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Peter King, TheMMQB.com: Patriots lucky to have easy early schedule

Sep 13, 2013|

Peter King joins Mut and Merloni to talk about the struggling Patriots offense, their easy schedule to start the year, and other topics across the NFL.

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We'll get back to your phone calls every single Friday at this time we talked to the man behind Monday Morning Quarterback aside dot com he's Peter King. And it joins us here on the AT&T hotline Peter an opportunity here you pick the patriots get the super bowl of what you saw last night who make sure wanna rethink that whole life to do that right here today. Well I'm -- so many of these things I think that stick with this and take the slings and -- if they come because they usually do I've only -- it right once -- Twenty years. But you know who this is this is the point that that I would make 22 point three and that. He you know that that. As far as lucky schedules in NFL history. Openly to rookie quarterbacks one of them on a short week and then follow that with a long weakened in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at home. I don't know what -- star Robert craft's been under -- -- did he is if you of his nine lives this week that. Cross metaphors. To mix metaphors -- but. The other patriots are lucky that that the -- -- advantageous schedule early that pay for a little bit later. Here Atlanta Cincinnati New Orleans and three after that so that's not gonna be very easy. But you know again last year. Remember when Kevin Cobb went into Foxboro and beat Tom breezy. And everybody's thinking is this -- for the patriots. You know they finally. You -- have reached at the end of the year you know. There's that to me I kinda look at that and I say you know you're you're never. Going to be discussing in September and December. So you know Tom Brady has a chance. To see that. It can broke pumpkins can turn the right way you know on a pastor tidbit. There in Dobson. You know gets the point about. If he's gonna run a twelve yard -- it's got to be twelve not eleven and a half for thirteen. I'm sure those are the problems that are happening right now and yeah he's just he just have to go by history. And there are two things from the patriots favor number one. Belichick and Brady have been a winning combination. Over the last twelve years. And number 1013 years really quote twelve seasons I guess it's that. And two. The AFC east as usual stinks and it's stinks out loud. So that's what they are fortunate to be him -- and they're fortunate that the best of the three teams. Miami. There have to play right now because -- -- person I think would really. Would really. To get to Brady really hurt. You know pretty we -- this in 2006. Right when -- went to number you restructure his deal and then -- -- receive a call was -- was and they gave us some weapons falling year you restructure his deal necessarily any effort to set the ball maybe they can improve defensively that's pretty much Tommy Kelly and Danny Amendola Grammy for the most part and frank maybe other piece that they've brought back. Where's the frustration off we saw frustration last night Tom Brady but. At a match you be looking Dakota can't believe we're back doing this again seven years later. Well what you have to think about now is especially. Look at it this is not a second guess it was the first yes I wrote that the time this is a bad decision on the patriots part to let to let Wes Welker go. And it was in March it is in September. Wes Welker games missed over the last -- since the start -- 20110. The -- Amendola 21 and counting. Just you know and again. Part of being good players showing up in being here we all know that and even -- for what ever reason. Who is currently one of the great already murky performances I think. On Sunday evening when we need -- you don't start grabbing his upper leg. In the end zone in buffalo the other day in the second quarter so let's -- -- he's gone for six weeks. Andy showed up in the second half and I think it is seven ball at this. Fantastic. Very you know -- courageous performance. By me and they'll let. You know again the human body can only take so much any Amendola evidently is one of those guys who's. Body fight back because it's certainly has in the last year for years. And as a follow up to that the Welker part of this Peter have you gotten any more clarification on how that went down in terms of that negotiation and it fell apart 'cause of the patriots was it Welker zapping clarified since the season's guns are. Think that I think it remains murky and I think all sides wanted to remain murky but I think that. Welker just thought that the offer that he was given. Was not. Commensurate with what -- contributed to the patriots. He pushed the envelope push the envelope push the envelope patriots say we're not going any further and and patriots and started negotiating with the Amendola and and the you know John -- steps and then -- get -- gift. And look at other league through a thing on Monday night Chip Kelly and bill that that offense that I think. Was impressive for the Hong a lot of activity was very question that you didn't think that chip goes office would -- who were you surprised by that. No not really Lou because I think one of the things that you heard from people who he's played it against over the years is that. You know. First of all I think it's it's been a misnomer and been misunderstood over the years that. You know this is going to be. You know you're going to be thrown for 350 yards 400 yards every week. The last two years in Oregon he I have -- 64%. Runs. And so Chip Kelly want to. To run the ball and he saw that on Monday night. -- you know he's so what Shawn McCoy run run run into some Michael quickly the target I think the big test of it Lou is going to be. It's going to be you know how how much punishment really. That that Michael Vick can take because. He saw him in discount somebody -- they entered the game is at 33 year old quarterback and exit it is a 49 year old man. You know he -- will walk like Walter Brennan at the end of the game. So. I doubt he can take that level punishment for sixteen games also. Up Peter it's a circle back to the jets for a second you surprised that Mark Sanchez is telling people he's not going to get. Surgery is gonna try to rehab that thing to do surgery after the year. I mean. You know the only way the only. And that that must have happened when he saw. You know when he saw that doctors. Who you saw. Is that they -- told them that if you rehab for the next month or so you should be able to play you're gonna have some pain which should be able to play. Forget there's two or three quarter -- just read this last night. Stewart three quarterbacks who played with that injury. And you know played with a partial tear and so I think it it probably -- some pain tolerance. And and that is the idiotic things that I guess is it happened and I have not spoken to. -- -- -- generating critical column about this but just from. You know what's been said. It seems clear that. It's Sanchez believes that the time after surgery will not prevent it from being ready for training camp for somebody. But the difficult things here is. -- let's say he does it this way. -- you know what happens then is that house any pain and in no way it'd pay any money at all to bring him. He'd probably just gonna have to go on veteran's minimum contract. Let me let's see -- the Minnesota Vikings. And it is generating -- to -- don't throw the ball well until late July. Hurry hurry and account Christian Ponder for that job if indeed that's what happened. So aid it seems like an odd choice to me. But he's got to have some doctors saying that all you could definitely played by the middle of October with the shoulder. It also seems it just takes a drama out of the jets right because. Nobody thinks that team is gonna go to the playoffs and if its Huckabee Mark Sanchez then why not see what geno Smith I didn't do. I think I agree totally and I think that's probably what they're gonna do but also tell you this -- that. Rex Ryan who is going to decide -- police quarterback there. If he knows me afloat three interceptions up a fourth quarter. Rex Ryan it is it's easy to sit here and say they're not going anywhere -- Tina Smith. But you also have to say eight to 52 weather guys in the locker room to eighteen coaches and you don't get everybody in your organization. I know we're not playing the best guy able were playing for the future teams don't generally do that I can tell you. Rex Ryan absolutely categorically won't do that if he thinks the best chance to beat. These let's say the dolphins on November 8 or -- is they claim to replace Sanchez. -- back -- that they -- one and nine and -- -- -- -- helped tank the season and played kid he could try to win every detainee camp. These guys got a great on Sunday night Seahawks and 49ers were the one of the best robberies in football cannot wait. To sit down -- watch that look forward to your game plan column later today and Monday Morning Quarterback we'll talk the next product. A lot of Peter -- Sports Illustrated the Monday Morning Quarterback joining us our conversation Peter King as always sponsored. By our friends at town fair tire that is the Sunday night game without the patriots are looking at what games -- -- watching Manning Brothers. Letting -- each other late afternoon you get that Sunday night game Seattle. And you get the 49ers that's up against Red Sox -- yankees another -- this weekend.

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