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WEEI WrestleCast Episode 2

Sep 10, 2013|

I this week's addition we break down the developments from the final Monday Night Raw before Night of Champions. We share our thoughts on the Daniel Bryan feud with Randy Orton, HHH, and The Shield.

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Everybody in the second edition of VW EEI or -- cast I am your host Scott -- -- Joined by and I trusted tag team partner and kitchen otherwise known as. Young then on salt and -- the producers saw Ali -- six night through Friday. On Sports Radio WE I'm locking you into this second edition of the arrest shall cast hope you enjoyed. Debut addition. Last week were -- at a very very fun time discussing the world of professional wrestling mostly the world WW we we had. Sean -- -- our guest. Two day we're going to take a look at the week's pass out of the last rock that occurred. As we're recording this happened yesterday -- -- right there. We everything's fresh are moderated ago talk about what happened on Iran coming up is a paper view in the -- did you eat the night of champions paper view. Coming up in Detroit on Sunday September 15 and we're looking forward to that as well we can. It'll probably give a few thoughts on that as this show goes along a little bit later on down the road will be joined by special guest mr. Mike Riley you might know from Dennis and Callahan on WEEI in the mornings -- to the sports flash updates the top of the hour. He's also the voice of the Lowell spinners the public address announcer and he's also of course. -- -- wrestling fan this is a common theme on the show you wanna be on the show you have to be. Someone -- wrestling fans. -- I bet you we don't really wanna talk to not get -- to simulate as liberal and mileage you wanna be on the show in the first we already know we're -- -- yet. So don't don't rub it in anymore. All right so the -- that just occurred we tend to donate backwards formation and looking at look at the main event. Or what happened the main story -- of course that's Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton in the whole corporation. Air quotes around that corporation -- staff to be the shield events etc. Etc. and finally last night. Daniel Bryan. The at a show was able to get one up on radio hour and time after 34 weeks of Randy Orton every single show it's in the raw smackdown Randy Orton ending up with a belt high -- over is that standing over Daniel Bryant finally. The -- before they interviewed Daniel Bryan. Gets. Shot in on Orton. Does this what does this what does this mean for the paper view coming up a lot of times in a go home show. It's what happens on the final -- before the opposite the opposite will happen. The tape review of course it's not a true. Tried and true rule and it's not an instance there is still smack down there's still an opportunity for something else to happen. So it's not the last appearance at the last raw parents before and champions but I've always held that same. Credo where whoever gets the last. Before the paper -- whoever gets ends up on top before the paper view they're usually gonna lose at the paper view and some. A very good example of that may be going back to wrestle mania this year with CM punk in the undertaker. You have punk pretty much embarrassing the undertaker -- I think the -- before -- maybe he did the -- he earned his. He was standing in line with the minions of whatever the -- right right yep and then Lindsay came down through the ashes out of -- national that would that you pretty much with a dagger like there's no way undertaker is gonna lose the match after being embarrassed like this and nor should for a threat. By aegis is kind of took away a little bit of thought no -- might win even though when I was watching that match there was a few seconds of the well wait now. That's obviously a testament to -- Well they perform but obviously heading back out to what's going -- Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton. The the big show involvement has been. Media criticism. Going around in the Internet wrestling community EI WC. As state college. -- -- me. I think this is situation we talked about a the first show how. The story lines of now the they are set up that they can go in different directions things happen and I think what happier with the big show. Number a few weeks ago he was paired up with mark Henry and look like they're gonna have a tag team title match against shields. At the Debbie Debbie -- how show they had him Boston last week Mark Henry came up -- It -- to -- with a hamstring injury hasn't been seen since so I think this big show story line which may have been. Gonna happen down the line they pushed up to happen now because they had nothing probation to do so I think it's a little misplaced because. They seem to be alluding to this friendship that the big show in Daniel Bryan have been. I mean. Think about their past it was only a couple years ago -- Maybe less than that that they were feuding over the world heavyweight title Daniel Bryan beat they've shown that it was. Eight stepping officially dates that big show was only a champion for eight seconds something crazy like that which is not right I -- kind of realism right but. -- rank cannot catch in the money debate on the title as the patient and had a hole. Little angle with AJ were big show ran over AJ and pretty much killed her -- was all sad and cry about it so it shows cries a lot. Recent surveillance don't matter. Yeah I don't mean any anything that which is unfortunate because it if they didn't matter who built a lot more depth to each character. Which is unfortunate that it don't matter because they just think wrestling answer and -- Jackson will forget everything that happened in the past. For example Mark Henry he came out and that amazing -- Of the retirement speech which is the best moment. Of his career. I don't care that he's won a world championship before that was best moments career as the best his character has ever. Because most people bought it and think she believes whoever wrote that out. -- masterfully let Henry tweeted out first. They got a big announcement ever -- oh he's definitely retiring he's definitely timing put the performance on his whole life in that promo. And turned on on Sina. And then they over react to the crowd Sunday people were cheering Henry for it. And then he loses really quickly -- scene and then now it's on the shelf not related to that by. They're doing it -- which quick. The idea you can -- -- a lot turns happened kind of