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Establishing realistic expectations for the return of Clay Buchholz

Sep 10, 2013|

With Buchholz on the mound again this evening, we look at what sort expectations Sox fans and media should have for Clay on his return, and moving forward with the rest of the season.

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All I have to do I have to have a huge retraction Michael. A retraction I have to retract something I've sent. What happened it's just that bad. Bank practice up Clay Buchholz will not be pitching it from my apartment as I originally insinuated. How well he'll be pitching and he will leave -- any intent in Tampa that's my. I actually want apologized and if I miss if I misled you into believing he would be at Fenway Park Nubian Tampa. At the trop. But you know you just introduced another ideal for the Red Sox used to having Larry Lucchino and doctor Charles are all over this okay. Go to Fenway her pay five dollars in the rain and they'll put the game yeah they will put the game on the big screen there and they get 101008 to 101000 people Libya would. I mean whatever they get rid of the word and especially if you you're able to sell some of the concessions absolutely exactly -- mod that he will be in Tampa tonight I kept thinking they -- that -- and that's a larger a larger user the larger point is that -- will be pitch and that's how it goes right we should be happy about that the fact that he is back is obviously great news now I think its interest -- what you think their record was. Without Clay Buchholz. Do you have a sense I told -- they played 82 games. Without Clay Buchholz and he went out with his injury what do you think their record was during that if they played 82 games without -- buckles -- and gifts. At their record was 1532. Were incredibly close I would give you view you essentially are accurate. Saw the tweet today from Pete -- they were 49 and 33. Spurted again with the -- to get games for almost that's dead on -- you know accurate I think what you have to do was -- Pete Abraham's math. Because he probably let -- game. He may eighth that's right somebody on passionately telling somebody else. To check their math 49 and 33 during the 82 games they played with a Clay Buchholz which works out to a 600 winning percentage okay. What do you think the Red Sox winning percentages on the year. It's a little lower -- -- six under the yeah or exactly the same team -- with the without Clay Buchholz as they are with -- ball. Courts which is what but does that lead to see that this I'm glad you brought they also picked up six games in the -- at least during the time he was -- I'm glad you met -- Because what's was gaining traction. All I see here this -- read this all the time now. Well you can expect clay -- to be the same pitcher that he was. Who you know when he when he was pitching in May and June won it. What'd you expect to be the same picture. Is she ready to come back is he healthy. Well he's coming back he's not he's he's gonna pitch count right 75 to eighty pitch OK -- help so he he's not going to be. Allowed to withdraw under a 120 pitches finish a game he's not going to be able to do that start that sorry though he just like. Just like Danny M and -- tank. Clay Buchholz. When he is healthy. -- healthy. He's. A very talented extremely talented gifted performer but the big question is how have you tell me the -- buckles is healthy yes I expect from the B. The same guy. Eventually. He had the question is whether or not that eventually is within -- -- on -- -- easy guys are really into doing a ballistic serious about it. Did ask him to be the same guy I think is a bit much because I don't whether he would have been the same guy even if he hadn't gotten hurt. Nine to know the 171. ERA is otherworldly. I mean if he had been actually got guys are at the entire season. He would have had arguably the greatest season anyone ever had as a starting pitcher. And ask him and I definitely still a pretty good but if I'd -- finished 27 I don't know with a 171 that would have been pretty damn impressive. One went to Bob Gibson peninsula where Karachi electric delta I just know I think with with the -- and I don't expect and be undefeated. An end and not necessarily. 17 he arithmetic is a good. He's a good pitcher he's figured out. How to approach batters -- -- it when he's out there I have it that there's never a doubt in my mind the quick Clay Buchholz has ace. -- stuff of course. So if he's out there and he's pitching and have any setbacks. You know what a boost for the rest you know you might say stuff meaning he's got enough movement on his pitches he has the strikeout ability and has all those things. The thing I wanna know about Clay Buchholz is even always got a stop Canadian race. Any Viennese when they need entity will we be a guy who matches up against -- other team's ace in the first game a playoff series and goes eight strong and allows one run because that's part of it right it's not just putting up good numbers throughout the year is shelling -- -- that big -- it's not even be available. If it's coming to play in the big nights where you know it's not going six and a third of the reruns when the other guy shutting down your offense you know