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Bruins Midnight Madness with Mike Salk, DJ Bean and Naoko Funayama

Sep 11, 2013|

Mike, DJ and Naoko get ready for the Bruins season by burning the midnight oil on all things Bruins. They dive head first into the pressing issues for the 2013-14 campaign.

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Our guys it is. -- midnight madness bruins' training camp kick off show Campbell begin tomorrow. We thought we getting here at the night before and talk a little bees will do what you guys phone lines to be open all hours 617. 77979837. If you're up late driving around if you normally worker. Travel around the city at this time -- take some calls. Knock him Bruins in the in the first in the city to do so I -- training camp beginning tomorrow walls have. Three different pairs of tickets to a pre season game. Which we will be given -- -- at the -- get to them to give away at the end of the show and give -- one -- appeared about 25 minutes -- Mike -- let me introduce the two people with me. The radio new -- who's walking around taking pictures Beano before and I -- You should know about -- is that she loves taking pictures she's he had the best pictures of just. Everything she talked Q doctor playoff run it is so called good -- now go is here long time Bruins reporter DG been. A WEEI dot com our Bruins be writer here with me. As well and I wanna jump right into it because. For the first time in awhile. There's competition again. I mean that you're missing training camp this year and instead of going in right away knowing exactly who's gonna be on every line knowing exactly what the final rosters going to be -- take maybe one player. You actually have legit competition in probably two spot to get seven defensemen. 46 spots and then you've got some competition for the third slash fourth lines let's start with a defense in the -- bounced back to the forwards. Tell me how this works he got seven guys you've got six spots and I want all seven of these guys on the -- And you've got one coach who is obsessed with having his lefty righty pairing so. That's you have to look efforts replica that'd dexterity and handedness. Of these guys and Doug Hamilton is a guy who will benefit from that there's three right handed shots on the on the Blue Line right now it's Doug Hamilton. Johnny boy chuck in Adam equated so you have to assume that for now unless something. Crazy happens that those three are in pretty good positions to have their jobs jobs he Hamilton's the only one who would be up in the air Chara Seidenberg. Krueger or -- -- would be the guys on the left side. The question is though whether or not they elect to. Try to keep a guy like Matt Marko ski opt in to have something your rotation with. I wanted to play at the end of last year and I solve -- 'cause you play throughout the season I saw Kruger really only play at the end of last year in the playoffs after watching those two guys in the playoffs I don't understand how either of them. Can't be on the roster to begin blessed that they're both they're both -- they -- both hockey players who belong in the NHL they -- NHL level right now. Yeah for sure I think they're gonna both BI team because remember what they did with Conway and -- -- McQuay camper on this guy doesn't mean they kept the mop it and you know and with the team in training with the Bruins that when they work. When you know when there was an injury or whenever they would seamlessly and yeah and. Indy -- Archos ski he's and I'd assume he's 2324. At this point. He's a guy who's in his position similar to mention that conflict Adam Quaid. A couple of years ago. Where it's not gonna stomp their development if there hang around. In not getting into games. I really the idea of because now what you're saying off the air that. Having Dennis Seidenberg who can play the right side. Include teams that trust mineral that allows -- if you wants to to kind of load them up with or left shots and two great shots. In if they are to do that from time to time I don't mind the idea of having your guys who were in the lineup the Chara Seidenberg. Boy -- shock. Kruger and in the Quaid and then have. Depending on how you're gonna make the pairings. Either Doug Hamilton or Matt -- ski in there and give them the first two months of the season to figure that out it's a condensed compressed schedule there's going to be a lot of games so. You rotate through I mean do you do you need -- commute takes seven guys figure -- five of these guys are gonna play almost every single night and if that means that I got to rotate through crew -- how ski and and -- then on some sort of a rotating basis maybe it's you know you get to those three guys in every night in the odd man now right I just sort of works itself out after a month after two months or maybe. Maybe continue that way the entire time until you have and you know you're gonna get knee injury eventually. -- gonna play 82 games that everybody in your team healthy you're not just gonna play six defenseman lasted the entire year in fact in all -- probably in the needing more than those seven by the time the year is out. Which is get them all up get a ball in their right I don't wanna see a team that doesn't have -- how ski on it doesn't NHL player it is good to see him up on the ninth floor either if I ordered on the ice. -- -- for your boy crew stepped up deleted my did wearing. I think it is something like 300 goals against an excellent it was at least 300 that was into game. Yeah -- if you beware that's a fraction of what you wait man he's right as he's gonna lead the league in scoring this year not just for -- come from this obsession with Tarik have you watched a lot of commitment to score goals it was shot -- -- -- just hold on it's not just that he scores goals although I like that about him clearly. He moves his tempo and moves his feet in a way I'm unaccustomed to watching Bruins defenseman. Break