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Bradford and Speier continuing down The Road to October

Sep 9, 2013|

This week on the Road to October, Rob Bradford and Alex Speier talk about Jacoby Ellsbury's injured foot and how that could impact the Sox as they head into the final weeks of the season, and they talk to an Orthopedic specialist about the type of injury Ellsbury has and how soon it will be before we could see him on the field again.

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Bradford in the -- Boston Red Sox and there. There we are once again Alex we are back -- another Monday road to October. The road is getting shorter -- it's really -- sort. A lot shorter I'm rob Bradford WPI dot com that is Alex. Fear of WEEI. Dot com as well and we're going to be taking you all the way up the Monday Night Football this is the road to October talking. All things Red Sox all things pennant race. All things with -- seventeen. Games to play in the regular season. And Alex. Is getting really interesting. This is a line of demarcation luck this is you know seventeen games a random number whatever but this is actually where we're about to transition from the Red Sox. Basically having pulled away from the gotten to the Red Sox now beginning to focus on their preparations for October that begins obviously on Tuesday with the return of Clay Buchholz. But it goes beyond that because one of the fascinating things is that yes they're skipping -- to -- this time through the rotation. And it's easy to assume that just means they're pulling him from the rotation now. Our plan right now is to start giving regular rest all of the Red Sox starters Jon Lester is going to get some rest. John Lackey is going to get some rest Jake Peavy is going to get some rest this is kind of plodding playing the ground work for putting the team in in the right in the right. Shape. Well that's that's that's really remark is really remarkable time and sense of here we are in September here and a pennant race in your mentioning. How the Red Sox are planning to get to the end of the month. Playing to get into the playoffs and that's one of the things we're gonna talk about there's some key things that we wanna talk about over the next hour so. That are gonna affect Donnelly September Pargo in fact what they're gonna do in October. As we sit here right now the city certainly looked like the NBA team to play in October they're giving 100%. Odds of reaching the post season -- baseball really it is really Latin. Hundred. Was it lower where were they in 2011. They were like 99 point separated a hundred they never had a hundred. Can really. While that's amazing anyway we're gonna talk about some key points. One album which Alex already touched on which is the pitching the starting pitching Clay Buchholz other managing the starting rotation other thing. Which is going to be huge topic of conversation over the next hour. It's Jacoby Ellsbury is no particular bone. The big killer Botox. In September. Is -- what you want to hear it didn't work out for Dustin Pedroia a couple of years ago but will work out with Jacoby Ellsbury and we are a little earlier in the show we're gonna have won -- expert orthopedist. It's doctor Steven wine -- of cedars Sinai was gonna explain to us exactly what we're dealing with with Jacoby Ellsbury. And before we get before we get into any further Alex that is what I wrote -- wanted to know from your perspective. Are you worried you think this is a worrisome thing in regards Ellsbury heading into the last couple weeks. It is but I would qualify the degree of Morry I would think there are obviously you have to have some concern when there's a fracture but this seems like it is a very very minor. A non displaced fracture issue you think so I do because we saw the guy play at an absurd at a at a really high level. And basically an impaired on the field so I think that this is essentially. This is in some respects. You know comparable to what they're doing with the pitching staff earn a good place to be able yet from time to get healthy as I help you think you did it playing easy be playing if. If they were as say a week in a week left in the season you're tied for the for the division lead beat the QB playing. If there was a yet I think there's a decent chance that he would be. It's it's interesting because obviously when we bring a avuncular bone we talked about Dustin Pedroia a few years ago that's the stream then we might go to Cody Ross last year. Which I remember when that happened in Philadelphia and the next day he could not walk right this is why we have to separated because to couple yells Barry could clearly why. He could steal bases could function by yeah it's so it'll be interested when we talked to dark Steven wine all the that's coming up later and show. About exactly what we're dealing with to join the conversation to join the showed the -- the road to October with seventeen regular season games left. 6177797937. Order can taxed in the AT&T tax line at 37937. Or. The other way Alex to join us it is. -- exactly. Give us his due to him this one. I'm Alex beer with the spelling of the last name being as the the IR -- authority in arm at Brad Fo lets him. Proudly wearing my teacher right now my -- Bradford teacher. Info number 61777979837. I know that there's a lot of football talk all day today Bogut take a brief -- this is why this is awesome because obviously the Red Sox are still enormous part of the conversation. On the boxed in sports scene right