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The triumphant return of headlines

Sep 10, 2013|

After nearly 3 years, our most popular segment returned. Diana Nyad's record setting swim was a prime topic.

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Yeah so for the first time since November 2010 months. Well this is all men and Turkmen and operation all the way yeah color into the W right tendencies that would you know a law used to be young age. Be right now I -- it was a columns in. Until I met you guys I was a fan of the show yeah. Don't hate you guys it's different by headlines is always my favorite part of the show he said a word he said. The word. Is that the right. -- -- Go to boost -- Back through the -- there. And excel -- -- and disabled the cut jobs here and it would mean in my little surreal state in the show -- we finally found that for -- and hand to do he has headlines. I everything is in play I thought so -- -- tomorrow morning. You'll be here and you will be holding hands walk on the beach on -- yeah he hit me a break and down the balloons. First to yeah yeah. Witches. Tomorrow well tomorrow is that the market tomorrow tomorrow -- hand in hand in hand yes extent -- and I we're gonna replay midnight -- all our. Means to work you can replace Ericsson. And a -- little hope for from -- little -- -- -- on the side like this deal but I think he should be in the -- over there as in then weakened. Really today. It's them not me no lock himself in lock lock -- and driver. Behind the scenes -- -- -- if he goes in the back through. That's true we do. And that's -- So this is headlines this is headline first time in three years since November. My main sources have told me since November 12 sounds about 2010 -- the time are we -- headlines row start. With CNN. As a story about a pal Dennis Rodman who is working out for paddy power online betting company. When the other basketball diplomacy and involving players from North Korean press conference and talked about yesterday. -- NBA star Dennis Rodman back from North Korea. Yeah. Showing -- snapshots with his friend North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. Rudman fueled speculation. That he would pushed him about imprison American Kenneth date now a very different tune. To talk about the about myself as look at me. That's what Rudman showing -- the next big convincingly as Obama bought that hit Oklahoma right. -- -- -- I think he's stable since I've asked those those -- holes asked Obama a bomb until it. Yeah he's Barack Obama the president ask Obama ask Hillary Clinton -- -- -- -- is really. I employed right now ask those a holes so did I say is Sarah your fifteen year sentence he is going to -- a whole play. Be an exhibition game in North Korea with North Korean players and also question he's gonna coach them I guess what he knows and I don't just want to publish them in the Olympics -- what that's what it's like etc. problem do you know that the Apogee of Korean. Is like -- sure and the average South Korean. And the life experiences -- to -- it's great study in in uh oh yes my child yet. We know about that famous picture where. At night. A dark it is of this aerial photograph. And then hit a light on in the whole country North Korea and South Korea's lit up like a normal socialist country then the people in. North -- average -- like 48 because the nutrition -- eat. I don't think of the east with Rodman as a coach that you're going to be much of a threat in the Olympics to a basketball should be played under the rim. Fundamental -- yet -- the public and the other six foot eight right. You have done the facts of the they'll be competitive in the Olympics would -- on the bench at the Bob Cousy award there's people under two feet tall. That's via a -- so when Rodman gets North Korea squared away right on the Syria just want to fix all that guess what are obviously just wanna to those a holes if you keep it. That's like this and -- that. That's the strangest you know. One to -- guess what guess what is it males do not suspect is that children do like -- -- to guess if that's. What -- equivalency is like so -- -- like that out and she's like an answer like you in North Korea that the world stupid is he is yes that's yes is it adding that the US right the only American that they probably never get to hear from just what the problem that's what -- -- that stupid and I told you I don't think you were here. I told Jerry this. I cannot trust us cyanide from the start using that now that I've added I I've I thought I was not a great article published you mocked and ridiculed and six -- he ridiculed for just being in knucklehead. I defended -- because that was pretty cool very cool. -- is a complete and total. Fraud well says total for two is anybody's ever -- for swim in their life at the -- doesn't add up she swam like 500 miles twenty minutes she doesn't make sense she Americans right about this I'd like that I thought it was really cool she's. -- -- She looks like Clint Hurdle I mean and and and not some out of Vermont yes and I mean she's not of sound mind still -- got a cool. It turns out she swim and like Ashton and at dolphin and the people who Cotter -- distance swimmers. The guy in the Costco is renowned distance. Marathon swimmer when the caller yeah. And they said it's impossible she at one point two went six miles an hour and a swimmer yes. -- -- -- I mean you can't moderates are now miles an hour swim naked today at one time he says I did yeah yeah took me awhile though. And it was a mile to about half an hour she started -- they did the GPS she wasn't even Smart about