when you're going against Justin Verlander in a playoff game just as a for instance if I could actually it's it's bringing that ace like stuff. And turning it into an unbelievable you know quality start loss. When you're actually in those big situations and I'd like. Since I sense from your -- a little. Skepticism. It's all the it's quite you know it's interesting I asked you this question earlier you didn't answer -- ask -- before the -- started. As a Danielle Amendola the same way that you view click buckles because your record reasonable -- come to Danny Amendola he's now. Those are nagging injuries those are major injuries and a dislocated elbow in the -- the collateral core that went the wrong way -- when it comes to -- buckles you seem a little skeptical and is wondering. Why you don't before him the same. Leeway to afford. The forums only eleven I was very very interested and willing to give him a lot of credit for the things he said on -- -- rob a couple of weeks ago. We played -- this -- Michael -- who played last week of him talking about the differences. Between him and Curt Schilling and how he needed to be in order to page vs Schilling needed to be. To allow all that stuff but am I skeptical that he's going just baseball players dealing with the types of injuries he's dealt at. In my skeptical that he's gonna come back and immediately be an ace. Am I skeptical that a guy with his build it is going to show right up after an injury with limited time to get himself. Back in tip top form am -- skeptical that he's going to be able to go eighty innings in a big time playoff start against another race. I think I'm skeptical of the doesn't mean that -- be shocked if it happens I hope it does and -- -- brings -- -- I don't well I there's a lot of training those the things I want to say. Because if -- back to you know now tonight 75 to eighty pitches. That's a little beyond. Early spring training on the court all the back to February because. Is that where the case could be fewer than in the -- did he's missed half a year he's missed 82 games he's -- right half of the baseball season and I am curious to see whether or not he's gonna come back. As strong as he did or whether or not. You need to do that item to find out for or anything tonight. But Kenny do by the end of -- regular season where I feel great I feel confident that a game one starters gonna be Clay Buchholz does that as of now what I'm assuming Jon Lester to game one starter they have the wind things up. I'm assuming Jon Lester is their guy in game one that he's the person that they wanna trust to be able to throw twice in a series and a five game series he's their guy. Yeah and I think he can. Could be on fire down the stretch I think buckles. He could be great in his deceptive in his playoff tuneup and they still wouldn't tournament there's the number one starter question is where you put -- rotation somewhere. And and it is not a bad thing meaning whether it's game -- -- game three. If he's in position to do if you don't have any setbacks -- feel pretty good about it he would -- gets up a couple of runs. Tonight. If he's in position to physically pitch that I don't have any concern. 1777979837. Your thoughts on Clay Buchholz returning to the mound tonight. -- -- an -- Will he eventually get himself back to a point where he's starting game one for the Red Sox or has that ship -- is that now Jon Lester because blasters -- it. By pitching throughout this entire season and being a guy you know you can count on 61777979837. Let me also I give you two pieces of information Michael the first. Is not Red Sox related this is going back to let the guy we played earlier from a Wilkerson. You heard -- will percent right talk combo now he's Moe brown. Not my hand you know -- -- Mohammed. My -- and hookers and in the tweet I'm reading it says the -- mr. Robertson -- who says quote. I didn't guarantee no winner anything all I said was as long as we follow the game plan will be fine how. I'll -- to going and against you know the number one division rival you guys have. And then we'll read more now on and before comedians and helping out a good is gonna put together a great deal in -- game and then. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Currently hosts were not gonna talk -- get this win are we gonna go to -- expert at the threat sound more like I didn't guarantee no winner and they always say it was as long as we follow the game plan will be fine now -- Or -- went from a -- out of it can anybody -- -- when nobody cares. That they guarantee. The guarantee has lost it's it's it's by. So Mohamed brokers and maybe thought maybe the players here but it is as a fan. Re really fired up the Mohamed Mohamed will go to going to be. Course not just another silly jets is -- I don't take anything they scissors please don't know. But I do think it's funny that he's backtracking from a may be right maybe -- got to him until that stuff is no longer acceptable anyway that's piece of information number one number two is that the Red Sox lineup for tonight it looks like this Pedroia Victor -- Ortiz. Napoli Gomes novel a Saltalamacchia middle Brooks drew. With Clay Buchholz on the mound in Tampa for the first time -- 6177797937. -- and Quincy -- States dominate don't