and -- just -- by the way is only a step or two behind right I mean all those conversations year after year. Where the puck moving defenseman -- how to find the puck moving defenseman Dennis Wideman is going to be the puck moving defenseman. Thomas Cabral is going to be the puck moving defenseman. What's the other joke or vote is gonna be the of those guys were both stunk. I only really one after another after another incapable of doing is one thing this idea of moving the pot and write them a better passing and others. Fine I like watching this -- to keep the puck and move out of the zone with speed crew. Another Bruins defenseman you've seen that in the last decade. It moves that moves faster than he does with or without stealing it is like first two games I think -- -- singing -- that and that -- that kind of far off tell me another one until we got to play with her. Really fun to watch ebitda fund two lines. And I mean he's a guy who. The size you don't worry -- vote necessarily with him because he'll be playing with a guy like -- Quaid who will be able to handle. The physics how the of of two guys rather it -- Well I guess I watched him in the playoffs and figured OK the size is going to be an issue it's going to be a problem defensively. And it and look at the series he played him. Right right I mean he played in series and certainly one against a very good defensive team against the team that's known for big bodies and blocking shots and that should have been. To recruit worst night and none of them seem to be a prom I watched him going into Mediterranean area and then the series I mean he he never happened I -- they're not as physical but he -- had a problem. In either of those two series he was never embarrassed out there or or or exposed for not being marginal. Yeah I mean while. The Rangers series they feel like they didn't fore check nearly as hard as some -- teams which -- and that sort of time and space. That he could do his thing that he could move apart he could. It's you know whatever like apply his dynamic play great and so you really size his game flourish in that series. But you know we'll we'll see night when he faces some other teams that that Mathieu a little. Art that's yet that that's the thing having this you have to remember that the sample size is so small and it's something that I was thinking of vote with with. -- ski when he was good -- that Toronto series of right but we've now seen him play. The penguins a thousand times in the regular season and stink. And play very well right now so I won't be reluctant to hang intern at that point I know that yet and I've seen fares some back indoors and out I was surprised that he made the movie made to bring back -- right. I was wrong Clinton's right hey you know first time -- the last. If it weren't for -- if it were not for crew were having this same conversation. About -- Archos ski because of how good he was in because he'd finally shaken whatever kind of jitters he was having every time now -- Knowing that I haven't bubble for the DJ being -- -- -- -- -- -- it is the Bruins midnight madness training camp kick -- show your calls here as well 617779. 7937. Bob's been going on in Quincy hi Bob. I don't like that thanks a lot avenue showed tonight -- a church you're chart and I hit -- many years stop populate -- rookie. Sport talk about the -- see enough. -- -- -- Extreme right now. Courts aren't they are paper that we championships but there are seeing right now anywhere. -- a lot finals it is they want it gave law. It's gotten at all but I'm a lot so what do we don't want a repeat talking about Stanley Cup -- Yeah I'm in there there are a lot of what ifs we were just talking about funny right before hand about all the what is that Chicago suit looked -- one game one nation one game six. And they could won game four I mean all game but they sure one. I thought they were just as good -- team in Chicago. Rocket threw it away right away right quick game -- -- but it was a great series. Two great original sixty. The I wanted to talk about what I were talking about. Or true. Yet you know he looked great at rate -- But I want to see what's gonna happen -- a long period time if there's a lot of the physical play. The physical play for a guy that's all I know you're -- Eight people are. Got a shot of the night but I wanna see I would actually wanna go. We're blacked out he. All right off -- election in training camp. -- Received two -- Eric. -- side Brett obviously wait boy shot. Locked out. I like the -- eight it beyond yet and a lot of people out. -- last year. Not having heard it Bob I kind of series and really appreciate the phone call the American -- hurting for large guys right I mean if if there was a team full of miniatures. It's Eric fine they don't have room for -- -- is always so many small guys you can have. But look at the rest of the guys you're talking about out there on the ice the -- of behemoth. Equate his giant literally wait around nobody is stronger than Dennis and then Seidenberg. So I mean you know I'm still needs to to fill out a bit but I mean he didn't have much time to do that I had if I don't have any concern maybe that's the biggest -- -- I don't know that I wanna see a combination. Of crude and Hamilton out there is a six defensive pairing but in a regular season game I don't think you're going to see. Right I mean I I think that assuming. If it's Hamilton is in the lineup. And Seidenberg is playing the left side as he should be that I assume you stick with that pairing and then -- -- didn't have the greatest season last year but. I think that the strides that he made in kind of not necessarily. I don't wanna use the B word of babysitting because it's using such a negative connotation it comes the -- last couple days button he helped bring it Doug. Along and I'd like to see how that about -- Obama so. Glad you brought up that phrase -- babysitting because he just couldn't miss it in