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Another ugly win by the Pats

Sep 13, 2013|

John, Gerry and Kirk opened the show discussing an ugly win by the Pats. Brady is rightfully pissed.

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It's Dennis and Callahan. We'll let me. Okay -- better go. Right now -- John Dennis and had -- live with a catchy little flight carried quick slant. Brady hooked up with a little bit Brady looking rattled when he got his eleventh had tonight Dugard. Colorful car in traffic really did a great -- Are there. Gerry Callahan. This is good for one's season -- reported. -- -- We have a long way to go so you know from the rescuers say there. -- -- On Sports Radio WB. No matter how hard he tries to the funds could never say the following sentence I was. Wrong. No matter how hard he tried -- secrets could not to the word work. And I've tried to form the words for this particular sentence but I just can't get them out of my mouth -- The patriots are two and help you can't actually reading. More than that off. What to do outlook RM I'll do that and I played that role -- can't be beat though it can't be Gerry Callahan because that would be dishonest so -- we. I'll play a role paid just to be a mask like that you want -- -- And when you think of who's mask I -- are you mask yeah give me wrote -- assault assault UMass you are and I'll be that guy it that's out. Just call me excited about it call me Fred McBride LB Fred the reverend McBride and I'll -- my name -- Fred McBride it's -- big pats fans I went to the game I stuck it out ugly so those wimps. Who left when the rain started. They got a fair weather fans. Real fans. Real fans most of the game. I had my Bruschi Jersey yeah you think I had missed the -- Bruschi got inducted into. One of elegant inducted into the -- nothing. I -- Red blazer on top of my procedures. That are a little tolerance of course the most of course at anyway all face -- -- all this got a little altered face you know let's our vision that's he's been on the -- I'm Fred or different Fred not Jerry. I've read McBride and I am a die hard patriots fan in Belichick we tell the red shirt is that to the last two policy no I don't -- I would OK you can look camera and Belichick we trust and -- the keynote. This work in progress but he. In -- process. -- what how much better can they begin to. Answer that. It too well vision wins where to buy the receivers receipt that you and they're learning. I mean -- it's only 25 credit. Pretty they had more on its first down so that -- looked good evening I'm I don't know about the dot you know we're about get rid of -- you'd love Masco. About the state scored 36 points in games deal. What do you want to know how much credit and they beat you and it's that question to -- one got the two weeks and you want to be three now is that what you want -- -- -- wanted to win the Super -- September it is not possible Freddie is the best rate could be well -- -- like he was -- that division he demands a lot from his receivers and you know what that's good his receivers -- young. But the -- the young yeah. The green they're learning. And their hands are made of -- got to get better every week in Iraq and get -- these guys are beyond inflexible they've -- evidently -- -- given -- playbook. They have -- -- just ready to Jake's ready it was -- -- and I -- -- it was a first time since 2009. Brady had a completion rate less than fifty -- you know what you know it's a work in -- -- -- -- that progress a work of its early. It was a short wake. You know that. It's always wait while we forget that forget just about the patriots jets want to talk about the jets ahead. That's their competition division teams stocks. Worse than any team I've ever seen them back quarterback -- -- that he Jim would have his name's Tina -- equipment we have Tom Brady not -- operating Tom Brady -- in these young pops along you watch week eight week and we twelve. -- to -- you guys all we regret in his bashing. A Bill Belichick and question Bill Belichick. Can you question -- -- Brady's questioning Bill Belichick this morning of course not. Built I mean you think Tom -- is questioning personnel people are questioning beat the the allowance -- of Wes Welker to go west. And and putting no way to know Yemen does Welker is old he's old that they hate them. You know what. To do to get her peninsula to frame it -- just picked that week off Emma Goldman back ready for the fans right how about this there are reports from the field network. And he'll be back for six weeks. After I'm fine with that you know what that gives the other receivers time to come along you know like and it'll be -- buckled to the breaking route for the post you'll -- back -- and it's 27 he's more athletic have you heard that yes faster bigger stronger tougher. Then didn't Welker he's he's going to be fine I can't believe you guys it's spreading. Criticizing Bill Belichick guy who won -- -- -- of five. They signed that extension. -- agreed to and yet she put PC for