get. You don't get Jake Peavy mostly -- post goes out and that was a huge acquisitions are concerned. The NTB. Side rotation and -- Exceeded all expectations yet. But PB host -- and give up -- -- -- very happy being eager called out like you know we're looking at him is because. Pot holes without -- -- you know. This -- and not I think buckle our most talented guys are all the pitching coaches and let's say that. At that stop you almost -- pitcher. -- just like the city's -- aren't really sure about that they sure that they don't go out and gets and they don't go out and get Jake Peavy anyway. All mad because the Cubans -- -- -- all started -- nine and all aware that I know that debacle still would have been there but I mean now they're both going to be in the rotation. Under sang it I I just don't see it happen without without you know a big question mark hanging over park -- that that this -- -- -- out from. I mean it was a perfect storm. And wondered who will -- out of the Sox are like sort it will go to security so it's. -- managers and -- what did you say and and you might be right -- nothing wrong please don't take it that way. I just don't know I -- let's get everybody wants to acquire pitching. It's a good question because well where else and they -- me if you look at it. They got to acquire another outfielder if you're -- does not hurt ma I don't think settlement where is that guy gonna play. Are are they gonna pick up a little backup catcher -- a couple of I am limited to cup a third baseman they focus on a third baseman with the struggles of middle Brooks is having. But I can see that they've been infested with TV for a long time so I can still see them I can tell an appeal. And maybe if they had they would Donna got someone else may they would -- gone for another bad I mean who knows how -- gunned down but I I tend to think. They would have made the same deal even -- buckled have been healthy what do you make of the draw early enough to. There's a different lineup look than you've seen all year from the Red Sox -- you're going against a lefty and a very good one and David Price. But you're gonna go Pedroia Victor Reno Ortiz up moves up and that's third. Napoli Gomes novice Saltalamacchia -- for extra. Just a different look from the Red Sox with a Jacoby Ellsbury and. Again I think there and I think even he even if Ellsberg had been there maybe they try to switch it up a little bit because. David Price and me you never know him and then there have been a couple of times -- many just a couple of times to the Red Sox have. Have figured him out -- I think the last time -- dot I hope he wound up being hurt. So -- -- get an asterisk on that either they can figure about a little bit or he just completely shuts him down and out. They had notes myself and my last -- -- I'm just looking at it and there's a couple of things that are on I mean that was a little laud. Pedroia leading off instead of victory you know you'd think if they are gonna switch it up like that they might even Victorino Pedroia Ortiz. But now it's Pedroia Victor Reno Ortiz OK again at that to me is not a huge deal I think it's intrastate. But I'm certainly not criticizing John Farrell I think it's this is the time to experiment with some of these things on the other hand this is still your closest competitor in Tampa Bay in half out. Wanna make sure that you put them down to win at least two out of three here and and finish out this three game series opened up an extra game from where you were today so that's one thing. The other one is this and I have been talking about this with little colonial that off the -- he's he's been fairly adamant about -- think is is why why Stephen Drew. Why and why -- let Stephen Drew go against the incredibly tough to hit left hander. When you've got when you've got to place -- quickly and you -- excuse me. I mean isn't this why Bogart's this year if you see here just to be utility guy and if so why he's hit the ball. He he's everytime he comes in there he's a threat to get a hit if not it'll run. And now you're going against the lefty David Price whose major looks silly in the past and is generally difficult on lefties and drew is the bat against -- -- you know I think it to do what is right for what what what what are you trying to do that. What what he's trying to do your adrenaline I'm trying to do a whole bunch of different things are none of them are trying to watching Stephen Drew hit against the left. But you're trying to secure the division right yet you try to secure the division you're trying to get your team ready for the for the playoffs. In the playoffs. I don't think if they face a tough lefty more acidic they faced Tampa let's say Tampa went -- one that that wild card. They win that one game they wind up playing the Red Sox and in the division series. You -- gonna face a tough lefty and maybe they're saying OK you gonna have to you gonna have to deal with this guy or. Someone like him in the post season your starting shortstop. We're gonna put you out there vs tough lefties tough tough Friday's deal. I guess I just the heat today as he hasn't hit that well against good or bad lefties this year and you've got to keep him -- and maybe this is an initial sign that the Bogart's is not likely to be on