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Will Pats Week 2 resemble their Week 2 game of 2012

Sep 10, 2013|

Mut and Merloni take a look back at the Patriots loss to the Cardinals last year and discuss the team's piling injuries.

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Yet Tommy current that you dare ask those questions like it why you're walking the -- that are practicing. We do what's best for the team. At spell check know practice this week they'll play on Thursday. Against the jets AT&T -- lions 37937. Lose overreacting with a false sense of confidence. Much rubbing off on -- next thing you know will be sporting weightlifting gloves now. We -- fields down like this did -- though. You like last year we -- -- -- of that Arizona Cardinals team led by the immoral Kevin Kolb covenant here yes vote very very confident but I your final. Cardinals 21 in patriots eighteen. In the -- building at Gillette Stadium and I bring it up not because we Q -- there are some similarities between. That game a year ago and this year weak to -- -- more drastic issue you're going up against an offensive team in the cardinals. You say the jets have nobody scares me outside alert FitzGerald there was nobody. And that cardinals' offense going at the game today after -- -- -- Beanie Wells. Was the go to guy at running back that I'm Kevin Kolb got the start over Johns Carol Skelton who was hurt accurately receivers that. Todd Heap Early Doucet Ryan Williams. 123. It was let's get a counter this threat shut him down yet five targets one -- four yards it took him out of the game that day. So they work great offensively they put twenty on it was really about your defense that week was like your offense. They got to Brady so much in night game a week to a year ago the cardinals. Knocked him down over and over again pressure from seven times sacked him four times. Calibrated to a 79 point six quarterback rating 79 point six against the cardinals. Offensively. Look at the drive chart for the patriots yelled at a pick on the first play from scrimmage. On field goal punt field goal on pump your first -- that great offense a year ago -- what happened the first half. Hernandez went down to -- settlement fell on the knee of Hernandez he left the game they had to readjust. In the first half they couldn't do kick field goal punt field goal punt on. Intimate friend -- second -- scored a touchdown late. And you've got gift wrapped a field goal. Was it -- was running out the ball a fumbled the football and you got the ball in -- territory. Well like would have wanted the game winning touchdown back up propped back -- -- gronkowski holding calls eventually to settle for gas koehlke field goal and it was Shanxi. And you lost totaled twenty to eighteen. To a team that feels. Awfully similar to this jet team Thursday. They're good defensively cardinals good defensively last year create a lot of pressure on the quarterback pets are gonna -- a -- But offense -- scary mean he's that type of games long term legal back and look at you say. Physical teams good on defense get after Brady -- give -- trouble and last year when Hernandez went down he still had Beloit gronkowski and Welker. And settlement of that may matter elements can be in this year this game. I just think. Looking back we have a year to look back and go that feels a lot like the setup for this game good defense -- -- talking about the jets' offense we didn't talk but the cardinals offensively. But why why can't dispute hiking in late the way that this feels a lot like -- to a year. Coincidences it could be and I could be wrong. But there with -- well I'm just say you know and I think the feel love it -- to march. I think this defense is different than it was last year year -- -- that's what I think the patriot defense. Is gonna be different. All right then I think that was and it depict school plays bad as they played neck game the -- will be tight. Making you really foresee that should be the bit that the difference between sneaking by buffalo. And blowing them out was -- Steven Ridley fumble. Really I mean -- nothing need to put more points on in it you might even make the damn game you know 24 to seventeen going to -- -- -- again if you told interception because -- felt balls down so the the other difference stream blowing teams like buffalo and the jets out. Our big starts. All 1417. Up the nets -- they're done they realize where they are and that vacate. -- got seventeen -- against buffalo you know when it by 20. -- 124. Of buffalo so of course -- if people play like crap yes first pass a scrimmage against Arizona. Interception. Masco got a -- -- -- wears on recovered to URL and it went in the -- -- one for what went for fourth pick in the red zone. And discuss its fourth field goals. Those run red zone field goals -- -- just outside you know 404150. To the page it's really couldn't didn't do anything just outside of that red zone. Was just red zone it was just outside of his well. So they really didn't. Need to play well of course is the chance I just look at it is I expect. Stephen relief to have a big game fumbled twice. Expect him to get the Massachusetts not. -- this is not David Wilson out New York who get even glow appeared -- have -- put a season together and prove that he can do it in this league. And used to wonder -- -- tacking -- -- or not this is really last year Avnet -- comes back he's a difference maker. I expect Campbell Tompkins