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Red Sox Manager John Farrell with Salk and Holley

Sep 11, 2013|

Our weekly session with the manager comes on a good day after the successful return of Clay Bucholz. We talk about the strength of the pitching staff with Clay's return, the ongoing roles for Steven Drew and Xander Bogaerts, the widening lead for the division, prepping for the playoffs and much more.

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John Farrell joins us right now as he does every Wednesday brought your buyer -- insurance. Town fair tire AM by countless hockey dollar watch and all of us that watched Buchholz last night. And I mean we couldn't help would be surprised what were you thinking as you watch. Honestly going into the game the expectations were -- Probably left in the way he pitched because one the fact he was walking the mound for us what was the biggest benefit the ball. But it just seemed a lot and have the field whose changeup and cutter that he had it was pretty remarkable what he considers the three months since his last which at this level. It in the way that game turned out the five -- shut out ball that he pitched my gosh -- we needed every bit of that. What's next warm I mean he had he was -- -- I heard you say before the game certainly five to eighty. Pitch count how about that his next start. You know that it'll increase some you know to what extent that is what we you'll see what happens on Sunday night against New York but. No I think the biggest thing that we show was. You know. What did he can never replicate -- a minor league level is the speed of the game restrict of the hitters and lineup up and down. He hit that great with with a three month layoff but he had whether it was control the running game in certain situations or just controlling his own adrenaline emotion. Any middle lot of good pitches so whatever we increased that to mean it'll be an incremental -- Put the stress to the pictures and tie the game we're gonna probably dictate as much as anything going forward. Was there ever -- point during this process he wound up missing 82 games that was their report when you said to yourself. Okay we're gonna have to go forward as if clay -- to -- a comeback in the 2013 season. I think there was there was some thought that probably do you know his return was much greater than 5050 we felt like that but. When we acquired -- a lot of that had to do with the uncertainty with a clay was gonna get back in for how long and once we realized it was going to be in September we knew there was going to be a full month. The pitching needed by an additional starter and you also are I think where Ben made the greatest decision abolished reliving the 2011 September. In when starters went down and not having those guys available to which -- which felt like we need that depth. With the rotation so the other that was part of the fought the clay might not return but thankfully has and we feel like there's. 3 weeks remaining here where we can give him -- to -- approaches applause. And see where we go beyond September. It helps your team long term to have done what he did it with your with your guy with him how. Helps us in the hallway that he's not arrested or. No I mean does it help -- that -- that the that you guys are able to keep a 600 winning percentage while he was out that you were able to bring in Jake Peavy and and and keeping your rotation. I don't know I don't know really necessarily what I was looking parties curious whether or not it helps the team prepare itself for for run into October. Well it's clear that what it states as you know you losers your your starting pitcher that was pitching the bat and we have a number got thrown well but. When you consider that we're able to maintain our spot in the in the division in the standings. I think it speaks to the overall depth which we talked about you know proper course of -- whether it's in the rotation. Whether it's two guys on the bench guys come -- the minor leagues. I and the fact that we were able to sustain that in -- you know half the season. I think it just speaks to the overall depth that Tina -- put together. No one of the debates we were having here before yesterday's game was. You know why Stephen Drew was in the lineup over Alexander Bogart's. Well we were both guessing lie. Bogart's wasn't there. Theoretically could hit lefties better than. And Stephen Drew we had guesses. But we've I would rather hear from him so what what what went into that decision. Well as -- maintained all along Stephen Drew is our shortstop being lulled into both parts of very good looking young player. We're coming off an off day that we we brought gender here to it to get some rest the left side of the infield. I I do know the game is going to be in the is going to be in the game tomorrow. Maybe not at shortstop but he'll be on the field tomorrow but. Still coming off the off day. I don't turn away from what players have done throughout the course of the year and I and I think that's important. That they know that not that they'll take it for granted by any means but they understand that just because another players come to us in a very good moments in the Bogart's. That. You know American -- -- How about the splits the the numbers for for drew vs lefties. Well he's a better he's a better hitter against right handers is no question he's also alone above average defender. Any in tight games. Defense is going to be a premium and there were a couple -- -- -- to be made that are not things hander would've made it. But he -- you made them cleanly. And you know what Stephen Drew is a heck -- -- shortstop. What do you think Zander Bogart's role is in and could be throughout the rest of this season or potentially into the post season. Well we're not -- you know we haven't gotten the point -- postseason roster or anything like