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Previewing Jets @ Patriots with NFL Network analyst Rich Eisen

Sep 12, 2013|

We talk with Rich Eisen, who along with a cast of thousands, will be manning the booth live at Foxboro this evening as the Jets come to town to take on the wounded Patriots and Tom Brady.

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Man. And it's. That's OK okay. The other side it was fantasy for a -- to. -- -- I thought it was -- it will before hunter peppered her with my math. Since we are -- heat today I was expecting country knowing that I know nothing about. That makes sense rich Eisen is what -- the NFL network host of NFL game day morning every Sunday at 9 AM -- of course the game tonight is on NFL network. -- -- I'm sorry you were doing well what you excited for this and you know NFL network game patriots jets rivalry game but two teams with a whole lot of question X. It's our agencies and doing Thursday night football kicks off tonight's second -- that's thirteen games. We've survived this game on Thursday night football before. The year that Matt Cassel found Randy Moss at the end of regulation to force overtime against. Brett Favre and Eric Mangini jets. Soul. Clearly. Things have changed mostly for both teams. Since then we will be Brady's first Thursday night appearance I believe since. Since that week seventeen game in the old. Giants Stadium where they completed be perfect regular season. So alarm -- really get Brady back on NFL network we get the ball around and and obviously the jets or team met dome that a lot of people are interest students because of of what's going on with their quarterbacks and -- don't bomb many people think it. It's a rubber -- type situation you never know what's gonna happen with this team and so there's lots of lots of interesting. Aspects of tonight's game and I'm I'm looking forward to -- put on NFL network. -- New York City on on Tom Warner cable and Cablevision which did not how Boston is. Yourself there's a lot of good stuff going on for the network and in this game one of them Gina Smith. You don't want I'd I'd. I like. What I see out of him I mean I've never met him personally. From the he's definitely a guy that has. You know an intriguing aspect his game I've no idea if it's NFL ready. And certainly on a short week against the coached at least. On tormenting. Rookie quarterbacks it should be an interesting assignment for him. It's just a little Woolsey I mean that's if that's definitely will -- situation and jets are clearly gonna. Throw him out there as much as -- -- to -- if he is the guy or station dip back into the draft pool next may. For their. Future quarterback. They are not asking you -- that had to name names but at NFL network. He come across a lot of people -- some strong personalities guys who played the game guys who have coached. In football wondering. Based on what you have heard from some your colleagues. What do you think the the consensus is on Rex Ryan as a coach necessarily its future as a coach -- Just its chops as a coach you think he is why -- respected as easy as one of the top coaches of football. I think he's respected as one of the top defensive minded football the question is as they head coach. Does we have to be ability to lead a team. To the Super Bowl in all phases. The first two years from everything was working out -- roster wise and salary cap wise and certainly his. Cult of personality puts the jets on on a different plane based on who his predecessors were. And it was all working out but when the -- started squeezing the roster and making them play a different game and having to manage to quarterback better than just don't make a mistake. You know and then Rex saying things like but he he didn't see what happened in the first preceding game with sanctions -- geno Smith as he was too worried about the defensive side of the ball. Makes people wonder. If he can be coach of every single facet of eighteen. They AA head coach but then you always TVs these players. -- spill their guts out for this guy. And after all that happened in July and August with this team. They won last week or you could say well they needed a bonehead play by LaMont they gave it to push them over the top well the fact that there were clothes and off for that to mean something. I think it means something soul. The first surety defensive mind and we have seen it. -- coaches -- off against the patriots in this building in games far more crucial than just a week to regular season contest. He has definitely some bona fide. This year will definitely be as -- -- coaching them come. I guess -- road to hold without question. In Richmond we talk and immediately is retailers are talking football our mind goes to quarterback you bring a Brady I bring a geno Smith. It it the game has become so focused on them I would imagine in the shows that you do I wonder what percentage you spend talking specifically about quarterbacks. With all the guys sell all the ex players a year round -- I bet it's what 6575%. Of the time you're talking about quarter -- Want to court record and league if you don't have one you don't have a chance to win -- mean even Warren -- our our most recent hall of Famer. On staffs. Says defense doesn't win championships defense gives you a chance your offense went to the championship. So if you don't have a quarterback you have a team you're a player got a chance. You're on the clock essentially. So what do you make that we keep talking about his Brady when you have they would if their quarterbacks -- receivers right so you got a quarterback he got a Tom Brady a guy who who was as good as anyone who's ever played maybe the best ever he's in the conversation case in the top five saying. And and that window only has so many years left what do you make of what has now surrounding him in terms of the patriots off. What wanted to topics we're gonna talk about tonight in our our pregame show from 68 men