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Mike Reiss, ESPNBoston.com: One of the ugliest games we've seen from Brady

Sep 13, 2013|

Mike Reiss joins the show to talk about the Patriots sloppy victory over the Jets Thursday night and the offensive struggles.

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Our buddy from ESP a boston.com Mike Reese -- every single patriots Friday it's rare. That it's almost like a post gamespot but that's threes today might but little -- you. Are you doing. We're doing good my eyes hurt from watching some of that football last night but it's still it's football and I guess I'll start like I -- -- in previewing this game Leo you and Teddy and feel that one went through sort expected it. Still lower scoring game by a by some accounts -- the offensive struggle all the injuries. Was this were the struggles last night even beyond what you thought you might get with all the injuries this team had against the jets. Lot absolutely how I was thinking back to all the games we've watched it you know Tom Brady played since he's been the starting quarterback -- that would that they had to be one of the ugly if -- we've seen going back to 2001. And look you know we knew they were going to be some growing pains -- I think that the -- at this level this early in the season. No obviously part of that is what Lou just said you don't know over read. No women Dolan no gronkowski -- -- -- No excuses you know and and that's that the team they've -- than not I think it's fair to read expected better than that. Yeah Mike you look at this will be critical of a lot of team building stuff right Belichick dropped the ball that type of thing news heard talk about the different types of injuries. -- -- still is a mystery to me Emanuel Sanders if you wanna be critical of that they only make a better offer put Pittsburgh. But I in -- proper spot to re sign him do you put any of this on the fact that they should have been better prepared. I really don't -- I mean look at this this game here I mean they were undermanned. And part of that is the injuries I think. You yeah a lot of this circumstance to Amin no way this whole thing came together I mean obviously when they're building their team. They weren't count on the Hernandez stated so that's a factor here you add in the injuries if you add in the huge. And in -- way it's almost like a perfect storm and incoherent but let's say if this is what it's going to be you know in week eight in week twelve. Then they gonna have some problems but you have to bank on a little bit -- developments from the young guys you're gonna get some of these guys back. So if you can just sort of survive looking at it from a patriots perspective in the early going which they did they're two what are we -- -- division wins didn't look good. I think that's probably the key thing to look at say hey there's going to be some progress here how fast can -- progress com. -- as a follow up to that yelled Lou Lou says he'll give give the rookies time yup there's going to be guys come back from injury -- -- understand even with all that. Mike the depth at the wide receiver position is it is it's set enough where. Would you be surprised if they bring in some veterans in the next couple of days to work out and maybe even sign. A veteran why every sea -- to get fixes everything but I do think it might help the depth that might help with. Get Brady comfortable some of the younger guys to have another guy he's familiar -- Yeah I Q I wouldn't be surprised at all I mean we know that this is oh lead about solutions and end. Bill Belichick often you know won't do that so that wouldn't be a surprise and I would be surprised if that -- and we'll wait to be honest with you I think. Part of my thought there is. They are really believe they wanted to move on from him when you have. You know three rookie receivers I think the type a personality that you bring into that room it's probably going to be. Look at a little bit closer than immediate situation that he had three fight your veterans in the room and and I just don't think they -- they'd like the mix of -- with the young guys. So if they gotta go with someone maybe it's someone that's been in the system died on the practice squad that with another team or something like that right now but it. I I sort of ball on the in the category this is what they have they're gonna work and it sort of deal would be growing pains and luckily for them they get the bills in week one and the jets -- -- -- because advocate they were different teams. You know they they might not be -- -- right now. Go to some British a lot of emotional less than a game we -- discussion about it to me separate the two as far as mistakes go meet. I don't wanna scream and -- for the physical mistakes but the mental ones out of a problem with -- they're going to be on the same page where were you with that emotion you saw last night. Lou -- you know I thought it was apparent early before you know with the struggles really started that it would. The overthrow to adult men on one of the first drive of the game he was mad at himself and then after McCord used. Fumble return when they couldn't get it you know into the end zone he was upset on the first down play and so -- I think this was sort of -- early and reflected. Just that. He wasn't comfortable really from the start of the game and didn't think he'd consider themselves what you've been happy with -- throw to the Hudson on the touchdown pass so. I think that's something that he needs to do a better job and he -- -- managing that I don't think it. It is it sure was well and I don't think it did these young guys they need more confidence right now they need more boosting up. Not not tearing down and and it was just a couple weeks ago that Brady himself was saying. I need to I know I need to show more patience I think it got away from them and I think when he watches the game over again he's gonna realize that. Like Greece of ESPN Boston dot com is joining us the running game last night Mike nonexistent chain -- Did not play but they really can never gaining deliberately oral Garret blunt it was just so inconsistent. Was that more about in your mind the jets' approach in their defense or was it something the patriots were doing up front that neverland established that at any point during that game. Well but I'm I'm just going back -- the -- now and I'm I'm -- -- at the end of the first quarter and I take away from just the first quarter is that they actually had some success. Running the ball and they didn't stick with -- and I'll give you an example laid out on the court he fumbled return first and goal from the eight yard line. And and they're throwing the ball with the wind -- play in which two receivers are out in a -- and. It just didn't it -- you know it didn't do you look back on it it's obviously -- easy to say when they don't Corbett just. Didn't make sense it was almost like give your guys up front. A chance to establish this thing. And then on the next play on second and goal from the eight they run for five yards. And then there's sort of been that in between area certain goal or -- and you know at the three yard line and they -- it and I just I I felt like the play calling it in that particular instance didn't can really support didn't give them a chance. To get into the running deep convection thought they had some positive momentum nano with a perfect no and