cheating. They did GPS and what your score one point five miles which is normal. And that she sped up for middle of the ocean for meant to six and and then they should cut current event last session that he misses and last last attempt she try to do she went on the boat for awhile to which he later. -- doing -- master about -- -- -- this in this case they said she and and the guys that the spokesman really nails. Said she went seven hours without eating and drinking and he says that's totally impossible that he is. Never gone more than our -- and hundreds of miles from an hour without stopping against India and drink water. All our eating -- he can't do she went seven hours she allegedly so loose with the truth. Such a liar globes announcement they are higher -- -- destroy our. The stars try to -- -- are some outlook report perfect box I think fox is a story writes determines. And the reason the critics are skeptical -- because they say the math really doesn't add up here remember it's a 110 miles as you said from Havana. To Key West, Florida she claims she swims at like one point five miles per hour well that would mean she finished this. In 73 hours instead she finished it in 53 hours. Now her navigator says the gulfstream was moving very fast at some -- the issue was swimming at four miles per hour but skeptics doubt that in some believe that she either stop swimming at times and got into the boat. Or that she held on to the boat for long stretches. -- one of the yet and the problem but you know what why this is who's gonna explode or hurt their forty people in the boats were -- forty. So what's gonna talk someone I mean all -- know like I was down in the -- yeah I towards another guy though and then maybe they'll deny that she just hang -- you know like. That those two kids in the expressway that -- on the the -- that it was suggested that froehlich couple I don't -- holding on the back of the boat. For that long it's impressive -- Would you want to do the middle you don't celebrate -- -- probably not the news that she held on quite a bit I think. I think I have this correct because she has to swim and a straight line and I believe there's sort of -- like outrigger. That sticks -- from the side of the ball it's like a white bar. And white bar all you have to do is swim parallel to it. If not for that she -- eggs exactly and global connection distance or maybe it was just she held onto that little. Outrigger and it older -- I'm not a experience formally Q do you know try to swim in the ocean occasionally yeah. I never go anywhere. In a swim in the new opinion the center spot at its electric car it's just it's it's not -- I mean I'd I'd I'd I'd do I'd like in the hole in the -- IC my progress right in the ocean -- up like. To. -- 110 miles without cheating not possible she's she's essentially the Rosie Ruiz yes a long distance right that's exactly right yeah. Only. As if she's so many public appearances on TV and boast and brag about this right I sure I thought before this is not can be great made for TV mood I think Gary BC's tournament and now at a and -- aren't I I got excited -- I have just come back -- -- forty people and and other different roles they'll have right. Do they get growth in the east politics is one that's it. Once one person starts talking it's over I think the science just kills media they show the graphic image removed and they say six miles and our people understand that. Can't do that I don't think Phelps and a sprint swim six miles of the last sector so guess what. Michael Phelps could swim that fast guess yes what we should be Google Michael Phelps top speed C with a comes up. There's I don't think -- -- -- six hour. Kyle Davies. -- Costner's water world he was he was in his -- line three battle little -- few months ago with Howard Stern. Yeah a little bit yet it's still he puzzles it was very cents that's still few pieces still were like four days -- -- or clicks. XP working suffered -- and he was working yesterday. Was on the year Robin Quivers is psychic announced. But she's been fighting cancer to have last year shares in her uterus on both strangers about. You listen to -- as an hour and a half segment class external it was riveting really good phone calls I'm glad that she's doing well -- she says now she is completely. Totally cancer for. Robin has not been in the studio how long has it been -- and it's been over a year. Do you wanna fill the audience in on what happened since -- so that they understand why you have been in the studio. If it was a man send my pelvis that Robyn told me before the operation that it was cancer. That they tested this thing that was inside of her this what they call -- that's a tumor now a -- a series -- was I was like -- -- making funeral arrangements coloration and that's how I mean -- not to make light of this situation. I didn't know what was going on by a -- Just the most awful awful thing over it was sounding very dire Robin means more to me than anything and you know we are seeing her go through this just. -- me up I'll be honest but let's get to the miraculous part of this. About three months ago. I go into my doctor's office she just looks that everything's against you cured. I have no well that's how strange -- before -- -- together grab some would be the same without her. And she is a group she never missed work she missed two days she's just missed tradition as a group had a great protected from home -- golden key moment. Obviously if you were pronounced and you were like in three days a month so it's not that difficult but. She's great and I'm glad she's okay but have you ever heard such a