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Trags and Price recap the Patriots win over the Jets in Week 2

Sep 13, 2013|

WEEI.com's Mike Petraglia and Christopher Price recap the New England Patriots' win over the New York Jets in Week 2. The guys discuss the offensive struggles for the Pats and the development of their defense.

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Here -- very soggy Gillette Stadium in the press box this time following any patriots survival of the fittest thirteen to ten over the New York Jets. On Thursday night football Mike petroleum -- it's always by patriots expert columnist Christopher price. Chris that was not pretty whatsoever. We knew coming in the patriots were probably gonna have trouble moving the ball just because of all the weapons. That we're not at their disposal Shane Vereen injured he'll be out -- -- Amendola could be out two to six maybe even seven or eight weeks. Who knows with a growing possibly a sports hernia problems so. Where did the patriots go now from looking for offense. -- together -- -- you hope listening to get to a bubble Governor Palin or for lack of better term I think you're looking at a situation where you're going to need. Really good performances out of somebody younger guys some of the rookies you're gonna need more from Kimbrel content you're gonna need more rare Dobson. You're gonna be more from -- -- felt we did not see today he's been hobbled a little bit by a hamstring problem also gonna need to see. Great performances from the defense that the defense is really in a lot of ways bailed him out over these last couple weeks the defense has only allowed. Three touchdowns to this point this season three quarters which is very very good enough to kind of take that with a little bit of a -- -- -- -- to rookie quarterbacks in the same time. Fortunately journalistic work to keep to leave off on their bettered the secondary is a hole. I thought played very very well so they're going to need to get some guys the offensive side of the ball some of the younger guys to step up you're gonna need. A continued high level of play the deep -- terrible blow. We did see the first career touchdown for one Aaron Dobson the rookie it was a beautiful -- -- and play action fake down the right sideline. On the very first drive however. The patriots have rookie did have again some rookie learning mistakes tonight as did Ken -- Tompkins they are not right now on the same page with Tom Brady. Detriment that that's Korea and at this point you're you're looking -- two guys who are a little bit tentative in the roots are painted in its just. There's still committed to their -- -- think this is all part of the growing pains that we talked about several times over the course of the summer they've -- very well at times. But at times to play like rookies we've seen that we saw him play like rookies on several occasions that it. With drops with this approach would bad communication so that's on the quarterback and that needs to be that needs be addressed your portrait that some of that on the quarterback not all of -- -- public. Cornerback but he did it to work in progress again go back that's a work in progress. If they think those guys need to step up but the need to get on the -- -- for the quarterback at this point if Rob Gronkowski comes back week three how much of a difference does -- make -- it's huge it really -- its future we -- the kind of guy who can affect an offense in a number of different ways. Even if he's not a 100% I don't know it would be interesting to see. If there's going to be more a sense of urgency to how about a week three as opposed to you know -- letting abreast from week three kind of warn you holding off until week for a believe the falcons are weak for. If there's a feeling that they can get past it they have I think it's ten days ago between this game would the next game. That's a lot of time forgot to heal up I I would practice caution when it comes to Gradkowski but. To but he offered to perform through sultanate media need to get back out there should -- -- Player in the game I think it pretty much obvious to anybody who watched a game was number eleven Julian element. Not because he had thirteen catches on seventy an eighteen targets for 78 yards. But because everybody and their brother knew coming into the game that the offense was going to be on his shoulders. And that Tom Brady would be looking his way. He came up big time he said after the game you know I don't look at is any other. You know look at it any differently because I was the go to guy Tom was call my number a lot I tried to get open apartment it was that simple about you. You with a guy who got open on a consistent basis due to guide me please you -- who pitching to use a guy who clearly has the trust of Tom Brady. But it's very interesting we talked about the offensive. Impotence that the patriots displayed at times to -- last time at least in my memory that they played out orally offered was the second week of the two thousand nineties. Guess who the leading receiver on that he was second because the 2009 season. Rookie Julian battled so it all comes back around all circular -- I think it was interesting to see him at the top the stat -- than anything of interest to see him at the top the -- back in 2009 at the same time. He clearly has a -- -- Brady we talked about that after the first game that did some of those younger receivers just don't have that takes time to build up. It's clearly there we Brady and have opened in its lacking in others. On the defensive side of the ball -- something that really stood out to me was early in the second quarter Bill Belichick goes over the over to the defense of line as -- want to do. During many games. And has lived in a heart to heart with the defense of line and after that they played like a defense of line possessed namely as you pointed out after the game. Chandler Jones moves inside they also got some production out of Michael Buchanan both of them met at Tino Smith a couple of times during the game. They did at photos very impressed about it I'd love to move. Jones today at defensive tackles but would kick him into that right defensive tackles but we bring you -- and others indicated. There have very good job. In limited action -- in the an action tonight at that defensive end spot I think there's real value and having him there I don't know what can push it a little bit but for ten to fifteen snaps again was this which we shall pass rusher. I think he's an excellent option if you work very well with Jones when he was kicked inside. To read some stunts they were duplicate the quarterback and -- -- I think there were very very well together. Adding that the kind of were gonna see more of gold for we talked to the Lockerby after the -- interest in lead up that was some distance of the first time he's ever played -- to tackle. -- -- high -- level so it's going to be interesting to see his evolution in his growth at that spot by the -- as he worked the room. One thing the secondary did. Chris namely -- to -- was forced turnovers. Against geno Smith geno Smith showed he was a rookie in that fourth quarter. Had the jets marching to the patriots 27 yard line. Scrambles out of the pocket looked like he had some green -- in front of -- throws across his body for Clyde gates. And it was a pass breakup Aqib Talib Johnny on the spot with a -- of two. Fourth quarter interceptions how do you think to -- in the. Secondary did I think he did very well I think you're looking for areas of optimism -- patriots fan I think the defense the -- played very well. And I think the secondary particular play well you're looking -- guys -- off funds are better -- into the had a very good couple weeks to start this season I think he's a guy who definitely deserves mention. To -- we had to pass breakups a forced fumble into interceptions. I think it goes the other stats though that they're really doing their job and get you have to take all of this with a bit of green missile because the -- to rookie quarterbacks but it -- time. You know the teams -- face to the teams -- faced in -- you have to give them credit for good performance Easter you distribute trusting BC. Howdy do down the road you'd be -- or five teams in the if they are to be -- -- you know it that the players up top or are excellent but the depth is a little bit suspect right now this group this group of reverberate well. Well in the end it was a mess it was it would have been a quagmire had there been grass not turf. On the field but in the end it was a very important win most of all for the patriots they start off to an overall obviously to know in the division. They beat the New York Jets thirteen to ten here on Thursday night football excellence stadium. Crist reprise some Mike -- rally at WEEI dot com.

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