now. So it's worth it to just take a step back from football this four -- And and really dive into what's going on because we're heading in right as I mentioned before seventeen games left in the regular season and the Red Sox schedule is really really drastic. Especially starting tomorrow the fact that they played Tampa Bay Rays which. -- in the division by you locked up that we might have a 100% probability. But still this is a message sending series I think -- in regards to what we're looking at not only for the last seventeen games. But. Vick play him again and right. They they certainly -- although if they do some damage here -- they're going to take an awfully -- going at the raised up playoff chances. The rays are -- -- up now in the wild card race yet it's much I know it is really fascinating so. -- as I said before we talk about Jacoby Ellsbury and avuncular bio and it talked about the pitching rotation we've talked about how they're managing the pitching which is fascinating with Felix to -- Being Ronald back a little but bad as you said this is we should not only focus on to brought to gonna give a lot of other guys dressed. The other thing he really wanted to dive into against 6177797937. Is the landscape. Of the wild card race landscape of the pennant race here we focus so much on the Red Sox but. We have the wild card and I don't think it's it's unfair to look at what awaits the Red Sox. After the regular season runs out in the teams that you're dealing -- When you potentially get into the play Leavitt has right now they're in position to kind of not quite collide but to storm from in two in two. October with the top seed in which case they would get the wildcard that the winner of the play in wild card game to which when you wanna go out of which which was -- topic -- and ago. Which topic to go we we we have the we have well -- -- every we have three things in the week. Yep let's go to let's go to the rotation for the rotation first I knew that's where you want to go because you already brought it up yeah -- started refined yet and because I loved one year this is line Red Sox pitching coach one year as I was asking him about. You know the state of the rotation going -- because he's. It because you know he's obviously elated with what they've seen from. From Jon Lester over the course of the second half the season Lester in the second half has something like what is it like a 2.4 seven you know. He's your number one starter right now. Right it's it's it's it's it's in the fascinating conversation about who you would start out a diet and I -- -- I've -- John Lackey for about two months right by. You take a step back and you look at when Jon Lester has done. He he's your number one guy. At his stuff has been outrageous like -- has been very good throughout the course of the year right now Lester is is in a place that no one else on the staff can claim the fact that he's stopped blocking guys to me is just. If Jon Lester isn't walking guys and he's going to be putting up a number of dominant outings and apparently consistent basis. That's actually you know you divide up his season into three parts. Boom -- the just dynamite opening to the season in the -- in the first nine starts -- -- two batters per nine innings second part awful. What about five guys per nine innings and strike -- numbers a lot more home runs too which means missing location right he's missing the strike zone where is getting too much of the strike zone. Then these these last ten starts that he's been really really good about a two and a half the RA once again down round two walks per nine. And just not giving up home runs. It's about location Foreman he's doing great job before we is is is apropos that we talked about this does on the ATP tax line 37937. Summoned from the to a three asked who would be game. Once -- for the Red Sox and it looks like they are gonna be able to line things up. But Alex before we get to what could potentially happen with the stars in the playoffs. Talk a little bit you are a touch on but talk a little bit about. What the Red Sox plans are for the next three weeks or so in regards to the stars right well -- Davis the conversation begin with Jon Lester pathetic out to the idea of you know where the Red Sox are from a depth standpoint because really one through five went through six. These are all credible Major League start as you may have your concerns about Ryan Dempster and -- who brought there are a lot of teams will be very happy to have them in our rotation it's an Davis said. Right now is when we're beginning our plans in his line was to pitch into deep deep deep October. The idea being that they wanna get give all of these guys an opportunity to again year this -- term recharged. He said we don't like the idea days off we want them to recharge so that they are at their greatest and Lester obviously benefited from that extra rest at the all star break in came out -- system for us. You know we saw Felix who -- benefit met tremendously earlier in the year to be determined with buckled but obviously he's already had his breast. Lackey is the one guy who really hasn't had that aside from his DL stint and so. You know he's someone who probably can benefit from in this Tommy in this post Tommy John. You're getting an opportunity to recharge reload and have some of that you know more electrifying stuff that we saw in the first half he still been very good in the second with slightly demand. Stuff there's a lot of layers to the conversation to the starting