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Salk and Holley's Answer The Question - 090913

Sep 10, 2013|

Hey Jerk! Answer me!

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It's. Time for answer the question jerk answer the question whit Sargent Alex is the big question. So would you be years not answering anything and everything I'll answer that question. It's answered the question yeah. -- Adams is with us as he always is now I -- I will warn you Michael is here on the studio today -- he's distracted I feel bad he's been -- you know he's been battling his headphones for good five some damn fool party. Piece of garbage Michael twisted my court of my head phones so now I'd say it's a six feet and I sort of protect you want people to twist your core immaculate and ask you yes. How long you worked in radio. 58 years. The -- you know you're going to for decades. For decades and radio yesterday at the same thing happened to one William Belichick at all really is that is that true it'll drive you crazy somebody out of the end of them. But he figured it out in how long seconds during his first answer he figured out that I there's a column as -- called -- -- in my head -- -- -- does that work. No column for anything please come and fix anything at any time he's real good while doing or he will little stated their -- three hours of -- Not during a -- impression of us chubby here Larry merchant -- custodians in the business are right let's do we've got here what does the longest you ever stood in line. You buy something what was. For student line that we collect the iphones are coming out the ever stood in line to wait like something -- had a friend of America via San Diego Super Bowl it was the raiders and. The box -- semi to the NFL experience to get some sort of memorabilia things -- -- -- -- -- -- a year ago could this please mr. mightily for -- you know all four hours like cabbage patch kid was one of those things where it was really big with the collectors and it was just all sorts of -- every -- -- an extra -- It's I think shakes. College that's not -- Davis -- I start I'm Universal Studios for like our -- in the park. They have those people idiots to. But I've ever -- one -- -- -- as longs as -- -- for sure you check to forget that and how that worked out for this fine it's okay it was okay Bryan little and Kate did you. And -- okay. OK first I wasn't bad I don't wanna make its elegant let's just OK but I wished that I had not stood -- a vibrant and powerful word about -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the only store -- It's where there was only store open. -- and there are lines she's having an -- how long would you possibly have to wait in line for that I know you really get power at the only one farmers are Vermont have you know I don't know figgins stuff. -- -- -- kitchen producers or something and demand. Is it hard boiled -- more brutal than raw. Now it's the other way around right. It's a hard boiled any more brutal than a broad as it the other way around -- changed -- to show hostess is turtle -- and -- running Mets right there. What's -- we I don't get ovaries the egg is incredibly brittle. -- then kitchen producer yourself can only. Do you like -- you or are you an old for easy kind of yes -- were scrambled I'm a hardcore but always over ovaries because it is said he sent us it's -- it can be to uncooked and running. But ovaries. That little I was sensing and there that the film know the little things it's NBA Google white. But little white thing it's it what's it called the joke. Now -- -- white -- at the white embryo you have a little. So it's likely the chick. That just aren't there you'd seen its. We've all seen we've seen -- -- -- -- thing to crack open today he put the boulders and white thing inside the way to the -- next to the open open membranes and Yang. We're about what it's like -- that you want that's up to because just like pushes into the dominated the next question probably is a plus gross next question. Speaking of men are you guys gonna watch the USA vs Mexico soccer match next question ultimately I'll tell you you know US AUS to. To live and where they claim. Along with what's the weather related article -- played its part notes and upon -- is Portugal Brazil and doesn't sound nearly. Or maybe that's bigger which is bigger back. That's an international friendly hours yesterday. Mexico's. Qualifier you're Paris and when's the when that determine -- the can -- Agenda to win the World -- thinking about that the -- had been going on -- it's been there -- fifteen big tournaments aren't talking about him -- -- what is the the US open where you can play against teams like the US Greek Americans like anybody's got a bunch of bodies and put it together they'll compete against like whatever analyst. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is Oklahoma State. Back -- have fallen in this get everything all the elements and sex and Eric from drugs and there is. Involved with T. Boone Pickens. He's he's he's the benefactor that program. Oklahoma State that's like -- thing. -- drug Meehan now. Check it out huge inside the Sports Illustrated many audience can go back on -- in their sources say that whole thing through so. Goes. What is your favorite ice -- Jimmy's team. