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Bobby Valentine rips Yankees for being "AOL" during aftermath of 9/11

Sep 12, 2013|

Mut and Merloni rip the former Sox manager for criticizing the Yankees organization for not being around to help the public following the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

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I as promised first of -- chances if you went Red Sox and yankees tickets. Right now beating ninth caller at 61793109837. To go to when a pair tickets to the Yankees take on the Sox at Fenway this Saturday. -- -- ninth caller right now 6179310937. Call or nine is go to Sox yankees on Saturday 617. 93109837. And win here a lot Maloney 93 point seven WEEI. He's described she got in my dreams with that first I just didn't think up. Fabulous I can make favorite stadium is great here and -- the American Heidi marine stadium. On -- Bobby Valentine a -- that a lot last year during the year it's -- 937 WTI and I. Bobby downtime -- -- -- a story today if not for his comments yesterday which I found in complete. In -- terrible taste now to be fair -- -- Sony sport we did reach out to Bobby Valentine correct Joel -- we've stayed in contact with Bobby. We had Bobby up before became the manager of the Red Sox and he basically we predicted to be the manager of the Red Sox sit in touch friendly. And Bobby -- from the on the show. So did body wanna come on today Joey talk about the he didn't respond but he did get the text messages because he got he has one of those iPhone like red. Things so you know when he reads the text as it's dumber people sign up for that you opt in on an iPhone assignment for that like if you. If you're right guy -- sign up for that I got an iPhone and I know how stupid that is why wanna know what people and all I read their text. -- sorry honey. I I must just get out of the car as a on the eighteenth hole when you get attacks like that. You had to deal I have no idea if sign up for -- -- I've I made sure Lou wouldn't have on this arts joy that's market producer and that's our idea. Good idea don't have that somebody be it -- commodity read the text message that thanks but no thanks. They decide that UB in the Maloney Mike finance the morning do it let's go back -- -- -- -- -- -- you can't imagine why do you feel that -- let's go -- -- Let's go back -- yesterday Bobby Valentine appeared on you know. The midday show on WFAN in New York -- Benigno and Roberts and at 9/11 came up on the anniversary 9/11 Bobby was a big. Big part of that the Mets and the Yankees in New York was a huge part. -- getting you know as a sports -- think about those moments you think about the Mets that Bobby -- so of course it came up I'm just surprised. Where body beat this thing yesterday. Then there aren't the situation. With the Yankees the current -- because you know like that that it -- That during the tying. From 9/11 to 10921. The Yankees or -- You couldn't -- any Yankee in the streets of New York City. You couldn't find the Yankees down and there'll. Talking today that the guys are working 20% and many of them didn't live here and so let that they -- well than many of them. You know did not. Partake in all that so there's some of that Cilic in order out like what are we -- firewire we -- quietly -- there's funeral and the fire out. In the Yankees are getting all the credit for bringing people back and said that doesn't credit crisis is about. Doing the right thing and. -- number one he said that the yankees or. Did -- say eight wall board did he say. They were -- American online America Online. During the time. From 9/11 to 2921. The Yankees -- -- You've got mail for the two people that still say the deal Waterloo and Bobby and Butler Bulldogs does that tell. Oh well attracts a real well you've got mail. Or AL well. They were AOL. Internet and let's start there joke. That is a joke from Bobby Valentine east factually wrong in the New York papers party started. Get all these photos and stories of all this and on the dollars involved but that's it. The second part is worse but he wants more credit than the Yankees get four I usually don't on -- and. No lawyer but I'll talk about or else -- just like bits of make sure we do bit. Off the bottom Miami Joseph Torre didn't has had no comment and you wanna respond good Mariana Rivera -- everybody right Jeter Mariano Bernie Williams. The American oppose him if visiting families. -- victims days after the attacks first responders. They're visiting families are waiting words on the loved ones thread Javits Center lot of mourn the -- saint Vincent hospital they're all over the place. Again there's there's the this reality. In and is Bobby -- world right. Yeah found that out we we found that out over the course six months Texas says he and AOL poll out by fair. What -- surfing the web during that time maybe they were mats what they were doing the Yankees -- on AOL. In those old AOL chat rooms in the Internet first cranked up -- those -- good old days. So it's one thing to bash the Yankees there but the stand up and say look at us we want the credit. We deserve the credit. Narcissistic and he really be me I guess they shouldn't be surprised. It's a guy who claim to him that invented the rap. He's a guy that wanted to. How he wanted it to me he wanted credit for other videos he would show in the drills funeral Moroccan control huge girls the way you guys did -- -- -- There's a different way to deal I think outside the box he thought that was the only way to do it. Of course then he believes his team the Mets deserve the only credit the Yankees get credit they don't deserve. What they didn't in 9/11 which is kind of a joke so so we have today. We go forward right now. You with pinky he gets this last night goes on FEM. He says what he asked us. He reads and listens to people go on Bobby you're an idiot. And at some point Bob Levy you think -- -- Boris would say you know what you're right. I'm trying to take credit for 9/11 that's pretty silly. -- -- backtracked but instead. He went all with Erica silliest thing NBC sports radio and essentially doubled down his claim that the Mets