pitching conversation. Because you talk about the rest of these guys again and again talk about how they're going to be lined up and in a potential playoff series also have to talk about who could be a factor in the bullpen of these stars is. That what these guys could actually be a late inning help somewhere down -- We're gonna talk about that we're gonna talk about Jacoby Ellsbury is situation. But no Vick to a -- to talk about what the wild card standings look like right now what teams look like right now and how. What might be the best matchup for the rats are on the road I think that's fair with seventeen games left to play -- getting a 100% probability from. Was a baseball perspective it was from prospectus 99 point 5% since the dailies that variable every comeback would have -- Steven wine for almost two years Sinai. Explain to us exactly what we're dealing with when it comes to Jacoby Ellsbury situation that's coming up right after it's nice music patio the job. This is the road to October I'm rob Bradford WEEI dot com. Alongside me is Alex -- also WEEI dot com are talking all things Red Sox. We're talking all things. Pennant race we're talking all things everything leading up to the Major League Baseball playoffs. Alex I'm glad you made it back from New York right. Thank you thank you there were some questions on the Amtrak train last night that I overcame them or -- The engines of the -- also -- you glad that you -- in drank. For free. At the great Foley's. Was. Sports bar Foley's yeah out -- yeah third unfair because in time they said that they the Boston media could eat drink for free if they won the meaty game. And thanks to my torn rotator cuff now. You were able to did you exactly best graduation and a toast your rotator cuff perhaps we can discuss that with doctor Steven -- go -- -- I segue Jordy gas. It's doctor Steven wine well doctor. Thank you for joining if you are the orthopedic surgeon cheap for the foot and ankle. Service at -- on school medicine at mount Sinai in New York City is that correct. Correct our -- of gotta get that out I appreciate doctor thank you for joining us in. You obviously are an expert. At something that is very near and dear to Boston Red Sox fans' hearts and minds these days. Which is the -- Vickiel bone and Alex you actually have an excellent question for the dark. Well so we've what we've been given this diagnosed the Jacoby Ellsbury suffered a non displaced fracture which is obviously very different boat than -- displaced fracture. Of the of an -- collarbone it was. Rather than being on the bottom of the bone it was kind of on the top of the -- top inside part of the bone can you explain to us what that means. And what that both in terms of diagnosis and prognosis. OK -- I'll try to do that for all the not video people we have -- if I'm. Well bake it in the -- opponent -- the moon shaped half moon shaped ball that sort of connects the angle to the it's responsible for allowing this sort of side to side motion of the B there are different types of practice and I haven't seen the extra but. The type of fractures that you're describing really is much less severe than some of the -- -- he has -- that particular. This is more of a direct blow. Chipped type fractures that usually heals pretty well a few weeks. That's very different that some of the stress fractures or more. Severe fracture that we see which often requires. -- So there's been a sense given I have heard for instance that does that it would be a two to three week recovery timetable for Ellsbury to be able to play perhaps not for complete healing. But toward demean any diminution of symptoms I've it would permit him to play at a at a pretty at a pretty high level pretty free level up and I guess it's worth asking he suffered the injury on August when he -- and played seven games. Wouldn't there have been any risk of worsening the injury during that time. Well certainly it had to chip fracture. I think. You know what you worry what you -- -- happened is that that little piece of bone that's broken off -- this solidify or start to yet. To their surrounding bigger ball. If you keep stressing that you'd you'd may keep breaking not that those connections start for so. Long term it's not dangerous but it may prolong his sentence to not addressed right away. That said -- they did manage after about a week's worth of game down so. From your stance from your standpoint given the location of relatively reasonable timeframe for his return. I think it's reasonable. It is a very to the very top of the ball those -- -- chip or -- -- and contractors. You know the symptoms will quiet down enough within three or weeks to allows somebody play if you gotta be it. You know an under percent I wouldn't think so but certainly in a pennant race I think a player would could push past that in. And be able to play but I think he beat beat. Limited to some extent. Doctor Stephen wife told chief of foot and ankle orthopedics at mount Sinai hospital joins us doctor. Have you heard of spot any other athletes are familiar with -- the other athletes who had something along the lines of what is being described with the -- Barry. And if so. What do you remember about them their return and there. Recovery process. I couldn't answer that I mean they're a lot of athletes including basketball players. Baseball players football players it's -- to be such an injury but I don't. How they specifically who especially that team X -- so I don't know exactly. It's. Adrian actually seeing that I've been a