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Uglier than the Pats win

Sep 13, 2013|

The guys took yakoff submissions on things uglier than the Pats performance last night.

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The famous obviously today. Awful grizzly grotesque hideous horror it to and then threw up in my -- -- Unseemly and slightly appalling bad looking beastly deformed disfigured -- frightful hard featured only -- -- misshapen monstrous much to look at. Repelling repugnant repulsive and revolting. -- -- -- Disfigured this Fisher again next bigger applause. That that was in I was wondering while watching. Courts in like outside -- knowingly in New York watching this and what are they thinking. Mean I guess she could be gambler and have money on you may feel watching. Rooting interest in this send -- we hate Brady and Belichick and you watching them just on its football there would go watch the numbers of agree. Great Red Sox stimulus around here to -- Article three plays all the dragged out -- a way nations I mean it was it was you had to for sure so you will yourself. The statement got -- military member of the three of us are thinking let's get this game over it fast is humanly possible every so was -- American bred netstat for. -- did or didn't date so broadcast at 630%. Clock yes. So it's not so bad point as the eleventh there. Are on the ugly theme Gerri on his Twitter account weeded out the ugly just animal in the world. I just re tweeted I should give credit where credit is due rom. -- 32 on my Twitter account -- John Dennis WEEI. -- Boston. We get out the picture of -- I think the ugly -- athlete. In history this guy makes which you agree Randy Johnson look like George Clooney. Is it is dotted mossy. And he was up mentally picture of -- out off from 54 to 65. Career earned run average of 34301. Wins fifty saves played for the Indians the tigers the White Sox -- the Kansas City athletics. All of me on Twitter check it out it's a re tweet of hidden Boston dot -- and you tell me if you've ever seen any athlete in any sport. Uglier. Then this guy you think she's the keys and look at than Diana and I and all. Absolutely I have trouble you guys are girls there may be a whole -- -- no else makes you different standard what would never do that. -- you know that means. From a big -- you know he still -- you know is yes follow us on story. So his family could be listening sorry moss he's he's from California the probably not up yet on the probably look like him so that. They don't -- -- don't talk a little like -- brought a golf coach doesn't notice somebody said Trump's hair would qualify as one of the ugliest things they're pursuing. And up Miley Cyrus is outfit at the -- may never got a pretty ought to Chris Bosh is it some last Texas -- -- gorgeous compare to go through geno Smith. It only looks like. He looks like beetlejuice and we'll resolutely if there's got you know a better version after version yelling escalated the bill juices normal right -- brother Greg -- are gone and kept right -- that you've got an -- you -- -- off. Yeah -- we didn't -- civic record response WEEI live app click on the open Mike and tell -- and ten seconds or less. Something more. The last night's game. I Rory gets national scope. Last night as watch the game and I thought the game was ugly. And then -- side dirty Sanchez that stupid correctness there notable -- And ugliest pretty in my opinion he looks to European soccer share to -- It's -- to see him warming up lefty. Unbelievable he was on the field throne warm ups lefty. Any pros are better left handed past and Tim Tebow -- you think he says he's going to rehab the shoulder. And not -- to surgery right away. I would do just the opposite when you get it done yeah it over with because he's going to have to happen at some point and he's gonna play for someone else Iraqi here so called law last year. You know the quarterback anyway. Get rehab get strong get better and the only one happier than you know Bill Belichick with genome Smith meltdown in the fourth quarter was Mark Sanchez and Rex he would Abidjan. One thing you think -- -- now the money is I think Mark Sanchez wants. To happen what happened last yeah you know Smith suggests. He wants jet fans to miss him yes right yes. When I was younger I walked into my mom and stepfather having sex. In the bedspread was really all -- infant in the what's uglier than last night's patriots jets game. Kevin winters WEB I career on the grass -- that's not canceled he's very big. Mean a hand in his bathroom with a laptop that's at all. I can tell you right now that's not true to mind or off very sexy optic pressure -- the you just breakfast -- -- all of our strength. And hence future sister in laws learning man Adam old 8% in the marriage won't last. Jesus really taught that it's not true not true very excellent. Every dude that -- meets on the dating. Every that's not true we saw one of them cattlemen -- I