behind the beat the other night the moment here heard the word baby sitting at. It was very obvious I mean you watch what essentially was a twenty minute. Advertisement from the Bruins organization. I think sort of a show man here's my advertised over John -- so good so it's so to I don't know if it's real but. -- -- -- There is -- on the white sides with popped up on Twitter and followed all of the the Bruins beat writers and I'll retire I think that there is no way that's real I don't -- I was use them like. You used an hash tags and everything pretty quickly you know it's like that takes like five weeks away from this -- Way estimates that that maybe wasting -- boring thing though he gets the and at the end like the very special mention -- John -- -- the strength and greatest and I don't advocate against. The end at the end but look -- beginning -- that shows a twenty minute advertisement for -- -- Sagan is no longer -- and awesome and hate is not just Peter -- -- idea let me show you in an advertisement on -- and for twenty minutes. All of the people that signed off on this and didn't wanna see the sky around anymore and really the rest of the scouting department everybody who's making a decision. Every one involved in the Bruins organization sure seem pretty unanimous the Tyler -- shouldn't be around at least as you look at and that they and that in that move and that TV show. So tell me. We hear caller call up and say OK I think they're going to be better this year than they were last year you have to then be on board to with the idea that Tyler saying it was in some way holding them back. I am on board with them having moved Sagan. And brought in a a player of Louis ericsson's caliber. Be a contract like we -- he's making public four and a half for the next three years. That is the most like -- Peter surely could kiss a contract it would be that contract year. In considering what he gave up the cart that he moved because during the playoffs. It was called -- that they showed that meeting of them during the playoffs saying you know we might trade the sitting guy. -- Everyone who was covering the team was thinking the same thing of this caps coming down. -- as a bad contract right now but this is not just a cap coming down caps coming down yes but also as a team gets better and -- -- to get -- they become more valuable can I actually -- -- -- and they won can they can stay the course could -- -- I would -- in here. Are you asking me sure yeah I mean. They -- -- they wouldn't miss like playoffs of talent -- looked Tyler -- if you were in this lineup and you were in the top six this season. You'd expect thirty to 35 goals from him or something like that but. As far as there is complete game in what he locked in it. That it would just blow my mind that. Costly people would bang the -- of why does include trusts -- why -- is eleven that's why does it under that selling -- when he did watch him they want to examine those few games meaning units an army and when that last period that was an hour and a half. Half game and a half and which which actual -- That was one of the few times I defended Palestinian because that was really I thought it was unfair because -- had -- that. That was going to work. But it but it wasn't even Joseph looked the faceoff to one thing the whole game now. We were -- he looked lost its Saturn everybody kept saying all he's a natural sentiment is put him back at his position will be fine. I don't -- the way I understand NHL. Responsibilities which by the way is barely at all. He was not cut out to play center in the NHL the stage and. Not in not the system -- he's gonna go and ruffle let him. Do his staying in have a minus 28 and he'll have fifty goals and and Jamie then we'll have that the -- goals and they would just have a big fun point Pardee and that the worst plus minus is known to man -- Consents club I can just sense -- literally like cringing. At the and that higher idea of a big point party right with negative twenty you know -- -- -- plus -- he's -- gonna say in the next couple years they're gonna say. The Bruins are missing those fifty Eagles right now surely blew it -- could use these for two Eagles right now will they be good at it they. They could use in a vacuum yeah maybe that I asked both the will they be right when they say that will open will -- be right -- now. I mean I'm I'm not of the mind that Sagan that players like -- players like castle. Can that can thrive in the system. The numbers can look pretty but. He has that thing is the system right like you can be a great player big -- fit in with the system. And you know that's a question to Mike we don't we don't know but can he give -- that in the system can -- that -- -- -- -- they'd look great on paper and they look like Pete than it really well. But I think until you started to kind of see them. You know practice with the team play with -- team play in game situations and and and absorb the bruins' system of play I mean I think it's going to be really hard to. Hard to say right now if they're going to be upgrades are not mean it was -- when you know number one Yonkers Kaman yeah and you know I've read it was like he's going to be great with -- she's doing great with crate G and then he ended up playing -- -- are -- are not playing the -- Rights I mean it's -- you have Blake. You know -- I just think that there are certain like Tyler's such a talented player. I think you know with. It does matter how much talent you -- you have to be able to rent just which is the top of things is rounds. That age in to the fact that. Two players I don't Odyssey of flamed out attempting to do -- -- too young guys with a lot of skill who. And I don't want to just assume it's against gonna put up Kessel. I'm I'm not gonna just assume that -- is gonna put up -- numbers in Dallas but it did -- surprised me but. We've seen it twice now where you can have all the tell the world in coming year but if you don't