lot of times and we -- Warriors and and and athletes who are. You know spending time on the weekend playing tennis things like that but. But it so it's hard to compare apples apple cart sales because so and so at this increased. Doctor also when you first heard about this Hendry and you've been -- terms of explaining exactly where we're dealing with as you point out you haven't seen the X rays in. And you haven't examined Jacoby Ellsbury. But what when the ticker comes across and you hear this what is your first reaction. In regards to a professional baseball player who steals a lot of bases it did you have a gut reaction to it. Well certainly is somebody the guy who makes a living with a C and you know big part of his game is related to his speed and that anything. Any type of injury inhibits that it's gonna make him less effective. And obviously the Red Sox need him down the stretch and I think I'd be concerned even if he does come back and play a certain not exactly the same guys that you all know. The guys could take in count me out he'll -- base. Doctor wise so we really appreciated joyous there was some great great information as I said before. It is good to -- killer bode is near and dear to everyone's hearts and minds throughout the Red Sox. Phantom right now and I don't know if you're familiar with -- by. There is a long history in the Vickiel about going back a couple years Dustin Pedroia had a severe case of a fracture -- Cody Ross had won last year Jacoby Ellsbury right now but so the information is very valuable to us we really appreciate you joining us. Thanks very much thanks doctor went well Alex here today you're taken what did the with the good doctor said well. So back playing which we we kind of had to -- being given that assessment from the Red Sox the interesting part is of course his side his suggestion at the end that. Indeed there is use -- -- dealing with with one of the foremost there you know aspects of what makes Jacoby l.'s personal -- namely his feet and so there is a chance that he's going to come back -- -- somewhat diminished by air but. That needs to be tempered by the fact of that before any healing had had time to take place he was playing at a -- impressive level over the course of those seven games. Well every should also note in new in the darker and darker wind felled. Who destroy and his. We should also note that he hasn't seen the X -- he hasn't examined Jacoby Ellsbury he doesn't know how quickly Jacoby Ellsbury recovered he doesn't know. One -- what was going on during those seven games so all there's a lot of factors proved to be considered here. But all we can do is get the information from. People like the doctor get the information from the people in the organization people outside the organization tell other examples he'd take it all and I think the consensus right now. Is that Jacoby Ellsbury will probably be back before the playoffs. But also that you might not see the same sort of player that was so dynamic for the last couple. Months that it's possible although again you know the fact that he was playing at such a high level and to me it's also interesting to note. By the way in which -- had Sox organization has gone. So far and saying by the way he's pissed that he's not playing right now all you know how all post I realize there's a resonance there but. You know he he really pushed to stay in the lineup after suffering manager because they could've pulled off the throttle they could have given him some days. But instead -- you know instead he felt adamantly that he could play through it by. I mean I think the thing is is that we're heading into last seventeen games in the regular season here and Jacoby Ellsbury is going to be talking point just like Clay Buchholz was when they were going so well it's it's. These sort of things everyone's radar is operate now in terms of things that could potentially -- -- this team that has the best record the American League that -- the 100% probability of making the playoffs for a baseball prospectus join the conversation 617. 7797937. I'm rob Bradford of WEEI dot com. Alex spear with me WEEI dot com as well as the road to -- over. We're talking all things Red Sox all things pennant race game 6177797937. The other thing that we're gonna talk about we talked about the rotation. We talked about Ellsbury and other thing that we want to dive into also is. What the Red Sox we're gonna look at in terms of other teams here other teams they could potentially play down the road. In the playoffs. What are the wildcard. Who's hot who's not we come away from the Yankee series Alex. And you think -- while you know what they're done that's not the case but it -- the fact is that you have the Yankees give the Orioles you have the Cleveland Indians and you have the race down. And you can make a case for every single. It's it's a pretty fascinating students going on in the rest of the wildcard race because you know there is there are very the unions have a really promising schedule. The rest of the teams get to beat each other up and you know kind of have. I'm a bit of a round Robin. And it's interesting that you know maybe we we should also be mindful of where the AL west races because. Certainly there's a possibility that one of those teams could drift back it seems unlikely. At this point we just assumed that whichever team between the a's and Rangers doesn't win is going to sweep in with my car but -- -- now. They don't have one clean. It can't schedule it in absolutes. Barks it's if