WEEI>On Demand>>Patriots win, but in a less than sexy way... do we cut them slack or have early season panic once again?

Patriots win, but in a less than sexy way... do we cut them slack or have early season panic once again?

Sep 9, 2013|

Seems like every season it takes time for the Patriots team to gel and get it all together (the defense especially), so why are we surprised by a less than total annihilation of the Buffalo Bills yesterday. We discuss.

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5 o'clock hour here on WEEI patriots Monday down at fox were our first. Regular season patriots Monday of the year. And it comes after no surprise the patriots win although maybe the way they got there was a bit of a surprise it certainly was an entertaining game. Ups and downs. Some moments of I want to say it was never really in doubt because I agree with -- I never really felt like they were gonna lose the game against buffalo but some moments where against another team you might have been worried the patriots didn't always played their best football. And yet did the things they needed to do you ask me who the story of the game is. I know you'd think that I would've said this coming into it anyway but I -- told the story of the game. Amendola it was was a big part of it. Amendola as one of the stories of the game maybe number one or if you had this break it down maybe M and dole is tied with Julian -- and Julian Edelman did a good game they come up with a couple of touchdown receptions. One problem. Just on an incredible past from the first one credible pass from Tom Brady. -- just eluding linebacker put his hands up. The ball goes right element settlement. Makes a pretty status efforts catch put an above average ticket -- to stand out there. And come down with the ICM -- there's no question specimens found. On the positives out of him and dole as an enemy in the positive side settlement showing up literally be given to be in the positive side almost the entire defense and the defense -- line that I can't Spiller and checks certainly they didn't run the ball at will on the -- -- anything close to that secondary for the most part looked good Arrington had a great game dinner at a very good game. Marred by the bad penalty but the linebackers played very very well really stupid if you're looking for negatives and guys who didn't play all that well. You're rookie receiving -- sprawling on the list I mean such Phil didn't play well ball bounces off him Todd Goldberg pumpkins did not play well it didn't get its foot in bounds couple -- communications -- Brady and I thought it looked bad looking back to Brady. Dobson didn't even play and -- did not play well at all to that group before if you're keeping your eye on them. Darrell thumbs down for week one. And I am and I -- at a Tompkins not for not. For -- -- -- I mean it would come down with them both feet -- a mad because he laughed out. -- allowed to head to your work to say. To America. Harry loses -- leaked out early thanks a lot DN. Thanks Dan for tells -- we didn't know. We thought pro football. It was put down -- that was good and especially the New England in buffalo audiences which watch exactly zero college but yet although I do -- really stupid boundary he doesn't I don't mind you only -- -- people know you're going to me. Yeah the bottom dollar bothers me as a lot of them touched me -- I really like Greg -- -- I was happy when you have that liar you know to give me an active part of forestry and really skipped out I don't know if that's really like every for the last few years I watched. The bottom of the barrel fox announcers you don't want to know. What that's like it is well what I don't want body injury is back I want -- -- anything yet do what you don't you don't want another one as they are layered on -- -- AFC or Italy will have to do you get Rich -- which games he -- -- a really good job 6177797937. Hear from you guys quite a -- this hour. So when Mike in the car might. Thank god they district court culprit here that. -- from Mike this is a two feet down they bloody thing. Hey I want I want to try to get a sir you know out of our freedom. What they're called -- -- the nerve to each averaging about Reggie Bush that might interpret. -- -- along the -- -- that would -- electorate and Barry -- And -- -- the kind of a comparison the -- it was Barry and there and I was suddenly decide -- straight. Greg you put that apple cart but you can go out all the art center what are called it is one argued. Don't act was literally are all sports -- -- my like. And I did. Number believable to others sought out the script and look what it -- that didn't lose those 28. To two. -- its earlier days I mean why don't agree I hate the grade I it's rather early garlic -- eagle birdie -- -- completely solve it gets. We get some Google dot franchise who really on the. It never happened -- now they can't do that in order I'll say this an Obama supporter his because I got to -- -- little -- so it's more personal than necessarily profession but Gus Bradley -- their head coach. You don't wanna do that or even before we were trying to build on your right you know and nor evil lawyer Gus Bradley the Dyer who hired Gus Bradley David Caldwell he took the job. I think was to I'm not exaggerating maybe gay won on the job right. Heymann said no right we're not interested in Tim Tebow is that if we're not a direction anywhere it's an even bigger distraction at home and that's an area news. That the king of the state he probably always will be the king of the state seriously if Tim Tebow is interested in running -- running for politics and you know some political office. I'm I'm joking goes -- goes to Florida he's got a shot at something. That's how popular he -- -- doesn't have to find something of humbling Africa. And -- -- is awful he is not an NFL or he is not equality NFL quarterback seems like they got bigger problems -- yeah it's a pretty big 10617779. 