out of the blue in the Randi org won at least was you know you've been. -- baby face for a couple of years it's been building up and I think he knew that he needed to change. Mark the mark -- and audio little strange that you know just a month earlier it was like. That's what I do and doing this I mean if you think about it that's a classic he'll think that he did it but that's great and then also a month later is a babyface but I you know. I think you've looked at the crowd reaction to decide it's these fans want to cheer Mark Henry may be because maybe he has on his way out of -- -- -- get them off on. On a positive type of note but with a big show he's he's gone back and forth at least ten to 1520. Times to mark in his career since it. Too much I mean someone that big. She usually almost always PF -- because they're not pay and they can be that dominating. And they've at times in the mix his career in the WW lead statement -- they've made it looks strong and it made him look stupid. They've made in sumo wrestle that made him knocked out by Floyd Mayweather and it's he's pretty bizarre he had and it was about a year or two ago and he had that whole thing where -- it -- it was a good guy and John -- fired him and he came out of ironclad contract and he said you know he was sick is playing the roles sick of doing the sumo and sick of citing Floyd Mayweather is sick of being the the you know the big lovable giant guy and you thought our rights final this is good need to just keep doing this from now on. But. I think also annoyed W he sees him as that big lovable type a guy and he's -- that's the thing he's a -- they want. They want kids to look at him that while he's really huge but is a nice guy wanna hug them. This is the problem with wrestling today vs wrestling in the eighties. I can't speak dressing in the seventies that was alive. But at least wrestling in the eighties when he stood those territories. You could be off TV -- do something else somewhere else and come back fresh whereas now they just constantly. That was one changer character in there. They're just -- and and on the fly him to make -- sense you know building up like anxiousness in the hands but circling back to me. At a major problem. What do I care if Danny O'Brien is fighting dean chamber fifteen Ambrose which was a really good match by the why do it when the week before that he fought off three members of the shield and beat them. -- the last two were both by the Q news. -- -- What do I care if he's fighting him next when you had employed offering classic last action urgent -- Seth Rollins. This week you -- done dean Ambrose and then on -- and you could do verse -- rains. And let him run through altering them build it up and build the shield is legit contenders but you made it look all except for South Bronx and the Russell look rather weak last week. And come back in with with -- -- match and understand. A lot of times the -- of Spencer's. Set up just to. Get the story line and at the end I think they'll look at our right median of trying to be in something at the end of the net in the night. In -- not gonna throw man against you know insert random guy Kirk -- obviously they're gonna put somebody who's involved in the storyline -- -- -- Justine Ambrose is turns and like you said. Put on a good match and then at the end you have fewer. In -- story line and it's not like dean Ambrose looks -- losing that match. No it is actually pretty strong he's losing to number one contender is also still a champion -- -- but it. It lesser champion so it makes sense in the pecking order he should lose that match. Especially the waited a trying to win a match now at that I note that with Colin now that that move out of the corner with the the running need to it's crazy -- a name for pilot up after but discount one of those moves that come out of nowhere and kind of beat anybody that's a repeat -- That's how he laid out -- at the end of the night. So it. Gives it a thought that this Sunday it could happen out of nowhere. It wouldn't shock me if data Bryant wins the match and then there's some sort of you know what's -- for business you know big show got involved somehow -- comes out as a way to minutes -- -- just little something like that. -- -- shopping if Austin Bryant has his moment all we want -- won and then note no not. Nodding no picture turns on Enron corporation I was thinking announced that -- happened last night the best for business group I thought he was gonna turnout -- last night. -- -- cult turn on him because they're mean. They're not even -- chilling news the other committee which is joy and say all right I need to keep my job Sony to do with it says it. In Iowa when things went on watching them match the -- -- it came to mind is when Bryant knows. When he gets the Irish whip into the corner and then just you know -- up -- -- opens a back flip over. Every time I see him do that I just counting down to the timing -- ankle. -- back down you're absolutely it it's unfortunate to have seen people do that before member of the group one of the grosses injuries in wrestling ever said. That was absolutely disgusting and he was off the Topper openly and -- to -- elbows just brutal to watch but I am weeding it. They don't want it to happen. Into a big difference there is -- of Raila. Different athlete able to do those kind of top -- -- ever since just -- was just on top rope like a normal top rope jumping up type of thing. And I end. Instead rose yes I think I was watching that lives the time I remember correctly it. In one of those bad injuries that he can't unfortunately can't unseat. When it happened. So of course the Sunday on paper view the main event -- Brian vs Randy Orton for the WW -- championship -- Putting aside the story lines and all that and who's gonna win and I it'll be a good match that's the Monday and -- guarantees that -- Brian radio rule put on. Pretty good match and you might see a couple more. As time goes on down the next couple months similar to what Randy -- there with Christian a couple years ago and obviously Daniel Bryan has it could match just about everyone's so. If anything you're looking forward to the match the gonna put on the Sunday then the result at the end I'm expecting. -- or no lockout -- championship still on Sunday because. This thing is gonna continue. With Brian the old baby face chasing in the big -- group is gonna continue for a couple months he would that. Survivor series and bot is in Boston correct November 24 us suicide at -- attorney rob promoting it was obviously a local spot. Promoting survivor