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Ben Cherington on another Sox improbable victory

Sep 12, 2013|

Ben joined the show to discuss the latest on the Sox. He said that there will be a small handful of Pawsox players that join the big club by the end of the season.

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The front office report has brought you by Coco. By Newton Wellesley hospital by celebrity cruises which I'm going to take one in January by the way. And by Toshiba business solutions joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T the nation's fastest now the most reliable four GL TE network. As happy as men on base of the planet. Sox general manager -- -- to just let the happy -- place on the planet you've got to be one of the happier individuals on the planet then take a bow. But I don't know are -- do that they blocked a lot of other people there and it but it. It's fun to watch and -- Italics my car. It's in the dugout for. Or four hours out yet or depictions. Of the curious -- artists. Symbolic of how you guys are better prepared and ready for the moment honestly in the. A benefit specific example where did you watch last night's game and I know you're low key guy you're not given to hyperbole and jump around and just open and high five and but when that ball went over the fence what did you do did you get herself at least fifteen seconds to go crazy. Do they -- I'm on the road and the team. Which I am now. I really sort of wandered in the game and so though and it allows that some are -- Carl walker or Parker usually don't -- a place you happen to be. Turned down the right still aren't final spot -- -- Oh and -- car without certain. It put display and I knew it is pretty well news in the Iran at least. -- the body -- parliament and that is the part. China and he's very quickly after that so I went from sitting around. And people so there are two people. Was there at least a little fist pump -- a little fist pump for yourself than. I'm I'm really not doing that underneath it inside their laws. Yeah instant this pump in its internal you as you wild men and a day. This and did you know that car would be good soldier -- I can hit these evident terrific year. You know that you that he would quietly wait his -- -- you concerned that he might look around say. I'm 27 years old and I can hit I should be playing and they should find a place for me on this team. Well I think anybody that it is is that good -- good player. In the league also play in the dispute competitive guys and they want the end there. They don't -- You know Mike Mike walked into this -- from training and and we got them actually train cars started. I think you recognized. The role that use human DN on the particular seeing them and he's accepted it -- lose. This credit. I'm really really well it doesn't mean you know part play more. -- picture you know down the road that's something New York to do that. Right now he's just there this is an ideal Merrill and they're a great million dollars regular column -- enormous. You running you know what he -- to talk to and he certainly -- closer. -- the collective character of these guys probably doesn't lend itself to bitching and moaning and complaining if things aren't going away like Gomes getting pinch at last got to watch carefully on the on the telecast he didn't say a word didn't give across locker cross word anybody. But beyond that based on the success 300 whatever 46 games. Has it not come to the point where you don't wanna be the guy that raises a red flag and bitches and moans and upset what's been a very very positive year. Well I think is that as the little -- the delivery guys certainly. Suffered due to. Doing well and I was a lot of moves which aren't as native war. That -- and then -- -- due -- time a year rent you know just. Right now. Am very airliner that caught I understand that. This is about something. Bigger than their cells themselves. The team and there are there other times to be. Look -- world be appropriate to serve -- more about. You know personal goals and priorities but right now. Such -- proper time and Darrell knows that in and so you see it. Forty inches here and creating here at the -- has her acting is even during the game. Together are not him in the game there you know trying to help the scene -- trying to get some information whatever. And certainly did after the game and the result is geared. Embroidering the matter is out of the lineup before the Florida are waiting their. -- in the room is. You know excited about about victory and you know the reform -- access. You know Ben I would decide pal Bonnie either throw the Red Sox had just wouldn't give a closer that much money nanny who are his. A classic reason why I mean you look at his numbers this year divorce freaking out and I think it's a scooter free agent signing may be users ever been in the history this franchise. But you look at last year in his numbers are about the same but the reality if he had the same numbers like short Texas and he had. But use a closer instead had 35 saves there's no way we're able to sign this guy right instead the money you got probably. 1213. Well he had no doubt that you know and pitching and I pinning him -- to have that profile attempt to change the market. And I guess we could go round and round why that is but. Is that that's true then and it -- So in truth -- case he had closed before it estimates and four in Baltimore. It has some history -- but not the most recent history and so he just. Fell into an area that. You know make sense processors there's a few places I think he wanted you would have considered going Limbaugh or of them -- we're fortunate that regular work at a dealer price. You know we were sort of we felt like him. You know she's been successful for so our people think about what the current -- involved Robert Hughes a great pitcher in Japan for a long term for that. There's nothing -- other duties of running on now than there. Let's but he couldn't get. For a long time and when we signed them you know there -- -- we were not expecting him to sit there and I think for us both. He's. He's obviously doing a terrific job and and then certainly making up for. Something that I did that didn't work out so. A little reluctant out. -- is sort of answer the question I was gonna basketball unlikely positive things that happened to this team bend your heart -- -- in this role based on the fact that he was even considered -- Hanrahan first and and and Bailey second you you were even thinking about him and now he's as good as there is in baseball right now. Yes you know until Andrew. Partially injury got away at them. Do we hope they would it and -- because this movement and whether any lack of effort or their -- Lack the ability certainly noble. Double -- pitchers in the entry gotten away and you know those are -- because he you know narrow because of the injuries that didn't work out. You know there but then again thankfully we were able psychologists people in the organization that. Really pushing efforts to sign code either about the time. It didn't seem like you know maybe that was the biggest need in. On the team. We just felt like it was so it