that we've we've feel we've we deflect. Those comments that at the first -- I think the right reasons. But -- role is to dispel guys on the left side of the infield and he'll continue to do that we go to school the last three weeks. Is it possible for him to earn a greater role than that. It's possible anything's possible but. -- -- goes go the way that will swing of the bat the way that Stephen has -- about the second half of the season in the defense just played at shortstop. He's a mainstay for every day came. And we would talk with you before about being aware of the standings and looking at Tampa mean let's not pretend I mean that everybody knows they're chasing Eunice is a big series for you. Is that was that a factor in going to you we are last night for the four out save in other words if you're playing the White Sox. I do you do the same thing. It depends on who's come into the plate I really felt like bull -- as good as an outstanding fastball hitter. NFL coaches split that was that was a better match up. In. If it is the White Sox. You know -- more worked up for the year that every win. Mean you have greater significance so. You -- we've got to -- coaching I think now three times with a four -- -- and I wouldn't say that. You know if it's -- White Sox may make the same move with a two run game. How do you balance that an army you've gotten a chance to see him throw more than three outs at a time if you need that in a playoff in any hypothetical playoff situation that I know you're not rated talk about you know he's able to do that. How do you balance the need to see that with the need to make sure he's well rested enemies right around his site is all time. Pitching innings limit or where he's been in the past. Funny about those things. You know my -- I think. What were were more than willing to do it to do it because we have but yet at the same time if you thirteen pitches -- full boat to get four -- last night. Its the efficiency that really gives the freedom to do. And and that's. That's the beauty of coach you are I mean you know when you look at the total number of pitches thrown since going into the closers role per inning. I would I would venture to say it's the lowest in the major leagues on average. It and it's because of that efficiency that we feel like when we get them up we get him in the game in and he's been such a great job of not. Maybe overworking himself with longer innings in. It's pretty remarkable I've mentioned from the -- lastly the dugout as good as that last inning is unfolding as it. He's got a chance to get four outs and tall pitchers that the time he had thrown eleven strikes of the eleven pitches thrown. In and it's really amazing what we're seeing them at a coaches. Posey doing it I mean it as a fan you watch him pitch. I know he's got a good split finger fastball we want to pitch and he he's not throwing 95 he doesn't look like your traditional closer. What is it about him that is able that allows him to be not just defective but as you said it really limit his pitch count. You know the one thing like he he you can't measure is deception in the delivery and in his case -- can take the velocity and and kind of put that aside because it's a reaction of hitters that tell you everything and -- radiate is it almost plays like it is 95 because the swings that you see. That the opposing hitters are are. Are you going against him and I and I mentioned a number of times is that. He has almost like six cents on the mound he knows who hit a feel for what the hitters gonna swing when they're not. His pitch selection too regardless of who's behind the plate whether it's been salty. You know Rossi -- -- a little far away I mean he's got such a great feel to go pitch. That may be -- that you're not looking for the look for the other one and it's the constant cat and mouse game. And because he throws some of the strikes he puts the hitter and swing mode immediately. Well you can brag about somebody if if somebody. Said this before you guys I knew we are. If if somebody in the group says you know why don't we consider this guy's a closer to that happen. No it didn't. Let's go to underlies it didn't because -- -- -- -- do we we wouldn't would have thought that OK -- it was what we know we know other events that took place. But I think if you look back to the performance the coaches have in the states. When he's come over from Japan. I think because -- in the closer role he's getting. The much deserved notoriety right now but a lot but numbers you can match them up to years past where. He's doing the same thing this year as you did before but he was just -- closers role. It is it too early to think about I know you talk about his efficiency and last night was a perfect example not from any pitches. But his career he's one inning away from his career high in innings pitched and that was four years ago with the Orioles. At some point you're mad at numbers ten do you start thinking. Well I think when we get to that point where he you know were assuring herself of continuing on what will look at. Every position on the field and in the end. You don't build in some rest were needed. But the one thing it. In my conversation with Cody every day our you know how are you feeling what order some of the things you might be dealing with which physically not doing anything and you know we're cognizant of where we're is that in terms of the number of appearances so far this year and how it compared to years past. But the thing that we use the most is this his feedback. And how we feel physically and and you watched the work routine in which he goes through after games but he keeps himself in great shape. In his get a very detailed warmup routine and you know the one thing I also look at -- that we warmed him up only three times this year in which he's not gotten to a game. And a lot of times that