standing notes I think this year yeah this week it might be even more. Well given what did the fans' reaction now if Bobby Valentine came back. On usher Bob to get the same response that that mode yet now you you -- to them in new York and you had him on your show yeah lashed we would play it play the sound of Bobby V. Michael talking with you on our show beginning a last year I was that experience do on a weekly it was it was. It was it was a bad experience and neo I have a decent relationship would Bobby. But when he signed on the do one once a week -- us and then he got the heat from Red Sox fan you know what he's doing in the New York station and the fact that I'm a Yankee -- NGOs like my. -- you know on the on the enemy. He just shut it down and -- very very very very difficult with us and I don't think he wanted to do it medium -- break this time I told the holidays that you all do it. What -- carjacked but I guess you like the money -- and it turned out to be a mess it was awful. Daniel what that we found here I think isn't this the real world was Bobby's World right in the in recent that 99 elevenths stuff that he started talking about with the Mets and we were the Yankees and then. And it took about thirty minutes I think the people research and find Paul O'Neill and Bernie Williams and Mariano Rivera and Derek Jeter all these guys out. -- visiting families of victims I mean it was just. It could have been more wrong. It in the it was wrong -- and it was it was it was cheap you know because you just was keeps or things like that if you do it. For that reason and you do -- -- for the wrong reason should never brought up it really really made them look bad and people of attacked him and I think rightfully so he just looks awful sailor. Well I added to test. -- even New Yorkers and I think we're offended by Michael you lived there you worked there you'd take calls every day for New Yorkers were. Where you offender were your listeners offended when he tossed tries to say yeah we should get all the credit for this not the Yankees. You know lot. We we did maybe ten minutes on that we we did -- take phone calls you on our Twitter feed people were outraged Adam. It was so outrageous you know you. We both thought it was asinine what he said so and is not exactly good talking while that does anybody that can defend what he said. You're on the Mets did do a lot during not eleven but. The Yankees -- a lot to -- I don't know if you keep score I think it's offensive to keep score. Let me ask you with -- -- team right outcome and the -- in the weekend because you do in the loss -- a one game back behind Tampa Tampa just. Amid a lost a couple of tough games here against Boston this weekend in almost a team going to lose late. But this Yankee teams that sticks around and accessible and pictures right now there -- some issues I don't even I was gonna close today Mario stretch for the last five days -- -- for gates 43 no matter how -- he -- 43. Joseph used for two innings last Sunday against the Red Sox that's old school that's that's my area and I think it's also recipe for disaster but I understand they have to win every game. -- for the last month -- -- plant -- games every every day. I don't think you have Robertson tonight Logan's out. I guess the guy that was close would via would be Sean Kelly. And they they -- slider whose job anymore because jobs is an awful so -- -- I guess that grows the pitch a complete game in the states is that if Phil Hughes -- and categories -- -- -- yesterday -- had he he was all right and then Joseph had a real quick cookie EU -- stardom -- Game three innings and and he. Letting our fourth inning on. I think -- in his money is gonna use three pitches for three innings and and and that's -- we try to break it down but he ended abuse and six pitchers and Mariano close it out. No rain delays this week it's horrible for enjoy the call on yes and enjoy your experience afternoon thanks guys thanks the voice of the Yankees on yes Michael -- as of the -- for few minutes here in Studio One Lou 937 WEEI --

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