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Derek Lowe: Breaks down Clay Buchholz's start

Sep 11, 2013|

Derek Lowe joins Mut and Merloni to discuss Clay Buchholz's start last night and to reminisce about his time as a member of the Red Sox.

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Alright most fans back whoever takes a look into the crowd now placing the ball and glove right arm dangling had a sign. Lanky right hander is ready to improve matches won on both the second thing is cents a still hobbled. -- -- -- -- They know there's an all the -- around -- my. The first no hitter in there by -- Red Sox pitchers and good morning then in 1960. Time. I big moment for Red Sox fans smuggler 937 WEEI big moment last night. In Tampa. I've made his broadcast debut sit Maradona Carcillo. They're a little smoothie in the Booth together Derek -- and pay out Martinez for awhile there or Derek Lowe joins us on the eighteenth the hotline there are no. Out I would go would submit him it was a I would say they're out there -- do you know when the first call. Myself. So what it did it -- it would all been note. You know talent is on the couch watching football when it's. Nine innings of three hours in the world yet her job and it's part and -- C'mon. It media area Pedro in a Booth with you would Donnie Elliott all work and. Yes it he was it longer than the fifth with a bit easier but I knew it was great I mean I think it's. All I really gave her three -- -- now and it was good because. You know get back around guys and it's climate if I felt like a rookie over you and Matt tiptoed into the Red Sox called while note Alex and in the back against the wall you know it was. It was it was a different feeling but. A little -- enjoyable to street he buckled back Panama on an old you know people are. Didn't -- know what they're really given it was fantastic. Well let me start with this Derek because a number in 1997 when you detect a -- over their productive will be talking about. The the conversation as I've mentioned this before I'm -- people believe -- not but we get the pudgy catcher in this nice soft throwing lefty from Seattle. The true number way they thought that you were lefty. 100%. And we were in Colorado Springs -- and -- and I got traded we will back the hotel and did you know Danica it's element call it doesn't. You guys are -- Islanders that things about cities earlier. You know our own Paul left and and you think you're on there yeah I think that rolled all the catcher but. Funnel straight bat and every year weirdest or he would do you do the right organization group group about that time hated young players. We accelerated to that line and got to know. That much about you know the history of Boston you know there are huge Tigers fan growing up but. What you got there and I'm in great places the best place like spill. So how does that work when a general manager tell calls you a soft throwing lefty do you correct them on the phone dark at eleven find out -- -- scouts that you're actually right hander. But yeah I did not correct them and that it was. Okay -- we're gonna roll and it you know eventually apart figured out there -- right handed but. Yeah it was it was an interesting phone call to that you know -- but clearly I mean he brought a new era and it messed up but. You know only it was a great run you know and it -- you lose a lot of fun political games. Basketball -- buckles last night because CI. I didn't expect him to come off the missed that much time and be as sharp as he did I thought it would be his third -- start he probably evaluate him but. Last night and I know you've seen a pitch on a few bad teams -- against him or not but. I just marvel at the fact he's got like five pitches -- in -- -- now where he's got four more to go to. He did a great job you know. Mean I've I've pitches and meet and that they could have that many. You know it politic time to -- all of them involved and I think yeah. -- agree cutter last night but especially a lot and he's too old and won the lottery inside the left and it kind of got back in the Al. And we have that many pitches in the -- it's hard to two and a look for one he did a good job pitching both sides. But the bottom line that night and only once seven Garrett is his first two and a half months and wasn't -- that out struggling eat. -- best returning game. In a matter of time to get out there and it's -- -- Italian league Arabic bursting acute ticket ever have a you know a 123 inning. Those great that it really got to the fifth inning. It's a two run lead hold onto it and what do bullpen well documented great job. You mentioned -- again -- -- -- some of the hitters I'm curious Derrick as you were prepared for your first broadcast what you look at -- was it more about the velocity. -- buckles last night more about the control was the main thing you were focused on prepare for that game. -- -- -- -- I know. You know even when you're making starts every -- -- not always that -- your main goal was starting pitcher can how that -- that was. Good look into in the -- on it in Canada. Using your breaking ball and you know I think that's