to now understand what it's like the play one game. OK any NFL OK that's all with. It's don't want your first game NFL and I played a whole game and expected to slow down a little bit for him. Adamant you know I have to still be there I think they don't have enough I think defensively they can do enough to a young quarterback. Was playing its first game in a row gets his call serious. Can you mentioned -- having a big game I meet you take nothing out of what the G but the jets defense did Doug -- -- one. Me they held him in check Doug Martin who's considered one of these good young up and coming running backs in -- 24 years old. Had a huge year in year one and the expectation is by the end of this season. He will be in the top five and -- is that is that being overly. -- -- them -- 24 carries for 65 yards 82 point seven yard average. Last week -- the jets mean that there are some things that this team does well. One of them is defensively that's part of their biggest strength we asked Ryan wrote quote we asked our guy from the jets which may be this last week. You know what is there identity and defensively. They get after Josh Freeman's no great shakes but. You know he had Vincent Jackson yet some guys that throw to and thinking I don't know who -- can approach is we're talking -- -- -- up the same thing we're talking about. Potentially no -- dole -- felt marine. And wrong likely enact it Thursday night. So if you think they're gonna win win convincingly you do. And you think they're going to be unbelievable on defense you think this going to be the bust -- game. But the Patriots defense that they finally had a game where they pick up deal I don't buy -- if they've picked up week one. Bum a deployed very good -- that they would all those players we just talked about this we even have a bigger -- yes. Yeah well I just can't go that I think we're talking about field goal game late and give me until Thursday to pick the game. But this feels like a a much closer game based on what Rex is done against common the past and based on what the patriots play in week one and other injuries -- week to. 6177797937. AT&T text line 379370. Changed your -- a little bit. May feel like -- does still supremely confident. On the patriots ability to beat the jets here at home on Thursday Ethan is in New Hampshire he's up -- -- -- -- 937 Ethan. Hey -- must be a -- America is great in my mind about these patriots. Think I secretly. Could have a big game rank is probably -- reform. I am I think it could come out of the turnover differential I get. Defense in -- and -- over at me out and takes care of the ball I think picked that shot. Well I mean a lot of us apiece every week though we have been turnover differential attic we understand that he and that's a huge factor brings go to week one games. I think that's seems to internal dimension. -- -- I think that's the strength of this defense that's creating turnovers. Against you know rookie quarterback and I'm more could be a struggling jets offense. Yes yes I -- I look at it that. More what the the jets gonna offer here and wrote in offensively. That's why I think. -- that interception pick for six a couple of another interception forced fumble. The X seventeen points of journalists put the office and its book that's really what I expect I expected defense. My Friday morning to wake up here and to be talking about how the defense completely shut down the New York Jets and put the office in position to score points. That's what I expect and that's why I expect and score one -- -- -- -- -- -- with -- well in anything he mentioned relieve mentioned relief I mean that that to me is one of the biggest keys year you know at the gym was dressed -- really aren't meant to say if you have. At a patriots fan would you look at Steve relating to state I don't trust him right now. I'm much less confident that he's -- some fumbling issues he had -- first couple years in the league Ryan I can you look at that game. And not feel that way -- the ball ripped apart early. And calmly jumps on and moral challenge of some ridiculous reason the second one. You can say it's low -- but it's kind of watching it again it was a lack of concentration and -- one thing you worry about the guy who's got some issues when the football. Is a lack of concentration now he believed he was touched down -- ever reason he made really no effort the chase that ball answer she picked up once every four yards the other way. Well yeah I think you have those little bit accomplish and that's why I thought the rain we talk for what 23 hours and 45 minutes yesterday. But -- Avery was going to be this big impact the wheat to upheld the opulent chain bringing to get almost they -- running back role not just because how well three. But of how Ripley played -- did not really back in the game. The carrier too late let him shake it off now is thought about it for three or four days it's a physical jet defense. His abilities there but it -- and competence arms and hold on the football against the jet defense that. Boston ma calls mark a fumble twice in that game on Sunday and they cover what I think is going to be. Obviously he's gonna be thinking about little bit more I'm really nowhere I think as a guy that was rattled their week one you know the first fumble. He fumbled the loss it really cost him anything in ruled a fumble in -- a colleague jumped on the sick one. Golf look you would every once there's a lack concentration