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Vince Wilfork with Salk and Holley

Sep 9, 2013|

We talk to Big Vince after a win over the Bills in week one, and a short week ahead as they take on the Jets on Thursday.

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Well Mike you -- here last week we had been so on so you don't know just how important Vince's. I don't only mean you know is important you know it was a big deal right you may not know what happened he's brought -- you by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The entire commonwealth Vince Wilfork brought you by the commonwealth. A Massachusetts Easter mass not get enough for a day Saturday. And he got to be got to be represented by the entire -- For -- There are -- all the work. Today the commonwealth tomorrow. All. The Kindle for a -- Vince Wilfork is is sponsored by the don't wake up and -- is that vague idea yet still they coming off a win yet. Today what's what's the mood around the team on and always it always a good thing when you can own role first in the season against a division opponent and walk or would Adobe's so. On we all excited but -- -- -- economist put it behind this because we have a game a couple of days another division. Opponent but you know there's some homes sold and we enjoyed -- what is saints aren't we nor are important is forced to give back the workweek. Which we started the -- so. We off you know we often -- now you're there what we can before Thursday. On the on the saints are friends as well. Will be prepared abyss you know Leno to the game's going you know and -- -- have the best chances to win and as we. Where when you you left the game. Which was there anything you're thinking about them. You know that lesson to grade we could have done this that are what was there where there -- a lot of -- keep things that you were thinking about or did you say to yourself for a first game. Went to that army argues in his first game of the season I mean it's not going to be perfect. We definitely not where we need to be on we don't stand about the saints are how we we we made enough plays to win ball games so. Couple things that went on and a game situation. That we him pretty aware of something we didn't so. In the day you know when you walk -- would -- W you're ordered them so you know we look at spam me chorus Susan. No play out the situation over practicing. Hope we can our farm animal force -- And that's exactly you know we have to do what it's what did you think about the guys up front to near your work in there with a couple of what was that unit how did you guys play in the game. Then we played okay. Com addresses everything wasn't perfect. Is definitely with some opportunities that we in his it was some things that we don't we shouldn't do so. I mean everything was open man and what is the -- They gave us exactly what we thought we see Tom's decision from the pre season. One thing that in almost a year ago is how we. Penalty mojo in the wall -- an up tempo offense. Corners of the first season game first in the season you never know. How you feel proud you know things plan house you have to prepare. This McCain thing organization do in the coaches -- coach has done real good job with us this year. That is getting this -- the -- physically being in the room being in good condition -- his show yesterday that we -- this football team. As a veteran in the league what do you know about short weeks now prepare for -- weeks that he didn't know your first -- second you know well a lot of lot of work done in the past. I mean. Because you know you count. It's likely to -- if you do you go out and really hammering things don't have communal capacities. To gear bag gave and its players -- rights group plays so. Column is all about being professional you know you have to go coming in. And hit abortion and see in the longer. You know what of ours we do we do. -- knows is mainly about all the information that we can you. And transferred to personal gains on just by you know learn from the borders so. Sort of systems on what is things I'm been listening to to which -- so. They cared about additional coal to. Race. Everything that you can do off the field yeah. I know every player is different but just for you typically. Your body starts to come back what is it Wednesday. Is that what it is so so we've already you've already reached a point where you can feel the best you you feel all -- right -- isn't that accurate yeah. So so so what you do me how do you room. Is it is the coaches understand that they don't have to get ready for the jets but. They say when I can't imagine they say -- or would activities and. I mean they're like -- is all about being professional. You have to be able to to do things you have to give a whole cup cold so hot toast in appears to do in the weight wrong. Judges -- to fresh enough to -- like -- they were not the only team and his. In a situation known new to a -- they are the same situation and gusting up to travel to -- them want plus plus. We went home and also we can give mr. Reyes. Where you know we have to travel gear greatest it is -- -- we home being get the proper race we -- -- -- these we can do what we can't do while we hear so. You just have to put a little bit more time and effort and in this week just to make sure things are. The best it can be on Thursday you know you might not feel as good but you have the same time that this sharply when you pay -- -- And green cross award if if if his five days of serving the attendees the game when we played there's so we have to be an obvious comparison. -- return inning on just to get ready for some lady return elect foot reflexology. Year acupuncture. Hostage