had more than the Yankees this is like three hours ago Bobby Valentine. An emotional day every day for -- the I never forget. I don't know players trying to take credit for her the team I was trying to make the fact that twelve years Gary what was done. And here reported incorrectly. But I. Stay there for the record that week there were happy he's out there to two other. Mr. Levine to discover a book autographed. Somebody. Are you hurl it at someone's house there. You know. All I remember is people are asking for the Yankees in the making excuses for them not -- there. On believable. That he would double down today and say Randy Levine president of the Yankees. Produce a photo. Produce a freaking photo. Of the Yankees at these games. You know an Odyssey but it's not their fault you know -- -- from the area. Right but that he would say that today like he had at least 1213 1415 hours to think about this. And say you know what Libya mission to listen to wait a a measuring contest over who had a better impact in the city -- New York during this time maybe that's not the best idea may not take you away from. What should be the focus here but no. Boastful Bobby -- and any doubles down and says Randy Levine where the photographs. You all and -- What's you mocked her. My motto is do your best and you'll only succeed. Like forget back for seconds if Bobby -- here in this group guys this year. They're nowhere near the record of 8950. Whatever they are that that's the biggest change -- actually is. -- brunt of -- that it's been it's been great job to bring him back some of the the article till September 15 that year. Yankees -- three bands as the chart -- center right which is where. Rescue where rescue workers volunteers -- Mariano -- there Derek Jeter busy in a hospital -- one of the victims Joseph Torre. You know hey you know with some of the victims there and when guys that want to rub Don simmers head. The one rebbe has -- Jeter did those of Koreans -- went there vehicles on different. Just different things and see how it would need to take back whereas here they're facts -- always claim wild shocked. I -- I armory I and oil are right now where people say yeah well. At the park avenue armory people gathered await news of missing family members he's of people that have no idea they can't find their family wondering if you know they were in the building tonight Bernie Williams. Hang out there with kids you know five year old boy. No crying you know just wait because you know what's going on his Demi against their stores there actually facts. I don't think -- have a issue come up at the pictures again this is. These strange world of Bobby Valentine and I mean awed like really strange stuff. We are due to bordering on Psycho. Psycho when -- -- from last year problems. Problems. Kevin on Twitter says Bobby V was signing -- of those free mail and floppy disks at Shea Stadium hash tag AOL. Voters -- on every get those in the mail he get that CD in the mail to sign up like a twenty hours of AOL once was over. -- paid some obscene amount of money. The Google base -- well I -- a car with a thought on Bobby V what's going on Eric. I don't I got. On the I don't really does -- they have in golf for New York are mostly in -- -- And it will give me my. Those Bobby being antiquity. Guys I might do not Ali you look I happen. Abu let such commodities equity guy to copy of this spot. And I you know they want that. Glad to talk about it and give me it really about -- -- and at 9/11. Tragedy you know just so beyond in the post. Supplies not everybody spoke about Bob about it. If you can -- it landed just beyond of that you know I think you guys that -- has nobody should be talking about probably -- which comes about. Well I really come -- this all the time you know I Asian given credit for it's it's it's a story and it's ridiculous. You know so we're gonna talk about it. -- talk about when when Paul O'Neill. You know is that the the armory hanging out with a five year old boy. And the hands of the the five year old hands him a beanie baby to sign Paul O'Neill signs at the boy looks down as Kasten and NASA my hope you feel better. -- this is the kid five -- boy tell -- -- foot feels better meanwhile. He just that the 50 boy just lost one of his kids I mean these are things that the Yankees did you can say what you want you might not like from the robbery but it is a classy organization. Okay and it did the right thing at 9/11. In the take that from them and try to take all the credit I think it's. This is really kind of typical architecture since Lou what is that site going -- been dot com right now Pittsburgh -- it's been a pulls up and and color me shocked that somebody did couple hours a research available finds stories. And prove Bobby Valentine wrong. You know he didn't fall down a spike. He invent the -- The other nice -- will thing mr. remembered that mr. members a whole lot. About a whole Lotta stuff and Iger at the Texas and us open all Bobbie I wanna find out he bumped his head it's extra points and what -- But he's out of his mind this one takes the cake and a reminder on the day with a Red Sox won their. Eighty night when the night before and can win their ninetieth tonight if they goal. What is it fourteen into what for now 1411 and four -- -- -- underwent 11 -- -- they -- we're governor hundred. Wins this year. A reminder of what you have last year year and Bobby Valentine thanks Bobby -- did. 6177797937. As the phone number can text us. And you guys are on the eighteenth he text -- 37937. The show never ends on Twitter followers will Maloney -- WEEI our producer at Jozy WEEI. We come -- talked to Matt Chatham and go deep into this patriots and jets game at noon Chatham going to be here in studio. He was a part of it I guess last symbol last question is this still a rivalry to Boston Herald says today. That this is still border war that the patriots and jets will play tonight to kick off -- to a National Football League. Is still liable if fans feel that way we feel that way about pats and jets we'll talk about that now at Chatham in studio at --

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