the jets -- good defense. -- run defense given some credit for that but I thought. Yeah especially -- -- see how uncomfortable Brady was how on is he didn't UBS I watched the game over against. Thought they could a worked a little harder with that running game to try to settle things down for both the offense and Brady himself. Yet not listening -- -- Tampa Bay and that run defense but is that. Is does that -- -- -- much frustrate some fans trying to establish two run at -- -- successful but is that what this team needs to do. -- if I remember -- and I'm not sure how they did last week. -- I think the Buccaneers were the number one ranked run defense last year now whether -- carries over to this year. -- -- it's gonna be specific the matchup we know they have read this at corner who can be you know what difference maker in the passing game but. I really do think so Lou I think it. You know part of what I felt like help them in this season opener at that they did remain committed. To that running game against the bills and I thought they just maybe got away from it a little bit as cycle back to begin this morning early in the game give himself a chance. Mike you wrote about this morning it has not happened a long time in fact Kerry Byrne points out -- back to 2003. We're in the patriots always current scored thirteen points and one cannot I thought last night for all the offensive problems double talk about today. Defensively. They won that game forum and there's been very few games against say the Patriots defense picked up the Patriots offense the last five or six years. That's true mud and I think you know -- balance out the side and not to be overly critical I mean I I I do wonder how much of that was tied. -- playing a team that's offensively challenged in the jets you know if that's. Peyton Manning are we getting the same result but that being said. You know let's let's analyze that for what they would the jets in this with the situation they were in the and I think that you can't ask for too much more from the defense four turnovers. Three coming in the fourth quarter so. I think that that's the identity of -- defense and afterwards I was in the locker room and instead it Rob Ninkovich you know it's the same thing you just -- -- you know hasn't. Seems like it's been a long time since that's happened and he says you know we welcome that as a defense. A thirteen can win the. Sounds good to me and -- thought was that might sound good to him I'm not sure how that resonates. With the team stand that may be where we're hoping for a little more offensive fire. Zero point up their defense on four to five with a wasn't Tommy Kelly. Next events it was Jill Jones an awful lot of well how do you realize that that set up busy and we look at a mobile quarterback you won a lot of speed kind of Russian contain him. He that they you know maybe I'm not a power running team. Yeah I think that they would feel like that was their plan to remember that touchdown pass that was all return for the jets in the first quarter. The patriots rushed three and dropping eight into coverage I think they were really concerned. Which you know -- its ability to run the idea of keeping him in the pocket. After the game and -- said you sort of called it football one -- one when you have got. Athletic quarterback. Make them stay in the pocket and see if he can teach you would disarm them and then as we -- on the fourth quarter geno Smith. Made some critical mistake that's specific to what you said just about 45. Sub package when they brought in the rookie Buchanan. And he played edge they moved Chandler Jones to -- inside. -- Chandler had won one of its key facts rushing from the inside not sort of a new wrinkle we've seen from the defense I would say. Pressure on the -- with maybe a little inconsistent got better late in the second quarter but that's sort of been a nice addition to them with Buchanan coming on Jones -- from that inside spot. -- a quick injury hit with yet in the report came out yesterday Danny Amendola two to six weeks Lewis pointed out I agree it's kind of a weird time frame it's usually two before four to six or. Through six is weird I know you either tweeted or a post -- chat you're not expecting him back potentially. Until the falcons game. How do you feel about -- dole how many games -- he's gonna miss here. Yeah well that they'll be I think they hope to have him back for the falcons game -- to have to see how it it comes along Matt and and you know obviously unfortunate for them and and that's going to be a lot of scrutiny on this decision we know how much passion sort of stirred with the hole Wes Welker defection the Denver bringing in Amendola. Sort of the worst case scenario for the untreated can bring in the guy that has a little bit of an injury history and you know it's not not playing four in week -- of this season so something you're gonna have to overcome right now gives gives him ammunition to those who. Felt like the patriots may -- took the wrong approach I would say let's give it a little time to play out but right now as we look at the present snapshot. Certainly not the way they drew it out. -- real quick Mike since you you brought it up and -- delicacy in your chat was last week we're getting a lot of text today in dealing with -- -- the wide receiver -- the patriots -- cheap. Organization they don't spend any money -- do you respond to that when you get that from patriot fans saying this team needs to spend more. Well there's two things -- I mean first I I think that there is this. Window with Brady I understand that the idea that I think surrounding him with enough weapons at a time when you have a once in a lifetime quarterback I think it's a period. Topic of discussion in very fair. But in terms of like they're spending -- -- this idea that they have money under the cap and they're not using it and that they're not putting together the best team they can. He got off the mark because they spend as much as any team in the league if you look at their cash. Spending if we want to criticize. How they're spending it and who they're spending it on. That's a different story I would they don't call him cheap but if you wanna be critical on who they're spending the money on that's fair game. And drunk do you expect to see him. In victory into a long way away. I I think he's got a chance that if the keeps going this direction and I think the idea would be if you see him about it he wouldn't be a full game but Q you sort of even into the mix if not this week. I think it would be week four against the falcons. -- Mike -- is PM boston.com Mike enjoy it on patriots weekend it will talk in a product. Mike craziest PM Boston every Friday's brought to you by our friends at town fair tire 61777979837. AT&T text line. At 379837. What belly laugh and over there but texas' a little bit of injury history. And that's fixing Tebow has a little bit of a quarterback issue. While Amendola. It does have a little bit more little little bit you know our stuff we get to your phone calls on the offense the defense Brady's reaction. Last night is the organization cheap and I see it call -- calls now that's gonna stated. Question for -- easy. We got any questions for our producer on the show what what what world that we travelled in to -- that's the comment says. On my call screener would get to that and everything else next.

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