the playoff roster -- start thinking. About how that's going to work and I think it's fair to do at this point given where they -- how many games are laughed. It would take bought one the most epic collapses all times so okay you start talking about it thinking about it. Does this mean Bogart's isn't fair -- to find room for quick Barry. Are you trying to carry three catchers I heard Robin Alex talking about that last night you expect -- to be on the playoff roster I can't say I guess I think I guess I don't better I -- when he's playing against lefthanded starters. I think when they're going against lefties I think they're a better team with him in there and Steve and -- so yeah I guess I it dawned on me that it. He would at least be given the opportunity. To try to earn his way on to their playoff roster by hitting lefties down the stretch and guys like David Price are pretty important about the -- I'm surprised by the way the movement -- while he was questioning. John Terrell -- Stephen Drew them that the president of the Stevens -- questioning how true it's just saying look Bogart's can hit lefties and I shouldn't even drag -- went as adults keep myself. It it's it's the guy can hit lefties. Stephen Drew has not hit lefties. This is a perfect opportunity to see whether or not he can he can do that. Against the guy like David Price and ended and of Bogart's comes out tonight if you'd started him at shortstop and he goes two for four with a double against price. Knowing that that's the type of pitch you're gonna see in the in the post season from the left side. Wouldn't that make your decision a little would -- have a little bit more knowledge yeah you make that decision humble Kurtz host that you know we drew -- You know like I think we have enough information from from John Ferrell this year. And we can talk some about it tomorrow -- can be would be interested to hear what he has to say about it. We've had some -- so much information so many times to say why is he going with with Stephen Drew. And this is the time -- down it doesn't happen. They just they really like to -- They really like so many see things that we don't seem to have and they just think they keep putting them out there even though we think McCain should be Iglesias his job no. What should be Bogart's job or may or may be Stephen Drew should. For it should be in a platoon situation now than a -- that would collect and I'm not knocking -- not telling you that he's a bad player I think Stephen Drew has been incredibly important to what they're trying to do this year but you look at his numbers. He's hit 189 against lefties. -- to 76 against right he's he's hitting 189 against lefties. That's a pretty significant difference in the game is right in Thursday's and that just gives lefties you got you got a great left that's right. I mean when you look at who I guess which we've -- is a pretty good stat right anything over 800 is is an excellent season. Stephen Drew against right handers this year 847 Stephen Drew against left handers. A paltry 595 come how many addresses that Steve winter have against left corner or you're 46 foot putts that's pretty good samples two nights ago. From the right side 146 from the laughs I mean that's a legitimate number it's not like they've played for the most part. -- not a good hitter against Lee has four home runs -- game he has had a little bit of pop. Four of his twelve home runs have come against left handed -- so he's got a little pop from the outside but other matter I mean he really has not been very good. And I only as Jane walks from the left side and again that 189 batting average jumps out -- you and it's not in and it's not in a vacuum because he UPS's lousy too. I'm gonna help you guys out did that adding a little kids. It's a good question for John -- it's a really good question. Which you can steal it. You can put it on paper and you could -- admitted for our John Ferrell Mohegan signed contest and if we put that question that there's already been thrown out here. You get it in mid week overnight stating you're eligible for the end of the season grand prize. Which is the ability to sleep when the pullout couch and -- John Farrell's hotel his batting average against right handers it's higher than his on base percentage. He's a platoon guy at this point in terms of his back. Now maybe just feel soul. The glove is so bad from Bogart's and so good from drew and you think that discrepancy is so great that you're not -- -- trust -- but wouldn't you want -- at least see more. Isn't isn't tonight the kind and I read wanna see more of that. From -- to see how he's going to be at shortstop to see whether or not that is something you could trust in order drew to rid yourself of the 189 batting average if you're gonna go against somebody -- a tough lefty in the playoff game. I guess I would wanna see all those things a text message you're saying -- house to be on the roster he's not with the back of shortstop. John McDonald. Beating John McDonald's more likely to be in the playoff roster -- than you and Bogart's 383738. Year old season utility guy. And I don't mean if that Beckham is I think -- shortstop each you're talking about in case of emergency break glass we talk about that or you just talking about. How often