life will be too long after Brady's gone because he's the best he's brilliant. These two were no divisions of first place teams are too and right now while it's real. -- your first place in the hunger and nobody has a better question at a number one and empowering of course are they not be the only two -- a team and you guys and not -- Believed and I feel like going home go back the bad it's just it's just unbelievable that scene was that I agree. Great you know it's a bad sign -- the game took longer to play. That we were allowed to sleep -- genomics and a few more regardless I feel yeah four yeah quickly. That -- cut off the Eagles kind of game you know I mean it was just -- the ordinary at -- front early trade. So open that that the brawl -- long public would be like the end. And the rest just run off the field yes guys you guys have that done that Rex comes across the field ex swing. Belichick on those guys gone those last tournaments important in that album angle to use this. I think to -- deserved. Jerry Kelly and thanks -- a ride thinks that Talib. Was perfectly within his rights and angles cheap shot. -- -- Deserved to get it there he was in its Q just on comic on about the only problem again is. Now -- and -- answer is yes that's excellent. For the Richard -- -- -- leader -- and you get so it's what happens when you don't sleep -- little millions. Personality that America suitable -- that's that's stupid to do you think it's over the silence talk about it. He was I wasn't the only time off the -- he was -- you don't have to just get out of -- game -- and it adds some class take on his knee problem he gave us the longer considered less than 30 seconds am pretty sure that I -- Smith with fraud of a and one of -- I at halftime I said an -- because agreed not. Such -- Smith looks pretty good and by the end of the game. Worse for a quarterback of the cinema like he just. Open debate stand in the pocket waiting he only did he waited to walls receives congress and with the impact. That if you get three interceptions before it got to concentrate your efforts that fourth got a really -- three interceptions in the. Yeah. I don't like keep operating McBride stuff. I don't have to raise them again later today will be beyond that it's gonna be hard what to open is gonna be hard for the next ten days to BA fan -- too big a Belichick. I don't know if I'm Jerry Ford now maturing keep it up and I'll do you think he can. You always get the interest of my question you'll get this what was the most amazing thing you saw on television last night. That's that it doesn't necessarily shouldn't that the most amazing thing to patriots you saw on television what's not to be another woman on -- -- commercial. Now out on I don't know I just notice -- -- -- -- the selfless commercial that Asians who want shoot. In the slip in those then finally I found no impediment to -- you guys see that -- enough I'd usually foot drive through watched and there was any ideas. Other such lost. Most amazing thing and how are they patriots or -- paper comes. In the post game press conferences. Brady was pissed off -- would be. Rex was more rose. And mr. happy -- -- mister happy was in the post game guy the guy on the David did. Big fist pump wave into the crowd that's not always sell it like this. -- -- A bit like last week property book. You know what's against the Pope -- -- -- need to make in the fourth quarter. You know conditions were were great out there in the second half. -- did their job taking terrible we have last week those those keys you know that's awful defense that's field position kicking game so. Always room for improvement. Could be to an interview Tuesday -- and -- -- break here. Thank you written. -- -- team fought hard today and that was good to see them. Freddie -- that bad McBride a belt object. -- The old steel Parcells strike them -- -- sit down you go politics 2007 when they -- in 86 before. Plus is that -- it -- as he knows it's going to be ten days criticism in the content and these games to division I don't -- it out of my team by the way that. They now have ten days off and they play the team that lost to that jet -- The schedule maker -- dilemma that they've really kind to them -- know it it's tough. Like Freddie said by then they'll be jail these young -- will be zig when this posts zig zag when is most is that. It is right now I'm I don't wanna like as as Jerry Kelly and Donald low here but right now have received more evidence. That they -- that that not to bring to justice that the thrown these young guys how to hold and that this offense is hanging by death rates just pathetic. I mean I understand that Belichick didn't like Wes -- and -- stated personal problems with them. That's his right and the stand and -- if healthy is a more than adequate replacement. If healthy parts kind of an issue. Six weeks. He may miss as what did you treatment and by the in the September. More games regular season games and then well Janus is in his ordered him yet patriots in regular season. He missed four games while the patriots -- just three -- three years. Com just want this guy's gonna miss three by the end of September of that -- for -- -- three people in the NFL network is correct in their -- -- six weeks I need to notice it last -- -- -- one or six or after this by the last comment because -- that game and that he was in treatment that six is the number October 20 -- The New York Jets. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You don't drop that the -- I said. Dobbs was doll I've asked us to talk about -- talk about the other week what right a little bit of work in progress pressing. That's been Dotson you'll ethos Dobson was the new guy coming in who was hurt coming in to save the day -- -- athletic performance. Any sport and any time ever seen him that. I asked Michael JR Smith. -- -- it got me in the second half yet in the fourth quarter fourth quarter. Let's say the only thing that it was as bad as it -- was the jets receive adequate to -- receiving reports. And I can't do this maybe you know Mike -- could do ranking the receiving cores from each team won the 32. I'm gonna say -- Actually pretend it did penitence and did this last night went over every team patriots a 27. Best receiving -- -- between -- seem more like 331. Half I don't know -- -- just read McBride. Aaron with a patriots -- So position -- made tight ends. -- to throw these guys they really can't expect -- -- hurt to me what evidence was there that he might get hurt your question how many times did. Com target -- -- atlas. It's easier -- -- what do you think now ready. Correct not write non titans have won attached to ask a guy named Mulligan right -- it's. -- -- -- -- -- Matt and it Frederick rides take on this they are told to the improvement right that's -- work progress they are improving wall or on they want on game one. I believe Brady targeted the rookies seventeen time he completed four I believe lastly targeted and seventeen times and completed five. So there you go all ask for they go Gerri it's where if there's one step at a time they've won two games to division games their first place this record in the NF -- yeah. I don't know why everyone's going to be -- and today because there. They've done all you can ask -- does for our department -- -- -- Hernandez in the but the prize waiting for -- innocent until proven guilty I'm waiting I'm not jumping to conclusions like you guys. Like I mean I'm waiting on a -- deal -- wait to see his injury prone I'm waiting. On on Dobson -- learns the place I'm waiting on Tompkins. -- Is older than gronkowski I believe right. -- Shouldn't even though. Like the basics I don't think -- -- the basics that was a basic adjustment. When Brady was not yes -- was basic adjustment if you ever seen Brady merely that -- game. Consistently consistently BC's equipment and many moves on this was a sustained. Just off the case and by the way when he was pissed that like a veteran. Just your name is and Donte' Stallworth and -- Chicago that's not nearly as. Notable is being missed that a rookie yes as the -- could have some sympathy I think he does what they've pushed it yes it -- used it up. -- in two weeks it's gone and the only item on a big long leash right. And now it's that they they are so bad ants in in so out of sync even treaties and I have can pump that much patience you're asking too much of -- parent drops and and the and then again embroiled Tompkins I mean -- -- -- -- in the earlier this week we discussed the various levels of Tom Brady's discipline. Discipline in terms of nutrition discipline terms work out just in terms of how he plays the position. And that we -- and the discipline to get up at the podium or to join us on Monday morning and talk with -- and not throw anybody under the bus. That discipline went out the window on the field and my guess at the heat of the moment national that even Tom Brady. As disciplined as he going past -- breaking point and let's go on this well and he knows were all watching Curtis -- knows. That these are rookies and he knows that supposed to be patient and he still can't. Keep it under control it. Obviously everybody was you know when you don't excuse the way that you're capable. -- Just have to keep playing. He was some. Truncated. Short brief Hurst -- the case. -- only with -- -- I don't know what that means casualties well that was -- a lot of rain data loves that word and I never known of me is -- these personal case just listening Christopher Guest for. Then but gas was in the -- most guys just hashing out acts just yeah. Easy -- that. I've been aboard and five -- couple's greatest coach ever ever. -- city's the greatest GM ever. No I mean if he wants to do both jobs that's fine. But we have to separate the two and place one more over here and say -- damn good coach. Is -- great GM. Two great idea oh well one now he's been a very good general manager for the wife of his. Used the patriots will also -- and I ask you what 2002 Zeller added I am I -- October 2013. Now we live in the