are pretty cute show for me to kick off. The topic is one of the properties will poverty when that were brought championship. And I would you know said in the meeting that amuses. A ridiculous question because nobody knows obviously but of course -- -- of course. I mean he can and will he I mean nobody really knows. I would definitely body would have had another one between his last one in and today and it futuristic chances at them we've we've. You know in the championship game. He's one of the all time greats and and tonight short will be him with a bunch of guys with name tags. As long as he's Albright and he's twelve Tom African Brady. You've got a better chance than virtually anybody in this league especially with an offensive coordinator electric Daniels and a coach like telecheck. Put missile together throughout the week in whipping up the troops. That that's what the patriots are always in the annual conversation to win at all and it's because of Tom Tom Brady. Now you know why I think he's one of the all time best and I do think he's gonna win another one. It would it would definitely help that for some of these you know younger kids to buying into the program. In the same way that the rest to the other guys did to -- that's the issue you talk about patriot waited patriot way that. We're we're we will -- against we re on our crew tonight you know and Bruschi still wanted to patriot hall of -- They just need more guys like that to me you know I've not been around the teams specifically but guys like Ninkovich. That's the type of guy that seems to get the patriot way it's you guys to -- -- on -- reached out ticket times. Just sort of there we go. As you know what does that all who does everything that we get to -- gets it. Now you need more than just want her hands full album. I don't know who those guys are. Them but as long as there you know we got Brady you got Belichick get a chance to win at all and you get more guys like Ninkovich and you can maybe build some like. But he did back in the early -- While there there's a group of people who believe Wes Welker is one of those guys as well that Wes Welker embodied all of those same things. And that he was incredibly important what the patriots are trying to do he's obviously not here we've spent countless hours discussing that. Whether or not they made the right move why they made that move it might take it clearly Belichick. Viewed him as irreplaceable that there that they were somebody else out there in this case Amendola who could come here and do that job what do you make of the decision to let Wes Welker walk. Why I bridge I'm one of those. Folks in the national media was scratching their -- over this one I don't understand don't get it but then again you know listen when you're around situation for I've been in many situations in my line of work. Where somebody that I work where it's. Believed to another television network. And I find them all an integral part of what I do for a living and I'm wondering how in the world is management gonna let this Skywalk. The man that guy who doesn't walk the lady who does walk there's just bad blood between that person in management. That no amount of negotiation could get over. Maybe that's what happened here. Bought. Oh Welker in boundaries a perfect fit. And I if I have a feel I mean -- just ask folks -- in Baltimore what they thought of Anquan Boldin is we want performance where he had two receptions and seven fewer yards. And the same number of touchdowns mean higher wide receiving unit of the Baltimore Ravens had in week one. Seoul. Things happen and you just got to have the next man up and just hope that god is important point in the second quarter which they. -- the first game of the year. And and you just have to assume that the patriots new -- dole was gonna go down at some point. And would have a plan formed and a great teams that don't have a plan to these things the patriots got -- to have one of them. -- a figure your I think your take on Welker is a very good -- and we all know this when someone has an agenda but you know this stay with the media example when someone has an agenda in the media. It makes a Smart person look really stupid because you can we can all see what the agenda is good. They are too caught up in and their personal feelings in the same thing happens in the workplace if you are really upset with somebody. You don't you're not as clear -- about a situation as you should be and I really think that that is part of it or -- that's the only reason. Wes Welker is endeavor. I think for both sides do what they Welker took it personally when the patriots gave them the offer. That he thought he could do better than it turns out he did do better he left. And I think the patriots. Look at him and what this -- his comments and I think they were upset about it is I think that's a that it could take but what you what you are receiver if -- Do you think will be able to step up and and have a decent game tonight for the patriot. Lie below clearly obviously you know settlement would be the easy answer -- -- how he -- in buffalo. And how I guess similar role he would take. Alabama dollars and Welker or that. The young kid -- I mean he's obviously got some chops. He just looked like a -- out there you're really -- a young. Very young puppy on the horse that just can't. Find the -- no Wallace. As yes it just that's what it's he looked like -- against buffalo. And and I think the patriots think highly of him and gonna bring him along and what he looks like now won't be in week eight or week nine. Bought. Clearly in inside the red zone Brady was missing somebody. And they got a whole crop gets back healthy -- he gets back I think that just improves everything by leaps and bounds. And -- just began preach restraint should just put their head on the pillow at might banking thanking the good football lords that that twelve was up -- -- now. And -- the gumption and the fire within him. To make