series and it was talking about Daniel Bryan verse Randy Orton who will survive you know typical -- BS. Yes let me to believe we're not gonna get a clean finish here -- at a champions. There's going to be some unescorted. But I'm looking forward to see to see how they pulled that. -- -- -- Me -- of a preconceived notion about what's going to take place and so excited to see how they pull it off and if it still works. Now yesterday we saw another edition of Paul came in just being the best ever is pretty much now why -- put it put it down. He comes out. Curtis Axl has -- match with Kofi Kingston which by the way he loses. So not a speaker and -- looking to get out deputy -- -- that's just going crazy but. Why was -- -- because you can't thank you kind of miss that he had Kofi in the corner being human head and immediately be -- cannot after five seconds and he kept no one so rarely see them as they actually put -- the rules nice to see them play by the rules ones -- while. Now it's amazingly in the etiquette camera work a lot of credit to. As soon as that happened. Actually I might be mixing smackdown at the rock right now but it it goes on the same lines is when that happens. Paul came in -- holding the belt slowly dropped it like you forgot he was holding it and had just freaked -- look on its face realizing. If this happens on Sunday. He's eliminated. And and it just meters CM -- -- it continued where it went in the -- and you can't do that to Sunday if -- popular with punk. And then his work cut strange and awesome at the same time -- Paul even jumped off the apron. It'll look like he legitimately hurt his knee. Is needlessly get -- he -- Olympic around. And I went oh man I really hope he's not legitimately hurt because let's be honest call him it's not a -- to aptly. Help ease of getting up there age should jump off an apron like that nonchalantly not thinking anything you'd land between Judy -- You hurt yourself. So fast and I'm thinking all right he may have hurt his need for real or he's just agree he's acting -- and he's getting used at the story line. Goes commercial comes back you go to the acting C. Paul game and being helped by -- -- you see a large puddle of water on the ground and they're saying he tripped and fell. It hurt his -- And I'm thinking that was really confusing -- confusing because wait did you just do that out to -- our bodies -- did that. Announce it in there with my roommate who is. Not a wrestling fan at all but it's watching it. He goes he says to me because I think they're gone I think you heard of south at the ring and they're gone with it with all scientists like. It is through this together which would be amazing if they did on Sunday that think they did it and somehow they got their wires crossed and Paul thought it was to fake the injury out there and then get into the end comes in the ring. With his fake doctor doctor -- bomb. Out Baum great way to get cheap he could find a way it looks very big and huge in the most clearly a professional she is not not not not a professional wrestler definitely. Not at all not at all. And -- does every dot drying out and bench press 350 and looks like Hercules did it -- Brad that's coming out who cookies flip flopping between you know he's supposed to be you figure he'll GM is being faceless at least. -- on the way I like it that he's dead -- the obvious decisions that are. So being made light that's those that's good that match is good for business so. It stays it's day you know he's trying to keep it going I'm becoming a fan yeah I like -- -- people. Tend to think that he's an idiot. But with the way he talks Reuters that -- I think that the right I think he's playing the role of stunt like this mumbling stuttering idiot and he's doing it well. I I liked this segment was interesting in the brought out the doctor and payment was saying about it. Believe in universal health care -- and candidate easily to get cheap he got the blues. I'd Max came out brought out their doctor that couldn't stop mentioning -- -- dollars life. Which sought ways today is the guy year anniversary aren't using as a recording this September the tenth. It was in Toronto right or was in my it was in -- it was a Montreal which is also the other in Canada right now as well. So it's still one year ago -- -- that a champions. -- -- segment was really good with the doctor checking him out saying nothing's nothing's wrong and it -- going to Abu Ayman. And CM punk music hits and CM -- that's the ring where the attendance at an easy call sprint out of there like great this is. This is what I love about wrestling the stupidity of that sometimes and the simplicity of it. Something she's so that's taking the injury and an easy when he asked the sprints away and then books an out of there and then -- on beats the crap out of the the doctor which is pretty funny which in the and you think well why. Client being at the doctor but to be on city. I'm kind of glad. That -- -- get on the Mike. And he just came out got his pop and then left and was done for the night I lights that because it built a little more mystery around it. You know you don't wanna CC -- gonna like too much does that takes away from the gravity when he does get on the Mike is really really good at it. So I really enjoyed that segment enjoyed that -- how that are. Doing the story -- anything between pumpkin came for the last year plus. Has been absent gold. I can't remember an episode. That they were on and their segment stock I can't remember. All right now it is time to ought to welcome in our special guest here on the WEI -- wrestle cast Mike. Riley -- you can hear as part of the Dennis and Callahan morning show. Now weekdays six to 10 AM on WE guys these sports slash anchor and also you can find Mike all around different sporting events around New England is also the public address announcer. For the lol spenders and of course to be on the show. Has to be a big -- wrestling fan and Mike you are a big time wrestling fans corrects. You when I actually went to -- he had a pay per view Scott was that back in June. M back in June this anniversary paper view and I think if we want to slam averts threatened that indicates we are pretty big wrestling fans because there about 2000 other people there with the thing. And started answering. Correct yes it was a definitely a beat kind of arena certainly not the TD garden and now think it whatever. All the potential so that a recount but still it was a great time and now hope to make it down there with the would get in the future -- back to join us as -- the paper