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Salk and Holley's Four at Four 9/10/13

Sep 10, 2013|

The four topics we touch on that we won't talk about otherwise today... Jim Mora Jr. goes off, Bruno Mars? and a bunch more.

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-- And now our silicon -- score -- -- roller board or four. Fun game. Mean. Well we solved it -- and Sports Radio WB -- -- up. -- -- kitchen producer Gasol and holly on WB nine and a proud graduate of Connecticut school of broadcasting in Needham while celebrity you know -- -- endorsements. Lord drool and deliberate do you remove tube YouTube. To. -- you just sit around in video games. Do whatever else that was you do that left a weak part. -- -- -- -- -- With smoke and we played video games -- we had mixed up Obama was that we inhabit they're at CS or is that after. I was I'll be OK before that where you went to clean up your turn your life from what it -- is being -- in coming months. -- profession. Like the one part radio. Teaching facility part. I. -- What do you got today mr. producer mr. professionally endorsed. -- -- you know. Number one for fifty -- -- They focused all are both bodies of somebody's got the particulars. Or text message and I know not to trust the but it says for him arthritis -- -- pocket recorder that's it. That's all right -- apartment about. Question number one yesterday Jim Mora junior met with the press to discuss the recent death of UCLA player nick passed off. While Mora was eulogize him a reporter took a phone call and can be heard speaking loudly in the background. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So would go on that Jim Mora would end up flipping out giving him the death stares us. -- -- I'll tell people on the -- goal. When it put. He didn't just. -- -- So what did you think of Jim Mora junior's reaction. -- was not a report is accurate we're at and it was like cameraman or somebody it's an -- nation and the story regardless. I would love to rip Jim Mora because this is of being the more I told Michael he does not like me all accused me of who -- He wanted to booed the when he was that the Seahawks he was gonna -- you -- they wanted to go -- -- me the way I booed him which of course makes absolutely no sense come to Fenway Park tomorrow jam right October 18. -- it's on Thursday it come to be there regardless. He's right here because these eulogize and somebody in an -- -- to -- will be talking in the middle of that but also -- He just he handles everything we let the emotions. Get the best of him every time any. Anything like this happens he let his emotions get the best of them I know that's one of his strengths but eventually you know with comes back to bite them and I was being rude even though he was doing eulogy for player of church and incredibly emotional time. I apologize and say I didn't mean to you to go back out of it it's gone. Is batting realizes he's made a mistake he says ansari and you're still ripping them. -- lucky he may be a jerk Jim Moore -- I think. Sure you give -- Don't you have to. Was that your reporter technician after -- realized the situation yet to have some awareness fair. It's really is disrespectful. About. This program guy. Absolutely and mostly supports that is that is because he knows. Your filming your talent or your order your -- be quite -- what what's the deal. Excuse and again look at our two it's like I'm just maybe just the old the old. Work. Dealing with him for as long as I did it makes it -- very very difficult deterrent it is even though Adrian. -- I have to say this replied. -- kitchen producers so if it. Before I straight get a -- young man he's young Ben jealous when he goes before the world it's been kitchen. Now that we know that there's -- history between salt and injured more what happened on the show. I want that to happen against a betrayal or is he more on this show. Yes. -- -- here to see what he does what's W. Apple -- He won't he's appointees. -- You -- to. Put headboard and -- is number two. Excerpt from the 603 says -- has been somewhat separate into her release except Rogen. Okay thank you -- and kitchen gloves. Yeah actually really and that you deal to him that much more so than you do normally only -- more time. Kitchen producer -- -- he settled on them. I don't know if -- defended. The gone back to build your own version mr. skin dot com after the show. A last night in Baltimore Orioles manager Buck Showalter got into a heated discussion with the Yankees manager Joseph Girardi. I think we can all agree that Girardi would win that fight quite handily. Well that argument was rather inching pails in comparison to some fights we've seen between coaches in the past so which coach first coach fight has been the best. Michael I got a few so few woman over there. Yeah golfers I mean it. And what in my the obvious one is cal Laurie right Calipari and at temple with all you cattle cars in in it's Cheney Dick Cheney John Cheney. That's got to be the obvious one but there's a few other good ones and in the mention the other day how much a Pete Carroll and Jim Harbaugh is a good wanna think that what's your deal thing at the end of the game but I think my favorite is Jim Schwartz and Jim Harbaugh I really. We really like our -- I had. The favorite when after and willingness to share result of climate that whole thing was so ridiculous and watching the PR guys like their versions of Stacey James trying to get him between them -- through the whole thing just felt so silly at the end of the game like that. So I go about. Where a couple of that you've forgotten about talk about former chiefs coach Todd -- like it's your former Broncos coach. Josh. Server that would gas war. Tony Dungy and Bill Belichick they had so. But it was. It was like everything with Tony Dungy is very subtle. About it seem. Him in all yet. This one guys this goes back one out and early eighties days -- the -- with. Rick Pitino and John Thompson. There. No idea where you know John Thompson. -- They were arguing it meant -- the scorers table and John Thompson has now draped over the shoulder looking down on that hit -- -- -- -- -- as -- -- -- -- look at -- little. -- -- Now that's a good one here. Peter Laviolette for the penguins coach couple years ago. That Pittsburgh Philadelphia brawl or broad in the eyes with a two coaches screaming at each other. -- to. Order which -- That's the only days that might with the media you might give you is that cup finals. And it's got stars history each year it's the players. Bottom line at