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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 09/09/13

Sep 9, 2013|

Answer the Question? We will!

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It's. Time or answer the question -- answer the question which -- get how this is the big question. So would you be years not answering any thing and everything I'll answer that question it's answer the question look. They are once again. In Foxboro at Gillette Stadium for patriots Monday so all in WEEI -- rob. And Alex RWE EI dot com baseball boys. Was up fellas get ready for specialized show. Robert. What's going on there you are -- Are you Robert. He's like Robert and fourth Bradford went over this last week all around this Danforth that's all right is it was a -- fourth what does it. Screw those alternate instead that into the question is brought to -- heiress restoration specialists your property or facilities manager or insurance parole call heiress to entry of a disaster restoration game plan in place college 77. 4611111. Or a our -- serve. Dot com. To me your questions for into the question -- will start with this -- guys how -- handle my best man speech responsibility by the the -- Don't mention that's exactly the right answer. No mention a -- you that you you wanna talk about it you're the best man because you are close to this guy right and you don't wanna make any predictions about how this is gonna fail. What you wanna say is just a couple of stories and played to the crowd. A couple of stories about. Why this young man is special but why me a woman would be happy to have him as a husband and you don't don't be specific about how you think this is the wrong well don't. Q what you can't say why -- the wrong woman but it's suspicious if you don't mention the -- I'd been to leave wedding pictures whereas -- did not once mention the -- in his speech. Now I think he would just -- he's kind of doping. But. You have to -- when you met her but just don't get and he -- he did mention her name. -- doesn't mention her one under this is what you do what he did today is not about you right nothing you're the best man that's right. Put your prejudices not adjustments in the -- who caters it's not about. -- -- authentic -- and you don't wanna go don't don't don't don't really about fighting hunger and her friend's wedding and I. So I'm not saying so authentic. That you just say how you can't standard. But you do have to say something about this there's something about her that you like or there's something about these two people together. That's an interesting dynamic that that is worthy of your speech. Would you do if you're going if you hit the bride and you have to give your best man speech and you're worried about it. Don't drink before him. Whatever you do do odd -- he has the bride because it'll come out hit the -- -- I don't know if Rodriguez over the -- exactly right you're jealous of the back of the of the girls -- disagree is that that's the only way I could give -- -- now you can -- -- like you don't wanna do that's like you probably wouldn't hurt yourself do not right -- I guess when they pick and pick. I hereof and Alex finally hi guys I read you the first question but yes -- covered pretty well you are not tilted over -- the middle name is what Margaret. Are all it's worth alienating fourth. -- out last name. He's related to governor Bradford yes straight line. America became -- problem people are literally came one night you with your -- Asia ADW listen when you're in K through eight. And you get to Thanksgiving that's a lot of streak right there how is the first Thanksgiving for hero when you go to Cologne. What you bring to the first things that. I brought my eyewitness sarcastic. Completely Aniston did you know you'll be bringing to the road to -- It's getting excited plenty of sarcasm and Alex have plenty of infamy issues went to New York while some good of -- talk there. Guys player get dehydrated five men up to him as a record it's not easy when guys are about dehydration. I know in college. A lot of people did the -- Saturdays. Now well heads -- surely that's why Gatorade was invented -- right absolutely but not for five minutes into the game. It's supposed to be able to go at least a quarter maybe half. Before you start getting the ideally you know buffalo incidentally that's what actually happened there was 300. Are you suggesting there's a conspiracy if not I'm suggesting that they never tell -- what's happening but that there are the only answer though he could -- five minutes into the game by it is not the only answer. Who's drunk I'm not stated Ron -- over. Can look that -- and the -- -- world that -- -- in my Michael's point is correct it wasn't actually dehydration. And that's just what they're saying is and give us the right answer ever they're making him look bad by saying it's the hydrant flow when you heard that what was the first thing if you're a roomful of people watching a football game. What's the first thing everyone yells dude