play. I don't necessarily I'm running to say a physical game but a physically willing game where when you have the puck on your stick your first thought is and how do I get rid of this so nobody hits me. That's stuff that you can get away with in today's NHL but. Not and that's just the and that's just the honest I am able what what you have to continue to go back to two is that there's a big picture issue here your Cam Neely. Say yesterday on the behind of the document. So there's a -- as much. Zero honest and off. On the ice. Certainly has the skills put. I don't care when they turn three years in the league should have its own. Improvement in the areas that no other coaches. It's a little slower developing than it should be -- it. Because it's. Here is. That it's difficult to get into the for me when it you know it's a great deal -- it's something we need to do. You came -- that not come away with two things one that he never got to the backside of that statement OK if it's about two things what you do on the us what you do off the -- he never said anything about what happened off the ice and that's laughed out there. As these huge. Elephant in the room was like hey OK but cam you said two things annually you'll give -- one and the second part of that is he says very clearly he wouldn't cough. Right he wasn't able to be profit system or not. You have to be a -- player right I mean you can't just skate around expect never to be taught never to do anything difficult especially in this kind of a system that -- Right ends -- we keep drafting is. What why do you keep track -- it does stop bringing guys that look that look if if they had the first overall pick in Tony tan -- their choice between Taylor hall and Tyler Sagan. That -- have been turned in salute to -- quickly to eight they were loaded at setter at the time -- -- but the well look what -- -- -- the -- -- what was I mean that amounts and hearing and -- revisionist history and thinking I don't have to just Jared who's gonna do the same thing -- -- and he's gonna slow but everybody's supposed. There and so cancel it just you know what with the amount that everybody was so excited about bullying in the top -- -- a year you wonder what kind of a bounty could have gotten back maybe could've gotten -- players -- -- need to get it back I mean to be fair to -- curls there. They're also things that you have to projected that young an age you can say yeah he's not physical right now. Let's get him into the bruins' system. But have been spent some time with me on the -- with Nathan Horton just gun with like -- Pena with Zdeno Chara for days and he should automatically be tougher. Funny and it -- just it is it didn't happen now it didn't happen at all aren't lots still to come or not go for an ailment DJ being able let me mikes off here we've got a couple of tickets to giveaway. We'll give away a hair up next for -- and pre season game tea you can do that. Plus the number one challenge -- are gonna have to overcome the next few years it's all coming up next it is the Bruins midnight madness training camp kick off show. Here at W media. But I train rolls on Bruins midnight madness sponsored by McSweeney in Ricci insurance group -- all DJ being now go what I out here in WEEI studios. Your first spot to talk -- Before they open up training camp tomorrow I'm excited excited just. To see this team back out on the ice -- talked about some of the competitive aspects that you'll see camp. Really for the first time you get the the battle at the defensive spot seven spot or seven guys. Really for six spots you could talk more about what's gonna go on in the third fourth line the first to looking pretty well set I think you know the killing Soderbergh will be involved in the third line Dortmund Campbell in the fourth. And pie guy -- in one of those two spots. Which -- all -- guys fighting for that final spot maybe it's Spooner Rhonda. The two QG got from Dallas Smith and Frazier and there's a lot of guys. I'll throw my hat into the ring early just because I like him and I'm curious to see if he can handle plan. Drop goal from center to wing and that's right Spooner I just I really liked what I saw from him when he did come up last year he looked comfortable. At the very least and I I was watching him today rookie camp where their DJ. I just I just think he'd he'd look better than the other key senators stood out. -- Smart player I mean you can just his hockey I used pretty obvious yes I'm so what why it will make it -- The agencies got vision in now I he makes good decisions and even -- we only have a small sample size. Of his work in the NHL. And you really just use east side that. He. He has such great potential. And part of it is is you know a lot of it is your ability to make decisions the right decisions quickly. And you can topic he's got that. Yeah the ceiling with him is a Savard type which the Bruins would gladly. Take after. Not having that for a number of years but with him I don't know fight like putting him. I don't I don't know if I like him is a guy that you have played wing for a year year and a half and then move back to senator. I would almost rather keep him at center in DHL and letting the division bright led him hone his craft and become the player that he's gonna be whereas I mean. Other. Other guys you can move around Patrice Bergeron was one of those guys Sagan was a guy who wound up sticking at. Mostly sticking at the wing and that now is go back to center. I like I mean for me if you're gonna go with a guy like Spooner and say all right we've got this tell the young kid at. We invest that a high draft pick and then we'll see who we've got I think that you have to apply that logic to a guy like Jordan crew on who. I think is just dying. It -- at least if I'm Jordan -- I'm dying to say it. Let me play for 1520. Games without me having to worry. A vote. Being in their being note because really aside from the beginning of the 