swirled that the workload can pile up as well. There's a warm ups that they don't get the game. So I think there's been a number of things -- really played into the year that he's had but most importantly his ability. You got a chance to assure yourself a series win tonight what is your lineup look like for the game. We get Pedroia Victor Reno can David and good in the three hole directly for not a fired. Drew was in the six hole. Middle -- seven and Ross is behind the plate as were. Go and every other day for the first few days and what -- practice gradually work him back in and Jackie Bradley and sort of field. So Pedroia leads off for the second time that what does that calmer station like with him. Letting him know that he's going to be doing that what we went into your thought process behind. You know on the off day we talked about it and he and I had a couple conversations at a few text messages back and forth and you know it we're going back and forth and register you don't screwed up -- -- -- -- -- Would we consider you put in put you in the leadoff spot just see pitches in the end and see how guys are looking to attack right handed hitter. He's got a very good on base percentage. It's slide everybody up has been really swinging the bat well of late including Napoli in David assuring David gets to the plate in the first inning. And so there was a culmination of things but it's pretty it's pretty willingness to do what. I think well what's called for a -- it to get a very good on base guy in the leadoff spot. Sorry John -- start now from Mohegan sun's dinner with John Ferrell contest. Today's question for you comes from Stewart silver streak he's from Brookline who wants to know. He says I'm a director of a middle school baseball program with sixty kids. Our our young pitchers are always looking at new pitches slider -- -- books that are in your opinion. What types of pitches and techniques. -- a young high school pitcher focus. Fastball changeup first and foremost. The breaking ball you know what and I and I would say I would go curveball before slider just because -- more -- friendly. Because if you -- slaughter us you know incorrectly you put much greater stress on the elbow so. That won't change it would be the priority. And then. The Pro Bowl following. What are -- those kids doctor on the changeup right off the bat. You have to find a grip a group that feels comfortable because you know you as a young player and and really this goes. Through these guys that Curry College or or pro ball your your thinking about probable hard as you can. Or trying to create velocity and -- -- -- -- and ask -- -- -- the slower so there's a little bit of a middle blocker and finding a grip to kill the speed is. -- the most important thing whether that's three fingers with a that's splitting your fingers to make a little bit of offshore. Where are split change -- grip. Or some -- circle change -- there's been -- different grips and the reason is because. It's not the most powerful -- -- to learn to throw but what did you did you do I threw like -- actually getting. Almost. Semis split finger. Because to me throwing all -- -- with three fingers rather than putting my -- handle the baseball that felt most comfortable make. I love that question from Stewart's over street that was a great question you hear what the -- question once. Yeah lay it on hard. I don't know I don't know that you do to I don't I don't I don't want to say no one hang up I don't I don't know I -- -- this but dobbs -- throughout this is the guy from Wakefield. Listening to Dan he says. Would you hire me as your executive assistant. I've got eight years of management experience and possess it tenacious. Her sister personality. Well he's fortunate we've got a lot of support staff around here so I would probably venture to say no -- there. Let him down gently that's surprising I think that this is how you were going to acquire your executive all of them but I surprising you didn't decide to do at the -- if you don't you wanna know about the -- in -- don't you wanna know. You know I think he'll bypass the -- -- -- just say no we're good. Our producer Ben is also interested in the job -- give -- -- an interest and and were willing to make a trade you give us Pedroia will give you Dan. So we're our own merits sounds good job thank you so much I enjoy the rest of the triple to talk to next week. Are you right there and John Farrell was brought you buyer bella insurance town fair tire and -- -- -- I thought I had -- I thought I was gonna get as Pedroia appear producer. Balls that question. I've already spent the dark veteran out there and I'd be year -- -- hire me as your personal knowledge -- -- there executive. Got an executive vessels much more professional than personal assistant executive decision executives what do you think the executive assistant does this not the bench coach. Are you asking to be a bench coach not on the bench coach that's the executive assistant during the game -- is nothing I mean I know Tito and -- -- I was got the sense -- he was always the executive assistant on the all time of the day -- could call him at 3 in the morning mills here's what I need -- to be right on the phone on to. Executive assistant you know managing the schedule. You know making keeping keeping all the the things. That that might distract the manager keeping those things away from our lots still to go to today here especially Gerry Callahan quoted his in his article column this morning and I have to get too because really I'm really curious about it. And then also what what John -- just told about about to about the reasoning. Trying to acquire the acquisition of Jake Peavy. And and and the way he looked to Clay Buchholz went buckles on the regular season -- it's been a better when we returned Faulk now WE.

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