7937. Audio calls John in New Hampshire hi John. Hey guys of course the more votes in. For the patriots that the end of the game. They called her remote arm right at what eight seconds left. You now if they had it also took LP at that time was better on the court though that comes on second thought the clock. In -- who had a tendency. If the patriots did -- the all star or what have you with that outfit and second thought the law. -- you don't the 102 -- for the patriots so they call a time out. Eight seconds that adds an expensive thing out there say eventually the defense doesn't get lined up correctly or is off sides and that's that you get tenure -- 102 runoff and I do not believe applies in this situation now. I would. We're live with it in the same -- but in fact it happened. Now I and how that would only happen personal would not only happen if you're out of timeouts anyway. And I don't believe that they were right now -- and I -- I don't I don't think that -- of Buffalo's until he wanted to wonder about anything but why did you do with eight seconds why not run and all the way down the three seconds. And and do with three seconds left -- the picture that you don't have to kick off afterwards. There's only third down and they could have run one more play on third down and then kicked on fourth down called time knock it on fourth down the could've done that way the 102 runoff does not concern well. And maybe that's the reason that they didn't go all the way down and make this the final play of the game just in case something happened right. Leave leave themselves some some room at five seconds left. And it was interesting that it is this the new rule in the NFL changes that altogether. Now maybe you know back in the day. Two year to code for years ago. Five seconds after the game. You're wondering value and handle it because you don't wanna kick off to a given the chance to return written in NFL not to worry about it cost us it is unconscionable price is always on the had no chance or return to that point. When they had no return -- start up to 2 morning games Max is in the car IMAX. Don't as much good they don't like mad Max is. Another question I was younger person I -- -- diluted limited and Welker but the -- -- and I don't iron and it made it to get the captain butter fingers silence or a stop sign right there are my questions -- -- court. -- do you see that -- -- -- Brandon Lloyd. Now. I don't know I don't I've been in admit it they've had many opportunities to do it. He's out there. No one has no one has picked him up so. I think -- -- don't want that ship -- sailed though they're that good. They're -- I don't think about it and understand you know it really didn't appreciate -- of course yeah -- candidates -- sort of place right political. I think he wants. And he was completely dropped another increased I don't know what -- recommend -- debenture on the scene today. Lot of guys are like that you the question is who is not get it happening game one it will continue to happen it happens in game one that what is Brady do I will we saw what he does he relies on his veterans he throws the ball to handle many -- bolt in Amendola. And he uses Marine Corps have been out of the backfield and and kind of forget about those guys for awhile. Now that continues to happen. It's such -- continues to look not ready for prime time if -- continues to look not ready if -- continues to not look ready if Dobson doesn't get onto the field. We do and after three or four weeks I think that's the interest in what you're gonna get -- back hopefully in another week or so maybe two weeks. That should help because it gives you another veteran who at least you know you can count on. What this does go south for all of these guys and what what what is someone pre season from that well. I wasn't real and they're not. Ready for this year brilliant now we've got probability -- -- -- got problems and situations that's what I consider Lloyd an accurate now where there's no situation which you consider and I think hey. He just drove them crazy. What with the way with the way he played here five Sanderson in these rookies can't do anything that's gonna drive it pretty crazy to have but I think it was. The way he played. And the way he acted I mean obviously he was a guy that. Eight days weren't crazy about him. In the locker room but you know we talked about this before at at the difference. -- defense is gonna carry this team. For the first three or four games until. The the offense has some somewhat of a footprint and to offered as an