VO. Survivors survivor series coming up at the TD garden in November so that'll be an event that probably most of us will be. We'll be it sending. So might go before you joined us we were talking about what occurred on raw last night in mainly with Daniel Bryan. And Randy Orton and it's always in -- for the most part me and then going back and forth talking. To each other about these story lines what's going on it's -- to get another opinion on what is happening. With the with the Daniel Bryan Randy Orton corporation that saga that is going on. Do you like the direction that it's going to do you like Daniel Bryan being beaten down beaten down beaten down although finally last night able to stand tall but for the most part. That you know being that. Huge underdog against the the the -- faction -- like how that's going. Well I think I got a play I respect about this last week and they kind of reminds me. I believe the early part of a decade when and there should be a part of that millennium 2002001. Went triple H was the champion and that was when he where is there. Then husband now. Step mic man on the storyline they recently got married -- -- of is a flashback to that work Tripoli chooses camps or emperor he will and taking over everything in their calling the shots and Stephanie obviously is still. But it it seems like they're going back to this old school style here were -- O'Brien currently now was like Mick Foley. When they constantly abused him if you remember that story line there so did seem like to go to an old school direction didn't Ryan I don't know he's. Be able to carry the torch like Chauncey has done for such a long time this obviously would not be going on. If John -- were healthy. And they're passing a lot of them do this is definitely be all permit companies face right now. And Randy Orton I do like him a lot better -- -- heels -- like the direction they're going there. As far as the storyline goes so would do -- O'Brien I think it's almost a repeat. Of what they've done 1415 years ago on the company but it is certainly with a different territory this camera. Well it's it's repeating the same formula that's worked between McMahon Austin in late ninety's and then as you about them -- man Helmsley. Faction -- the regime -- -- machinery an average game here right here I like the way this is playing out between you have. Triple H come out and that the best for business that's that's they're hatcheries great I love that tetris and I like wind which -- which comes out -- -- thing inputs on the other wrestlers economics every week. But. Definitely -- means angle in that. She comes up and the rates people. Last week she paraded the big show in the air his dirty laundry and then this week paraded. Goldberg got almost forgot about done right I'm Donald Oscars Randy Orton match which was a phenomenal match by the way. -- and is she does a good job she clearly is needed to woman -- and the wishes for training herself as just a mean evil vindictive person the necessity. It's certainly. Ironically -- -- podcast sure -- trying to put it. I checked that she is. She's just a big -- you mean head. And I really like. It's hereditary it could hit strategy PG is there anything lower -- NG. Well now a question I don't think so all audience -- -- rated -- for instance gathering at epic go to. But I I like you know we're what are some of the other story lines you -- like on number. Well I you know underrated I kind of like. The Alberto Del Rio are -- I know that the world heavyweight championship has sort of turn into that the championship if you well. I know it's mainly on smackdown but I've always been good Del Rio kind of fan and I like how Rodriguez's parade announcer is now with our beat -- So I think that's pretty interesting to see how they're going to -- I know it's not too popular has it. Could be but I think it's underrated but definitely the Paul amen and CM punk -- has really turned into a pretty good one. Ever since he turned on payment or whatnot of states. Give up their allegiance to one another after wrestle mania. It's been a very good rivalry there and then with payment having Brock Lesnar by his side at summer slam and promoting him going dad she impart. The pocket is great the microphone -- easy bit talented wrestler so. And again another character right there with scene out this just goes to show you how much the WW week. Heavily relies for John Serena. And I really believe that CM punk is. I know he has carried the torch in the past as a champion and so forth but this is another. Very important story like the company right now with -- -- -- You you mentioned the Alberto Dario are BD. And last night RVD -- right that option clearly the worst match tonight I thought. It was so sloppy not. -- that. But they find those -- finally matched up with those just very similar single it's the same guy does better ties died signal it's. Finally it. I was waiting for that the crowd wasn't in it. It at all. And end was boxed and who would he was trying to. GMR -- growing into the ring post that was box the first time our media accidentally it appeared as if he accidentally got his foot in the way of or he thought he was gonna reverse. I don't know what what what it was it was items that are. Yup -- and Daria. And we're talking guys about this before to affect this kind of out on this certain not to introduce secretary but I think that WW week. Has so many titles what they're almost it's. Unnecessary and. Crops the art continental US Tyler just understand hold onto it. One. All right we don't always been props right -- -- good -- you understand even when I mean is that. Their -- there now. Just to look. Pretty -- there's really no -- -- the IC champion but he. Loses every single week you sporty Ambrose at least the US champion is pretty is pretty strong with it so leak case of -- like -- -- keep. Keep wanna vote yeah or get rid of both them this half the world title that evidently title this. And I know they just rated at W every title is pretty nights when they debuted over the rock after royal rumble. And that's been -- Bill Bennett probably accurate that it was so towards Iran's. But -- sold itself applaud the idea -- dead. But I don't know that I've always going to be that's tournament appears set to get an app which just course. I completely agree I think that the title that you did go ways the world title even announce its. Probably the best looking title in terms of you know you think of a championship. Attempt -- belt that's kind of what you think they should look like yet being released from being