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Stephen A. Smith on the Jets

Sep 10, 2013|

Stephen A. joined the show to discuss the latest with the Jets. He said he can see Thursday nights game being a close one between the Pats and jets.

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Welcome back Dennis and Callahan joining us on the AT&T outline AT&T the nation's fastest and now the most reliable four GL TE network you see it all over ESP -- -- -- him. -- Daly 98 point seven FM in new Yorker for an Steve Mason good morning Stephen power you. We wanted to and no question Korea has anybody ever asked you in your adult life a question Steven and you said the following words I don't have any thoughts about that. Are actually yes what what subject would you have lost. All I really haven't thought about hockey okay. It's rare that I haven't thought about NASCAR related. Did you wait. Yeah. If you asked the court about a sport itself meeting didn't want the Balkan war. It would be -- -- I have no at about it Bob did and you know edit if you ask you a question. As it pertains to one of my colleague and pepper -- On edit without the negative variety I don't address stuff like that because that'll be it mark all right. I I get it -- I think all of us an opinion about this we saw the unveiling of chip Kelly's high speed offense last night is hit a passing fad that will be adjusted to. And eventually go the way of the now defunct wildcat or does it have staying power in this league for a significant amount of time. It. Well -- object that it it'll go away but the ball off but it will be. -- you know periodically throughout the game -- actually be used but not all that. It can't be your biggest strategy. All I think when you look at Chip Kelly looked -- all what you saw last night. Off obviously you've got to be able to run for all the records because it's not the -- they are running attack. Like you got to protect Michael it. And you can't afford and it Rita destroyed Jack know that unique weapons that now -- in the game for all injuries are inevitable. And it you know it's like. He got Michael Vick but at all to sit back and after that Matt -- the at a USC. Well -- offices lot. You don't want quarterback he has -- -- That's -- bit. That so because that it is with the level of birds usually at that. It's out there that easily implement it when you happy that the individual can execute prop. -- -- the last night eagle -- very limited terms of personnel. When it comes so who can really really well on the top that's chipped out. Yeah I think that that was the in the misconception Stephen it was that there are gonna throw -- -- you're spread it out you think you just in the shotgun you're not huddle up you throwing. They rushed for 263. -- they rushed for 49 times in between the tackles a lot to my only question Stephen is. Connect faults or Matt Barkley do it but 'cause there's no way that Michael Vick is playing sixteen games in peak. -- I'm glad that the court to you because it's there will be no way. Well the map bought it is not not now what we saw last night. Now you've got secondary skiing. -- the implementation of that there -- practice that -- receive point that you would make a minute game. Personnel on appeal with -- know exactly what they'll be doing it it's going to be different but what we saw from Michael Vick ever made -- seen all the lobby got out at about work. Or whatnot so lat night. -- that is that what you don't admit Altman met Bob -- do what Michael bit with that the last it cannot that. Today we don't we kick this around a few minutes ago about the longer -- -- ago if you are. The general manager of an expansion 33 team in the National Football League and you are allowed to take one of the new breed quarterbacks. Off of any team in the NFL would be -- -- nick. RG three Cam Newton Stafford. Or Wilson. At the media at the thereby you know popular and it has -- -- While I -- by. I think well I think blocked great up and I think it will conviction than anything else that -- about one I think it was the perfect. Successor to -- met yeah. Eight so we had seen there located what they bring to the table this -- -- out late this cerebral approach. It got. It commitment to excellent pick and a lot. It's it is great. But college -- advocate special. And -- -- special about what that'll probably does do is just on another level he got I got I got a body. He's got we'll -- it got all it got the letter that and more importantly he's got a hawk he want -- He stalked. The rule that he is on an elite level this -- the chance that you want I remember when -- -- back at that. Misfortune of covering jet -- -- the effort that would not that that like stadium that let the jurors actually. It -- when that game in order not that. Until college -- and a minute -- Alex Smith and I knew it was inevitable that you're going to be start at quarterback thing. Because -- has. That extra intangible you don't teach it should there. College cap and at that spot now concerned what the law ought to really anybody else. I think Alley -- that is the closest to a superstar that it. You expect the jets succumbing in the -- -- and -- play competitive football game. Yeah because I think that you've got evergreen eagle out. -- had trouble and -- full fallout expect that the but the net continual what do they I'm at the patriots right now and you had so many days. Go -- Amanda the obvious problem there gronkowski. Injured. -- you know. You don't just just got the goal light lol they did. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I did that take up to that jut out that they have got all -- -- -- Bill Belichick whether or take top ended defense. Patriots they will make you turn the ball low and its turnover differential or not he -- That -- even though they don't -- they certainly -- or not. And I think when you look at the jets beat the jets can get beat that can call it -- -- -- -- office and bought that all that well. Eagles live in this new office. And a better position to succeed that would be good I anticipate the potential for low scoring game. So could could not -- 8817. To fourteen games yet cannot beat ought to one lead at thirteen game yet. Stephen A Gary Myers writes the daily news an interest in line today is that if the jets somehow go to New England. And come back to an LN -- Smith doesn't allow Belichick to take him to school. It completely changes the complexion of the jets' season and I'm wondering where your New York blistered yesterday encouraged by that win. Even though the way it happened -- they still skeptical and angry about this edition of the jets. Are they got out the problem is that these that it -- would get it right here because they work. They work. And -- -- completely oblivious to dismiss that out what he that bought a date that's what you -- that about because. It would have been -- Hugo. Yet there it would have been open -- -- -- hail Mary pass right. You know beyond the Dalai receptive but that's I think the attitude that we won game one game one game. And that unfortunately is what then the jets organization Achilles -- -- sir you got a really nice -- come about. Because project should not have won their games and it's just that simple I hope that they'll be at lucky this third biggest -- But anything's possible but I can tell you right now I think right now if geno Smith New York Jets. Walked in -- they agreed to limit on Thursday. These folks will be talkative jets and debt to another chipped it in Egypt which. -- is Europe I'll skip handling the demise of Tim Tebow because I mean. I don't know about you but he was offered a great job from -- the LA kids. Which is -- team and even know existed. On. On by a guy from kiss. The play in the arena league and -- good opportunity to me all he has to do is in his face like he has. And he can play in the arena league with that -- that be OK -- skip what does he think. He's destined for another NFL team. Well look stupid worried about him up you know another and it felt it you know and that's how it is that even god this it would. You know ski -- I'd tell you right now give medals at sports. It's his perspective. A lot of people that they that they it'll -- the site certain to you know you -- the debate the fact that. -- can debate that all they would you go toe to toe with anybody knows what he's talked about. But that the prospective content to the equation and that's where people like myself for many many other match. Have a -- problem with that because. You can watched -- people and still believe that the company -- fact that what you still a -- and that is -- could be just as effective in the fourth quarter operating. I think it's something wrong with -- obviously. But that that that's how I feel what I would say is that. I think the biggest issue whether it's skip or get the people supporters out. Thought that it's in no. The kid at such a great kid that everybody quit as safe bet -- preface this statement but they met and really got at the at the point out. It is selfishness and ought -- Internet and that belt if you can plea if these 6% of -- pat that the quarterback you -- -- it after. Tim Tebow walked in the last season with the New York Jets haven't completed. 46%. Of the debt in print in the this year with the New England Patriots he completed 36 point 7%. Up that -- He's that good news. Kit can not -- football it is that simple he had no that being an NFL quarterback that's. Except that I know. If you will take place on it and I felt seen and just do what ever it is at two. Is to win at all and -- that its act and it and it will that make it -- it's. Hit it I'll go to real quarterback. One nothing at all and finally finally NFL teams have grass. There reality it is ridiculous this has been OK but then -- -- and -- about that because you can't prop. Two he can hit the road with all as a and it felt we're back. -- about the grass. What I -- the Bill Belichick. Read about it personality I -- where it about it -- or bad at the last I checked operated like a pretty good got. I don't know anybody -- it in my opinion -- ownership debit -- And I think that Bill Belichick is that the flat out iconic figure I will go to. The greatest NFL coaches -- Okay but I don't anybody thought about all that was there and had it in you know and -- are the -- are greatly a very nice though. And Bill Belichick has spoke. Well we -- out on their credentials but somehow ignore that about that people -- the world. -- -- All right Stephen great. -- Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley note that that we can't throw others have been some marquee very quickly because Leno Europe against the clock and you gotta run short answer here is -- -- to be a long and painful NBA season in Boston. With Brad Stevens here and know Paul Pierce -- no KG. Yes while Brad Stevens was the right man at any age and you've got a lot of promise to the head coach let -- -- You're all. Steve and -- as always we appreciate the time -- the insight good visiting with your gamble talked to down the road. -- -- -- with Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline AT&T as the nation's fastest and now most reliable four GLT. -- now I like.

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