identity it. What they are applicable subsequent guitars and something else what if the defense just -- existing. And you have a completely different animal with a patron public. On -- -- by the way I'm totally fine with the defense being the premier group on this court on this team. And the offense not just being along for the ride because anytime we have Brady your more than along for the ride but offense that continues to allow the defense to shine and makes the big plays down the stretch when -- and that's exactly what they did yesterday. Right they made a couple of big plays and absolutely had to late in the game and really let their defense winning -- Emma Brady went the final drive of the field goal a perfectly fine -- -- you know. A lot of fans say before yesterday as I do if you're just being -- If you look at the defense. And you had to point out a weak link yet to make it personal with eight players who lose a guy that you most of it was about as they. Most people would -- for the game it was a -- while. He he's an easy guy to root for because the story. Just one of these guys who just kept. Finding his way findings listing on the roster got -- -- and -- -- contract something and weren't. Excited about that -- in the patriots could spend their money a better elsewhere. And you look at that the playmaker in the culinary tennis if you if you are. -- if this is not. Out of the ordinary either so a couple of guys like that where in a -- your mind you say. The patriots can do better yet. They keep making place. That's that's where I think Ninkovich is in the same categories and I think our guys were bigger guys were faster playmaker Lee -- -- I can't -- -- good. All the picks but he's had in the past and yesterday forcing the couple fumbles. Like I used. And earlier though is one thing to do all that stuff against buffalo and lead the way against buffalo maybe the next week against the jets. -- week four against Atlanta let's see with the defense looks like we regularly have done against Atlanta Richards got it against quality competition it's -- very -- this defense as a whole do it against a really good quality team in four weeks and then in the global much better idea whether or not they can be leading group. As opposed to a group along for the ride 6177797983. Settled out of Matt Ryan New Hampshire what's gone. -- -- -- -- And good good look at -- only to drink of the collateral Arab and I at. Actually did think that they dilute the game yesterday at go to congress that it way when he went down the line up third period and that and that the agreement that. -- -- direct what's your record them on -- -- now. As doctor like what it -- it's looking -- just what the numbers mean and it anecdotes in the romanticism out of it or Gatorade out of it. It's got it this way against buffalo in the last you know 21 and two. Wanna -- are you gambler. And the percentages. You want -- to people from buffalo. Your people on their roster who did not think the bills -- talking about cannot think they're gonna win again. And if it ingrained. It in the water. Or it's an org and it says it. Grew late underwater and -- state. What they want until. What I wanted to do it under. Cooler I want you to be the facts the facts man. Well that the backs. The facts are that it was likely -- to beat the Buffalo Bill. And it's happened before. They've done that before and used. In the NFL works on the road early in the season not mean c'mon man you know how it is 41 of their last 43 gets but. I'm not giving them a pass I'm saying that winter winter winds -- I try not to rip the team. After they were -- things that are -- need to get better for them to be better teams. Of course there are configured -- and they got to win and was it ever really in doubt look they -- lost so but I might it take my chances with Tom Brady with the ball a few minutes left in the game needing only a field goal. -- -- that have that foresight that have been. Unfair to -- a bit unfair to you here in this in this -- so let me ask you that's what to take away so your your point is. It was a close game and they should be upset about what what's coming your your big take. My point is as hot as it has gone for the weaker. In close games Tom Brady played well -- or did he not quite. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah if we didn't play well when it counted yes mr. -- -- it. Now -- my whole thing is what I've got but the page a year that is politically about the crunch time it is so I have to pick I'm ready up. And bullet did. But he played a great game anyway it's incorrect and -- those who -- -- -- about three guys who played well I heard the litany of all these all the players who didn't play well yet. Some guys that began their a lot of guys who did arena at a gain you know that -- -- out of line they're pretty good game -- -- more guys play well that we've given them while you. A topic sentence it is only one top actions you hurt your big take away is on the. My big take away is that I'd like to see did the defensive secondary. Stop people from getting the ball. On first better on third down Roberta. -- -- -- -- -- -- matter that you have no point -- things they were four of thirteen on third downs and they only -- about a 154 yards through