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Pedro Martinez joins Joe and Dave for an inning of Red Sox - Rays

Sep 10, 2013|

Red Sox legend, Pedro Martinez joins Joe and Dave in Tampa and talks about his time as a player with the Red Sox and now as a special assistant to the GM.

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Red Sox and Tampa Bay in a nothing nothing game handily salty and then -- -- and Stephen Drew. We're delighted to have one of the greatest pitchers of all time joining us in the Booth news tonight he's just -- star turn on television. He's been everywhere the last few days in the Red Sox -- better off worth the great Pedro Martinez joining jokers that Leon Joseph. I thanks day -- his salty leading off against David Price. Here in the third no spark. And the first pitch a breaking ball in the pre strike Pedro great to see it ever since you don't with a target. Blanket perpetual smile -- thank you thank you very much of it could be happy -- that stuff until I have to do. Every day. I want to solve the is outside wanted to -- and you're I saw you talking to work in the dugout you're working with some of the young pitchers. -- idea I followed from high thump thumping some of the guys and I go to the video room and when I find something that by the communicated to. And went I think the last game you're. How to we have things happen and I think -- mental -- Buffalo about Buffalo Hewitt out. More like that we took it away and made a -- like that you know differently that you -- Not buckles and wolf we have and I if Bolden if he felt I after he felt let that happen. Wanted to do softly filed previous pitcher away so he's trying to break to -- 318. And that pretty much was what happens now. Well I throw the ball way -- kind of ride -- open and cop. Sometimes. The hot -- and -- can probably. How you know hobble probable boo differently -- you want. Outside to into the count. Red Sox about it yet -- David Price. And to accuse me in -- backing out of the way. You went to -- several times this year and Portland. I we're. -- I got a chance football loss to the academy in the Dominican and nobody gave them the kids and hopeful that you could probably. Followed dale Alou over there I had a great time. They've done. Is. It the main thing that the move in the field from the field will. And -- the ball. Kind of inside -- goes to three -- two. I can imagine what they're like when they see Pedro coming. But we did they get over that quickly that you're there to help them -- and -- not just to beat Pedro Martinez but to teach them well. Well not not until they finally. Get their picture taken after the -- I am an old attitude and a lot of questions. A lot of questions that get a they've they've they've let. -- back out of play him long at bat there's all these of the Red Sox have some good at bats against. Rice even though they don't have it yet how about that the arms you very encouraging the arms in the system we have some great arm in the minor leagues and -- when I went to especially mean and and we'll talk. Wow we have to do it on the team whether went. Written. So many kids that would -- that I -- -- I mean it's great arm I was on the -- than on the hall to get we've book who have put to you me. Retail is in the air strike three back to fastball inside the water three strikeouts and -- Enjoy your impressions of Clay Buchholz tonight. I think it's looking great. If they had seen him to be relaxed which will probably not be felt when when. When he was voting a little video grant -- that I get kind of put that killed him. And today you -- it looks like you moves we've had its getting down to the target and everything seemed to be in position to applaud. There's a -- Little -- she is right out. Mechanical player of the week thirteen of his last when he -- in this -- And off speed pitches that he think that's why the neck was hurt in. No I think the eighth -- going we'll of the five. Well that got hot and you know one little bit uncomfortable but it trying to protect we will run two different things. And I think we'll -- of monkeys that a little bit at the time when he was hurting trying to -- that if you don't. Inside one and one with one out to middle Brooks who had four home runs. In the last week seven game hit streak -- takes. One little blown away. Two and one is quite a pitching matchup you look at David Price that means. The -- that's -- a pair of ground that level because of bookie did coming back -- you know almost twelve feet and and -- in the middle of it though all. Come -- ready to -- -- that -- without the on the it that felt. Ground ball bunt the shark charged by Escobar flowers if it gets into -- -- price has a ways to go to QQ for cy -- Well I I I hope we thought we goofy the comment and I hope we built up -- weekend. And I think I was still anybody that they can mom anybody that take -- -- -- -- suspension. And that kids are you watching out there. Along with the -- Of those special -- by which some well. Here's Stephen Drew. 246 everything you realize in. Making and Pedro not only what 234 but he struck out 313. To one the thirteen teams -- what. As a little pop up on the infield the pitcher Bronson following Christ makes the catch the actors that. Yeah OK that's next goal quickly after a two and a half I was for the -- WEEI Red Sox radio network. Are we moved here the last of the third inning and Pedro Martinez basically is that. -- an invitation to stay here for a little bit longer. There's -- we're talking about them. My favorite game for you or is it your favorite game I have to go to the Cleveland game we were very came out of -- Not only did you -- takes the early innings in 1995. But the harsh the crowd as soon as they sign you up it was over. The crowd just stop the sellout crowd at Cleveland -- -- all the sellouts. -- then all of -- days they gave up right away and that bowels make for. -- also -- see that because. Given the fact that I was a little bit hurt and and and they knew it they would