201011. Season. When Daniel I had that terrible first game and cause to caress his job and then came out lineup. And that they put Koran and he played personally thirteen straight. -- hasn't had that opportunity NHL level that speaks to a Koran not showing the team. That he's that caliber player yet but I think that if you're gonna give -- -- the keys the way you gave Chris sport the keys last year early on that would turn -- Be more competition though for the job this year and you look at -- that lists the names that we just read -- -- good -- really intriguing players maybe only for one spot. Try trying to trying to find their way onto -- let's do this -- new look Bruins as they returned to the ice in pre season action at TD garden. Beat the ninth caller right now up 6179310937. Two and a pair of tickets of the game on September 19 to purchase your tickets to see the bees take on the new division on Monday September 23 at. Just go to Boston Bruins dot com or the Boston Bruins mobile app today. Be that -- -- I -- 61 set 310937. A pair of tickets is yours to go see the Bruins place pre season. Action against it. -- -- one is -- did you arrival he's got to have we got a text on the text machine or whatever it is vote. But having -- in the division and I think it's going to be pretty damn fantastic because the days of when you look at the Bruins normally at -- the past years it's been. Or the Canadians -- do they had to be good no sweet. Seal that -- their division and those days are over with Detroit a team that's made the policies and what 22 years in a row. Had a pretty pretty cute little offseason with. With getting Alfredsson and Stephen Weiss. I think that. I think the Bruins will easily be challenged by those two teams and wouldn't be surprised if one of them really -- for the money on the division. So I mentioned that the Bruins have a huge challenge this year literally not necessarily this year I think it's over the next few years and that's the figure out what the future is with Chara. And then eventually. After -- right talking in football talk about the Brady window how many times how many more opportunities of the patriots gonna have to win a Super Bowl before eventually Tom Brady is no longer. Capital to the capital B Tom Brady right. How long you have before char is no longer the best defense in the big shut -- guy the guy that makes quotes -- system work. Because he's so effective shutting down half of the ice or whatever big time player the other side has. How much longer do you have and how can you find ways to extend that amount of time and start to build for the future afterwards. -- -- -- I don't know if you think the ghost of fifteen no profitable Noelle I mean that -- need to put it on the analysts say -- right fifty. Well now he is he physical specimen. In that. Not in -- given that he is aging he knows that he's also really Smart guy and I think. The idea we're talking to vote -- scoring illegals the -- post managers and that that would make quote -- from the idea of -- looking into the future and seeing guys go around him and his -- being ineffective and it the lucky and when he's old and slow he's still going to be a huge guy -- around. But the idea of him not ruining the opposing top line players wives must post obsolete but -- on the -- right now going crazy thing what they. Gonna happen we watched him in the Stanley Cup final where he was was injured he was mortal. He was injured her -- but even more so messed up. By the end I'm not criticizing in my understanding was injured he wasn't himself but he was mortal. He was still very good he was still arguably the best defenseman on the ice including those pulling for Chicago and at worst he was the second best after Duncan -- fine he was mortal well. We saw a guy that was no longer a 100% of a 100%. How do you find ways to make sure that doesn't happen in the one obvious one the jumps off the page and it only have had some calls on here as well grab here in just a -- Is at least move them off the power play is great is -- is let tore recruit go on the power play and I'm not to say in this result or recruitment while they can't help but notice that. I'm not just saying that. Well at that point be to your argument happens to be -- crew did you watch on the powerful and another piece either way we're just happy I don't have and that's why the old man love thing even right comes across watching him take the puck on one side of the point skated over the other quickly move -- -- passed the puck move it quickly. It was so obvious when you would then go back to Chara. And it seems sort of you know one side locker room for compliment and -- -- the left side -- Google quickly quickly quickly -- Chara. Move it over to the rights I mean. Like you got that the rat of the big shot -- yeah I mean at age the image that whatever. You use is -- a product that -- that you zags acquisition. You I corrected that and use attracted something of a Camden in the in Tyler -- slept on as well. You -- take. To you know Chara slap shot off the point there I I can't do I. I would do quite a bit maybe not every time and maybe there's still room for it but how many times you see just a defenseman bury somebody because they're shot with that much harder. And everyone that there whatever else is on the -- -- I watch games but when he gets it through our when he gets it right how about all the other times where you shoot you shoot off by the -- on purpose the puck bounces off the rear boards and comes back to -- forward who's in front of all the -- -- able to go left to right right to left left to right right to left quickly and get defenseman off -- market the -- moving left -- right back and forth. And then put a bind because one of the wings is able -- it's funny ways to score the don't just involve of the bomb from the point. -- but I mean. And I know the week we talk with the Bruins on paper and how their power play should work and how it