gold belts yet and it does. Absolutely enough. It does nothing for over to Dario especially if you're not gonna. -- its own brain and smack down via its own brand. It's wasted it's completely wasted it it -- you can't it's a crutch for building a story. And it can't build compelling storyline without that though having something to do with it then you know business writing for the. Exactly. And it just yet when when the brands were split makes cents fine but now that they're both together during the super heroes there. Noted for just consolidated debt of one. But again it is -- -- going off your little rant about the titles. What what's up with the shields on the tag team titles are on target to see them build a tag team division and they're still kind of putting an emphasis on it by. Yeah giving us these vignettes of Los after doors there coming out what awaits her kudos. I guess that's sort does usually end up. It to the shield doesn't even really defendant have a don't have a feud with anyone they had a few remarks and -- big show up but. They're not defending him they're really only used in the in the main storyline -- Daniel Bryan in. I guess rules for Johnson's -- called the corporation. I don't get I don't like it -- like you know it's not being used at all. I think that WE has really gone away from the tag team division over the last few years and -- the tag team division was at its height. Maybe in the early part two you almost late ninety's -- -- dome demolition. -- -- Steiner Brothers -- one point. Lately -- since early ninety's you have heart foundation archrival dogs fabulous rouge goes up. Demolition unit some great teams yeah and then the rockers the rockers who could never win the title. Except for that one takes time that they never IR AH -- called a fact yeah he acts the ring broke broke which I understood that the -- makes -- But -- a little bit of a resurgence in the late ninety's with the new age outlaws them. Whoever they were feuding with that some really does these parties that you could yet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Exactly. Great matchup Boston Grossman at fourteen about. We talked about it on the first the first her show about. We had to do which outlaws styles -- son Charlie and -- -- to a dumpster leading up to that match and pushed him up the stage and I was on a night. Moments that got me hooked. To watch every Monday night you know about how about how weird that was is a twelve girl they -- out guys being thrown off the stage in a dumpster let's keep watching. Yeah well that's what they wanted and that was the attitude era and I think that the WWE wide public. New York stock market. They had to turn it down a little bit on the violence and that's why you don't see the whole sex appeal as much there was before aren't. The language and so forth in the violence has been turned down just a little bit so it's certainly different company. Well little you brought up that with -- to tone down. H Daly had a fantastic line last night she was sitting on commentary which GPL -- -- -- Amanda -- And that acts forget exactly how Atlanta too but she said she said Jerry. I'm a little too old for you I'm 26 until like a little younger and now I'm thinking in my head night. I wanna note that was just sent off the -- for you know because. Jerry might find it very appreciative of that comment now it's it's not a true it certainly hope it's very very true and. We have seen comments like this -- a lot right off the -- to remember whether Brett art appreciation night the thing is that about pat Patterson. I did apparatus what I meant it was after it was it was a it was a couple months ago during Calgary and -- Iran I remember watching the problem. After -- though it was after right now to go up deputy out and watch Emeril acted out watched it. And he made -- he made a home I don't as a whole the sort of all of our work. It pretty much it was I thought through -- it was like -- -- -- friendly right I think most of us know that pat Patterson. Pat has his day and has been you know it working the -- read photographs fork -- forty years. So I didn't think much of it but apparently Brett did end up apologizing because it gets. Saying it out some of the whole crowd in that kind of thing that was maybe inappropriate. Elect a little things like that -- had to happen -- -- is well. What change release which was 26 shocked at archer was at least. 32 were there you know I I thought she wants and she's gorgeous well. She's sees animals -- birdies I've had my. I've had my say about her so I don't wanna keep I'll know I like her and say I'm not gonna go off on that again. -- understand all right I -- like what she was the general manager about bill's pretty cool little. Storyline may add on -- Like what did you think about the inclusion of edge last night and coming out of the beginning and then not surface it. He did a little backstage. Incident with. The corporation so to speak and then -- was gone. Well imagine that his hometown -- -- Toronto and it got everyone fired operate wars that really set the tone for the should go into -- you know just watching. Bill old for the most part all brought the crowd was really into it and Toronto. Traditionally is a pretty good wrestling fan base. And I I even thought I heard it correctly from rocket I hear -- bring back undertaker -- at some point yeah. There was yet it was gonna take your chance some point I think it was during that I think the Del Rio RP -- match with the match last night right where it. RBI right right right I don't know -- thing in Del Rio are truth not a match yes and aren't crazy during their match that was the designated at the fans are gonna chant whatever they want it CBO local -- undertaker. Macho man things like that it seemed to happen now in the cities like. Toronto -- Boston Chicago the main cities where the fans are. Are a little more crazy compared to Corpus Christi, Texas which is. It's known as the worst rock crowd in the history of just fraud and Grassley did you guys notice what they did during that match. The that the audio one point. I thought I did I'd be okay. There is a move in the corner I don't remember the specifics of who don't know what to who but it was a members in the corner and also in the audio cut for about a second. And I was instantly thinking because I know they've had a history of piping in cheers for people like Hogan back in the day and the most Americans -- -- trying. Control. What the viewer's perception of what the crowd is cheering for. And I instantly thought okay they're cutting the feed