probably be more pumped up about. All wanting insight to it escobar's hitless in his last seventeen -- to sixty -- car lasted the ferry. Clay Buchholz. Throw 75 to eighty pitches you'll number 37 minutes from the right out of play. How about the game here you and I were talking in the process. The other night about that in the near no -- chatted -- by hitting generally if you judge the -- -- and he was a bloody years you know the body of. -- and it it really surprise me and it took me by the right to vote people whales than all of them go write a problem it on and pointed out. One line it's -- -- to the backstop. Instead of -- -- like the of the news said he came into China help and he threw a punch in accidentally hit a little Maloney left. Oh my goodness. And -- hurt his elbow that has. He almost pitched a no hitter that night well I got I got -- and all that we've -- to. You don't -- That myth that the men and the importance of that game of the -- the -- -- -- -- we have to win that game bottled water. It's off the -- file comes back -- the -- catches it for the first out when now. We will have bottomed -- all the wild -- I couldn't retaliate. Even though I live. The that the thing -- became a more important tool. Continue to fight both guys and I just thought to myself on my game and we'll run to get the team win -- that would. You did. There was John flowery it the right center right there right to grow up and up in the ninth inning now. David the day's news hit a fly ball to center his first time up. And he takes a high delivery ball wanted to what do you consider the best team you ever pitch. In your career. Given situation. Out we win. And and if you gonna talk about up to -- dominant. I'll I'll say the Yankees game the senate to okay the Yankees -- that -- with being an American League. And and the champions so we. I got to really. Put everything together -- to -- I keep the game like that again a great team. Only one base runner chili Davis that was in the second inning at the home run. Yeah I think they'll put a lot of second and evidently they demanding. Seventy -- that you think is stellar record for strikeouts by an opposing pitcher Yankee Stadium. These -- mistakes in. Hi amazing because I consider this the best team I ever saw pitched in in person who's done by -- Martinez play your brother Ramon. Eighteen strikeouts as Dodger Stadium so she would set up the -- movement set up the middle all night long it was amazing. I got the -- back in -- provided a yeah. 21 pitch on its way and it swung on -- this would that -- tonight that good that he's had a good cutter tonight. Yeah I'm -- -- because I actually talking the feeling it's. And but I guess it's maturity. Is really showing. In everything you don't. From from the starting the season will be blowing he's going much maturity and that's that's really important for him. To add to it it being Zeus was acquired from the Cubs. And placed pitch breaking ball in the dirt he's got a very good changeup. How does that compare -- years in terms of the way he reacts. -- life I can't really available much in depth compared to anybody. That was the best ever in -- you can I say I get the threat that along. I I'd put it together with the possible but I. In order for you to make -- that in depth where. You got to use it properly and effectively. And about you through it and happens that it is a line drive and almost hit balk policy that's not a way -- So effective based in the center field the basis for this it was one out in the third. Thing leftovers and grounded out his first time it was this than. -- people. To get to a high level by the time the post season begins restarts. After having three months off. I think -- -- if you look up that way it would -- me draining. Felt frighteningly you'll you'll you'll find a lot of -- guy that would have a great game in the first. Lot of -- or maybe the reality. It's up to about when I'm without feeling comfortable and we feel like we're on top of the game and and -- and on top of the things that we want to do. -- a freshman -- -- back -- you explain to me why Koji we are so effective. And I get so many swings and misses and said it's all arms beat him. They -- arms beat the -- very from from. Possible. -- the changeup and slider. And helpful. You thought that well you've got to really well and it's very briefly because of that -- and I think you can't beat -- -- team. That's where you your fastball and changeup were never changed -- The -- emotion. And the possible and that's in the the first when it -- back safely. -- -- story this year when he seven straight. Innings without a run. So many quick 123 innings. Here's the award. First pitch is actually an extra on it foul outside first. Was he hides the ball well so. Yep yep because he got very full in the comic movie you stay in the back leg -- -- very well violence and the the only -- and -- -- -- arm out in any -- where you can pick it up you you're only going up the youth youth and when he brings that out to you. And that makes him it's -- through. Point one acknowledged that -- and outside is that Rollins. It should happen they do. But throw by soft greens and off speed pitch. Her ball -- of itself he came out gunning against these loose statistics. Played pretty quick to the plate isn't yeah. And he did it did a great job holding him most of the Boggan throwing over and all that. He doesn't look like a guy that. Spent three months with a pitching. It's a great sign the picks there's no reason to go out and nobody out of bounced wide of first backing up Mike Napoli. Under at the plate for the athlete retires the side. Pedro thanks so much for your observations. We're going to be there at 2015. When you go to Cooperstown -- being unanimous vote. Well -- thank you -- -- It will be very happy to be with you guys are right great to see a great -- with a ballclub through to treat for all of us after three nos or the -- WEEI Red Sox radio network.

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