now open in the months in the moment we living in this moment right. And why it's a first simple question -- simple question why did he. Think that it was a good idea. To surround the greatest quarterback in my opinion in NFL history. With the -- rookies. And when I talked and Russia's Bryant rookies -- Byron Irving Fryer rookies -- all of us. I'll be Freddie McBride who is looking at the big picture he's looking at at out Thursday September 12. He was looking at Sunday September 8 he was looking at. The rest of this year and next year and the year after that we'll let us with a quarterback who's thirty C I think the yes oh what's -- -- at least fifteen usually don't you got fourteen more years I -- that's true for these people these wackos who think that Belichick and Kraft -- known something but Hernandez. Is that Belichick has these receivers yes he started -- -- -- was going to be up here and Marcos to be here he put -- dole at those guys and you figure may be Dobson. Or Hopkins pans out that's not so bad but we go over this all the time. You know you'd and you get injured a lot -- -- state injured it's true injured again -- it handles gonna get injured -- by the -- -- was adamant element is at half past -- for Kent State and it is a tough tough guy that the Tom Brady on national TV on prime prime time this is like today Joseph Montana today. His prime is all target is only target is a seventh round a couple of -- Quarterback at Kent State -- victim who is by no means a a a Pro Bowl quality Pro Bowl caliber receiver that's it. Other than that it's rookies. Undrafted rookies. Or or low around mid round rookies. And guys have been in trouble a lot of guys -- Mulligan yeah I mean Christian out without Julian Edelman who we thought was maybe can be caught in the pre season and the patent to be going to right now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah it's time is no way to win that game that -- her as a person point out of -- not here there -- to -- He's not here. -- was like an announcement that the patriots would be randomly beaten with the jaguars 3132 games on the 214 degree at thirteen if if Todd had the mental approach that Randy Moss has. Had there with animal he just walked off the field -- -- run set and a look at I don't -- to -- Gillick and and I -- Jersey often throw in the stands. But what Brady have said if you were -- Steffi. If he got a little -- allotted in the media I suppose gaming titles source soreness and he said we -- importance that a given Michael parks in the games and a lot via. And stepped to the -- It says and I'm sick this. Little sick of this we all agree that he is putting -- -- -- -- that he doesn't really think this is a good Garcia saw during the day I mean that's that's that's straight boy that's that's what -- it more honest and I understand music company and he loves Belichick he's never gonna step. Speak at a school on about his coaches and in his organization. Well what he -- and quiet moments some. What does he say that what what he took result ride home. Back in. East east spanky sandwich sheets and I can't catch you can't throw it to you he was exactly right she is -- and this is honestly it's not a knock on ago like it or even a -- like -- he's undrafted. 25 year old rift there. What the like seventeen colleges got arrested a hundred times before he turned eighteen -- mean that's that's not supposed to be. Tom Brady's top target Belichick and that's okay. And in this is when the fan boy is hello I'm pick in the you have trouble the sweetness and when they say what you want in this time. Did you want him to bring in here what's I've asked you that you've got you I imagine that some might as well I I've. -- well how could get help but I've given you a dozen names I just ask list I'd I don't sounds dumb. Really does but the first two games there in mr. Welker that much. Really mean embolism last I am a gold was Welker weak ones that missed analyst at thirteen catches settlement would they have still welcome here while we're at thirteen -- would -- seven. But you have to receive is -- one don't they missed the tight ends but they missed right now I mean -- again mr. Walker's a year goes on but they missed these two titans like crazy break it up throw recession fears we. To a tight -- last thing for the first time since 2009. Yeah targeted tight and once. As a gadget -- that I haven't decided -- -- that's ever happened because protection 151617. Passes a game you know last year for 150 yards and three touchdowns. 6177. -- 7937 text line 37937. Venerable Boston Globe joins us in the 8 o'clock -- -- thousand dollars in the 9 o'clock hour. When we come back will the full lines and talk review. And at some office. Met with the boss yesterday ride them shorts shorts and tops it all goes well that -- dosage you put -- good word from. All yeah. Yeah yeah we have no idea why did we have a good word for it again anyone else wants to be here on three hours' sleep report.

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