do you see backup shortstop in the playoffs I don't know I just making sure that if something happens to now granted you know economic summit happening -- on the -- out around and -- I know that it's more of an in game type the situation by. -- I guess I figured that -- to be more likely to be in the playoff roster than John McDonald and that's not a knock him McDonnell are likely to bring you an extra defensive guy. But but on a playoff roster giving the guy who's good enough defensively and I think so far -- has shown that he is and also has a lot of pop that maybe if something happens he can come in there and and and actually give you an advantage or god forbid. Actually play against lefties and rid yourself of a 189 batting average from Stephen Drew. You guys can jump in -- 61777979837. Some Red Sox a disk. Awesome playoff roster implications rockaholic WE. So the problem Al Michaels have a good -- operative. Ago all others out my wife is going out -- my album. Stories. -- they're going to play. So they'll. Call a -- of culture to a musical. There's a lot as a culture. -- not out of Philadelphia thankfully. -- in New York. Home with the baby. I appreciate that debate any day is -- bigger meaning. Either way. And this is a commercial. -- at the alzheimer's it's better than the one they play constantly now. With the song in the ballerina jumping over and over again I'm -- that southwest. You know I mean. She's very graceful shore like the songs are secret like what's wrong but these were. But the smiling stewardess she's gorgeous she's definitely gorgeous but I'm so irritated by the song in the beginning in the jumping Valerie. Anyway Michael. Column. In its first entry. In the morning John now. I started looking at. Hey honey I'm trying to come up with -- little -- -- The roof. But try to come up with a 25 man roster are right for for this team in the playoffs. And in looking at it it looks like I have either eight or eight to ten guys for five spots. Okay to let me just give you the quick rundown of who I've got. Absolutely on our public from -- okay if if you what you're going to do it but I've figured out the problem what is the -- You want to know why. Bogart in the planet right. It's easy. It's it's it's really simple it's defects and I'm I'm gonna guess we can play this guessing game what will John Farrell said yeah. Maybe we'll come on seeing it this this directly this overtly but the Red Sox. Surprise surprise haven't had any problems scoring just never take a team that -- 81 games and we should. Have problems scoring and they did last year in the day they have in some years. But for the most part in that park which is the doubles and triples park extra base is part. -- should score some runs -- -- have scored more runs. Anybody in -- that doesn't really explain it though because -- -- -- -- welfare advocate because of the ugliest stuff well and the best of they traded him because they could have no place for him in the organization and you can trade. A Iglesias. For a top of the rotation starter guy that you don't have long term plans for anyway why not go ahead make -- move and you like. You like Stephen Drew was that more nick Lacey is about I can -- globe are terrible on May get up he's he's a bad -- -- like -- were legally split the point is. They score more -- anybody in baseball number one in in both leagues. So they look at it they say. This is an important series tonight against Tampa we're trying to finished them off for trying to secure the division. And we will score runs against a team that does not score runs by the way. We want to make sure our defense is intact and we don't wanna put a -- skis you want to -- in the situation. Where we're relying on his defense and that is not a strength so we gotta go are starting shortstop Stephen that's that the consent. I'm sure that is what they are thinking you're right it's the defense is the only thing that would make sense there. But that doesn't make me -- -- that I still I still don't like I still don't think they're very good offensive team against left handed hitters and when you watch them against lefties. I know the that the numbers are still pretty good they scored a lot of runs against left handers this year scored a lot of runs theory to rest right but when you watch him against the good quality lefties they certainly struggled at times and I don't know that these -- defense is bad. I won -- -- -- that I wanna see -- in game to see would it looks like so I start looking at a playoff thing and try to figure how you're going to put together playoff roster. I think we'd all agree that you probably have twenty of your 25 names set. Before before there's even a conversation. Okay right all the guys that you had to go right you know all the hitters Arthur Ross is the backup catcher maybe think it's the hard way. I don't think they're gonna go three catchers maybe they do but I pour across on your instant -- way weaken and that's fluid a rising raw slashing farm it is -- one of those two guys. Up from the from your starting pitchers I have before starters that you assume were definite Buchholz Lester Lackey in peavy and the only four guys I have is being absolutely definite the pin. Are you are is our brain is slowing work. Okay yeah that's not