always the strong and explosive when you've been out I know me. My rehab start before people don't understand -- all Hart do you know heart and a -- what you have been. But. Like most -- got better as. As the game went on and it was great that he didn't have to you know -- -- with -- you know -- -- 85 or ninety pitches that they are talking about you know he's able come out earlier than that. He's probably -- -- all sorts today but. By not much have you got that maybe 9599. United front its limit. You when he first came up music for seem curveball changeup and the two seam fastball and cutter and he can actually throws. Cutter slider right different sides of the plate at times but that two seam fastball Lotta -- is Josh -- was so successful in on lefties. But we all know started this thing that was Derek -- against Terrence long right right when did the groin shot you know what I'm saying you -- you -- remember that one but that it's so effective. He had cut -- we've been there but -- Exciting. -- -- -- It is a great pitcher meaning it's your only meant squat position the obvious one way I'm not into it can allow you to maybe have a little bit. Easier innings you'll have to be buying into the simply cannot go to general area. And just cattle at the movement of the ball -- but there -- some let me back it'll slider had no idea of course I'd slept eight. You know people you can show guys. And -- -- arm angle how they step for other bill you know everyone has different stuff but. You know if you can incorporated sinker and Pete you know your repertoire like at. Not a excellent or what you need to have a you know a good sport seem to velocity and then I think hit it. He's got a picture I think that's what I'd do that occurred not at our Albert -- and it being a pitcher -- and your career. We're talking former Sox pitcher Dirk will be back in the boot tonight on -- and Red Sox and rays middle game. Of a three game series if it people were surprised by buckles last night the season's surprise there on this team. Has got to be Koji we are you know out of apple and this is a guy that. You know got 1234. Again last night is not give up a base water and forever has its amazing streak going. When he doesn't seem to throw all that hard what what is it about him when you watch him pitch that makes him so good. You know. I had watched their hitters he's no I -- numbers -- -- when you see guys that had a number that you're expecting. You don't that was in 95 what that's all that with a unhittable slider and all the sudden he looked up -- 8889. Straight that's all -- I think you know popular people the number one thing is it is there has to be unbelievable deception is when you're growing at those speeds. You know it's it's obviously makes it more difficult disorder drove it. Unbelievable I mean what seven hit a walk into it like PlayStation go out there in your book book threw one ball yesterday to get -- guys out. But again there's got to be detection and I think confidence not a magic he met in the content you have Abalone Eric epic for. It would even got kind of bounced around your clothes and new start and and this team -- it for young guys you know and in workmen in Britain and tiller roast and Webster now and then you've got a couple starters right into brought in Dempster that that might help -- and the playoffs. How tough this it -- is it is it easy for some offer for others. I think it depends -- person you know I think some people can only start -- only relief you know it is hard to bounce back but. And we look at it they've luck lost they're eight and nine. Injured early in the season -- not that -- On the way to the ball. You know that's why you minor league are so important -- and that's why did adult speeches stranger you may not make -- team order we may need everybody in this call outs and and I think. Young guys bought into it went down. And in got better. Not that it's unfairly and he's got confidence in all the guys that come people see that you're going to be everybody and you expert just a little darker part and an -- to go to the and and but they've they've set themselves up for a great stretching and what a turnaround in the last year what they were relaxed here. I'm -- as a -- yourself you know I'm just pitch couple months ago when you look at this line up Derek and I'm sure. The year. You look at it say okay how what I attack this lineup you know wells -- on in their last night Pedroia bat lead off is there an approach it would take is it as simple as. What David Price did just try to throw first pitch strikes and avoid fallen behind some of these guys -- grind out at bats. -- done that so yeah I agree I think you know. Picking them pretty months ago or a lot of warning. I'm not. Out of my out of -- -- You look at the planet and I think mortal right and it got dark to their strengths are inside you know and I think. It that's what strike -- so important because early to count the other. I'm looking for something inside to drive especially in Fenway Park that Walt locals but. Yeah I think when you're -- when you're facing a team that issue of the union that's gonna make -- -- or so pitches