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Talking all things NFL with ESPN great Mike Tirico

Sep 12, 2013|

We check in with the great Mike Tirico and get his take on the Patriots, the NFL and more.

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I certainly gave it up last night in my car by any name a huge Grand Slam as the Red Sox got that magic number eight. But as far as I'm concerned that thing is over I -- thought it was over before yesterday. Now it's really over a month. You're -- -- won the series itself against the closest I'll put this -- elite is over went up seven and a half Europe glad to have some more Red Sox talked down the way here -- Ali and WEEI of course also get ready. For the Thursday night game here at Foxborough we're Toby -- in patriot place 825 start tonight Mike to Rico joins us right now on the eighteenth he outlined Mike will be with us. Every Thursday at this time throughout the football season we're looking forward to it Mike how are -- man. I'm I'm great guy that is of course airlines' schedules permitting but in my deported by the because they're really. Our airline schedules permitting this week you're off to what Cincinnati got Pittsburgh and Cincinnati. At 830 year Monday night on ESPN. Let's start with -- where you were last week because. I am an unabashed Chip Kelly I am Seth and I just I love ship Cali and really excited it was so excited to see what he was going to do well. What you think it in the -- as as all of a sudden he unleashed that offensive on the NFL. Is -- that northwest inferiority complex about. Maybe the fact that maybe my time spent there I just I just got a lot of -- that's so funny you were just talking about that but what -- -- open bedroom but it had to do with the that Seahawks 49ers day hey I got to know a good -- years out there and tippy Martinez went well. You'll burn rate goes to college with about thirty years I'm well aware great job for the Mariners you know that it did because the great -- -- the people from the north or spent time in northwest. Like you do it might. They don't -- -- -- and other great respect the places that make its stake about it -- -- -- -- wanna come out but effective thought you know what -- You have reason to be Chip Kelly -- you saw week in week out. -- many years when you're out there. In general. I still have questions is this can survive in the NFL I think elements of -- are going to be -- for a long time to come. What Michael Vick was from a boy to a lesser extent DeSean Jackson will they be able to sustain. The pace and the musicality becomes involved with -- and you'll. Hitting and tackling -- the ball in their hands so much -- having said that to be very person and watch it haven't talked ship. During his time leading up to this. First game of the NFL and the night before. I was excited -- I'm happy for a lot of people who use counter theories and they just because it's been done one way. Doesn't mean that that's the only way to do it and when you see a Bill Belichick goes to. See what should always all about any corporate civic temple pace it would create the pats -- the last few years. It showed that elements of it certainly can work and it was fun to see the first -- of it. It was the full commitment to spread read option temple. All on the impact. Our microphone what you were able to see if that that first half it was a it was a frenetic pace of the period 53 plays. In the first half. Do you think. It was a case of Washington figuring it out the second half or do you think chip scale Chip Kelly it is -- little little smarter than we give them credit forty's there's no way to sum up this big for about 33 to seven doesn't make sense that it keeps beat this thing that they've added to slow down a bit. That's -- I don't think -- pump the brakes on the opposite I think it was so try to do so try to go. They may have gotten a little less exotic or wacky but I also think they were in score mode especially the Redskins -- closer. -- to have tunnel stick to this I think. The redskins' inability often aided and abetted the 57 plays have been running. In the first half the -- with the penalties that -- -- they ran. I think if it seems sustained drop what they either play against the patriots and the operating room before five minute drive. -- to would have been nine play drive and export. That's gonna keep that away put more pressure on the Eagles so I don't necessarily think they're gonna run that many ways I think they're please permit it will be. At the high end of the week. I also think that Washington got there she waits especially Archie regatta will work out of the game -- I also discusses looking ahead here. I think the patriots around the Eagles opened -- San Diego Ruble lost Milosevic charges late Monday night. It's become all the way east and played Philadelphia in the home opener on a short week prepare for all these smoke -- you'd had. Then it's a shorter week -- Kansas -- -- that there are big game at Philadelphia next week which you can be re going back to Philly. So with Kansas City on Thursday San Diego this Sunday there's a -- the Eagles to open -- Are you on -- with Michael Vick this being the perfect system for Michael Vick. Yes I am. I think with its knowledge and skill set at this point. Absolutely now is Michael -- the runner he once was no but he -- -- in good runner also like run the football from my team. Michael Michael camps like it's it's incredible I'm hideous actually I can -- And that's -- example. Why defense that it does he we are meeting -- how we do not like that I'm better credit I think. Which I can't find probable and that's happened with other quarterbacks over -- baseball players would come and try to pigeons like he doesn't. And that worries me when you ball. How will Mark Sanchez or it was a Mark Sanchez they had to bring instant Yankee players try to teach him how to slide. I think since there's there's one other more probably guy -- where members back in the day. That the baseball teams with the baseball upbeat -- came in particular do you know the talkative and it Brady goes. -- -- that other at the top under pop in the second base pop ups like that that perfect. You -- that does that play baseball the league baseball player you'd need that as a quarterback