right but those are the definite so that leaves you with that's when he spots it leaves you with five. These are the eight players I would assume there are most likely to be. By pitchers Dempster do brought -- Britain and -- us -- and three position players Bogart's McDonald and -- Are so brokers who will be in policies I mean it sounds like if if that's mania and taken three of those five pitchers and then all three of those position players now. Yeah that's bad debts that sounds about right to ask you -- a larger question can you tell me. You know we all. -- in everybody and -- you can all weigh in on this one. We all talk to different people all have. You know no Red Sox fans the Red Sox fans -- different. Sensibility is different temperaments. Have you heard -- -- experience. Doing which -- right now making a playoff roster you know if you -- number six to meet people I've heard talk about the playoffs definitively. Concretely. Our members of the media. Talk show hosts -- mean people were used. These large on the radio you know those types. Which just -- and doctor. Fans are nervous. The fans are -- the point where. You know whether it's 2011. And we know what -- there down the stretch. War goal always -- different sport. In the short thing. In Glendale Arizona. And we know what happened there saga the other day. Giants -- the shirt on this nineteen you know when it was covered it denied a big rubber stamp. Nobody thought that was gonna happen to think maybe there's some humility. Or some fear this creeping into the psyche of the Boston sports because I have heard people talking about the play you think it's. That they're scared you think because of those events they're scared this year maybe yes. Can be pretty we can I know I mean it's pretty weak if you are scared about this team with this lead in September in the way this team is played at an and that talent that's trying to come have to come. IB I mean Michael you might be right I'm not saying your wrong but I think that's pretty lame if that's true. Your spirit of the -- he make in the playoffs my god -- ate half game lead on September 10. Well you want. Well. What else you want the division of the clinched like -- I mean I. Think it's after seeing after seeing a couple of short things a couple of you can't miss on this and they're absolutely going to be in there and and whether it's baseball prospectus and there's a 100% chance of them making the playoffs. They can go ahead and be definitive if they want her ESPN has only had 99 point united us now okay. I think I think they look at it and say. Now we we will start planning playoff rosters and start talking about playoff rotation when we get that actually and not a day before old fresh. Got by I guess I I guess that's one way to do -- I think that's where you're looking at this Red Sox team than -- miss in the vote. I mean that you're right they haven't clinched not one team in baseball has yet the Clinton plan so that's not an issue of great races right I mean you say -- say -- don't worry maybe they're not as good as their record indicates they've got the highest run differential of any team in baseball -- 162. Plots the next highest him if you're looking in their division. Baltimore's it lost 47 Tampa's at plus 38 and both Toronto and the Yankees are negative the Red Sox are lost 162. The team that's closest to them is Detroit a plus 157. After that Atlanta is that plus 133. Nobody else is over plus 400. I take it back Cincinnati user 11 but but but but but good team. By every measure -- that there -- good team they're good hitting team they're good pitching team they one of if not the best closer in the business right now and you are they might have a little bit of weakness in their middle relief but guess what. Everybody. Has weakness in their middle relief that's baseball 2013. Arab and in the they are as close to being a perfect team as you're going to find in 2013 and they. This week I can't understand is why can I -- to -- all I understand it you know if this this this part of growing up part of growing up is. Hey before we look at it in and start celebrating may not enjoy it this way you're enjoying him more then. Just looking at them in late August -- early September and saying -- this is a lot they'll be in the post season. And a wake me up win the division series start -- think people or in this way you pay more attention. Two games in the regular season he really locked into this this series vs Tampa do you think -- gonna come back in and win the division no. But you know that they could because you know. What's happened to you over the last couple years. It's what you enjoy it. Them. I guess I am I to me is a team that's good in any any any. Any fear factor that you haven't not that you've got to be carried away -- and I'm not -- people that you need to stop watching them because everything's in the bag but. To be that concerned that this team right now isn't gonna make the playoffs is doing them a disservice they're really good baseball team that's played great baseball -- throw this entire season has this is -- -- so I'm not going out celebrating in and spring -- all over the place but I think it's fair to start looking at at at their playoff roster. And if the audit and using nights like