to the audience so that they can punt in their own. Feed of -- cheer for good move for because they were just had enough venture. Polished well you know it's funny so or reductions are funny but it was it's ironic how. Last year during this particular week that was what Jerry Lawler and heart attack. And it was right before an -- champions which was at the garden and Scott and -- went -- that. And they -- rappers say reference and back and forth. That the doctor there forget his name. Innocent doctors -- Came out last night to. Look at -- him and he yes exactly Sampson Sampson I stick by my story -- yeah. They head up and how he kept the you know going to -- it -- -- -- electors is kind of ironic I was during that same week there will -- one year later. Having the heart attack and the Caribbean beat was this week cares. He's very likely to be in the announcer Booth right there are a year later or he could his whole life to be change altogether. So coming up this Sunday it's the united champions paper view and as you -- last year it was here in Boston member that CM punk John seen a main event. Probably one of the better made events of the last couple of years and back pocket CNET done that consistently. Now as very good show and expected this a good show this Sunday as well we were talking earlier with Daniel -- Randy Orton. At the very least if you just throw out the storyline itself and just how they have a match -- -- to expect they're gonna have a very good up to be a B plus match at the very least. It's -- paper views so these two guys are gonna go all ought to know they've bought and didn't try to get a house shows as of late to have a thing. Yes they have -- how shows so saying that didn't yet they had the main event title match at you know in Boston last Saturday. One of those in the house shows -- so unique in the sense that. -- it's just it's just scaled down into little little entrance way. Very little light exit the lighting is awful in the sense that you take pictures you can't because there's no backlighting and you have. Our light shining on the ring it's all the pictures I took looked like. -- or not the top rope whistles like eight just exploding mobile goes float it does so darn it. Look like equity act -- guy from ghostbusters as. Right slider slider -- try to react to coolers that atlases that in this drink from a brand that will mention because I want him free publicity. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You learn you learn of Polk who kind of guy. Every now and a tank. Is silenced surveillance -- squares. But -- about identity elements and that's. That's -- show live event -- just is such a unique atmosphere and it's pretty much straight matches they do. It to a -- the story -- a lot more than out to Kardashian video board now and they -- actually run a few Promos on the boards -- -- -- the last socialite got to. In 23 years ago made event for the championship. You know going in that -- -- not going to win the championship. I wonder though how many fans they're actually to that might be a chance. It's it's smaller crowd it was sold -- -- 6000 people or their whole lower bowl was full supper but what was TARP dot for the stage and stuff. A no no seats in the upper -- just a very unique. Wade watched watched the products and you get to see these guys -- do things they don't do on TV in Randy Orton when he walked out of the ring he hasn't done that since it's. Tell the -- overs -- entire lockdown this that smug. Look on his face had done that on TV it was he would actually but it was pretty good article. -- in the ring he noticed that a stand -- -- sign pro or I don't know what it's sad but assuming positive about Randy. He goes out there. He goes on that you points to it. You know people it was her -- makes her turn out as a whole different and that's why it's fun. And that the and you get a whole she'll come in -- we gotta gotta Orton keeps title but. Is attention obviously but -- shows. Our thoughts of a chance to go to one you don't go and expecting them to get the story line advancement obviously diskette to see. The favorite guys pretty much turnovers sauce CM punk at this -- showed just came out. With the candlestick in just destroyed Curtis axle two minutes kingdom and destroyed payment to. And then who happened to be it was great that there -- a lot of that so -- There's a -- to -- as -- as you said Bryan Norton had been wrestling at the house shows that they've been getting it to attend to do that to helps them work their way up to that -- -- match and. And you know until I. I would not be surprised this is just so predictable at WW -- Riordan wins on Sunday which I think is a very strong possibility he well. If fact -- -- there right now I think he will win Sunday tiger you're gonna cities to try to get an element so much month. -- -- cell and then. There's another patent battle grounds in India might still be funny it's a -- there is very very real possibility battlegrounds in December's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Battle battleground is October 6 lots and -- sell October 7. Yeah Ottawa senator right now peck bought it is strange you know like that and either. Yes the edits that you know big. Remember at this time couple years and it bragging rights and held a cell and it had. I think at a breaking a paper cup braking points they've been using a victim of the paper views right. Nobody I agree I think this this. Suit could even last of the TLC and he could end up having a TLC match for the titles -- seasons in December right product to keep going. Well like I said earlier there was a commercial that aired last night talking about Danny O'Brien and Randy -- at survivor series obviously plans can change. But that just told me okay -- not winning the belt so at least survivors here. And if he does -- skirt out of it. But -- there's another storyline elements that are match from last night that it wanted to bring up to satisfy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Happened to all of ziglar it is -- dropped tremendously on the two audible. Like a stone he really ash and I've read reports out there that they're serious heat on him for some he said in an interview outside of the WW the but I like that bright light went over -- off because it further cemented -- BA and the white families. And an innate sense to look at that and saying out dolls just lost two straight line that's so bad for me and there are two other guys rings not interfering. That's just that's the way it happens beat. Was it just hear it seemed like the wife and