nothing else -- Houston left. Right -- at Houston it but they also Kansas City. They have Minnesota. Are they have the White Sox. It it if you want to pick a team that has the upper hand a chance to run the table and also I cannot tell you what. If that's the case if the Indians get in the in his make the wild card that's the team the Red Sox -- -- all balled a menace has been pitching well. But that's the team that. If other at -- I would much rather play the Indians. In the race yeah well especially if if there questions about Masterson and where he's that -- because that's he's obviously a difference maker in their rotation beyond that. Look through we've all we've been through his struggles of the Red Sox against top level starters are well documented and with good reason. But the Indians you know the Indians don't have a lot of guys were clustered in that top guy in the American League you don't -- -- -- you don't fear -- on -- pitched well lately but you don't eat this certain guys you say about you know David Price is pitching. This is going to be tough out but still the cultural -- again if you wanna join the conversation 617779. 79837. Carter -- you do today. How -- -- guys right. Thought it was going to the doctor and about seven years ago before I have been doing it well I had an operation -- an accessory in particular. Which led an extra -- which was pretty much like into the -- but I know exactly the pain that -- Barry Gardner. And I would -- as a Red Sox Nation rained out because it's not like a pulled hamstring. You can go 100% but it's the pain after it's not really any pain Gary. And I think that's why we did talk about the second game in an out -- -- Ott on. It didn't seem like you're protected IP I don't think he is during game play acting at all after. After the adrenaline surge yeah you know Carter Aybar also brings up another player who's dealing with something right now the Mike Napoli with the planter fascia latest. And it's because of where they are -- in the standings that maybe this is allowing these guys to manages a lot more than they would otherwise right. I believe that you're -- today it would be Smart to get out there at some reps that he needs. You know it it came down to it in -- doesn't need to play every game which he's not going after. I come the time I don't think that we need to worry about anything that is pushed -- the -- And you know in the offseason to correct -- that he needs to that time beating. You heard the doctorate doesn't really. Have to -- you really let -- -- picket the deal. That's what I took from that. Yeah thanks for the call -- wise certainly think that there was an element what the doctor was saying suggests that. I don't think he was ever saying. You know what there's there's no chance he's gonna play in the playoffs right and I think that's what people money year right right out of the question of whether or not he's going to be you know whether or not in terms of how his legs -- -- work he's going to be 100% Jacoby Ellsbury or 90%. Or 80% is certainly -- relevant consideration. But nonetheless. You know it's and subways you know he's also going to be taking. They given an opportunity to rest some other stuff remember. He was managing is the kind Terry -- what was it -- embassy last week yeah in recent downplay the dynamic Jacoby Ellsbury in that lineup either because this has been a very very very important player. And -- in the construct of the -- sides you have a guy who acted up yesterday as the east tied with two for the most lead off. Hate -- hits to start a game. And that's that's one stat but that sets the tone. There he's the there about 26 in thirteen when he steals the base well these sort of things. These are all use it again they set the tone for a team for a game and that's what he's been doing the rights you know I haven't looked this up I will and I will in a moment right. You know it's always so important to take it first inning lead teams to plan -- to win a lot and I realized that it sounds you know it sounds either self evident or stupid. But it's also just true teams -- take early leads typically maintain them. And you know I I would be really interesting to look at. Where Ellsbury ranks in Major League Baseball on terms of first inning runs -- was this city he -- I was tied with two for its. In terms of first inning leading off the game. And knows that as you just point out this hugely important thing I'm rob Bradford the VI dot -- a Celek spear of the same organization this is the road to October this week in one more call before the break -- Georgian war Howard how're you doing today. Hey guys and enjoy the work of some great work you both do and -- well your wallet. You know you're talking about speed. And you know we try to -- I want to many Red Sox games of Heatley Quintin Berry talked to Dave Roberts -- -- -- to still. And I come out of from a different perspective of that is so important to get it should be important to stop and you know you -- -- the pocket now. And you've got two catchers coming off great years. And they're both on the forty man roster so what is it downside even if they did not play. I'm having them up after the -- protector Red Sox playoffs and done. Stewart thanks for the call there's a lot of conversation there's really something that we haven't dug into. Last couple weeks but I think it's important now is what the rosters gonna look like potentially in the playoffs. What the rosters gonna look like over the course of the next couple weeks and who was