tonight to try to find out whether a Bogart's gonna be able to help you and. Situation you can say grow up and all that stuff. To tell you. In. I'm I'm over it now because it was two years ago -- Shocked. Shocked how I was I was absolutely stunned. They unraveled like they did in 2011. I thought it was there's no. There's no way in the world. Able blow this advantage. Gonna make the playoffs at least only stagger in their little bit so. When you go through something like that that was the big one of the biggest meltdowns in the history to erase it all is but if it was so different from the way this team as we know -- -- I know that but we do know the way this team has put together we we don't know. We do know the kind of character that this team has and they showed throughout the course of the season 617779798371. Regret -- calls on Michael start your year. -- The year. Oh didn't always work out the best at the very end so that can't get excited about this team -- saying you gotta start. Your World Series tickets are buying your gear for the parade by -- Really there's such a fear factor that you can't get excited about this team can't start talking about what -- -- on the rosters -- the first. You're such an extremist -- extremists. Are you excited about the team. You are excited about them being in first place. You're excited about the character in the comeback wins and Jonny Gomes in Boston strong all the stuff. 617 strong while the -- they've done this year. They've been appropriate at the appropriate time didn't really have have stepped up the -- in a lot of situations. But what you're not gonna do is start slamming the playoff rotation until. It's official. I -- and I -- to -- it's as close to being official -- -- -- again -- is there really really good team with a very big lead on September 10 minute. It's -- it's not August to September 10 were now in mid September. And -- wanna wait until after this series fine you wanna wait until after Tampa he had three games against them you wanna make sure you don't get swept. But I autonomy that they are even if they do. They still have a pretty big lead in the AL -- sought out I'm. I guess I just look at NCAA good baseball team. That has no character flaws and shouldn't have any problem close in this whole thing out 6177797937. Ralph that -- They get. Sort of like a good point in his shame well you a lot of people say oh well wouldn't know what -- gonna be light truck Djokovic error. Shut like I don't think she people. Up there are you look at -- shot went from last week. Last Friday I thought I the ticket satellite that date less than they argue -- actually I think that mean you're not sure what we shall shall. I told you I was there last week against Detroit I said the same thing I was I was amazed dead. Eight how many open seats there were MB how quiet wasn't there. It was a great article today procure that's so great great they really don't at all public and then -- would be a big day by day. -- -- -- -- you can hear straight for awhile actually not a machine I shall so you know where -- stop all of that they believe. As a totally different or that we shouldn't -- the long I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- McClatchy group report ready to acknowledge that we got -- -- -- -- sport a long long time and I edit the other might make sure you don't want. -- -- -- -- -- -- they'll -- pepper spray will award -- Chicago. Up it'll be. This general is -- something about a guy that doesn't really right sure and I think. Late in the stockpile we believed it. I -- could go over well it'll while we'll win an order cheaper they're there so that they. Which are the witness they'll get her little cherry public figures lack. Of those shut -- They had Detroit team -- at Detroit a meeting they would date people be more excited if you have the big names. 345 record for property you have great big names -- if you bring up a great point OK now this team. The point is they are hard to compare to other Red -- -- -- -- -- applies. I just think about what you said. So lineup wise who would compare to maybe 99. The 99 Red Sox where. It probably little better than 99 somewhere between 99 and 98 was models last year here 99 they make the playoffs without Mo and -- lose the Yankees and LCS yeah. But they like that in terms of the rotation rotation. Now. You know the big the big. The difference -- there's no Pedro here there's no Pedro but behind Pedro you have. Some years had -- Avery and some years he had his love -- guys -- -- were routinely giving up five runs in the first inning you're out and you're out at. If we had Wakefield low. Low cast a lot different guys. In the case. -- They are. One through is something -- buckles returns in the them any setbacks. One through four. -- Probably more solid than they've been in years and years that I can't really think of the last time. He had a one through four like this where you said. All man everybody -- and everybody has a potentially to get hot and do some damage yeah -- this this is the best rotation in terms of depth. That I can remember them and they out of rehab schindler's -- -- Schilling and Pedro right -- -- -- to open at turtle 1234. Write anything else had. -- -- -- -- In -- -- seven championship year so we just as tough a tough team to put in that historical context I can't imagine. You look at a team like this that testimony comeback wins and you're not excited by I I absolutely think he should be excited by the Red Sox. I do understand though if you're not premature in and saying okay. They're in the playoffs it's a lot and 99.9. Percent according to ESP a 100% according to -- -- that may baseball prison that is like I C a text messaging over the Red Sox have historically -- struggled in September find -- eight until September. 