to a I don't know. You know like currency -- those. Massages hat coat you know it is getting a proper rest. And two well known in the in the as it worked arm to snow he'll be stuff Michaels group just so. Now -- on my second week in a row you guys play rookie quarterback who is at the very least mobilizing this -- maybe even more mobile than the guy you saw on Sunday it will goes into the preparation for those guys where you armies. When you have a quarterback in total ball on the ball Soviet threat. Sort of -- at -- Wednesday in -- broke employees. From quarterback as a pocket passer and he can't move as much. Where broken please be completely throws. On the run war -- ball downfield so. We're on the stand and and you know we know the you don't football with me to slow. We have to just prepared like an hour. We have -- program that gross -- -- if you do get -- we have we have guys that we comfort. Confident -- that it can go give him and now I'm not one bullet. We have overcast -- so. On resistant just another just another tough task force -- same term you know. This seems like every every other week -- a week we won't have a different. Scenario plays out in Guam and with the quarterbacks last what. Last week you want to quarterback this week just knows house was defense. -- Brady said after the game Buffalo's tough place to to play it do you agree with -- -- -- if so why was it tough. You know she like we always planned there. Point is the Padilla was season they've first home game so it buys -- though. For the new season. Exists is on the -- division. And they always been just so you know they always it is tough and you sought again there's an -- in armies just so. Just a tough place to go in and say you know what he came here terms. Mean these images. They rally one -- -- know -- to train as -- with the players around Europe so. Opponents who book was always so because as always at the beginning in the year. When there home and you know it once fresh. Issued they had new faces coach -- who knew the wall for his new defense -- it -- they were excited so. We knew we knew who was born it's what gulf right we knew was on YouTube -- division. Fault gain. When you have no and we we didn't think it was -- in the -- because of somehow works so. We knew we had to fight for sixty minutes some might have been -- and let. And we did. We show we shoulder. We played as a team -- -- everything wasn't perfect but it's a term we me some good situation plays. To do just Adobe Vince Wilfork -- -- and patriots Monday here in WEEI. Is it. What does it -- when we talk about a player being fragile are being injury prone that a real thing in the NFL player's specific player's injury prone. I mean everybody had a different take sort. What. I mean SS lesson campaign. Or anyone. You can always look at the guys you know what this guy's always in there was always something wrong this bullet. Everybody has not made up stories for you don't have football is violent. Those can be collisions every place you know from a defense arm is not one plate and I don't go -- -- he won't work or not collide so. You just have to be with whom you know. Do -- course in your life when you decide you want your football you have to understand what comes along with a bag so. You know of guys can -- began -- -- you have gas -- this fight to a lot of injures. But in -- gorgeous and always going to be in -- won't -- again foolish. I mean you might think you phrase but it might be some there's always today -- win this is most. -- Alone mottled bruise here noted Islam that. But that's football you know so everybody -- -- different -- one injury prone guys. You know Toomey Armey are revolting moment toward. But it is it definitely is just what I mean you gonna have to that's going to banged up -- and dale what did you think of Danny Amendola coming back from the groin injury yesterday do what he -- in the fourth quarter where he's Toffler. -- one thing that we've seen -- training camp. And we -- yesterday he made some big catches for -- team down stretch in some critical critical moments -- so. It's never a question both. Is it got tough -- because he's -- soft and there a lot of people are awarded so you know when I'm down one on -- sit down I'm going to notice. But no he decided to you know to go out and play some football and and and I currency and its -- -- -- where. -- football. I mean things happen you get hurt I mean it is what news that's just the nature of the game. You're seeing some guys even in -- up well short happened high school and college and and -- Who -- some guys -- you know that they are. That the hit to getting to that when you go. That that ordered agencies but it Blair era from our -- map but as a defendant. -- times that we can go and see you know fourth quarter. Where -- couple minutes left in the ball game and you look across Tennessee. They'll know -- is this time it's not a lot. Because you know he's in office in everybody's. You don't -- shown a weakness. -- you have guys look for people feel as like. Finish in the wars -- shark Smith in the corporate -- -- What you can see -- you can see -- concerns but for me I look for stuff like that and argue most. I got bad news or events here I hate I hate to give bad news at the end you know I got bad news is no longer sponsor but -- when you are no longer brought you by the common. Yeah I mean it was it was fought well lasted and fortunately the -- that was and to me was erroneous you're not sponsored by the columns to -- who is well. It to be fair it is loosely about com are brought to you -- find mass money. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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