halftime. It is worth it. It. -- Yeah. Mayors on cable names that. Oh man to get this deal or criminal that -- -- -- Really big -- You would Automask Tom -- Definitely on her first glimpses chipped it offensively opinion so much about. So will the -- chips to a particularly options become the new standard in the NFL now. Personal Michael welcome it's nice to have you on Portman I'm excited to be here in this -- way in which I've been driving for a couple of years while Chip Kelly and no I don't think it becomes because the genius of it. Is Justin in in in the fact that move so quickly. Are times where that's going to be helpful there times it is going to be other things the genius of Chip Kelly has said earlier is his ability to adapt to the situation. It is open mindedness and in his creativity this is what he's doing today and it'll work for awhile -- eventually they'll be some other ways in which teams -- to adapt to what he's doing I just think he's Smart enough to figure out the next. It's just the mean all the offense gets the attention. The -- It may -- Full of it to all sorts of things have tracking devices on players. When they're trained to see how they're responding. Two weightlifting. -- Cardiovascular. Stuff. She changed around the nutritional program coming up this guy has attention to date. He's had a vision of how it's supposed to work maybe you won't. Maybe it's eased over thought the whole thing and ultimately won't have enough players. I do think it's refreshing. That a guy comes into the NFL. With a plan for how was gonna work but he understands college football with gas can be and and that's just from the SEC. In right or wherever they think is gonna translate to throw. Desperately. Want a war in its initial pain. Was like it is now the -- Be very interesting I don't know what happened if he got Drew Brees though it was together went from Miami to Cleveland. Butch pushed it which I had been more. That would have been interesting to know what happened if he had if if Saban would have gotten the guy you want it which is Drew Brees is that it Daunte Culpepper and in -- Whether or not the whole thing would have I mean it's a pretty major difference but one wonders what they're gone differently Drew -- saved it. Was it Miami doubted him is that they they want him -- A contract that wasn't as lucrative I don't know if I don't want to say if that had happened instead of Daunte Culpepper you wonder how his career would have been different varieties of pretty damn good coach. College coach I think he's a pretty good coach and then I would be very curious to see what happens if and when you were to return to the NFL but. I told you my story on Chip Kelly right in terms just his attention to detail interviewing him at the pac twelve media day few years ago it was right after the Reggie Bush stuff to come out of this car. And we -- what do you know what kind of car all of your players. Is -- I know every single car -- them all register them with me so I know exactly what their cars what their license plate -- kind of -- is registered every single player. We have one -- you. Try to make sure you don't have Reggie Bush situation he said no I don't like all my players park in the wrong place on campus and bothersome the other teachers. We just attention to detail. Is is his middle layman I think he's a fantastic coach -- the beginning of it. -- makes sort of instrument players and have a nice -- you didn't put that politically. The up and -- then kitchen producer for something that that's mean. The AT&T question of the day. Bruno Mars has been announces the halftime show for the upcoming super. Take a moment and listen you'll be hearing enough time. Circuit -- it's generating. Pretty -- for the same. Yeah. It's just. -- There's nothing it's. -- -- Today I don't Magdalene. And is there. Yeah. What is. What was is they -- the -- just the way you are was it. Just the business this. It's all for women. -- Justin Timberlake Superman the man. Get around this -- just. -- -- -- When I see her face or some might gather and. Are any -- that some grenades. So. Cool -- on the -- Mike -- okay. In that -- I. Does it work out -- W yeah you guys know where you store -- It's all that was faster than the shirt off -- -- that was unbelievable. -- kitchen creek. You know. Each and so -- feel about Bruno Mars team have to answer. It's. It's it's it's offs. Offend anybody. It won't necessarily entertaining on her we get the numbers up with the women. To. Me that he's handsome guy. Sings specifically for its. -- and your problem with that is what was. -- -- -- -- What would you take it about 2324. And there are guys that the Angelo and a usher and Justin Timberlake who acceptable. There's still -- As you are making up these rules to who I saw all these rules. Actionable. Talk about the Angel Williams. Like I fumble. On the different -- going. I don't. Trying to be. Guys you do not want to hear this is not a problem and I I would submit to you you do not want to like the person who's doing. Halftime show for the so you don't put the ones that can be especially. Likes for the most part fans are enormously popular would you agree. That's like the number one single elect people that are a little bit more off the beaten path. And the last thing you would ever want is your favorite little and exposed to the giant mass audience. It is the Super -- leave this to -- all hours of the black AP's. Ever pop sensation ushers out there with you there. Don't want you want to like that -- -- really good point you don't want to protest it. -- -- -- Who would be good -- Now that it's all put it this way particular you don't -- band you like doing -- -- and a welcome tribe called quest -- with people. You'd be horrified. That the entire nation was watching them plus Evernote Billick who says the whole thing would annoy you wanna see your favorite band -- songs. You wanna see them perform in concert for our two and a half hours you won't see them do two songs and staged environment like that with crazy like shows that the spectacle. It's not a concert not liking the music for the Super Bowl halftime show is a rite of passage except except. A couple of times they've done pretty good job as you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's -- for -- great James Brown was in. Sixth of our members on the the patriots of the patriots patriots Packers. James Brown was Super Bowl halftime show here that was a couple years really -- it surely I have no memory of that at all.

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