we got more. Pop than to -- You may have a -- and. Evian and the entrances just so you need to. What the why it's in the and they have that stable which is that the disguised you wanna hate. It it's in they're not the face their disguise joining ziglar he never really came around is that based. They're more of -- guys -- gonna get a reaction and particulars like are just another wrestler look. There are glad that the mega pop when he won when he cashed in candidate that mega pop is -- -- -- -- -- ever heard from a crowd. And then nothing. Yeah yeah that'd be at the entrance last night indicate that commercial and -- in the -- you can expect them for Kofi tanks and find that I don't need to hear that stupid SOS song anymore. Yeah excuses right in the -- he's being buried. You don't you don't get a TV entrance it's almost at the point -- that job. Yeah evidence that it did that -- definitely applied for sure in years past having a little bit now. With a three hour show is trying to pack so much and sometimes they that would cut human experiences there on finding -- pretty well I have I would die out you know these things are legal they'll probably get the entrance and that reaction. The crowd at this guy at one point again this goes back to our world championship. Discussion before he was a world -- point so but maybe that they'll. Does indeed you know. Yeah I mean -- Peter hit the nail on the head I mean you look at the -- -- situation they're pretty much acolytes in a -- and a revision of books and he had was a world champion but he was. You know not. That WW we champions asserted it's a different such a different thing to be that dividend each camp. So the -- brought up the with the wife -- this is. I mean. Received them getting a bigger pot and golf which obviously it could have been their manipulating. The audio of the crowd at that point goes further buried Dolph. I for some reason to see the -- -- becoming really popular because they're vignettes are amazing their entrance is amazing and brave. 90% of the time on the Mike is really really good. And people now seems like talent more than the character. If you're talented they're demanded cheering for you for the most part. I have I get this suspicion that at some point. The white -- could feud with the corporation and do you really interest infused. And the white and stealing people away could be kind of like -- you'll feud quiet first shields. Why it's first the shield that that could be good there's there's a lot of interest stuff I'm a huge fan of the life. That is just gotta rewind again and vector art history less need to be seeing another repeat air. Corporation -- ministry. Yeah absolutely. And ended it form exactly. The corporate industry that was too much it was getting way too much news that it was the same problem at the end below had -- TCW which was. Once you put too many people in it. Not interest. -- -- Yet you know you can maybe have five maybe six addicted to the NWO. And it was cool because they're just destroying everyone. But once you get too big it seems like -- is that magic number all because of the four hours. Or you know with DX at their fourth side the real height. Was four. It -- right before X pot joined it was triple its new which outlaws in China and it was really cool and sent him an expert joins those 45 technically and lose interest right. So it just I worry your vote. The corporation now getting two bit. And it ruining things but they might need to developers I love the inclusion of the shield in that group it's perfect tonight. And they have gone back to the factions that are. Deliberate word put it -- -- back decades they have a -- -- And they've gone back to that in the last couple years traditionally mean you know would not -- children -- Now why -- family and look at. Tripoli it is empire. It's a really it's it's been uninteresting -- Always named him before that. What was that group. This nexus thank you yeah war that's right at guys like you know -- It's very interesting to see -- other kind of repeating storyline development -- I wouldn't be surprised if you do see some sort of monopoly in the next few months from forming together. Our Mike before we let you go again not a champion since Sunday let's get a few quick predictions out of view. Securities data so Daniel Bryan Randy Orton you expect Randy Orton to come out with a championship as a company. Many people do you BDC as as a clean type of thing it is it is going to be at a bunch shenanigans that are. It is this going to be a mean there's no special -- for this time right. No special right that's right now who knows just straight up championship match you know Tripoli just gonna get involved somehow he's gonna come down and maybe Stephanie wool I don't know maybe shall flasher boobs you know -- supplemental -- But yet radio or no one has somehow biased screw job and gonna go on his -- and also be the -- after Sunday. I think radio program -- -- an -- of Africa it's it's going to be some coach laws ends. You're not going to clean result and Randy Orton leaves championship a night of champions belt. -- that world heavyweight title Hillary overs RVD. -- -- -- Does ardidi need to be a champion no end is it possible that Ricardo Rodriguez eventually just turns on our VP and it could happen this Sunday. Possibly I think guys Del -- still comes away with a title RV the -- called to Whitman. It looks all -- really -- -- I think he's like forty to forty trees like that but he. Books he looks toast at this point. Yet he's he's just not this and yet it was side BZW's years ago still feels like a pop so he does she's got a great teams on. And a cool little electrodes so I gotta go Del -- and that's what. Now -- it's always -- talk about don't Cingular he actually has US title match against -- Ambrose at the interview on Sunday. And at a ratio were actually. Actually on the show on the paper view but at -- think he's -- he's just in there just have a good match and Ambrose is gonna end up with the tile because at this point out to drop -- Back down to that. He's been US champion 34 I don't know it kind of -- 34 times in that role so much I think. It is do this together because sit there still is sort of involved in that main storyline and away. So this is probably -- keep them involved and that. Yet again Ambrose walk or would that no problem -- three -- threat there are the bad note Belichick is socialist Panetta champions. No one's gonna allow Lockwood the title chance so far this break. I think Ambrose once -- Because what we've seen out of -- the last couple weeks