should be effective and almost always it does not translate that but. If you're even if you're gonna do 131 which they tried early on last year and kind of moved away from it. The idea of Zdeno Chara at the point with a slap shot and me on the teacher in front of the net I don't understand how that doesn't trend. But don't but it doesn't mean there we we've got off into the however many years now and it hasn't been good here's an opportunity to eight make it better and beat. If the guy a couple of minutes break every night -- he's -- -- and always not exhausted but even if it's just that hole in the injuries and eventually pile up. What do you can get rid of two and a half minutes every night for a minute and a half every night just to make him a little fresher by the end the year -- sixth -- seventh -- -- -- to -- -- 93 having a good fit fit than in the other 24 maybe -- be even -- much better wheels and Rhode Island highway. I would go to school. All -- so dislikes -- but I gotta agree I was called up about the power play it's clearly been the biggest problem election years especially you know what you get them well. It -- so much better -- you know we accrue or anyone else so that you aren't there. I know you say that slaps shut. A big threat -- -- -- a lot puppy or short and you and the -- -- a lot more on the power play and I nobody's. That the danger -- it's still there but yet you know the use of it as much I just think that that you know what. Someone like. Crew got a lot of you know a tourniquet to group -- but you know someone else. They're sweet to it that my friend. Sox ahead I turned it into -- at the moment I showed up but all jokes aside -- that you want to -- that's what that's where comes from you watch a movie speed and move the puck -- the power play can't help will be excited about it. But also like we're we're also now moving into the territory where we're kind of pertaining Chara colored that he is not where. He is a statue -- the Blue Line and take slap shots and wherever they may end up is where they may end up. He moves around he's a creative player a lot of his goals are scored on wrist shots and I know that that the caller will adjustment and vigorous shots all of those -- shots go in they keys. Oh what was it against Florida that he had that unbelievable play where he'd just look like apparently -- Nokia. Look let's not make Chara in two. Tourists and Indian mobile guy who can't and. I don't think he did do that and this is not a knock on just -- rip job on charts just. You know there's been a problem with a power play year after year you're constantly looking I'm sure they're aware that he did that part of -- -- -- is his crew and you can but I don't know that you patent Chara off. Won both the units is necessarily the but maybe it's sometimes I mean maybe he's part of a rotation on the I'm looking to try to -- to kill two birds with one stone is really where this comes from. They find a way to improve the power play -- find a way to allow charts and sorrow that. And and do it in a nice way not in the middle of not in the middle of a playoff series and it says that your embarrassing your captain and take -- got a yank him off and it's really gonna show up the captain but he's no longer out there in the middle of a playoff series now I understand why you wouldn't do that. And that harmony in the room in and his respect he deserves. 353636. To say OK these -- the years where. We earlier credible witness here in great shape but he's also he's 36 and in his last seven seasons he's missed fifteen games to come I'm not -- you he's not he's a great player. -- knowing the two with the exception of of his candid deterioration. In the playoffs last year and that was after a long season which she played all 48 games 25 games in the cage shell. That's really the only sign that we've seen bits he can't handle. -- -- Close it's a really Smart coach rate so I think he will start to see how he handles. You know charged minutes as he gets -- but again like I just. Can't imagine. Term losing any kind of an agent he's gonna have now lawyers look at from quality to -- you know where I want you guys played terrible I hope he does and I agree the ball there I also can't -- the I mean I understand he's a workout machine on. Ever forget -- is very first feature that he did on a mall about how we was biking all across Europe going it was great -- -- the stuff sauce. -- I think -- -- yeah it's Wilfork running around her neighborhood three or fifty pounds I can't shake the fact that we watched the team flip the switch though in the playoffs last year that they were one thing -- In the regular season any different thing in the playoffs and it reminds me that. Finishing and being the best team in the regular season. Is not the most important thing that they know they don't need to be the best team in the regular season. And if you're in if you're using a lot of that time to make sure char is a 150%. Not just under and a for the for the playoffs and if you're finding a way to get the most out of some of -- young defenseman and seeing what they can do with confidence getting some of those goals on the power play. I think I can understand some of the value their coach Trevor Ritchie in Weymouth -- Richard. -- -- Both. IR and yeah the chargers are wondering if maybe -- dialogue -- Aldridge no child like that there are allowed -- and everything else. It's helped somebody that nineteen belt first so many years and and just later lot outside -- think about -- -- -- but it. But I -- the AD. But everybody. Char I think maybe it will be -- vision you know all -- you know one thing. -- pretty good I mean like you know I I've said this a couple of times and happening that word that we're not treating Zdeno Chara is one of the best defensemen to ever play the game. Nike he's he's a monster other other teams can. Did you not see that the Pittsburgh series you just see the beginning of the Chicago series Brian pickle. Was. A fourth liner as a result of Zdeno Chara. And then at the end of the series he's scoring game tying goal but the stars hurt like it shows you the difference between what this team is. With the -- Chara and what it is without it I don't think there is any overeating Zdeno Chara. Longoria -- are still to come 61777979. 