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Uehara continues to dominate

Sep 11, 2013|

The Sox took the first game of the Rays series behind a solid return by Clay Buchholz. the guys noted the continued dominance by Koji Uehara.

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I -- expression on our sports plate. But what the hell -- our sports late today there are two items that not too long ago if you even considered them to be. Possible. You would have been looked at is insane as a -- one of the most positive. And one of them as negative. Have any idea -- I I think I do I got I think you do it and finally got you do you while you've been here too long cracked the case you get via. I'm I'm really gets one of them. Is. That the Red Sox are just prepared for the post season until it's done their in their end up meeting getting their more than that after a 146. Games they would have the best record. In all of Major League Baseball -- 603 winning percentage rejected the win 98 games. And will be the go to hell yeah post season ends field. Throughout the playoffs only unlucky I think in the in the pre season and in in the spring training. Didn't even -- nobody did not nobody did -- if they did Dina -- just doing it for fun yet like Mike you didn't really believe and he did that exactly and Mikey that he -- win the division thanks. While he didn't mean it. I mean I love Mikey but there's no there was no. Baseball. Sense too easily just capture -- -- little shtick yeah. Nobody believed that even the biggest fan -- and god knows there's a lot of them in this town you know. What it would Brad -- what did you BFF -- 15040. Path that would show what we're gonna get -- 85 using -- round -- on the game 583. For Mike because Mike he's crazy. If you had the most even keel. Logical sense sickle baseball person try to make a case back in February or march but this team would be where it is right now. You would have said he's he's losses -- yet to have to take his baseball -- -- away from the person right by the way the Yankees would be down on the cellar with them yeah well at. Some of us predicted them to improve on last year because of chemistry because they got good guys and some other people -- cynics mock us for that and it is nothing to do enough and and you've come around I know you -- really good baseball team most certainly wrong about that yeah did you think Jonny Gomes was a good addition. That I was overpaid and it's getting to him he's been a great addition and a you know what the numbers of the matter. It's it's almost. We talked about this last week nick of -- wrote about it they don't have MVP candidates now that I've got. They don't not have guys having career years. There I don't mean think about it. Less through -- -- known most of my career EV -- -- guys having good years yeah Harwood -- it yet he's obviously I mean he's the only ones off the charts just have in this bizarre career rooms and just anonymous. -- asked the question. -- that that's a career year I don't know I don't throw it who Graham who at the Tom Brady. On the Boston Red Sox baseball team that is the guy you cannot afford to lose. And have your whole isn't what is smoke who said I didn't write it didn't -- what it is Dustin or Dave I guess sorties in these you'll Horrow my right now. But here's -- -- you ahora me east third street clothes. Well yeah fuel -- -- -- -- right wasn't closer he was an afterthought. Got -- from whatever it is -- have million when you do an option for the next year. Which their. Which obviously some bargains can make four point something in the next year. And he's amazing in all of gotten I usually don't care -- watch and location of pitches. Watch his location -- guests and that he doesn't miss it by an inch. Too often mean he -- spots the ball beautifully. I don't know for the hitters. Enough tape on them or or knew what -- and that they they take pitches that they shouldn't take. And any jumps around and high fives and one yet he's he's the the most fun. Asian pitcher even as soon. -- T-Mobile. Comparison but it's asserted the balls out of the Daisuke. Works quickly Nomo. But and he yeah. Him. I'm in Koji bright who's -- a career year who even have like great year Ellsbury is going to be plots here. Men Wednesday. Not compared to two years ago got a lot of guys having BC's Lester -- Maria Lackey isn't that history knows that a function of somebody different doing all the time. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well some people try to make the case that Joseph Girardi with bailing wire and you know struggle for second duck tape and -- -- -- -- together yeah that's part of their program called ten and a half games out the New York Yankees are ten and half games out of the division. And you're gonna give their manager a vote for managed to get a vote somebody second I guess some might beat him about it and how that talent bright colors that Terry Francona frank I don't know three. They're ten games over five of the Francona finishes second if it ends today. What about. Ron Washington Bob Melvin and the -- Benoit ever thought Texas was going to be this good yeah okay let's. Wasn't medically about to be fired yet Bob target American lay -- -- yet I mean nationally -- -- justice convincingly yes. As perilous selling like allowing my associates and when are now. They should do that anti imaginative