I think you might as well keep making Ambrose looks strong there's no reason not to. He's fascinating character and humans. And don't forget there is a -- -- championship match he had a -- the Naomi and Vitale yeah I think that's where will probably see a title change. I was gonna guess I just don't know which. Which. Which totaled Eva is going to be -- With all the respective may have to be a world record set for the amount of -- and pushed listeners but not now one close. Our goal with Doug Elliott now -- Allied I mean at at anyone -- deserves it decide a pure wrestling skill I'd probably give it suit tally I think -- keeps the title -- de -- It's like what are the other matches. They're there's academia and tegra that tag team match right. Was -- how to do the taxi mats on the pre show they're doing it tag team turmoil. -- like a gauntlet they did is back in the two thousands with early two thousands you know. -- two teams come out one team wins another team comes out and at the end to that tag team gets Accenture match on the paper view against shields. Don't have it seems the economy tonight primetime players involved -- -- and -- it I think they're gonna be the winners because the way they've been built up the couple weeks. -- the -- real Americans. 3M B. And. So this was gonna say prime time players probably. Going to get the championship match but again I think she'll keep the titles because I think it plays into the store level these though is cents. You have all these champion surrounding the -- protecting Randy Orton also the champion so. At this point we may not see. Any championship changed the air con -- title is on the line in that match went without. Jim park yep that's right -- -- and is officially going to be on the side and a trying to. -- out of it last night. You just talked about earlier how masterfully played that actually he's he's unbelievable -- -- Earlier say is that I think is the best there right now I'm like come -- there there's a couple people that are pretty good but he's excellent. There's a reason why they put. Brock Lesnar with Paul -- I years ago and up until. About this year as well because Lesnar is not good on the -- him and that's fantastic. All right Mike great stuff for us thank you for joining us here on the yet having the idea -- cast and we will allow we will definitely be doing this again. In the near future might actually get you in just the studio. -- -- honored that you. I'd be honored and if you behave you will not be getting the rock bottom from. I I -- -- the war news like Tanaka I do not want that again bitterly critical daughter about it. A sentiment that we see it that's -- apps are so excited at Augusta so much I take care Mike all right. All right some great stuff there with Mike Riley here in the WE I wrestled cast will definitely be having. Mike back on the show in the very near future. And as we're talking about the Sunday night champions. Sort of made our predictions for it a night of champions has been it's been. Traditionally a pretty good paper view. Over the last couple -- deathly last year. When it was here in Boston the CM punk Johnson a main event was a very. Entertaining match it's it's pretty good debut in the sense that he's supposed to have all the titles on the line. It's a good one in the rotation it's good for after summer slam helps you know lead in to. I guess it's good for rematch is as well it is I expect a very good show this in fact the shows interviews the last couple months have been ball. -- And so as rock rock for the most part has been really really good for the last six weeks or so. You know not too many holes in the show you yet a couple of bad matches here and there but that's supposed to be expected. And a couple of dead sponsors don't care about Davis but for the most -- -- been completely relieved it's from the best TV period. And nominee down nominee down points in the shows you could have made -- the normal down swings and any show. When you don't wanna watch to divas match if you don't wanna watch. In Bryant actresses RVD -- find little spots take a break crystal ball on our. Mean for the most part -- people watch on DVR that's where that's usually what I do that's in the probably the best way. So watch it and get through at all at -- the gap for the most part you're getting good 234. Solid segments. Rely on is really good everything else is serviceable. And that's how -- shows put together can't be you know top to bottom. The best thing going every time they got a -- stuff as well it can't just stacked every single show with every single idea. That they have a typical things going well too into that championship 23 very strong main story lines in. -- go in different directions and have a storyline and the Bryan Norton thing that's probably gonna go. For Lyle if not his advisors maybe through December all lay up until the new year and that's maybe when Johnson would back. The one thing I hope about this paper view is that. The crowd doesn't view -- the way the three of us. Our predictions Leo he's the crowd just seized in your -- and getting skirted the and now can be that into the match. And as we know when a crowd is into. What's going on in the ring. It makes the show light years better it's a much more in thrown for you watching it when the crowd is really into it's when the crowd's into it. It's great so I've really hope that. At least on smackdown. They give more reason to think that Daniel Brian may win when I don't think he will win. So I -- the -- really Hampshire -- All right then that's this Sunday on paper view and I know I'll be watching and I'm sure you'll be. Signing a way to being funded my own ways of lots finding a way to tune in as well then. Next week we can come back and we can talk about what happened. On -- champion so we thank all of you for tuning in to EW EEI wrestle cast if you wanna get in contact with us the best we've putted dude that is. On the Twitter machine you can get. Then that young Ben WEEI. And you find me on Twitter at -- -- SE DI KO. -- asked and let us know. We've thought about the show in wasting it on -- on -- night of champions coming up and -- given to questions or comments or thoughts that help us spark a conversation that's always. A great thing let you know throw so far away and maybe next legally able to talk about. Those types of things on this WEEI. Recipe -- that'll wrap things up for. My cohost Ben kitchen our special guests Mike Riley my name is Scott suit costs and a enjoy the rest of your wrestling week.

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