as the questionable that I think the message that was sent. Set the rest of the game. You know I think last year he proved to us that he -- -- fumbling problems. I don't consider that hit by Paul are sorry and anybody if you get knocked out. I've got a black that black blacked out. I would eager to hold on that has a job I mean I drive brought the fact he's humble now three times the last two games he got. He was and company really had missed only the one running -- and NFL. There when he is blacked out. It's gonna actually still be there holding on for its -- it happened happened one patriot so I got it knocked up all fall out of -- he got lucky right -- you gotta you -- -- and what year blacked out. So I I don't think it I don't think it's in Asia pick he lost his focus and if you took weak one at W you he's loses his job for the game at green goes in there. He gets his job back. And Connecticut -- back of his mind again OK in. I had a great year last year but I still can't forget about things that are important I still can't forget about what's most important right protecting a football. And I think you CA more focused Steven Ridley in game two theaters and a AT&T -- -- 37937. And a mixed bag -- again Texas is a lot of running backs look bad week one we'll get more us last night revealed refined it and run accident. He's right really attack and the Shawn -- actually -- last night yep I'm in favor of very. She played pretty good one Adrian Peterson first play from scrimmage 78 yard touchdown would end up with Tony -- ninety. First play. He had a 78 yards the rest of the game not a prank that fifteen carries -- -- yards nothing. It vexed him what that says the NFL but. It was too many -- it was a record number touchdown passes in week one sawing we know what it means about the NFL when he combined those two. The other side that would tax -- for once he looked fine with Texas remains thing I'm done with relief. Let New York taken back home -- mended there's got to be a middle ground there and look what he's Atlanta lose confidence in him. Against the jets this weekend out of confidence and go for a hundred yards I do that -- -- shut down Doug Martin to a two point seven yard average. When they look at this team when Rex is development is -- his defense this week he looks at the receivers they have. If -- and -- placed me it's pretty simple. Treat an adult with a -- to treat Welker double the middle make them beat them on the outside Hopkins showed -- do that week one Dobson who knows he didn't play. May be -- -- but if -- racks and I'll look at this patriot team. It's pretty simple that the players are around -- They used to be a bike if -- radiant and give Rex -- confuse -- at times with that great cast receivers. -- feel pretty good about with pumpkins and -- and Andelman. What I can do to Tom Brady and that machinery -- Mac by lack of confidence is more about the matchup this week to me say he lacked confidence and Bradley. I might lack confidence in any running back this week against the jets after what they did the Doug Martin and given the fact that. You got fuel if you were offensive pieces. Around -- -- look at and say look at week -- we you're going to show on May. Although the one -- I thought about last last year -- it was a guy like Sam watching Arnold back and look at our notes in a cardinals blitz a lot and again after Brady. They did -- celebrated twenty points are eighteen points. It's those type games they lose that's I begin this patriot team has lost it'll shoot outs. They don't lose the really good offensive teams this patriot team as constituted. Has lost two physical defense of teams. That is the thing -- Lot of patience and topple Hussein patriot teenagers that is constituted. Well this is a complicit different team. This team now wins those games in my opinion and we'll see maybe -- wrong. But I think that I have to see first this team will now win because they have to do. This is how they have to win and that's why. You know the buffalo gave me a Whitman says they're gonna go scored 2427 points okay. So that if if you're David I scored 2427. And don't panic and have them and don't get ten or thirteen. They're -- pace. -- we sit around now since 07 thickened it the patriots haven't scored twenty points by halftime then they are screwed. 1720 points than the offense is -- because that all that's awaits big when they don't score and whatnot say why they don't win and what -- they -- since it's been that way. Nothing you -- when they won. If you winning ten to seven at halftime. In an eagle 77. And 1710 point four attended a tip. You know to me it wasn't -- Since 07 it's been met throughout but it just doesn't have to Amnesty International play well. And you know offensively that debuted -- because the but they're gonna win differently NAFTA when differently. Well this the first test of that and we continue get your thoughts on patriots and jets 617779. 79837. Is the phone number can Texas you guys are on the -- text -- 37. Nine B 37 continue with your phone calls you talk but the lack of offensive firepower around Brady -- lot of talk about a global -- We get to this that -- afterthought managed to point DNC -- heard him yesterday. Nash after talking about how Anquan Boldin ended up in separate Cisco may be answered the questions about why -- on -- and it didn't end up with the patriots we hear that -- calls next.

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