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Jarrod Saltalamacchia with Joe and Dave after the Red Sox shut out the Rays

Sep 10, 2013|

Dave O'Brien and Joe Castiglione talk with Red Sox catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia about Clay Buchholz' performace in his first outing in three months, and how efficient Koji Uehara has been for them out of the bullpen.

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Okay thanks John this off -- what what's great pitching performance Hughes keeps -- getting better and better and how did you expect anymore from played balk calls what -- amazing. It was -- was 73 months off like. You know and I made three rehab starts for -- you know it's tough to come into big league ballgame especially if they have this game was in. Kind of hold your emotions and he did he did a great job. It's unbelievable game. Salty any signs from him at all that there is any rust I mean. Would there have to be when a guy doesn't pitch in the big league level threw for three months. Yeah I'm at the thought duo is think you're you're missing off the -- by you know have football -- I don't know how. -- -- these hitters you know yeah I mean that I was expecting their respective and I think it was a few games he's in the game. I was expecting is as sharp as he was -- it is you know really just keep hitters off. He had a great depth touch and feel pitches was the command the same in the movement. I guess it wasn't. It wasn't as as hard and it wasn't remain in the fastball as much as he was before he got injured foot. It's purples will really sharpen our daughter was. It changeup with schoolwork so. You know other than -- have a little bit off but. If you can't really say that the thing is that three months. Can't really complain much note that fifth inning get a big RBI in that inning and the only two runs of the game we scored there. How mindful argue that hey we're not gonna get many chances against David Price we got to get him now. Yeah I mean once and I've got that that they didn't get sick that we you know we really needed. You know take advantage of that having a leadoff double like Johnny had a big hit. So once he was got the third on the line I knew I had to get him in somehow. You know he has good stuff that I they would miss by much you've thrown strikes and really had -- that we get a better out. Is that back okay you've been able to play with about it he -- issues -- that. It's good enough you know. He had it. Two runners thrown out that was outstanding to that was a very big if there was much Felix things yeah -- -- it felt good I think. You know let off there yes there really helped out. You know -- -- in our lives give me great opportunity keep it close. -- get -- -- finally we can't let another one pass without talking about the brilliance of coaching we are we just continues to -- but. I wonder you are mean you're the guy that that calls the pitches you're the guy back there most of the time are you was amazed -- is everybody else -- just tell brilliant he's meant. I -- I'm not you know maybe he just goes out there and in once -- at the ball found it hard -- kind of like. While no. Was that that instantly hit it really hard lately so I mean. You know that I read their kind of make -- get a -- call -- -- you know it's the benefits regardless of who it is out there mean. Nobody just come in big force really kind of solidify their closer role we needed. And strike after strike after strike if -- -- -- one belong you know little upset you know at the fact that he's gonna they're -- a fun though. Absolutely salty you regulations nice job tonight little ignorant and I think that's all right Jarrod Saltalamacchia. Who drove it very Raanan. Are there for pitchers who have combined on a shot out for the Red Sox have pitching staff. As they continue work to excel if -- an eight shot -- this year. And at the Tampa Bay Rays victim of a shot out there once again. War room. -- -- many times they've been shot out they've been shot on eight times. So the Red Sox win it -- --

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