this thing right and play you know deep into his forties if he is so lucky to do so. You know from New York City whoever's going to be the shortstop after Jeter and closer after a pair of maybe it could be the same person who's going to be quarterback after Brady you don't wanna be that guy. It's not easy to be that guy by the way he's in -- Yorker I should say on the air here. That I think it's rule classy that the Red Sox are honoring -- -- before the Sunday night game. However as I did we got I think it would be perfect time for her to announce that he's coming back. All right. Now we know now that's been at age but you gotta gotta speak -- best of war because this is dead. You don't notice about the about the fact that this has been in big big point of debate for us. Because now that I don't know my feelings on this and I have not audio field of this. Okay well one. We're in now Mariano Rivera was in that -- park earlier this year those hot days in July any got a nice ovation from the friendly crowd. The guy sitting across from me that we -- -- A long time Red Sox -- Was outraged they say it's an. Outraged that I -- it all bridge how could they do this. C'mon c'mon if if the if the Red Sox. Have somebody. Like Rivera okay like an all timer like a -- like somebody. Who. Would who would of the -- of coming out of -- Fenway garage at the all star game in 99 when Kevin Costner was announcing the all century team. OK which there were some Red Sox who did come out one -- And hitter dot net -- I might add. All of that if if you have the Red Sox had somebody like that on their team right now. And went through the entire league being honored in different ballparks Yankee fans would give that red -- a lot of -- And on and on the final day when they do the thing the doctor Charles is an organized form on Sunday night. Fine given his moment but I don't need to -- form every time comes out in a meaningful game which lets them and I'm not they they have every time rage every time he's come out this year bunch your crowd I'm I'm I'm. I think I am not on the list I am not in the classy bunch was I don't want that I don't want the Yankee fans cheered for the Red Sox players I don't want to Red Sox fans here. Read into -- I married into a die hard Red Sox family when my first son was born. The amount of on solicited Red Sox baby -- and it -- My house and read blogs. But White Sox won disease. Green monster type children's books. All that stuff I was at times you know. Offended the last word with my wife's birth to a daughter our third and final shoppers -- football three and out. A child go to my daughter came twelve days ago her middle name is Mattingly. Man. And I just wish I could put a camera the baby announcement that comes to dispose. You know so I understand the the the rivalry. I originally they were here about what you know what I'm here. Or Eric I'm -- guy I'm here and a guy who talks about the NFL in the NFL only a 52 weeks a year who's maybe -- the other sports a little wants to talk live with. I was -- sport that's the thing -- it like tweet about other sports and people patrol hit me saints could keep the football pop I was on sports center for eight years for crying out locked. I'd love all four unload all major sports I was locked into USA Mexico the other day. I mean I loved I loved all sports I mean I don't miss covering them. Like you know the NFL it's no better time to become an NFL last ten years. The network turned ten years old in November and I've been loving every minute of it and stuff like tonight it's just I don't take for granted. You don't want -- -- you do your -- up a couple of points here ornaments and one. Instead of a lot of network instead of showing replays at 3 o'clock in the morning 4 o'clock in the morning. It's just have a -- trolls the biggest trolls -- they're also they get paid on everything on everybody and that that they might make migrate them like it like a point two -- point three. The Sox want to want to just on Twitter that some network just beside -- on a reality does not totally against a reality show. What do you have regular people come on in and review television shows. I think your. Yeah yeah yeah that's I -- I think Ryan Seacrest this produces about what I get a group of five or six trolls like an offer and the other thing is that. Think I've had enough of the trolls I don't think -- -- just watch people trolling now I mean Ahmad Don I mean it's just. -- to be expected. And the other -- I know you married into Red Sox here because we hear from you your brought your brother in law we hear from him quite often. You're on the way to redeem right now yes -- older too older son is good there -- -- you can if you like energized and it. Not only can you see him all over NFL network but the rich -- podcast is well on nfl.com and iTunes this week Larry FitzGerald Al Michaels. And Dennis Miller on Michael's advertising's pretty -- have to listen that rich we really do appreciate it have fun tonight we'll talk to against him. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Talk about people leaving one media organization for and others like boy you know maybe my friends in the business know rich you. Let me can I mean you would like to -- but I know he's one by one of my all time favorite sports analyst he's in my sports and -- And I'm sure who was paired with but I think he's he might be my number one sports. I don't think I'll be able it at least four maybe quarter. -- -- public can't real topic tonight I'll think about all scattering around -- all but but but -- ago. -- -- -- Area got a good look -- it god -- -- splitting the -- maybe the full distance flooding tonight and he gets another fourteen targets in this time comes out with government. Are -- a lot still to come and -- for some good questions about fifteen minutes Mike to Rico -- at 430 it's all Collie down in Foxborough Toby Keith's. Here W yet.

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