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Headlines part two

Sep 11, 2013|

Headlines survived another day. Kirk discussed Anthony Weiner's loss and the continued questions surrounding Diana Nyad.

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And they said it would last well they said it wouldn't last and here we are date to. Of the resurrected headline era. As long as longer than Kenny Chesney and Renee Zellweger is married -- an honest Turkmen and this year yet on the Dennis a gallon -- -- -- I will be part. Headlines headlines will exist I would die on the hill before it's likely he hasn't figured out yet you know we have. Plausible that I ability yes we will were we involved in the no. This is a Kirk meddling of the headline operation to sue. -- non state she and in -- -- there put this all together while deal and I said in here and drank coffee chocolate chip yeah right now do you know courses is totally self serving. It's headlines featuring Kirk -- -- You know what it's called official India. Assortment of nova Danica advertisement line enough now yeah often there's been some bites I'll say -- I can tell you that right now we just by -- re -- well some say this. It's like an open competition you know it's like the jets quarterback right on they wanna -- headlines. Get -- get in line and take a sniper that was saved the given little piece of pay people enough on folded up and handed the curtain in the field dates. And events for Anthony Weiner -- Over over the -- is done the -- is toast Musharraf -- it it's gone by 5%. Last night in the primary that's unbelievable. This is a guy who you know scum you have to be at the New York lives abandoned use them. They love New York. I thought he was going to be the next manner. -- who's the favorite before this next thing was to -- others happened. 5% last -- city that is there is concession speech restaurant New York she shows up years ago the backdoor this McDonald's next. In the -- -- restaurant and it's called it's not the back way to avoid her she was screaming and chasing after him now -- him manner. Well she showed she showed a few college he was aroused. That's we'd love seeds addicted to the danger. Well and others by the way in porn would get to porn later it's been part of our as many as well as looks like -- -- I mean a star is -- the Hitler prior to. You know Al bats and realizes that might worst. I would banker. And it into trust me and I tell you that's saying oh Sidney Rachel said. Even under crystal meth face it even in my worst crystal -- I was at now now I'm you know we have standards -- -- You media cream and -- issues in the detail. That conversation. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- New York one filmed him as he was leaving his his -- and so -- -- -- concessions we have some of the speech. -- sometimes things got a little Dicey on the campaign. And I'd go to his subway stop right go to a concert or a church service. Sometimes people would come up to mandate wrap their arms around -- they pulled me close to whisper in my -- they take my hand. And they'd say don't quit. He has morphed into Saturday Night Live parody at a -- SA good descriptions does that seem like that should be like John -- so yeah. Doing exactly happened -- for McCain up I think a lot. Beyond looking at a picture of -- Atlanta it's close bull. She's trouble they're well he's already happiness just disgusting call halo against -- -- in the dangers. No sign of -- -- Zuma Zuma -- Joseph the lovely bride yes yes she exotic give me your beautiful she doesn't need him anymore you movement on the district needs a rich guy. You move it has to be someone famous rich powerful -- Buick you know. Fortune 500 dollars the clintons sent his exotic looking yeah given that option date Hillary. Christine Quinn she's better looking -- some others for shorten up that's a big surprise -- definitely support Ryan is better looking instead of Anthony Weiner out now I think that we all agree the biggest fraud right now professional sports is not -- Not Lance Armstrong. Who is. It -- fraud in professionals toward someone who -- Rex Ryans also barrel. I know I know Diane van. So. Yeah she did step up and defend yourself we did you were you review. When she -- now now now I mean. Went when you first heard that she may have cheated to that'll come together as a 64 year old gunman killed two other times failed to other times exactly in this time. Shows up a day early finishes the ride the run swim when -- caught. Early the casino. Thinks she -- aren't just felt really good got there. -- a conference call yesterday with a much of the skeptics -- a million of them on line people in writers in the swimmers and all that you should answer all the questions. Give her credit we've got some of her answers here. Never acts devoted anywhere not even -- inadvertent -- never got out of the water never but never got out what in the open CE. He's -- 53 hours. We just can't -- That 44 people would all collude together and decide you know. Right thumb let's let Diana get out of sleep on the book for twelve hour than all 44. Will keep that secret forever. And nobody ever got out by terror. It is orders and that's all good argument is why do you believe that all forty will keep their secret to their -- it's contingencies that it's. I mean -- I am skeptical US postal team kept it secret for quite correct -- Really some of them bail them a year more Tyler Tyler Campbell failed in have a number of a guy get it disappearing they got -- -- -- talent that would happen last week Lloyd CO -- Floyd Landis do you think. That rule that is that the next beautiful one of repeat yes rats are yes and she said yesterday that did the reports were that you went seven hours of your drinking she said that wasn't true. If she said she has all the all the ball via paperwork and charts former team just to release that. As soon as possible why -- release yesterday never touched the ball would she do which she hadn't eaten in Rome changer closed and all that stuff. You don't change close to distribute water and you do Shiites are in abeyance at one point -- wet -- Joba let's -- and that she had that. Keep talking crazy mask the area yet at the portrait of Majoli jellyfish she knows she does stop on Bush's stops Jewish or she obviously adding parenthetically not an inadvertent touching vote. That's a little protest