was a the woman catwoman is she well I can't officially confirm preachers it was a woman dudes aren't that crazy about cats. -- like about speech he knows what he likes you know we spent. They're just trying to simple to play -- I know she was an. Because her hands were as big as Andre the -- And she had an Adam's apple is feasible and. Thank you we're. Not a happy and you're in a meeting Europe and the meeting with the -- the new boss yell and he was yet in your brain and finding -- you know which. Which one of us that you'd like to get rid of the motion was only two yeah yeah. The one who -- -- notably in the golden boys here he gets permanent. One of us. Not long for the world well who -- Yeah and I think my talked him I think at the feeling either want view. Ma -- of the new political poster giving a -- Brad beau Brad follow rotating. Well I thought I pitched I don't think you can really put a pitch and ideally and a host to -- me for example I'm just for an example every day. It's it's dumb policy at every game bringing two different guys. Which -- -- ideas for four -- we -- she -- the -- so that's like community auditions and -- -- -- -- name would you call that I was thinking you know like large large program arts program not not that big show I know something we're -- -- yet you have two different guys -- writers of our athletes or whatever may be a guy. A different guy before him you have to work on the -- not unless you'd catch that the fault line could call and leave messages. -- in line. Ambitious and all of let me do that is the most. Important life on the line to go -- don't online content to -- the benefit that. Anyways -- so I'm you're in the meeting with them. The boss here in the sock -- -- -- wouldn't be would you went in and you know and I institute where in the he's way to deal as -- go next -- just looking at a why exactly -- like he'd better knock a one minute was -- -- parity was -- OK and I got. I I was at the last choice of slots to meet with the Boston it was a bunch of slots. And you guys all got to pick first I got to pick last I think that for attachments thereto and so I'm stuck at like 430 next Tuesday and I don't want that I say stitching and knows that she's. A man of meager means meager mean it's yes thank you is that what will it take what we get to switch -- yeah sort of the Tenet and slightly. Three dollars and an optic and I don't think we can save my first choice on the air warm meal yeah I don't I didn't hear any of the request. In the Rama noodles which I'm gonna bring you those two but. Is that what he want he uses. Bottle black velvet. And Dana as there's not just from lack bullish in the eighties and -- much better as aspirin could you know single malt Scotch in -- that I don't want. -- -- like Bombay sapphire. Music -- that it is I don't want it. And and then I'm saying you want like some food or some clothing. You know -- -- what would you have given him and what we willing to probably would have gone up fifty bucks for some -- you do not drive a hard enough market and it's a deal is giving -- ideas -- -- for the single what is the enemy in the news you can as the I don't even know what it is right. Wolf we're gonna go that is specialized for three bottles of social black belt but well you know that's how it works that you don't really advanced I know it's a game it's a dance but. But he didn't even ask for help first said you can have it whatever you wanna give me because I offered him. Some wounds from -- -- spam and I thought at some Italy that's that that would be ideal state children's father is not a wind. Rise -- You should consult with me because it's Friday and jury wants to get out of here and he knew it was going to be exhausted and wants to go home and take a nap sleep bargaining power leverage was absolutely through the roof you know you -- started this. Cable does have eight I know we we should just thought too complicated I wanted to bring in -- and give it to. I appreciated but sixty in my front did you get the 280 remain to hate him so they don't want -- asked electric gift certificate to a restaurant 99 awarded on the Reagan. And you know what I'd this is the God's honest truth after I got him I went to in my opinion he's in gonna miss black velvet yeah. I went to target as he said that's revises clothes and I walked through the clothing -- is -- it's totally fine I have got some -- there. At Harding abrupt close aren't gonna go there like groceries -- the on the of books that you know it's funny -- but it usually about clue what you -- run insurance there. They have done at that stage echo what did you hear that now deaths that just got 5000 term -- -- million for -- -- denied entry actually it's psychoanalyst comes from I was looking like T shirts and like summer. But he was -- and summer right next time the next time you give me something -- get to -- close at Hart are among medium he's like go to model yet he's and I see my -- -- my