37 also wanna see we can get to this that we got some time the one thing Jerome Iginla said yesterday and that behind the B thing. That I hated and no one else at all seems to have a problem -- nobody else bothered maybe you'll be. -- coming up at the Bruins at midnight matinee show brought you by McSweeney Ricci insurance group here WEEI. Let me after midnight thank you that had to happen we're gonna need to grassroots a little later after -- which -- Spezza in. -- stated earlier we had in the midnight hour right. He had live and after midnight if Clapton after midnight. Okay. I actually I thought I had some. Late midnight slash league night -- songs I was in the suggests grassroots is midnight confessions. -- -- -- dad. Has a lot of midnight stuff that makes sense because -- midnight madness brought you by McSweeney -- reaching insurance group get you ready -- -- -- best tomorrow what was -- but that was my best selling musically I was really -- but I couldn't be real it actually was your best showing -- of the worst -- the music of anyone right now so yes that not knowing anything that was the best musically I've heard from you at all as tired -- seats -- about the music on -- Arab world. And -- terrible. He's like so excited about show the other day it's really low I talked to guys aren't so the next day I talked to Michael for like ten minutes about cash off toss please please please stop as it is being. Now a full day -- here as well the Bruins midnight madness training camp pick option as I said brought you by McSweeney and -- insurance group that we are getting ready for tomorrow's. Opening of bruins' training camp and now a lot to cover. -- grab some more your calls here before I before I tell you. About this one little thing I heard from again it just continues to rub me the wrong way where else of two pairs of tickets a giveaway by the into the showed over and pre season game describe Justin in Rhode Island I just. -- area. Are -- up I figured maybe move boy took over on the -- give -- over rescue. You're probably not gonna lose everything on -- shot with -- -- -- I mean it's it's it's not a bad idea it's not necessarily going to be the solution to the Bruins partly problems that I. Still think that their kind of in that mode of feeling they have something that needs to be fixed during the regular season at least because if there's one thing we've seen the last two year the last three years now. It's you know how you win the Stanley Cup is by having the worst power -- possible so. I don't doubt that to get acted. To your point to read it it depends on what you're doing with the with the rest back there at and also. What kind of from eleven year and a half but I mean if you wanna go say boy chuck. -- -- -- even at that point righty lefty Meehan you have yeah -- you have decided that the shot and you have got to count and uncle and I are clamoring -- and again in you have the guy can move it. Being called a midnight rambler by the way by a text message here 937 the AT&T tax line to the throne on actual stones. Six or seven as I said 77979. Victory so let's try a Barry in California Highbury. Okay everybody tell you that -- Yeah I'd really like to make sure veterans and rookies that we have now and but I really do like -- -- -- remind me. But you're used to what Bobby you're 1000 junior I love my president my uncle at -- area. It'll end it all let o'clock -- I watched the game. Even though at the next. There was those great days but key kind of reminds you -- poppy you're way too late. -- decorate a slap shot. Did you are making it -- and I I mean Steve Katz is aware to use. Type of eating grin he has on his -- right now look I did I'm not saying it listen to Barry Barry watched or I didn't watch or I was ever make a comparison like that. I was happy just to make you Greg -- good comparison like I don't need to go back or. For him that I'm taken me sick to Steve Kemper compares to what's great architecture very good comparison there's a lot of great -- -- -- -- they're both small guys talk to complete the wing with the -- tell -- were watching him play the -- a little bit. And one of the one of the captain's practices who was telling me that it was not it was not it was somebody I was talking to recently named Joey Mac -- somebody was telling me. He's even move it up to play the -- a little because they didn't have enough guys in -- and and it looks pretty good what's realistic next art. My my a crap out what's a realistic expectation for -- Eagles he can put up in him regularly two games. Like Arnaud you've maxed out it's to ten I -- yeah which would be. What you get from east -- in the playoffs last year. How media player -- Lester yeah I didn't know like. Did not score again after the I think he's after I -- that he had. Three against the Rangers and had adventure times against the Blackhawks that was not good read that's -- and it's actually kind of being overlooked that I had. I actually don't like players being compared. To other players like acting -- crew gets. You know this -- own individual special player and he didn't he can make. His career and his position and his identity. Priests summoned -- -- special committee that Terry fair -- -- answer questions let's try to Tito's now. But it noted becomes easy specially with hockey to -- guys in and -- classes like. When I saw -- signed -- crew I was like oh shocker Peter Shirley has got its hands on another American like small defenseman. And it's I mean he's seems to. At least through his plane DHL and what he did last year in the post season for the Bruins had a separate himself