now because that rule protection and take its job. And Matt Ryan did it actually wrote fifteen yard penalty on -- world and I got to learn like I said. My soul in this offense as revolutionary parts of it you might think that it could lead it would division yes because I've questioned it the other teams. But if you ask me do what it would patriots do with the Broncos do with the Eagles do so stick with what worked her most. -- -- that's what's gonna be cool is if and when something were to happen -- will be curious to see. How would be false because that's really the genius Chip Kelly is an unbelievable -- that thing it and use the personnel on the assets that he actually has let's get to the patriots by three goes list of ESPN of course of -- -- every Thursday. Throughout the year this year as he said travel schedule permitting. What do you think of the patriots offseason. Of the off season in general it was. So disconcerting because of everything that happens to everyone I'm also out of you know out of the team's control because these individuals and their actions in Gradkowski. Constant injuries from the surgeries and what's going on. And and hit the -- he kind of looked up and go well they're gonna win eleven or twelve games anyway. They are still very good they're still solid -- and so we keep places. And they have a guy who I also take probably above everybody else's position. Which is the most important position in North American team sports that's quarterback. And all you need to do is we'll get what you saw on the pre season which saw on week one. And Brady elevates the people around him I think the task is is significantly typical tonight. With a short week. With a number of people who were out missing I think I think this is sort of -- -- A great part of the legacy of Tom Brady when you step back and say okay. With a whole team players he's played with in terms of other skill positions and also. At running back at wide receiver as he played with anybody who was the best. Of the best -- -- play with anyone the equal of Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne during their -- Well obviously Randy Moss is incredible season was he's part of the fifties for pretty good yeah. But he continued to elevate people and tonight. Gradually got -- that was what the six option most weeks last year. Now he's the first it's it if it happens -- against the jets defense I think it's good but I think can be attacked get Miller in coverage. That's what it is part of the genius of Brady except in this match so they answer the question it was disconcerting. An off season. For a team that I think has the the essentials. In -- -- plays great owner great coach great quarterback. If you have that you got a chance in this week. And you would've like to receive more stability but he couldn't do anything as a patriots about what's gone on Hernandez's -- -- -- -- -- situation there Matt is really what this offense was based so much over the last couple years. Rev -- you said you were terrible athlete next OK -- a terrible athlete and terrible at predictions that I got at the regime there. I'm not gonna give you my prediction for this patriots jets game zoo promptly be wrong but. What are your instincts tell you tonight and can't do that tonight what would it will we double the close game or. They are upset what do you think. Geno Smith wrote starts everything we have consulted together 0912. Want -- -- tonight his number one it is that that this is number one tonight. Patriots defense is good or at bat what do we -- Particularly fast you're the guest you have -- -- I think that's I don't know we are original work. We we don't we don't think they're -- 85 bears no we think they're good. They're not up at -- defense so good defense well schemed against a rookie quarterback. You know -- I'd say that pushes you above the injuries the other issues of -- to do with. I don't think a short week she knows that what's in the Foxboro and win the patriots. I just. I have such an impossible but now it's going to be by 141516. Points which maybe it was -- to lose interest that. I would super -- what what I took -- -- -- game will be shoot out now they -- lower scoring game. Because of the limitations on offense on offense both ways. But I'd be shocked to stupid it's not Wednesday. Yeah I think I'm in the exact same boat you are aware. The idea of a very intriguing young -- -- I am intrigued by Gina Smith I don't know that he is right now what he's going to end up being and I don't even know there is gonna develop. The way the the young quarterbacks the mobile quarterbacks from a year ago did it. But I do find him intriguing what do you think Gina Smith. I agree if you there and I like the man whose -- you. Morning morning -- I don't support ten years it is head coaching days we do in Detroit. Both parties could builder of teams and -- good steady offensive influence to get a player going. It did and started with his rear like what he did with geno Smith even and we want you start with the first game the first played the first game. It was. In the outfield play in the appeal across Europe for over twenty yards they didn't pull arrangements -- -- -- the type -- keep this tight together. I think there's a lot there I think they can build on what's there as the season goes on Islam I'm kind of excited about. What he could become I think the way to associate -- is. Abysmal and -- be so embarrassed. The fact that they have well let's forget we wanted to do with the -- His salary -- eight million because cap number was eleven or twelve million if you put about it with the search partners in the fourth quarter pre season game. For the guy gets hurt he's probably never gonna play you again. If you want to get rid of -- that's like a twelve million dollar cap hit on eighteen trying to get its act -- its act together you don't put your your. Your valuables at risk like that play -- disturbed by the way they handled it. But overall I think geno Smith has the chance to go forward and grow as a better option quarterback and -- -- -- -- Sanchez -- believe we've all had our Sanchez jokes are but fumbled jokes on and on. He eat out with you he's played his last game as a jet. Do you think you'll be starting. A decent starting quarterback for anybody else