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Pats ready for Rex and the Jets

Sep 10, 2013|

The guys opened the show discussing the Pats and the Jets. They noted how many injuries have already piled up for both teams.

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Why should not date myself. With this reference or this particular question but the tour view Kirk and Jerry. Old enough to remember who Ted Baxter was sure. Yeah of course analysts said McMurray was -- yet terminal -- in the old but he was he was the writer is the head -- at -- news right on the Mary Tyler Moore Show. And Ted Baxter once famously asked -- are really good right where do you picture ideas. Well the answer is it's the new who's just sort of presents itself and that's where you get your ideas. Column. I think and we get our ideas from think about this -- of you know the answer this question. If you think about what we spend. The lion's share of our energy and our verbiage discussing on this radio station on this show and on others is there one particular. Subject is there one particular thing. It seems to -- we spend an inordinate amount of time talking about because there -- to -- and -- -- yesterday afternoon when some more news broke anybody whom I mean. Bruins' season boot camp and I don't act that yet spent a lot of time on that yeah dot com. Wells. -- midnight madness tonight. -- sixteen hours -- I don't need to step 18 am so excited. I don't -- in the and I'm -- Sam people excited I'm excited it was up around to agree to all a's -- hurtled motioned her -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- forgot to say you know it's -- a look up for a two hour tonight sleep tonight at midnight on WEEI life. On the radio. Mike's all DGB -- the return of narco for -- -- nice -- and man. I wish them I was not doing it again not invited by its commitment to middle gambling -- all the call mommy will. -- that is mean this is a plum assignment this is at least -- physical Bruins midnight madness gala spectacular. Event of the sent out with a Gene Taylor dancers this. And that is from midnight to like think. To where I believe. I'm sixty what's -- Action packed -- yes I mean that's all I. Am he's gonna hand the show off to us. The way we used -- in the Red Sox played in the playoffs yes. On writer John issues on -- one of the Jones would be an -- here taken six lines RD. Outside across yet all the way to the -- -- that fired up a lot of interesting stuff in their own fingers. It but it it we are rare and ago and sure whose idea this was all I know who said ones lose Jeff Brown. Rob Bradford Tim Murphy DG beaten before from there -- Smart -- yes I -- Smart guys they realize it's radio. Trying to generate some interest in the night. It's quirky it's -- young demographic. -- seventeen hours and 55 minutes come on and get psyched. And there -- -- at its rate on. Watch TV on that's only in essence I don't title SP showed. They should do what do we don't get that -- he can be in the pocket and free books -- you -- all right in the past few tenths. Yes yes practice of product was doing it from what you call. And remote in Wilmington. Oh -- accent well right across the street down at. Midnight to buy tickets to 1 o'clock am not sure will be posted if the first hours fly and get a preview. Rhetoric -- rookie camp strength training and a preview and here's a question of view yes Buick up in you know anything -- ethnic wizard ever -- was that your phone it's 1214 on -- you know listen for a couple -- A question. You -- -- -- my arm 1115 I got -- thanks it's no I'll be asleep thinking about. That is the night before Christmas yeah yeah yeah. Mean daisies -- it's mostly lame it is hearts race card to -- -- it's one idol it's fine you can stay exempt yet she's been pastor mailed it. Last couple technically -- -- and open once spring -- -- that and whatever you want -- Ericsson phone call once -- tackles that's a question we. The CH oh we don't have the radio it's. -- my knowledge I believe that is. It so what's stopping them from amnesty midnight. Madness -- Celtics a couple of weeks. Well nobody assault which rates right now we only option remake rights are factors in a couple of weeks mail him at midnight yeah. We have to be here and previews X. Would that make any sense your. -- midnight madness -- I would say the but that's the wrong answer my question all I know we're going way forward we spent a lot of time talking about. But in general -- you might say well you know certainly starting in March or or maybe even before that feb one week itself. The Fort Myers, Florida we spend and in -- and a lot of time talking about the Red Sox. Once capitals around patriots that type of thing Bruins get into the Stanley Cup finals in general which -- agree that we spent a tremendous amount of time. On injuries in the world of sports and -- had something current -- here is -- up the one. Problem that Roger Goodell. Paul Tagliabue before him and Pete Rose noble for him simply are not were not able to solve national -- they are not able. And it's worse obviously -- the head injuries. And god knows we've talked about that a lot -- I don't get into the details of every injury I let you do I don't on the -- see the graphic. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Struggle than any faster or he's faster. But I won them really and they show them screw in the screws and -- -- -- a lot of stuff and but if there is nothing I don't know I don't have a solution for via. An injury I mean think about -- part of our three has been an eight. -- epic ordeal discussing his his need not so much around here but certainly in Washington and in the National Football League. We've had 94 days. A discussing Clay Buchholz inability to get back on the field he doesn't tonight this is the 94 day and were not you are correct we said. The patriots would play a real regular season game Jerry Marcus play buckle delegates -- a real regular somebody said. Of Gregory Campbell would be back before he was scared for Patrice Bergeron anyway us -- for him yeah I mean it's. I don't I don't think he should be development -- the the football injuries with the baseball until. Talking in general it seems that it's not right -- the most capture our our our interest doesn't nodding our drug Campbell you just mentioned we talked about that it'll ought ad nauseam. Ellsbury Buchholz now are Evan -- limited in practice yesterday. Bad news arena has a broken bone Israel summits and a few weeks other -- that at least war. Grow up has been injury discussion -- all the parts. Still I think separate the two baseball you have injuries you guys who who picked their -- guys who don't put the game goes on. All I made it is the greatest game the most riveting most exciting game man has ever invented in my opinion that that's soccer -- what can Scotland -- which you get that there was some plot and and but he Keith Olbermann. Piloted some -- and like you've never seen before. During the stop and play one by another player in the there was some place in them rubbed up against them. That went down -- Tuesday. And they gave the guy who rubbed up against the -- president against the we've got to phantom yellow card and a anyway. Arm and football as I watched last night it was fascinating what's in Philadelphia and Chip Kelly. And him just take on the establishment is called connect committed just run plays no huddle. And and and split the tackles out wide -- It's just bizarre what -- saying why not that's Chip Kelly does. Other coaches say why Japan which is why not why not split the tackles. On what's the downside you know you probe the defense for a -- maybe. You catch a nap and maybe you know you do like Brady and get too many guys and feels like that but. My question as I watch that game Michael Vick was terrific. He. He he looks comfortable this offense. He's obviously the best running quarterback that's ever played the game you some space but my question is connect polls do that too. Because he's gonna have to. Was he gets killed Vic Vic is gonna get hurt us via -- and I was almost surprised he made it with a gain. Without missing a player to even in the shoulder couple times -- -- he still doesn't know how to slide. Connect pulls run that offense like that of course not then it doesn't have the physical sales. Than Philadelphia. Unless they changed things. Is -- mile high and dry and and maybe it's easy maybe it's an easy transition Chip Kelly say okay bricks out. He's he's fast he's lefty he's got stronger. Let's hopefuls in there he's you know more accurate whatever. Maybe they'll adjust no problem but he's going down and so it was RG three full I think either of those guys gets through the seasonal melt. Know it's sad isn't it. Those -- like two of the most ten most exciting players in the game correct they are not getting through the season. It's a problem Roger Goodell has and he has no solution if you I mean obviously they have these little band is to put on and -- you -- at the quarterback. For the flag for. Bounce and all that but. The legal part of the game in the ages dull life in the engages that the will be health and wellbeing of the best -- most exciting player and that kind of. Offense endangers the quarterback specifically and this is why you will be left high and dry if your entire offense is built around Michael Vick and his ability to move his feet. Better than full -- I mean think about it do -- Flutie as your backup quarterback is there a whole second offense did you -- Tebow as your backup quarterback is or hold other different kind of offense and what if Michael Vick goes down mr. Kelly it's OK we're just going back -- drop back mode now and I think this is your viewers to stick with speed I think falls can. Do what he did it in the pre season that was a good competition there. But the problem would Vick is he's not running out of necessity not running scrambling. He's running running play you know he's run the read option and he's running because he's so Franken fast. And it's so dangerous. But. Kelly knows he's not the last Vick knows he's -- last. Colin -- -- -- -- next -- -- in the pocket I think and maybe maybe that's our laws. Thing that he hammers and it was at every day we need you stay healthy don't be stupid maybe he gets and go down to slide would contact. Six sucks -- that if it just never learned he never transition you know the capita I think we'll -- -- -- -- 56 years nicely memories to run around like crazy now we -- at Texas -- Elway was like that and looked better in the pocket and yes camera. Yet but. Although all the guys run now no luck ran lock on the name of the speed to run touched -- -- -- -- is smarter I think that runs because he's so good running since the first. And if you Kelly's and I want you to and I need to just -- he's been doing his whole life I know it's not changed since it will not matter I think RG three is a little bit. Where his instinct is to tuck and run this half and and he didn't look at the -- -- -- -- -- -- what did you procedures to Crump for the yen or just the beginning of NFL primetime on 4 o'clock this morning they had Ron Amadon analyzing the difference between RG three in the first half and RG three in the second half and clearly there was a difference in the -- exactly -- -- pushing off his back foot gruden was -- on it and normally. You say it's just the kind of cliche but -- which show the replay and he literally did not. Follow through we did not finish on his front foot. And you could tell the post Obama well first interception was awful terrible. Yeah I mean you -- bad Vick looked good at all in all the -- focus after the game was more about the back leg which is the repaired leg right and that he would throw. He wouldn't he wouldn't push off he wouldn't plant and drive like a Brady or Peyton Manning goes to actually pull his right foot. Off the ground. And stand up out of its elected golfer standing -- -- -- a shot right and that's why is his throws were so an -- estimates that it changed dramatically in the second -- he got much more -- -- got much more -- the game is great and one of the reasons is the guys whose whose lives -- -- I mean they're not -- RG three. Cap and hopefully arms but think of they all scrambled you know block him and and Wilson and EJ Manuel and and geno Smith they all have. It's used in -- at some point the guys who're who're dinosaurs radiant and Manning. They're going to be great this year maybe next year maybe the year after that will be gone. You know we don't think of them as. Likely to get knocked out do you mean do you think Brady and -- Not in the manner that you think those other guys are in danger bell smarter and Bernard Pollard kind of play that's it right right and I mean obviously you know this chance against her but I'd look at -- and -- -- said no way they play Justine -- the Brady and Manning -- say. They're gonna put sixty comic. -- I suppose for key player like that is the timing of that particular injury RG three got injured in the last playoff game last year. This was eight months to the day that he got injured he was back in there saying what Wes Welker when he blew his knee out of the season. If you do a Maurice policy think about this can you imagine I guess they have come to terms. With their football injury mortality when you play this game but -- policy how much time do you think he spent since the end of last year in the weight room. Running doing all these various things to get ready that it goes to training camp did the OTAs before that all that sort of stuff and in the first game absolutely destroys his knee. And now not only is not gonna play after all that work. He has. Eight months nine months ten months of -- to thinks. Absolute physical torture trying to get that leg back together and this kind of creeping doubt that I may never be the. Say well three things he's joining Hernandez defense that's true yes it is busy doing meant yeah in the -- well. But as someone wrote this is not the best center in the if she's the best player on the Steelers the Steelers lost the better player. On opening day it's devastating. It. It's. -- right. I wonder sometimes obviously the the football the violence is lowering we love them by roller ball we don't ever want -- change the material Douglas many times helmet that sound the sound it makes it more lowering. But. Due to the plastic that -- that the players that that they think economic with the so they like. You know that the soldier on the front lines in the count on -- war -- revolution hours and I'm just here I'm -- -- the hope for the best moment and I -- and I'm most likely going to end up. In hobble and then them and and forget Nick's idea to Simon's most of them side probably are just crazy part of it nearly double bill has resigned so running backs and careened off the running backs know. They think. Have to think. Opened at five years and I. Five years to be gonna be bogus -- -- -- most likely to victory in the mean I'm just it just doesn't you just don't last run I thought that watching the game can be talked about yesterday. Marine and ended the -- it's -- all -- talk it was better who should get the ball fumbles and doesn't. It's going to be a matter of health I don't Belichick may have planned to bench. The for a month he can't over and and Amendola. And an entitlement I mean you could say. You can go to him every week -- clocks -- and you're not going to be able. You need other options because -- -- and cattlemen. Aren't going to last examined it stays healthy -- -- -- to -- fifty taxes because it's immigrant -- -- -- -- in that -- -- true -- you know when he's they're great but he's not always going to be there and you talk about different play books and different