thing that a doctor. Assuming oncologists say -- -- -- and go and I I'm not an expert on this -- far more information and I drivable they generally say we'll see you in two months -- -- say -- awful protocol we -- in every -- every month and it's a reprieve until six then every year and eight. The ones I know we've. Certainly talked to many doctors in this field they don't even use the word cure or no say revision control. In remission. They don't wanna. Jump to conclusions and it's real excited and then -- a month later maybe it's different maybe that doctors is different she's. She's the mainstream usual in that regard but have you ever heard they would send you -- and range and happy for her show would not be sent out I don't even -- would it go on that's what they -- talk about yesterday after the -- an excellent extra -- -- and he did I -- -- -- shows with voters and he has about whenever. But without her and different. It be like you an idea English men and -- agents -- work it would have him at headlines headlines headlines one more agreed to a -- I -- time. This is a rough one this happened in China southwest China woman several -- to have as long as it was at least 5000 miles away. You can do anything you could say anything as a -- yes I would system so the idea tell the story. An eight month old baby in China the victim of a horrifying attack at a zoo a -- cares not one of the boys -- and eat that. Video from China cctv at the cabinet of wildlife park in -- about southwest China. Cctv says the boy's mother was reportedly changing the child died -- -- a -- he suddenly attacked ripping -- the testicle and eating well. -- Continued even you do you know that's cringing and test off -- that yeah. It's fast. -- -- It's -- Heard the Tora Angry Birds angry -- come to mean that the lines and Beckett gives reproductive Linda Armstrong did okay and given three kids if they get that another son -- kids. All that's true parents called civil John honest no well -- I think -- it was a lot to testicles so they can in the number of us on the bottom line doesn't expect him to the zoo but I. They have rules and -- I out. We're getting conflicting reports that summer between four and a half and four point eight miles an hour. Is how fast Phelps swims and -- a desperate. Phelps the fastest swimmer and a hundred read in history in a hundred meters and one of the sprints he -- -- Sprint's four and a half miles an hour. If -- rented the entire distance then. From scuba. Two Key West -- 110 miles it would take him 24 hours she did it in 53 com. It's it's up it's -- sorry Diana the name. I don't and I and I had I'm sorry it's over let's talk again receive he can defend -- a believer. We have time to talk together again this year yet -- I want a believer here is that Rhode Island Gerri good morning. Good morning I'm with a belt or all right any athlete these days you never know but I'll. Back and twelve years ago whatever and they are sorted out I thought Cuban refugees writing -- -- -- right now gulf stream up from duke and Florida. Literally sitting on -- are you writing all the way up I don't -- bout that is much -- answer be good. I wouldn't doubt it out right there in the strong current that it literally floated always well. But it doesn't work both ways and you don't run the -- the whole way. -- the prevailing. In no way it goes but. Why was she only going a mile one point five miles an -- for the first however many miles you know as well and that's because all the cameras were up. On the fall -- she be better off now. In this never happened never -- -- just admit you're wrong sit down interview explain it that's not gonna have to say no it she could say issues delirious like light headed to grab on the boat and -- -- -- -- -- makes more sense when Ryan Ron's gonna say that's true that's troop as -- and she's such lunatic that he would say -- you know maybe she said. And only remember it was dark ages she's -- before she gets in the -- you wake up at 864 and say I got an idea for the third time I'm going to attempt to swim from Cuba to Key West 6440. People that come with can do. It's at least she's very charismatic person I read her -- many many many many years ago and I did and you -- and I was very impressed by your Sugar -- I -- -- she hot was she the one of these risk and at that point. I don't it was a hell no -- note now now but I read a book was very improbable as the come on -- but it was this statue limitations is up. For thirty years ago you swim. Was it in from Newport to -- rock just say whatever stalled out there also I don't remember this is and -- back to back it's diarrhea block. And it was a Shelby Scott. What's important -- nobody's got a -- win. Jokes which -- which was always tough in the middle of those yet -- whether or. Shelby Marshall was not it was a -- seven Jacqueline. Went to jail I'll write to -- that's why it would be -- yeah channels said men and that was on channels that in the old days I know it was grand prize. You got me to go and give away a 1000 dollars at 9 o'clock Stephen A Smith joins us at 840. That was fun I mean -- will be able don't know what would happen in the -- -- it has been unanimous reaction on Twitter to body check Twitter and agony AT&T text line. Hell yeah headlines are back. Any on jobs currently calls on the red logged on the red light the battle from the Kremlin insider look at that -- as the I get a text -- -- issues -- people excited I'm excited talk runoff. Fair if we come back and re strong segment preview bruins' first day camp will be -- we can expect by next.

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