and he called the Bobby Valentine the what we have to get to that too because they asked how he hands on he's going to be Thursday. Eighty as sacred Hialeah and Steve Russian Sports Illustrated went down hung out and indeed the story of is he do and and he's such a phony it's been unable to leave her life pretending that his big. It's than yesterday's big duty of the day was get sand. With the head of the long jump and like he had ordered this and how much is an out what kind of sandal. Will be. And Russian spies don't know for body and it would just and to distort it's kind of a cute story. Bobby Valentine get them down there at this university do in the day to day duties and its member we joked about a book in the Boston -- yes that's what he does. Tends to do everything you see some guy yells to Bob have a big Red Sox fan Bob -- month. He -- so mine. Is -- -- question. Anyone who wants the Red -- to feel more in the world. Then the Bobby Valentine. Today right now don't want barrel as the Yankees organization don't hate the -- sought -- Bobby Valentine but he's pretending that he's grinding away on the front lines of you know calls small college athletic director and busy. Gas -- that this thing he has to be busy but he talks about. When you re -- mobile will mock and ridicule him one more time obviously that's the positive things that tunnel sports plate today than just a few months ago you would have been considered insane. I know the second one tigers -- negative -- Your alarm not coauthor woke up at 130 S correct I figured that yeah yeah yeah I -- I -- I don't I guess that I taped it did you you didn't tape it. Tape radio I'm thankful for studio deal. The old fashioned way and put seven. And this like it or you don't -- because some -- for the weekend remember we used to do that public. With. 24 castle shows I don't savor them related days I got to watch games and lose in -- have to watch politics stuff like that. Now I can get entertainment enjoyment a centrist Sunday no patriots Sunday right. It's Bob formally about the friends over -- -- rents are there gas fired yes instead of order and that fight that. That can analysts they would they would rather find out we -- gonna pop in the mid -- man show so he and narco and and BJP how to deal. I -- Kuerten at the moment I showed the the third listen I thought was not his who's the second first for me. I'll be fair -- find new things now like to subtleties and the only you know we are it's yeah its it was shot. Yeah Wallace there was -- Jack on this yeah mine joint venture of fired up for the season means training camp string can be kicked hard up for that gave away. To pre season tickets having the US pre season tickets yeah. It's a bigger than the regulars you need tickets to go to practice Christie's team -- -- -- against it excellent currencies are at atlas. What you wait man he's right -- he's gonna lead the league in scoring this year not just. Come from this that statutory have you watched or -- to score goals it was shot because they -- just hold on it's not just that he scores goals although I like that about him literally. He moves his tempo and moves his feet in a way I'm unaccustomed to watching Bruins defenseman break and -- -- -- by the way is only a step or two behind right. It's SP I'm in a -- myself and -- kick him but he felt that I waited to set -- at Nortel jury he does he doesn't spoil. Yeah imagine that I got a little -- Feel that since Jerry's the ultimate spoiler and he's wants to hear this so bad yes shoot -- good -- gonna bring Russia India. Weekend at -- -- that it was just wants Israel's long for those logos for hours and twenty minutes we'll talk this morning leave it went for -- yeah being what it seemed like only fifty -- wanna do the crossover causes mad at us and he's managed to make fun of them but I don't I don't know more than anybody else out. Well unlike you I'm not and -- desire to promotions department. Which was devoted to elect a week was a commercial for the. Now so he's mad at us I don't know we got some brush back. Yeah -- -- upstairs I imagine I don't know I imagine also complained to -- suits I don't know in the sense data tell us which is ridiculous and darling no one went did as much to promote no one brought -- many years. To that show as we did and two callers to the two. Which will include including you or no noise and you didn't attack on Edwards may call yet reject ever on the threshold -- Don't know that. I don't know how was not involved in this jacket with Europe now because you probably more coming here at midnight that's going to what's wrong cronies are grown -- if -- -- excited about it can't assure us look at tape something early. Yeah I think he could take the whole thing 630 but they didn't want to question -- taped her project to project at -- segment. -- -- -- object -- -- yeah I'm just glad we could come in today with models people lined up -- and -- occasionally -- and I'm excited it's a -- from -- it's awkward time did you. Go into group if it but I think I know the -- -- not even -- see all night at dodger and know what it is -- reset this thing. There are two things that we are looking at today. That just a short period of time ago if you actually consider these things you would be thought to be insane one is the Red Sox would be. As good as they are sixteen games to go best record Major League