6177797937. Alex and -- that I'll. Welcome IQ RI IIII. Can't wrap my mind around Ali's art pop as I I don't I don't understand it. That it that we were here he -- it to this morning and say I need to promote the issues that makes no. I don't I don't get it. Well thank you for AmeriCredit for brushing my right seriously I was that that's important weaning you're gonna be on TV you know make sure I -- -- exactly what you're doing that you know once a weaker you know twice a week I think that's appropriate. No I'm just trying to Alex I'm trying to. Just think of the people I've heard. Talking about the post season haven't heard a lot of people say. Oh it's a lock there in the post season and I'm just trying to figure out reason why. -- Won't. Be and then the bill would not happen. For four straight Super Bowl and so that they. -- -- -- -- Don't know -- don't don't know about my reasoning is. Don't count on any don't count on it until it's -- I'm not talking about it championship I'm talking about the -- or Super Bowl talking about. Getting to the post season you've. He we we thought just two years ago we thought this team was. And at the last minute and rapper producer in historically terrible things are let's say let's say Tampa goes eleven in seven down the stretch okay. I'd be a pretty good finally eighteen games for Tampa entirely but now eleven and seven not a pretty good 117 and for them. Pretty good I get married if you were to go eleven to seven which -- -- is a reasonable fifteen and 316 into something like that aren't well I mean. Further reason I was like that -- get hot in order to actually go eleven and seven which is about the team they've been all year the Red Sox could not winning single game the rest of the way. And -- Think about that. Eleven and seven is a perfectly reasonable thing for Tampa to go down the stretch if they go eleven and seven in the Red Sox don't winning another game. Then they'll play each other in a one game -- Are you sure -- the Red Sox are have eleven more wins right now and Tampa. On nine more -- excuse to disperse -- that is -- if I'm sorry. Nine items. Here. What I get for listening to somebody that's -- that a route from public and -- the numbers of that and adding to that but I understand your point that you could you could really start to struggle and still be in pretty pictures right. But but to have an option -- restaurant they were need to go night if they went 500 Red Sox lost if there's not reassuring either really because -- because a one game playoff. Is not where you want to be. No of course not you're probably not gonna lose every game for the rest of the year you're probably not gonna have a seventeen game losing streak. In order to it in order to finish off the season. Don't go silent on mile island very well -- possibility. That this team's gonna lose and they're gonna loose really necessary to finish it off. I don't I don't think that's nine -- thought -- the win column that's not the that's not a realistic scenario to realistic scenario is. The Red Sox winning that game or two down the stretch in their their competition whoever it is because. They're all just Tampa Baltimore New York are old gentleman here thinking this is -- that has not lost four straight all year right. They have lost four straight games all year if I'm not mistaken right. Once it's a game that I don't believe anything you say they haven't lost more games are great all focused on the result they have not -- I haven't they have -- -- they've -- -- eleven Wednesday you don't or you just telling me yesterday -- the -- -- the detectors when -- -- the -- they're always wrong almost totally on me so that's -- happen yup I just I've read -- I think that makes perfect sense that look -- like 87 minus 78 at eleven right now Mike. Only nine your totally regardless. They have lost I know they have lost more than three straight collier and not off four straight games here you think they're gonna lose seventeen straight. I don't think they're gonna seventeen straight games I just think that you teams can get hot down the stretch and their time to time if they went division. He'll be one of the rare times that they get into the playoffs as division champs. The last time we did in 2007 in the time before that -- with 1995. So. Then they win the division it into the playoffs to get the the division champs hats and T shirts and then we'll celebrate and we'll talk about all sorts of playoff scenarios. Understand. -- a little bit of enjoyment of what the regular season is right now and then you know celebrating with the rest are drinking their own champagne and when it's official. -- coming up here I wanna get to the Bruins behind the WE.

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