gonna get the playing time. I think it -- in George just mentioned the catching position when I have those answers for you right after the -- Are we don't retire from music to skip the show Rolen here. -- through October on rob Bradford dubbed the I dot com this is Alex spear alongside me WI dot com as well or talk and all things Red Sox. Take -- off things pennant race. Taking a little respite from football but we're heading right up until Monday Night Football that right after us. -- coming up in a few minutes but we got some things take several quick count the number one. I was at George George before the break yes -- -- asked about the construct of the of the roster I think heading through September potentially into October. And he specify the catching position so what's your take on what we're going to be looking out over the next couple weeks well. First George asked specifically about the two catches and protected Dan Butler and Christian -- has nothing to -- probably isn't in line for Kolb Butler is going to be intriguing I don't know if they've made. A final decision but he's a big league catcher whether not to -- an opportune to sit up in the big leagues just to be exposed to advance meetings will be interesting but. Going forward they need to managed Jarrod Saltalamacchia is playing time he's not going to be playing back -- hated -- it looked great yesterday. No well I what you wonder whether or not the back was still was really kind of a dilemma that wild pitch. So he has not yet ready to play every day this is an injury management situation going toward. They're hoping is that he's going to be able to play back to back games by the middle of this week or by the end of the week. But it's not going to be out of the -- so bear this is this is something that is dealing with -- -- trying to play through him and continue working with the pitching. And before we go back to the calls Alex we'd we talked a little bit last week about -- What we can look at in terms of the roster playoff roster. I'll say it again it's fair to introduce that into the conversation. When baseball prospectus does say a 100% probability when they have the -- believe they do it's fair to have these conversations with seventeen regular season games left. So we've always. We talked about the juggling act he might have to do at that last spot those last couple spots especially considering you have to put. You're probably going to put one or two of those stars in -- meaningful bullpen situations. Who do you think on the position roster is gonna get -- On the position roster our interest in -- they like to carry three catchers in the playoffs but I wonder if they're going to have that luxury this. This go round because they like other players like. You know while they gonna happen Barea Quintin -- -- -- I think. Is the -- he's -- he's he's earned from what we've seen so far for what they acquired him for. He's done what they need to do he looks like the type of player could help in the post absolutely and so you know they're going to certainly carried. -- the combination of Jonny Gomes and Daniel Nava and my car that's been so effective for them all year. And so yours is very bump. Who is very -- I think to me he bumps and he bombs maybe a Dempster or aide to prime you know one of those guys to me especially in a short -- yeah I don't I don't think that you bring both of those guys on the roster in the first in the first round it's Gillick calls if you would join in real quick before the at the road from Monday Night Football you can six point seven. 7797937. Steve bureau. On the -- how you -- today. I'm doing well that sort of the United States. I think that Michael. What I wanted to do it and it's. Was ready to Pittsburgh in it about catchers. And that -- did this for a long time. The that fact that the second best on an average Major League Baseball. And up the -- you get the Oakland and now it was a good bit. Everybody would give them the credit them a great pitch and if they -- -- and he's taken acute it. From different teams now it's weird and then I think. Unbelievable job and talk about two guys in the minor league have never been a major market it is it. It's insanity. Well I don't know we're not talking I don't know I was talking about taking their place no incitement taking their place the only conversation we're having is whether or not they should -- get. You know there they have spots in the major leagues because you can expand the roster to forty that was all right Steve you raise a good point about the credit Saltalamacchia I think doesn't get in regards to this year managing the pitching -- the pitchers clearly liked throwing to them -- and Ross was going to be the guy Ross is going to be. The guy that everyone want to -- well and he is leading the majors and catchers Sierra. Rule that Ross yes it's so I don't know. -- -- -- year I think you the point is a good one is his Saltalamacchia is game has evolved to the point where. Yeah this is one of the things in his corner when he goes into the free agent market this year. He can say -- can you don't runs volleys have any good offensive year but he can manage a pitching staff. One of the best pitching staffs in baseball. Yet he's been an important part of the work without starting staff they love throwing to him. Number I think they're going to be the best pitching if you have that there were quite stingy abruptly also question he had Dempster were questioned yeah Lackey who acquired him and need to answer all the questions. I