from from that pack. Four goals two assists last year in the playoffs -- hall of fame numbers four goals in fifteen games take that over the course. Let's leave him plays and sixty you know what it is apparently scorer like negative three Eagles are in the regular season -- -- 200 in the playoffs though -- bite you you know you never know I mean I would I would -- -- -- -- safe. Number four that's a lot Dominique you're talking about a six defense fifth -- sixth defensemen income putting ten goals you're having something and that's. Really playing as a rookie has only played in playoff hockey. It was done knowing that I NHL last year -- a -- O'Donnell kind of minutes he's -- how great it is he's out there. Yeah some are gonna start backtracking already does that mean if he's out there. With say Adam Quaid we played with in the post season. I -- quit as a lot of things very well Adam Quaid is not a source of offense for your team right oh that's so he may be he may not be in a position to. Certainly get points and things like I'm -- he's allowed to go to more of those things because you have a -- -- -- and -- playing with them and your allowing him to take some of those chances -- Quaid is never going to be the guy pension and well I don't even know that he makes the team I -- I think I still think it's possible. That he doesn't and they decide to go the other six. We've seen these great stories of guys come up they're hot right at the beginning. And then they kind of hitter out pretty quickly you've seen what he can do but I really like the right why he he can do something. That none of the rest of your defensemen can do so I think just the promise of that or even -- at the -- of that is enough to keep camera. Let me give away two pairs of tickets -- gonna give way to pairs of tickets and that'll play this Jarome -- thing but totally drives me crazy -- the new look Bruins. As they returned to the ice and pre season action at TD garden would -- the garden midnight in the garden of good and evil. What you'll have to talk about the TP WW shouldn't ask is -- -- -- -- because he doesn't know a picker scope but do you concede I don't know if that that he says he is that we always let go easily is that the the but please refer to it. We are not India US senator -- man known as uncle being the ninth -- to confront him step on the -- to be the ninth -- -- 79310937. Beat the eighth or ninth -- the eighth and ninth callers who both went right now. A pair of tickets of the game on September 19 to purchase two tickets to see the bees take on new division rival Detroit. On September 19 and Washington on Monday September 23 at the Boston Bruins dot com or the Bruins mobile app today be the ninth politics on 7931. 0937. Win again that's the eighth or ninth caller right now. To win a pair of tickets we've got to. To give away our. I heard this last night. Let me let me start -- I said this before I've I've admitted this assault well. I hold grudges. I -- I I finally I think I'm a pretty loyal person. Why am I I I hold grudges that last -- the being -- I -- -- grudges against people I haven't seen since I was and there are great I IE that's how I. OK but when I heard this from Jarome Iginla. I'll admit I was bothered even though nobody else there wasn't a first off. He had -- Pittsburgh good ones like. Fifteen games in a role on -- winning streak and they had guys out of the lineup they just made some trades and I'm beyond Boston and at the time was was I think they're going through a bit of a losing -- self. I mean obviously it's -- bits timing and I you know it's all that stuff but. You know wasn't didn't have a Slater anything I got was -- personal -- -- -- trying. The -- veto if you had a first the times are run hot I guess he tried to do it man. I just for whatever reason like I look at their last fifteen games one team's winning so I decided to go just for whatever reason. He wrote -- so what whoa what was done Indians. Phony list it was the Bruins. Penguins Blackhawks. Kings right right like -- sewed them. Ruins or what should have been third or fourth on anyone's list if they get to current -- was obviously and if -- choose one of those teams to go to last year. I think you can't first of all I'm biased because. Jarome Iginla seems to be the nicest person in most well intentioned person ever so. I hardly think that he was out to screw the Bruins there. Is taking lately what happened and how played out. He was trying to win a Stanley Cup in the Bruins were. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The Bruins -- Legitimate under achievers last year end. It when he wasn't clicking like -- they'd be seemed in my mind right for first round exit. I don't blame Jarome Iginla -- not going there and you can't blame -- -- for looking at Pittsburgh entering not Sidney Crosby's there and of -- markets there and can you look like on a roll and a little bit. This is -- no it's not logical great. I watch what those guys do in the playoffs the good zilch they played a Bruins team they basically quit as a group no thank you as the guys who wanted to go play with. -- was an exciting series to watch just because it was just this is my midnight confession tonight I'm still little hold a grudge and a little bit bothered about what he said guys this is a lot of fun. Thank you for hanging out late night. After midnight all the way until 1 o'clock now go put down a DJ being. Great work guys thank you for being here they get -- clear that -- Judas Priest who well we can we quickly go from. If we we have the technology to pick to go direct. We don't have that kind of technology you're stuck with the grassroots and -- landing this thing like a few people to call the show back in the sixties are right. Brute -- camp begins tomorrow thanks to good people McSweeney reaching insurance group. This has been the Bruins midnight madness extravaganza here on W media.

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