per at bat. Strike one he -- at the other. Flip it and make -- more aggressive but -- water out to blow -- -- they're gonna if that they've already into the slavery and and so price last night I mean he has great stuff regardless. Yet he can be especially against you know a team like this that aggressive and you have to prospect on immediately did job. It didn't want to presume is looking here from 2002. To 2011. For God's sakes and I don't think you missed a start. You know what was it about was it just some guy's arms it just made like that -- -- physical mental that type thing late -- and. I think it's. I think it the Lotta luck involved Rodney. You know -- and I'd I think was I wanted to work harder possibly could. So I gave myself every chance Lotta people do that you know it is there there's some luck there's genetics involved. Maybe it'd be the way you roll. United -- I think it's hardly at all before I got drafted you know I came into professional baseball -- about forty -- -- -- army that -- But there's certainly some luck but. You know I learned -- -- you know it took me took time to incorporate a really good. Routine you know and it had to be hard and so I learned that ends -- where that. But again it's an -- Arroyo you know he learned a lot from Chris -- do you hear back enough you know. Late night you take out about how to work in and brought them to myopic view this article career. Well you spent eight years year was there any hesitancy put on the Yankee uniform. I had that point I -- out -- diet now without. You know you're you're you're sitting at all lots and -- -- game on TV but. You know he's by no means you and I went there. I I think it did the same thing and when Boston or else particularly dumb batting and not Major -- Ball bag came and after the game -- really -- -- -- and he wasn't part of him I'll -- equipment -- as as the -- you know there's no doubt. The -- you know he's spent eight years there you had so many great memories. Could you wanna you know -- championship. And not. It was just a great waited for it to leave your time at all or you know with they would the championship and I've always bad and -- -- and not -- full cost you games. You know seventeen years ago long long time because of free time news that. But look let's handicap now kind of mess and it's even go down even lower. Crippled by its triple bogey molest or complain about myself how bad is that we give yourself. Seven out of our order claimed by. -- Vick a Mulligan already become a lower. You got -- in and Jerome griner out of a five there -- seven by myself -- No it did not mean -- done in Florida. I don't do well in the seat but it at the water. -- it fluctuate a the gets on the -- connecting on C on the -- some point -- hope that -- Matt and myself we should be good English. And I want what is Carcillo doing get -- still a lot of bad get on the center rental clubs -- that ankle -- pink lady get him out there with. It -- -- the home first day. Talked little about seven days ago and -- believe that there I rolled down a warning. Cricket that he's 352 or read the protocol that where are endemic in the lobby. While we're leaving at 230. Battle that he got to hand it to -- mean I let -- first eight. All that Santonio what do you what do Tebow -- -- That's a bad team guy. We all look like. It was grab me it means he would -- me you know I told -- forty you do a great job he's at ease your way into it but also every game -- the better. Argument to talk to -- Great stuff -- Derrick Low we joins us here on the eighteenth the -- ATT the nation's fast is now the most reliable forgy LT. At 37937. I was great last night I don't know what to expect I've not been spent a lot kind of wasn't you know at that point. Covering any teams totaled 304 guys went and spent a lot time around Eric. You know he took a lot of talk show fodder about Derrick he seemed to. You know he seemed to deal with that OK but I don't know how would be in the Booth that was great -- what I liked a lot of what he's just he's he's not far move from -- no news pitch and this year so. Most these guys a lot of -- going up against at one point or another -- that side of kind of what he would do. Right how he would attack it and I like that that's kind of is he still pitching the ball left to get after -- of all he leaves the -- I've got that first day on the job. -- worst suit says Arsenal tells them what time to meet him in the hotel lobby. And leaves and a lot of bad. That's bad let's do this we'll get a break come back. Since word a position now. We're mlb.com. Says it is 100% chance I'm reading directly from their website their stats. 100% chance the Red Sox make the play to be a 100% I -- surety during the break they haven't mathematically clinch anything but it says 100% chance. That they are in the pats that give the 102 -- a check mark doesn't say it's in the gonna win the division but a 100% chance they're gonna get into the playoffs. Can we start to look at the wild card and you wanna see commit here. The number one seed with these playoff races look like we'll do that next.

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