don't even know -- know even what you guys are usually there and it. It's been amazing he has been amazing and it's what. I'm the only and I -- -- and but I did appear and I never awarded credit for him all -- -- and and that to me it's. The difference between Red Sox in their. I think a little -- well. If I thank you -- in some cases I don't disagree but the fact is is that I think that people are. Are opening their eyes to Jarrod Saltalamacchia by the year. He's having about the type of player he is become -- William yet the take it for you take it for granted a little bit just because. If the pitchers have been really did and Saltalamacchia still doesn't throw a lot of -- guys Lotta people are identifying. What a catcher does by how many guys he throws out. But there's also the element about managing the pitching staff and you -- it out the pitchers love throat of this guy yeah he's really come. A long way because that that wasn't always the case you remember when they really kind of had to protect him. When there were real questions about whether or not his career -- Fully take shape with the Red Sox back in at the start of 2011. They didn't know he was going to be able to do this and he's come a long way to the point where he can clearly be an a starting primary catcher. In the major leagues Indies in his prime he's 28. I do think that there's been a growing. Groundswell of credit for him both for his defensive work in for what he's done at the plate where he's also. Made considerable strides this year and showed a much better approach than he ever had in the past so I think that Steve is to a degree right that Saltalamacchia is a central importance. To a degree wrong -- that I think today he's been getting. He's been getting some of the very deserved credit that he that has been. That that should that has been coming his way. That's Alex -- dubbed the -- -- come on Rob Brown for the same organization. We're heading right up until Monday Night Football this is the road to October. A couple people on Twitter we obviously mentioned you can Texas on the HTT tech signed 37937. But a few minutes left if U wanna call real quick 6177797937. Also -- Twitter Alex beer. Alex Spears SPE IER and I am at Brad felt couple tweets that we guy James master. -- James -- express it always feels weird -- yeah. To give the real name of the Twitter and I don't know. A love Debbie I'd trade deadline so if not well thank you anyway other -- on the raw at the road to October as must listen Red Sox talk. Brad broke brings a caffeine and out spear thus sobriety. I couldn't agree with you more. I like to think of it as an area soccer tighten the guy in the German in 1910192. When you're -- New objectivity knew sobriety as German -- I'm also sober at the news to people all lines of the conversation you're having. Not Fabian Vargas. Pat dug through 86 at -- which it had years ago I was a bit of that rolled off the -- Who the better chance of going to the bullpen or starting to brought clay or Dempster and I think that this is a great conversation I have. In the last couple minutes here. Real quick Alex. Who do you think could be the difference maker of the starting pitchers if their move to the bullpen or October. I don't really know how Dempster would adapt because now been five years six years since he's done it. To -- I have a very clear vision of how he was able to be an impact arm. Out of the bullpen in the 2010 season when he was striking out like thirteen guys per nine innings so to me given the struggles of Thornton and morale us. I'd be pretty interested in what he might be able to do. In that capacity and frankly. Dempster may emerge as important to -- might bump off some of the other guys. We just haven't been performing hope that well well here there and a couple quick things is that number when you go back to 2010. And do brought into the conversation with a bullpen when they were had to decide between voted or do brought who was going to be the more viable guy. They liked to brought because of his stuff because he was a left hander now. Dempster strike -- veteran has done it before. I think the air on that side. If you brought shows -- shaking his status stretch at all. Quite possibly especially bit although Thames has been so good against lefties it's another -- reverse split guy potentially and there are in their group because of that splitter. Yeah abide by the ones we know. We know Lackey we know Lester we know buckled buckles with a physical problems going to think about no matter what he does. He we know peavy same thing starter. And next week when we come back next Monday is going to be it's always great right you have a week of so many things changing. So places changed since last week but then now we're gonna have a -- We have two weeks after gonna have roughly eleven game how low eleven games last eleven games left in and that would be to -- -- -- 100% baseball prospectus. But they have confidence part time to start panic. So. Well I'm rob Bradford. This is Alex spear along summary you listen the road talked about I'm headed to Tampa the three game series LB -- be honored to join joke is degree on. For the second to second to broadcast of the series that's going to be a lot of fun fill in for Dave O'Brien. Alex -- over here just got back from New York he's -- have all the coverage pinning down below. The last road to October so we'll be back next Monday. Thank for joining us tonight we'll see you next week.

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