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Mike carp with Joe and Rob Bradford after his pinch-hit heroics

Sep 11, 2013|

Joe Castiglione and Rob Bradford talk with Mike Carp, who hit a pinch-hit grand slam to propel the red Sox to a 7-3 win over the Tampa bay Rays.

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Your. Swing that really went deep right center back now it's better -- -- -- it. What -- Grand Slam that might not. And the Red Sox lead it's happened at three can't you believe it. I'll pitch here and play for him might have a very tricky thing you. Might was. The biggest ten year career yeah I'd have to say so I mean I've let them -- eleven opportunities some like that is what you live for us locate growing up playing baseball while. Now Mike you've really done well at the theaters here. How how much have you progressed and now roll how much have you learned over the course of this year how comfortable you feel do. You know -- it's such a tough thing to do it and there's no easy easy way to do it but to watch a guy like Jonny Gomes go out do his business you know. I mean he's he's come up with numerous tickets and they -- do a post about. And really helps really helps me prepare preparation for what I'm gonna do because he's usually him or me and if tonight it was me while. It's amazing might get tell us what your approach was to see her and that is it just walked -- a four pitches that weren't even close. What I did a good matchup you know especially his sinker changeup slider guy and diners -- be out over the yeah outer half of the plate so. -- -- -- somebody drive up in the zone in on a slider came back over the plate in let me get a little -- -- Then he wanted yards kept going like how far at a time that you know that you much when that situation. Just about it before you know we will look for -- -- -- -- lefty going out but you talk to Torre and and John and we knew they -- matchup if they kept him in the ball game. To -- a great matchup for me and that put me in there. I mean if things happen amazing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- As a pinch hitter to win it for the Red Sox have a different route. They find different ways to win in that they get more exciting it seems every day. It's amazing in -- so many things a look at this game one which is as we said John Farrell pushing all the right buttons but also guys stepping up. A multitude of guys stepping up and doing something special almost every single night in and you look at that how does this affect the race. This is the staggered down artists -- really good guy here for them. While the Red Sox I don't worry about that they -- nine and a half game lead they've won them. Seven of 810 of twelve. They leave the season series twelve to six and six of the wins have been in the last at bat wins against Tampa Bay.

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