community and say. What is black velvet whiskey. And I ago like cheap and it's not achieved by the way when it's such aback when he box anybody's ball -- -- It. Which doesn't my idyllic view grandfathers and asked him and I said maybe that is viola blended Canadian -- the best part about it. Plastic plastic. Class class all by singles I say the -- -- -- -- -- places just old people's whiskey. If you make high balls Bible and I laughed to herself -- High ball you probably too young man. The Bible and somebody referred to your guard. Right what is the cherry the mud -- each -- something on the bearish she that's right. And the hi all. Is not within you know within. These kind of mixer like he could be -- -- is 7UP. It's like -- balls were big we drinks I can derail him. Oh apple sell it got mrs. Robinson's husband was drinking gradually -- right but here's the thing several -- movement that was American or in in the great gas all you can. Martinis in the capture but she and Martina is like drinking. And it's funny that. I'm like Q I'm -- -- -- normal person on that with the most again office. And -- doesn't care I just want Lego. Britain has big plastic blow. That -- and and -- awesome that would get me through the weekend. I stopped if they go produce humble boys did you bring the bottle back in -- and is -- talked. Over the weekend. -- -- I mean -- into the bills on Sunday. Going on that's going to one point says it is hurt the quality can be. -- -- said the whiskey. He's only 26 total one point 75 leaders of -- Going to be nights. It might be an advertiser who died in music blended Canadian -- if they're not I'm open to. On the stroke. Does that -- Maybe it's it's normal but this is iPods -- -- -- guys who lived in the blocks under the bridge so he's not just like -- I'm going to step away from that the old folks who you know -- eyeballs retired eighty years old high -- for -- before dinner. This is what they drank black velvet and this is delegates to achieve with the weekend. -- maybe it depends on if you give me the show and on -- -- you do half at this tonight. And then after the Saturday now. Sunday morning anyway. It never gives me hangover it doesn't now. You feel fine print I am. I a bottle of Jack Daniels like honey roasted some weird it was a winter Jack -- -- -- -- and he he I give a -- front in that night. He said via text that's a picture but empty bought a thanks and good night at night at 830 but you drink Sunday to right. During the game -- yes this is three calls. This ship three settings one point 75 -- right I mean who blended Canadian -- The best with a mix with some of that you drank it straight edge I drink it straight most of the time one mixers injury he stumbled on. Rocks or a straight up on the -- stumbling to -- rules and Canadian -- can only to us. I'm awful and the last beard and -- you drank Labatt blue now we have the Florida. Sarah Sarah -- it bottled in New York. We have heard and enhance -- acts so hyper -- I didn't get it if -- I was gonna say -- and arrogance are. I do look -- against that some ill at work past the season that. And this is this just blended Kenny and Wisconsin's electorate that Richard weasel -- alcohol and unfairness. Elected Houston Texans correct. I -- entering your bat boy at New Hampshire what's. Hey guys you know institute Eric Berry has black velvet as a class the old school. Piece in which he. Yeah kind of from time to time but really more of achievements and in my. -- -- It's pitch he's not general has signaled no I don't these great upper Texas now know. Well and you know that that's where part of what goes on pretentious people. However there is. An agent of pretentious -- In our -- obviously -- many and is in the studio once again I got a symbol -- frustrated because. You are planning on having a really nice weekend was planning -- going to York Maine with this airplane going to the beach housing get time unfortunately. Those plans are going to be have to be changed because. Didn't handle it decided to take his corruption. Into miracle aspect in it decided to -- to gain. And apple dropped the -- since the barbarity. I will be will be well past York -- flying right over that the minute hand -- so you don't don't don't worry about New York's that the yes story -- we available now we're flying over the -- approval -- the place. Thought I was gonna say if you're gonna drive through New Hampshire stay -- -- the backhand. -- -- -- -- -- It -- lunch money we've been advertised if a call before Manhattan to a now I don't think so you don't even know I am thank god. What we don't even know him each -- out of the blue guy he's he's he's a fan is at your song he likes you guys. So -- you'd love future as remarkably notable and ugly as last night's patriot game one is something happened after the game -- just shocked. The hell lot. Never saw this comment will tell you what it is in fact will play at --

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