is essentially figured he executed it. Such a certain unique. Skills that it means centimeters or more of the -- that he is considering going to. Ben do you think certain people. Oak cliff Buchholz in the trading steps somewhat of an apology for being so critical for so long for him taking 94 days to come back because by its first accounts it looks like it was handled pretty well. Yeah I don't know about the -- I've got I didn't really pay much attention to the criticism I think internally we knew. That this is being handled the right way. Clay. Was making steady progress but you know in his case there was that. There's an injury the good -- that it -- it wasn't a serious issue that would affect him long term but there was an ingredient that the president is just not handle properly it has turned into something bigger. -- have a contract for a long time. You know obviously a really sound -- we need him to the unit for our -- and so -- -- trying to. Yen we were trying to handle -- in the best way short and long term. It was very clear several that. You know we're gonna do this the right way and you can -- -- he was ready to actually thankfully. European time we had a lot has -- -- from our rotation there's very little with a straight. Throughout the year you closed out. So credit to the -- in the rotation. Serb. You know shouldering that load he's been really -- very consistent. Throughout the year putting -- -- -- now obviously. You know hopefully we get to Paris and equipment -- coming back here next summer there. -- -- briefly back to Koji is either close or next year ban. Well that's what he's doing now we have him come under contract for an extra bit of what he's doing now. I think that would be either expect that. But you know really just not thinking at all about lectures. I think things that will get to the top seed and it should address the it's consistent with what you know which aren't talked about the incident here -- the players certainly folks are -- We're just focused on right now. I come to us about next week when stuck -- season ends are you gonna bring up any more guys specifically. Rice rents in the in the great Jeremy diesel baker will they. Be in. Remember first and anger that. Chance just an -- at -- You'd say it lightly either of these. Small handful of the positions. It's an adult conversations -- -- yeah America. They -- that. I would say is probably surprised Mario I think you get to that point your liberty on this road -- admit that. You really want. Make sure that. Are to get you know figured this thing going up up -- now and it's sort of mixed. Or make sure. Adam accessories and for. That is the simple orders from. Specific value and having. Around the further development or whatever gorgeous little just add term. So there will be good players too -- not -- -- For the rest of September that that would mean it will be a big leader for our time but we gotta be careful about. You know protecting. Or there. Has been reports a year. Likely pick up -- thirteen million dollar option from the picture obviously we all think you can do that -- there been any contract negotiations started with him. I don't know he's it's really getting right now our listeners leaders. There's the think there's a time for that this that all of -- answer. The fall into the category of I'm -- through personal. Thing for a player than -- right now just so much about what the patent in different groups get together at. You know I think we just feel like those issues are -- left for afterward I'm playing which hopefully is. Several weeks from now. You know so -- kinda. Two we're -- conversation in Austin but Lester has been terrific. And he's. You know it's like he has throughout this career. Can I order a federal offense hurt. -- based on how it's been going I said already today twice on the air I would be surprised -- the Red Sox don't win a hundred games this year and I wasn't getting an eleven and four would get 200 games. You know got a pretty good for at least one stupid question for interviewing this might be yet there a psychological. Post season downside to winning a hundred games. I don't never thought about that I don't know -- it's. -- I know that. Obviously when we've had some success in the post season here in recent memory. And it never came after undergoing right so. And I look frequent industry underwent in this it would happen so. I don't know but I I don't think there's. I think I think the group is focused on. And night when I see many years is bustling tonight and then. You know they they know where there aren't -- you know it. There are you know issues. Bigger things potentially. Possible. You know whatever whatever -- regulars here or and so. You don't want you to send word down a federal city pump the brakes a little bit don't win -- hundred still don't pay dues go to court and when you're out right field pacing last night. Did you think -- for Gomes was a no brainer or did that take. A little bit ago that's for you manages to beat the Yankees the heart and soul this team Jonny Gomes of the on deck circle. Well I think that they kept that that but it -- the right decision and that doesn't mean their anger over the more think it will earlier that factor isn't huge part in its longest course and community but. The manager you know. You have to make decisions that you feel. You know it's an absolute best this you have success -- -- your honors leaders are trying to create a matchup. With car. Who you know I think John felt right very user. You know pretty pretty good match -- loses. -- Hernandez and. -- -- them or keep it in my column. So. And then the I think -- in extra innings. Is you know earlier in the quicker you can make it -- churned through their bullpen. You know the quicker you can insert -- into an area that. A world where they where they can't match anymore so that there's sort of two things going on there and pictures. You know there -- been handled that situation and it worked out but. I think they think Dario and those that. You know he's going to be he can be called -- You know it is very similar situation at some point and it will be him sitting there. -- as per day armistice. That'll be -- program. Right Ben we'll let you go with this I haven't seen you in awhile so I don't know whether you have but joined the guys in the dugout with a beard and at the answer to that is no -- you considering a post season bench Harrington -- I haven't I can't. Yeah if indeed it based -- You know it -- Tremendous work as big as a -- in prison and growing their beard I would be an embarrassment and tried to catch up to them thoroughly and have them. Well put together certainly is an embarrassment to surprise everybody -- suspect may be even a little bit you but the continued successful talk to down the road and thanks for the time -- repair ensuring that but Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline AT&T the nation's fastest and now most reliable four GL TE network. He's brought to you by the front office report. Vita Coco Newton Wellesley hospital celebrity cruises I'm going on what in January. And -- who Shimon business -- you the celebrity.

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