offenses different guys don't to have it back complaints that back up it's because. They don't know. Gammon -- doesn't come back. On that last drive Brady I guess is forced to go to. -- built -- felt no room and he was in there Hopkins I don't know cattlemen's I've felt -- that I like Framingham. It's not just that Tompkins had a bad opening dates and he's gonna have to get better not he's not expendable he's important because. Those mental -- a settlement maybe not for sixteen games maybe not compute power to deal but it's going to be. Marine deal we've got. Game or two games and they do -- on the games you're gonna have you have your eighteen gronkowski. And a woman my guess is part of that does Amendola periphery yeah. Pretty Dario over Reyes told it is it's already over because when Marines back someone else is gone. And Belichick is is comfortable with that as anyone on the end of the opera aria and and he knows you need deep depth. Deep depth but did they have it. Certainly don't appear to have on the outside we. You agree there's a fine line between the allure and the attraction. Of the violence in the National Football League verses the avert your eyes injury situation because they go hand in hand they go hand in hand. Not -- anybody who follows the Pittsburgh Steelers or the New England Patriots. Once to -- key and marquee players go down. But part of the reason we'd like this you know go back to Jack up. Is what we see on a regular basis on the football feel when is -- injury report due this week there was participation report already -- released by Stacy yes. Obviously not Wednesday when as a guest today yesterday to today you have imagined today today it's broke I mean you know settlements in the middle of the holes audit. Greenery is certainly on is out. I mean they'll be a couple of against the hamster Donald Dotson had the California Dobson coming right and and somebody said don't be surprised he's out again -- hamstrings feel still problems so. We don't even though. Gonna take the field on on Thursday we don't even know would you be surprised to criminals. We exactly know what would not be would you be surprised of the radio lined up under center did not have -- bill. Obviously not going to hampering. Now released back in there. Publisher guy as you gotta hope that that Kendrell weakened you know what happens has a life well half point spread. And today it won't fund today but we conduct. And the chemicals out war or -- I mean that's so important he's got. You'd say well -- points we know and Lendl which means he's thrown. Sub field in pumpkins and something germane to the patriots -- this very quickly before we go to break this is the New York Jets practice participation. An injury report from yesterday this is the other team is on the short week of work. Quit and call bulls' defensive linemen don't give you the an ankle. Jeremy -- wide receiver head Mark Sanchez quarterback right shoulder held Winslow. The big game and -- neat did not participate yesterday. -- Antonio Cromartie hip Jeff Cumberland -- She church and -- this -- problems right which happens -- and Clyde gates need. Kendrick Ellis back Santonio Holmes what Nick Mangold -- ball. Sheldon Richardson shoulder and -- quickly nick oral Willie -- Damon paerson Stephen Hill Ben did you wanna Chris Ivory -- McEntire team builder. -- and geno Smith with an ankle but he sleeper to -- -- that's in Ottawa cut and some sort -- gets stitches there well. I think he's plan yeah I guess he's planned -- mangled of these embassy -- an elbow now now I don't but. Mean they're going to be games where chemicals that I just wonder. Work gronkowski better be back yes. That that and we -- -- be healthy adamant pumpkins better got. How to lightbulb come on in -- and I think Brady's. Incredible in the mix to go out there but. That doesn't need. A Welker or eight and mental rate Troy Brown oil levered is that gets open over the middle of these slot guys who who just -- the spaces -- Brady finds him at some point there is this critical mass at all collapses on itself it probably happened in Pittsburgh. The weekend. Justice DOJ -- probably happened in Pittsburgh that she's -- I think they're out there believe that it to get to the AFC championship -- go deep in the playoff was over yeah. Spooky guys gone to their better players are at 6177797937. Text like 37937. We won't give away a 1000 dollars at 9 o'clock hour. You mentioned should have did you treat -- Tweeter. Were directed not at John -- CWB. Yeah. John Dennis W yeah there's a special -- cryptic I understand. -- guys I read the united auto club I've been eager to order talent right here announcing. Yet I didn't send you didn't send you know white too scared to send probably true that's true. -- around us and during those things where you're right that tweet and you say it shouldn't has left three was good night -- is committed -- and I callers and I Ulan -- -- Well. All say that it's a draft no wonder hang on a second instance. Trust and it's just a reminder to tune in for midnight madness. Well yes like that that's a good idea we'll explain that all on board -- today. Are the great Steven Smith joins us at 840 your phone calls next.

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