Baseball that's the -- clinched the -- What is meant to now 103 -- to I notice I notice -- one and a half for a tenth division doesn't seem like too good to -- April playoff spot. On the -- lose out at one and that. -- and who's -- to make the playoffs we have the rankings. It's good piece here in the rankings of the post season rotation will teach you that the final with a Red Sox. The rotation ranks before -- -- -- with the service on August 24 you talk about teams on the opposite way and had a bad in the season like Oxfam. -- August 4 that wasn't long ago the raids were just percentage points ahead of Red Sox since then the genius Joseph Maddon and his team. Are a Major League worst. War in twelfth all the Red Sox or Major League best twelve -- But -- apps apps are undeniable I. The Manningham just about everybody but the rays were in the catbird thought that could be. In the division for five days and I guess I thought the Red Sox were going to be battling for the wildcard then you know on the ground at one game -- not a concern paper scissors that runs while car which would have been fine. It away. Anyone who says that they. Thought the wild card was was not good enough issues is it themselves this just get into the post. It is one of the more remarkable story on how to put in context -- -- It's more amazing than what they do you know four to this point 407 at this point you know no doubt they were they were good then I don't ever remember a team that has over achieve to this level. Parts of the 69 Mets and not to steal one patriots amazing -- we're talking with the rents -- all of its Red Sox. 67 don't you remember enough 46. Or do you that was pretty amazing -- but this is more amazing it really is but here's -- -- well. I think Dino has given us a hint. To the question to part two of his question gets the idea that the jets could come in here beat the patron correct Armando it's the hand. Possibly given -- wearing it. He's wearing a jets green all is quiet end to lock -- I think angry Bob this -- reached the point Dina wants to rethink this -- every fiber of my gut tells me. The jets are gonna give the patriots all they can hand agree. And this twelve and half point spread which is so zionists. Which means the patriots win by thirty. I'll have gotten the player -- -- on almost gonna predict that blow. By the papers so I can't think of any reason to to believe the bulls. That would be reversed utter reversal -- reverse and reverse -- got -- that are used to. All are are the reverse around or blog author wrote a rare or because honest to god. Where is this company from this notion that the rate strategist in the role I am not well. Up. I don't see nine of the jets were lucky you know they should be own one if not idiotic personal -- the end there -- but. Everyone agrees that Rex can dial up the defense all right and Rex. And and you know. Now that the deed to pickets were almost lucky that chance when you think about all the dumb things the bills did give that game away well that may be true but at least it was an active. Act of aggression that the patriots drove down the fear I mean date they had it in their own hands and did not screw what the bills was handed objects in all we know the -- -- take any time off the clock right. We know they had ten penalties and -- turnovers. I know each obstacle all the was not fumbled at the patriots recovered anyway we it'd be different and a little stripped -- more it was a weird and strange. Did he not know that the patriots recover. What happened backed up so what should have told us I mean wouldn't assistant coach elect has his bench coach say hammer out. What's the upside if you win this I do think he should of won the challenge that it was a fumble that make any difference to anyone but -- -- lost time out we just would have maybe thought that your -- some I don't know was very early -- maybe he's really wanted to do it maybe want excited to get us on the first challenge correct yeah Eddie sure. It's true bucked. I don't see it man I don't see -- the patriots should be twelve and it's the biggest one on the board right exactly. How is that possible with a M and -- with a marine we -- has gone up it started at 2010 about twelve to happen from a medicine. I think gonna start the reversal for hours in the play we don't know when they announced that that. Sanchez is starting -- a lot of -- that would do it. It just seems. To have all the makings of another 21. Grind 23217018. Africa. Chick and seventeenth to eighteen games with equipment. The and it doesn't attend and you can go Rex can -- defense do they have any offensive weapons that really have got a rookie quarterback geno in there. But what does Tom Brady house. -- -- -- now is best running back from last week gone what happened to a few weeks maybe four weeks to after the season. -- You don't have Amendola you don't have wrong you -- unsure about mental or or rock but. Would you guess other route to their route yeah. And and which means entitlement like you're number one receiver what you -- would you say it's like 5050 that element as your focus guy. On Thursday night tomorrow night -- of the entire argument doesn't get nicked up. It's it's a toss up it's -- apple and Cortland and I'm surprised he's not out Thursday took -- budgets that's generally the wayward -- gets pounded he misses a game. I I don't see analysts