don't drink and an exact right. -- there are so many other things doing awful. Guys why would you drink you lather rinse repeat or just ladder and Lawrence. I never repeat what would you royalties or anybody do that now I mean he's he's two and one because I believe and efficiency action. I don't I don't even use I don't even use that conditioner and the corporate outing as a man have dignity -- conditioners is it is what. Repeating is it's game it's of course it was conditioner without any conditions once a week maybe. You shampoo every day you gosh you know good deals on today you know its assertion. Of course you wore a couch in my -- teach you use conditioner once a week and you volume -- so well. My advice to well like Paula from it'll throw -- off. Mean you know that's what do you ship to Riverdale Georgia -- smells. It's true. Breakdown wheels that are viewed as. Simple my -- oily the last thing I need more oil Meyer rocks and restaurants should be about you were you ever buy your high school or something -- condition. Tempo and leave the doesn't feel right. Now I've got sort of to replace Ron Artest has -- a different world altogether if that. Cyclists love them or loathe them or in different cyclists cyclists or or bikers in the sit down and -- site people who were cycling in the city. But they're not -- cyclists are really here's my question paper with your -- around town movements but why do you have to spend. -- absolutely where's where's Bobby asked Americans are pretty. I mean did. You really that word about wind resistance as well yeah I mean it's different right you if you race bikes is different but if you Bobby Valentine when he was. -- from wrong when he did that last press conference yet the helmet. Of a whole year on playoff -- He sorted it yet now. Now we're talking in your community your community is built. Four came cyclists slash. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Let you want you want the same respect in the same courtesy please -- drivers have. But you can't then say what I'm gonna run this red light just because because I can't know either if you want the same rules adamantly that -- -- to go by the. Andy almost this guys ask me for doing an act. In the car together that rain through a stop sign -- a slight window sounds like eighty you know that the and it just. Bloody. Others anybody -- -- it was willing to fight hypocrisy and embrace the traffic that is a great attribute just right. Asked ourselves rob Bradford is going to be done after five minutes of the show with dehydration. -- -- thought that primary energy. But it's not the -- up though because if you look at the ones that market -- -- now there's this -- says cyclists can use in tighter and so we're taking away you know space for cars that sort technical means a -- I just knew I hate. Ever -- to Amsterdam now. Yeah Amsterdam. It had nothing to do it's all about the -- -- -- -- -- does vary -- community. -- the the white community this isn't -- the United States the bikes -- secondary citizens I'll deal with the -- -- -- acts that -- sounded like the airplane movie. -- -- -- Arthur -- and they get a tax course guys on a cop asks you do you know like pulled you over what do you answer. Yeah driving while black and I. Guys like artwork I can answer every time -- all. Not knowing that they don't get it. Think those -- And I don't and I don't know if you say yes you know wine into into the taxable -- on the I didn't know you were given to -- him to the united wrong and then apologize and really really nice way -- -- much excuse. I don't finance and assault choose a Amendola crew -- be crazy can it possibly to go to those two. You think so we'll report in a fight -- fight they're both very tough. Let's let's answer. The vote there's -- go the hockey player and -- Offering poker pro nose -- my way to we were to him and all I know -- he knew there was no right answer tomorrow night. Midnight on the Bruins midnight madness preview showed DJ being uncle from the Obama and myself we will definitely. Six to recruit him tomorrow night actually was able right now but it's tomorrow I hate that Allen's I don't buy out at a midnight -- so you have to have a band when you have been nine man -- -- -- -- some grass and everything okay or not what works in here rob make get as eventful will make quote big advance for. That's another answer the question I put the baritone horn and eighth grades are -- -- -- -- that would kind of kick off this. Midnight hockey show voter had. We're okay and good at try to get a name where this was all and not go in DJ being what is the right and for that situation. He did some females. And it was based music I'll be like he like -- -- I turn around and I think over my statement all right stick around for rob and Alex they got the road to October the Red Sox have like a hundred game lead now in the day at least so they got you -- for a little while here and we will be back tomorrow. At 2 o'clock document by.

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