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that's or as a rule in the idea of eating ice storm dairy queen did you retirees to eat like fat being bailed out there to dairy queen yet. While I know it's like to get that where was it wasn't as well as especially in November. Why he's listed as a year on the front of his numbers -- As it was in Vernon Connecticut and yes it early in the eighties Steelers in Connecticut it's -- -- sister has X -- -- using your artwork so again he owned a key you yeah part of it Byron girls we're ready for an expedited to make money. Did you lose a lot of money ice cream dreams melted away. Still Provo accused of the current -- Over under five fumbles on Thursday. Under the -- fumbles under one total time but you never happen again and it has not tired. Is this -- that plane right. Right well. Was it out of -- the only person to do about peculiar but -- he's the only guy -- only guys both guys -- -- Brett -- on two wasn't the guy who was retired. Yeah well he has Sanchez's out. -- has nothing do with him -- it's all on Sanchez. -- -- -- -- I think again I just only hope was involved next question. Good fellows goodfellas casino or the department. Did vote as soon as it feels real the got. Would have UK that was a nonetheless though right -- -- know -- the -- the president to just did I'd take the godfather -- those aircraft in the departed got a little -- what -- just with the writers just got bored at the end yet theaters aren't -- yes and generally -- Jack -- it's called accidents suck -- -- sort of Martin -- -- But the into the movie's not good and then I was like Gil Davis dateline about casinos casino. Has seen it was called at. -- It was all right. It was -- different world out there it could throw his actually capital movements that thing and it was real it was perhaps the first and last time David spears. Mom and that's a funny line of David Spade a break it was back when he was doing -- -- -- mean those are really funny -- -- -- -- -- stood negative -- So you every morning where is -- easily. Was well. I think they'll joke for God's sake of this I think we need another Indy Lights and everything it can't be easy tomorrow I want you to give me all the -- -- if you like -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- out. We should do that much because there's a short that was enough for the next question what do I admire my wife for first universe. -- To have a ticket -- Seattle. My wife now this is all right all its allies are personally are hurting ruin my own anniversary by accidentally hitting my wife. Ask your question goes -- first anniversary she should still be -- overthrow to get a stepping up yes but anyway what I recommend a weekend away. The first anniversary -- weekend away. He just didn't know which other. -- -- You don't think a weekend away is hoping for the first anniversary is coming from a guy eating and going your honeymoon for guys and you're still spend the money from the wedding. What do you do what did you do for your first anniversary. How are supposed to freeze a piece of the wedding cake and eat it on the first anniversary happy anniversary around but let me read filed first on the one liberty -- grief to about my relationship -- -- working on a honeymoon Indian -- first anniversary I think. Not going and honeymoon was my fault I think that's -- fall of we both wanted to go on and -- honeymoon. What happens which can do to -- Just bad timing and that's your it that he then you know what happened -- -- -- haven't you it's I'm telling you all always felt like your short -- -- -- I'm telling you gonna have it we're gonna have a honeymoon next year. But it -- three weeks straight. Suffer like that Kennedy. Byron is that not a the first hundred futures ended frozen -- when it is here now it is but -- that can't be your first anniversary present got to show that you're thinking about -- and some money do something by I -- -- let's go where cage before. -- The twentieth anniversary of the -- while losses today where X-Files with little time TVs. And Ehrlich. -- go with cultural significance right. Culture with the culture. It was up to the -- -- significant that seems pretty formidable list. She is doing and listen to -- much hotter today than it was not a shot was in the -- -- -- -- It was definitely not part topped one. If the Communists he's well it is important. Thanks now -- on the -- out of medication. Sex addict -- came out like six months later -- -- says that two million basically. What it was is a couple of you talked mostly you know it. It's actually now -- -- -- receive yes seriously and we like culturally significant. -- honorable mention -- media on performance. It's a period piece what was what would you put right in front of opening -- The rifleman. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The company says the beaver. Thing you'll get next as -- yet. As -- -- Michael and I will be back tomorrow at 2 o'clock. We have John Farrell -- -- we can ask him why. He's going with Stephen -- against the lefty tonight instead of standard order to reporters out of interview tomorrow -- -- -- incompatible -- the question is definitely seen that before -- before that though I hope you'll join me tonight along with DJ -- in -- go for Obama. For the Bruins midnight matinee show it is appropriately -- Midnight tonight cellular guy. You will you still be here by -- I have begun what happens it -- writers -- quick question what if the would have the game goes long tonight. I don't do you still started midnight or do you just wait until the whole scheme here's what I can tell you Michael at 1 o'clock am going. I myself I don't know when we're starting I'll be ready to go at midnight. At 1 o'clock I'm going home that's all I know after that it's all -- at all mr. good luck to you -- -- -- three pairs of Bruins tickets I think were pre season game will be given away tonight. During that show I hope you'll come join us and Michael C. -- -- --

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