were talking about the return -- Ridley and he he tears it up and they run the ball analogous. We'll find though. Soon enough it's hard to believe they make him after that physical game they both played just in the yes it's got to do it again tomorrow maybe it's all about mental toughness. Patriots are mentally tough they're home. Jets have this endless list of of guys were banged up. Although I think geno Smith went from the on the of the limited to the full predictable which -- -- the -- K yeah. But their missed in the -- of punching guys it's a war of attrition on Thursday night football on May be the feeling is to -- Putin just tougher mentally and physically -- -- twelve and a half now. I don't know the two best guys on the football field last Sunday not named number eighty Shane -- and Danny Amendola they combined for 263. Total yards I'm reading from espn.com. More than 61%. Of the patriots total output and they were targeted on 24 of -- 52 passes and by the way. They touched the ball on the first nine play -- Of the twelve play drive. It drove for the field goal and two of those were kneel down by Brady that so actually nine of the ten plays they're gone they're gone. And the line went from ten to twelve yes yes. Well make somebody else also -- you know so it's one of those deals and -- be Sydney Friday morning to two mornings from now Stan. Well it was you know it never saw that coming 38 you know thirteen and we're going well the jets are dead. And at the -- I I think of -- we talk about this all the time the sense of urgency factor you know what. To whom does the game mean more. And in the NFL and always means a lot to everybody we know that in in week one meant more than New England buffalo buffalo is not a content flows of rebuilding team they won real. That was a real moral victory Maroney no one -- obviously you could pick apart the decisions he made but he had his team ready to play. Almost pulled off the big upset. To -- does this mean more. Clearly it's Rex Ryan and the jets is -- not. On -- guys they're Super Bowl again but it is a main if your Rex Ryan you have at you know you have the pull out all the stops for one game one week. If they win they gain real credibility they sort of to know -- -- which -- six other. And and that the guy at the top ground that this will be our guest today -- -- world peace hit it pretty in its tracks here hates Rex Rex hate him. But he says if he wins this game everything changes. Rex is no longer a clown there's -- clown nose but can't beat on him when he takes them. The podium after this and that sort of damocles -- the way it did over his head in his lifted the time being -- Tom Brady and and high -- in the -- but -- quickly -- -- -- this game is ought to probably need or want it to Tom -- corset and no weapons they play out to everybody. -- that's not a basket to amass canyon to whom it means more I think it's probably pretty equal. People want when -- didn't want to know is occasional what if Rex gets -- if it's 38 to thirteen rice says he's back on the -- back. You know the clown nose is back he's it is Easter season joke he's a dead man walk. All of -- -- operating -- my favorite all that stuff holds true if he wins it's a whole different deal in New York you know it is Friday morning it's a whole different -- set -- was on with us yesterday. Instead on the heels of that game that was given to them by the idiotic Buccaneers. The New York Jets fans were all up and about -- that this is this isn't such a bad team after all. -- right or bad it's got a gift wrapped. But it will it will multiplied by a hundred. They somehow pull this off to mark that was a bunch of worst to first slashed in the NFL right but teens went from worst to first. Or not necessarily one at all but just from stinky to smell better leaps and bounds yet better. It's gonna be some of those this year that surprises. I never thought that team would contend yet now I know it's not Jacksonville. Oakland O clock is definitely not Oakland it it it. But and I know they weren't the worst but with the jets surprised everyone NBA contender in mid December I don't think -- Some offensive players weird things happen in the NFL. Geno Smith. Could he be and offered support him where their skill players Phoebe could he be maybe ABC and even if they manage to pull this off I will still look at this as some sort of operational currents and fox tomorrow night. If if the patriots do something stupid it's -- geno Smith out of bounds in the kick a field goal no time left on the clock the beat hatred by one or two points. Would you look at at a Sandra trend setting way. The jets going to be able to win 101112 game yeah I would I don't out carries over into December that they win this game tomorrow night I mean if they win a game like that -- not. I don't think they would do it make it would make any miserable ten days in Foxboro that's true until gain -- that's definitely true art 6177797937. Text like 379837. Probable awful lot to talk with you manage met top of the daily news. Would give away a thousand dollars. By the way way you can back. -- you interest in a -- A patriot season tickets and I'm hoping for the Bruins proxies and so yeah it all though we have to get involved compass can -- -- -- and I don't know help but be excited about it will be that we can.

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