looked to the famous provided Tina -- got again yes -- especially well -- -- you read a book by. -- -- do you mind you but it. You believe her Goodell is you always believe yes as you -- about this is I'm not sure she's a person of character I read her book out god yeah. Did my personal like thirty years ago true. To change people change now he's frustrated she never could finish to -- that they dangled a thing in front of all time off and shine and I will not cheating disk keeper from getting eaten by sharks have to -- noted -- some shows inflation is -- X and sheeting. We have a lot of highway dogs and dog race when they have the chase and sons with happier Swiss students and Japanese but -- -- -- much slower -- we -- time -- -- for the how are detailed from time to time -- answers -- segment as long as July. Lamar Odom much like -- and then there's not a cracked. -- Iraq I don't know it's over -- -- -- -- folks at TMC cut him yesterday asked them all the tough questions he straighten it out in unlike Diana and I had was a fraud. On the team war yes it. I -- -- -- -- your fans are worried about it is doing okay. You look great. All right you know how would your route right. Now. You beginning -- present moment get a message prevents my -- -- -- -- -- -- And time so that was convincing sold -- get back there said he never even inadvertently touch crack at that that you think could happen definitely opened him to go I don't believe in round on a bully and that sounded like. I tested lakers' star or -- Odom. -- Arsenal. Yet. Track on what's wrong withdrawal -- have been. Which public and -- -- -- -- who have nothing to do a future. Why she does like. People mind persuasion which it is -- she's. Her -- it reaches it and I I didn't I didn't I don't obsessed I don't wake up 64 I don't wake up today. Just and that's said that before I mean it's true as mentally and and I had to wait a way it's not. I think you should hold sticky again I like. I -- -- look I trust her I don't believer that I have. She looks like a believer I wanna believe bigot yes well battles lie but I don't you don't believe you release it tomorrow and you -- -- last week. The people who criticize her for. Avoiding them jelly fish stings in her face. It's just never got stung by catch fish sharks they've all she is each are whenever these things to keep sharks away yet. Would you prefer she'd like she did do -- Give them sorted by yourself do it's not a -- review I'm up line. Accomplishment against each other -- selves we're going to be open that's my degree doesn't have assistants on the spot traders or whatever on the football field at certain for the Celtics or. You know bicycle guys they have. All car right and extra tires and they listen these guys who run these these ultra marathon yes right on some dangling -- -- -- -- you can't ask myself am adamantly -- camper that was that the whole race you drug your family and to buffalo to be your support team and ages and your wife to give you grew. Yeah I wish him -- Since I -- I -- And that's offensive. Like that do this segment is acute heart broke. And then I've played him. Outside the book cannot -- -- well it was a PBS. Doctor Richard Billy Jean king last night yes let's. -- candidate with a guest she is more and -- -- you know she's got a -- -- the final question the question and it's sure it's an island room. -- -- the -- soccer game. And talks all. Frontpage but. Sell over the -- -- the revolution obviously presents her home field now could be that they play well Portugal's celebrity Austin. The cubs a variety of excellent excellent up to a twelve school. Oh. And they and that it really put in grass just for the the game that -- and -- take -- all the grass -- on top of the turf. Chests and these guys vacuuming play one game now if the peel off. To give it back -- in the receipt of practice did it again deep that we did it did match the current. I've when that -- final story out of port deal. To bad game appoint mr. you've probably noticed a difference in the business. Big HIV epidemic are right now Cameron bay -- it was a female film star to adult film -- again not attractive. -- deposit 94 different ones testing positive right now they're trying right now to shut down the entire. Porn industry but some people signal we're gonna continue to do with this what we do. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Life. Should -- a -- like the dangers. You know. The rescue behavior risky in the Bruschi. Way of doing. Picked as cystic conventional ways be less likely to get diseases I think it's probably true thing trying to be more safely to -- -- sort of standard. I think it is it does a lot but sometimes you tell me I don't need that these guys need to -- now what is the presence of protections somehow diminish the experience different compartment hand them I'm watching this but I'm escaping in a different world. My my point is that there's. -- obligation to import for good at the real enough form. Through the parties in the war yeah epic nobody's gonna break the -- which you can find in the end of this at some see as Oregon and yes that's true right. That isn't saying anything under the sun in the -- and starts has already been put on film. In the adult Chris Columbus you know we wouldn't be here I think you always have to explore and it's odd that way reached via the media idea they -- just -- point yet so you dislike. -- -- You know. Street missionary in different ways to do it just mean. Rescue the rescue -- dirty way. Right on this life and death you know it's certainly save lives right that's about it gets to afford their one and ruined Mike Napoli these days -- -- Apparently player of the week -- here illegally get a shot on important. That -- -- today. All right out of -- conversation when we come back and by the way via patriots season tickets for the 2013. Season. Which includes two tickets every knowing the patriots regular season home games starting tomorrow night intersection 332. Wrote three seats 21 and 22 plus tailgate passes at the Dana Farber field house which includes complimentary food and beverage including an open bar is at. 3200. Dollars. If you -- increase that. And every dime goes to the Jimmy Fund you can bid at 6179310937. -- number again 617. 931098378. Error a patriot. Season tickets for the 2013. Season at 3200.

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