in the league or we -- the -- interest for Mark Sanchez. You know -- -- -- quarterback who do you get situated C championship games and I know the defense carried the mayor it was his first couple of years in the week but. He went well -- -- in is that that the plant is that they want on the road he played well so. Yeah I think he can do I think he became such an activist he became the basis of a franchise that. Put a huge target on its back. By the way the coach -- which is supported what a refreshing but at the end of the day it just swear -- you -- -- I want I want Belichick over Rex Ryan I don't want to sound -- or winds I don't want you know -- access can be -- activities for its approach. But I don't think the atmosphere there Foster the quality -- to grow. Of flavor of the month come with -- Santonio Holmes looked at it wouldn't really know what's Quebec could stop Maynard for five minutes I just think they were rat bag with they were trying to do. Systematically as an offense. Now it just goes to the right place and develops. Are you looking at Chad Henne with a guy might be middle of the -- starter. Both bottom bottom third story should yes sure why not but I don't think he's you guys -- -- know we don't know -- -- the -- any time soon. I'd like to see the guy get a chance to go someplace. Out of the limelight away from the circus. He give -- legitimate shot to resurrect his career I don't think he was treated there earlier properly by the. You enjoy working with John Burton never week. I love it about it get up for the a little bit ago he's. As enjoyable analysts have worked with. I would imagine that and he seems like you would be a lot of fun to work with -- every week you have. Do you have any ought Jon Gruden stories are things that you've seen from him on the road. You know other than -- -- get at 4:15 in the morning you know with Google Video quad cities that he'd seen that it was here at the hall. Or origin of the fact that the guy you know we. We -- go to any nice restaurant any city in America we're we're blessed to of these replaces -- is to go to Stanford -- of planets in the New York. And it it would for a sport spark some wings and a couple of Beers and watch football does offer that he would absolutely -- and part B is. He's a football loving guy he will go watch anybody's practice. Teach anybody football any time he is. Approachable. On and he's. I think he'll coach again at some point. But I don't necessarily think it's it notes tomorrow people of city will be back in the years to. This is now year five and he likes he likes the TVQ eight yes he says I have lost game in years. You like so there's a lot better so. I hope it gets sick of me don't run the ball to -- Those bills quarterback camps are blasting. You can't do that the National Football League -- -- -- -- went to order here let's run this -- when ever throw the Venus on the spider to watch it doesn't have good competitor. Knew that you know John John grew up in the his peers -- like about it even as quick spot. He grew up in the West Coast offense he was that he was right after -- the Walsh. Group in San Francisco. -- with Holmgren Mary's you know those guys we came away with a great knowledge everything from. But he doesn't think it would chip Kelly's doing is wrong he went out stagnated after got fired you want to know what's next topic. He has unbelievable respect. For the people who teach the game. And on earth every possible -- intends he'd get an answer on. What's gonna happen on the football and that's that's how -- com to learn with -- coaches coordinators and players you believe in. It was the guys who have over the it's -- the. You know it will be well worth during the quarter we know we talked about the the game which saw the but he package are between Washington Philadelphia one coming up -- -- and stories of people downtown Pittsburgh. Saying that it's over for that do you believe that. I don't want to over you know the one thing we do coverage -- -- better than anyone is overreact. And we don't overreact to week one every year and we never work. But Pittsburgh laid out a series of questions they're game against Tennessee. Starting with what is their philosophy offensively they're running back -- profits of like good enough. All the so they're line backing core is old and then the defense of line isn't the same as special teams always is straight right now some issues. A lot of issues with the Pittsburgh team and Roethlisberger is 31. And he was an MVP level we got hurt last year in weeks and and hasn't been close with -- I don't know. What he looked this up and stop all pose this question to guys. If the patriots and the Broncos of the leak in the AFC. Well to the waltzes -- -- group. But it's certainly no -- -- C east. Houston. People have their -- -- used in Baltimore not that week so we wonder if concerns but their defense I'm very -- and Cincinnati put. The point is there aren't many good teams in the AFC this year. So I think Pittsburgh will not be a playoff team I think we've got issues. But because the conference is so -- I would necessarily right democracies -- to war samples. While Mike enjoy enjoy yourself for that game on Monday night we'll look forward to talking to you next Thursday and each Thursday throughout the year thanks a lot. As do like I think the budget agreement that game. -- -- -- -- Mike to Rico kind of take a few minutes with us and that should be fun I'm looking forward to talking to him every Thursday night as we get deeper into the season. Basketball season starts and a great thing about him. Yes maybe down the road what is favorite sport is to call guessing it's football I don't know. This NBA does gulf. It might be tough for him come up with a favorite guy who can. He got a versatile. Probably. You know during football season football this favored but if he's if he's covering the masters or cover in the NBA titles then then that becomes the favorite. He's pretty commitment I've really look at the order that like his insight -- wanna get back to a lot of your calls today wanna get back to some of the Red Sox conversation. We had earlier more patriots talked get ready for tonight it is all Ollie here major -- Toby Keith's on W media.

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