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Chris Price and mike Petraglia preview the Patriots - Jets game

Sep 11, 2013|

Chris and Mike preview Thursday night's Patriots - Jets matchup.

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Back here at Gillette Stadium Mike the -- I joined as always by patriots expert columnist for WEEI dot com -- for price. Chris it's -- week has lost a little bit of its luster I think it has I think when you look at history this robbery over the last five plus years I think you can look back to the year Arab. The way to 2006 through 2010 Errol where it was really interesting each and every time these two teams got together really meant something. If lost a little bit of its punch I think there's a counterpoint to the patriots -- -- -- right now it's the ravens but that you dealt so it they'll tell you this week. If we could just as important for a lot of re not the least of which divisional game -- was but -- added emphasis on the. Mohammed -- send offensive lineman for the New York Jets making some headlines in New York radio this week. Saying yeah I expect to be two and -- and we expect to be to know after this game on Thursday night at Gillette Stadium. Rex Ryan steps up in the conference call with New England reporters and says I want our players think in that way what do you think -- that good. I think -- -- a coach that's what I want anger coming out of my locker room you look at the track record. Of the jets over the last thankfully yours though and that kind of -- comes a little bit of baggage so it's always gonna mean something when it jets player. Guarantees of victory it's always going to mean something and I wouldn't be surprised if that. Information had already found its way into each and every New England Patriots -- -- -- they they love that kind of stuff. Belichick loves that kind of stuff we're comfortable with where mr. All right let's talk about the patriots themselves this week Monday and Tuesday just like walk -- Crist now having -- practiced really not a surprise. Both coaches wanna save the bullets both mentally and physically this week for the game because obviously. It's on a short week but when you look at the injuries for the patriots we start with two players obviously Shane Vereen -- out at least several weeks according to most reports with a broken. Left wrist he injured and on the first play of scrimmage on Sunday afternoon and then there's Danny Amendola he likely will not play. On Thursday night those are two big options out of the Tom Brady passing game and out of the arsenal for the patriots. Who steps up and is the next man up. I think you're gonna need to see a great performance -- very good performance anyway out of a handful against including Julian element -- we kind of forgot about over the course the last the last couple years. But he emerged as a real. Offensive threat in the in this season opener he sees hope you over the course of the season there's no reason I think that he can't be a consistent contributor. You're gonna look at some of the rookies some of the young guys -- Tompkins has to step his -- up with targeted fourteen times in the -- in the regular season opener. Looked a little bit on terms so with a tentative at times he's gonna have to not a topic exactly just not as confident when the lights came months -- you gonna need -- -- a better performance out of ethics accept public know there was a question about industry. I think he's gonna -- a year ago Aaron -- -- talked a -- -- a few minutes ago with us about how disappointing was. To have to miss out on the regular seasonal where he wants to go out there as soon as possible so it's gonna fall to the young guys that this group to really step up and make plays. And again Rob Gronkowski expect and to be out this week again yeah I I expect Gradkowski -- again it's a short week I don't think there's any real need to rush him back I think you know if that -- their. But again we've said this before snaps in December are more important for -- out. Even -- in September. What about the defense of side of the ball currents obviously the other and at the other day I think it was that really and unsung part of the game and untold part of the game is how the Patriots defense stepped up in the second half. They allowed the opening half touchdown. Two to the bills and then they really recovered from that is a big reason they won the game. Here it really was when you look at their group particularly the secondary know there was some questions about communication between. Cornerbacks in defensive backs reckoning it only natural for him this season but I think when you look for a standout guy and at first game Kyle Arrington forced to turn over almost came away with a third. When he. Almost got to pick could be Jamie annual so he's a guy to look forward to you again really kind of focus on this week. I'll -- the defense really stepped up I thought you know there were there were two possessions where the bills for touchdown to put together a solid. Steady consistent drives the rest the way the Patriots defense where most of them. -- on the other side of the ball the New York Jets. They aren't improved barks -- Rex Ryan that told us that he. Believes that this jets team it's a lot better way better his words and a lot of people expecting coming into the game. And coming into this season your thoughts on the jets and their chances on Thursday night you know I think it's going to be interesting because there's been so -- we talked about how the patriots are very new and they're just coming off a game where the bills -- if you with a built for the completely the reset button so. -- at the top talent they do I think there's a little bit of a challenge to be unknown when you're talking about the jets. We you can go back to the scene basic fundamentals that people point over last -- years. There's things you can look -- you can point to that are really essential elements of their tact I think they're gonna -- and of them intrigued by it you know Smith knows very impressed. What he was able to do as a rookie his first game going up against him rated debt were collected steal one there but I thought Smith labels should request for a and but still you believe that the yet. Patriots have enough to come out on top is that your -- yeah -- yeah I -- I think that he was going to be competitive probably would but more competitive a lot of people a lot of patriots fans think. But I think it Meehan -- patriots are going to be able to squeeze this when I'm missing you know when he won 172114. I mean it's going to be good dream though. -- right it to be very interesting a lot of new. Changes to the patriots jets rivalry this week and we'll see what happens on Thursday night for -- for price unlike the trolley at Gillette Stadium WEEI. Dot com.

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