the -- I hope that's your point then you don't have I wasn't fair to there there are plenty of things you could say about the patriots that we're not positive from that game you managed to choose the one thing they did incredibly well. Good job. -- -- -- -- -- Hello all I -- any. I expect my I quite calm and actually a lot of people haven't talked -- haven't been talked about a specific play in the game. In the the commentator the -- like -- -- out. I mean that I'd. -- tackle -- on the one yard. The -- three Buffalo Bill players in front of him and then -- I have no idea how old -- you to. It almost plays like immediately they could easily blocked an. Art. Are not exactly offensive -- trained in the art of of downfield blocking and play -- the broken scramble after a fumble. We're not everybody even seem to know that the ball was live and kudos to him for not taking any chance and he definitely deserves credit. And if it was otherworldly but it certainly nowhere else play. Awareness and good for him it's got some he's -- as I said earlier -- we were talking about blunt he's not a slow me. Now it takes them a lot of -- what he gets going. A lot of power and a lot of speed -- he knows what he's doing. Wind when there are block store or -- tacklers around. And a lot of those guys -- -- a little wild about the short boundary sweeps to -- in the toss sweep going towards the short side of the field -- whatever I am curious to us and on the big factor that now have some success now was -- -- -- then maybe. But they to run that play all the time I think I think they surrender its offerings to know the name of advocates that. 38 boss maybe it's a run -- play all the time for Antowain Smith. And in that was in his first year here and yet a lot of success he's knowing Antowain Smith apparently well that's my guy I don't know how much -- -- it once -- -- in the car Mike. -- -- -- -- Thank you are saying number one the reason -- -- -- No doubt about chance or not yeah I'm not and is -- 8 at 8 o'clock warning and you -- not -- so basically what that -- bench. -- team from committing a helped the intentionally to stop the clock right. All right the other. A lot but it spot on the other thing the reason why I go check stop o'clock or 82 picnic and vote -- rates and a -- outdoor sports and you've got to get the bat that is the bad. You're you're all look at all -- all all I'm not yet there -- -- -- your -- I'm excited -- collapsing real quick -- I understand why dollar -- You know -- the second boy oh boy one walk over to the big fumble. But overall I don't don't really like now hole which I think what you're what you're doing is especially with younger teens like Mike. We have now. You're creating a team -- actually hear -- mistake and we all heard it. Many are looking at least from these -- -- that you play scared to make mistakes. On the bar dog. I don't -- my -- -- of -- -- -- look this is now going to be -- conversation heading into this week if you look at her storyline for this week on the fact that -- got the jets in a short week. It's what you know do a running back caddie handle Steven Ridley deal like what he did yesterday. What do you do next that's coming up salt -- Morey calls 617. 77979837. Went to the question here in about a half hour if you got one Texas 37937. ATT -- line you're W yet. We knew it we knew who was born it's -- gulf right. We knew was commute to the division. Fault gain. When you have no we we didn't think it was in the oil because of who now works so. We knew we had to fight for sixty minutes some might have been longer and -- And we did. We show we shoulder. We played as a team -- mean everything -- perfect but it's a term -- me. Some good situation please. To -- just Adobe. Visual for joining us earlier for patriots Monday here at Gillette Stadium -- Ali NW the -- and answer the question. Coming up here about 1520 minutes major questions Texas. The 37937. At the eighteenth tee decks on 379837. -- or your calls the 61777979837. You know. It's interesting you talk about what to do now running back and that'll be that'll be the story now and on the stretcher for the rest of this week Michael until Thursday when they play. I think you have to take -- in the game. I think -- -- -- -- you of course you talk all the time and you used Belichick raised a lot of being an error repeater you can't allow that specific error of all of them. To be repeated again and again. -- had issues with -- in the past maybe not all the time but he's had some big -- some high profile ones. And to have two including one where you don't get touched. -- send a message now that doesn't mean you can keep them out forever. He's still valuable player and especially after you -- entering for the next few weeks you're gonna need him he's a good player for you've got to send him back. There this week -- 01 of the things I mean there are many things I learned when when I was. The first time I was on here writing that regret writing the book in one of the things that really jumped out of me. And this is refreshing in many ways is that all the things that have happened in the American workplace. And the last at twenty or thirty years that the development so to speak of of human resources department. Where you can go in lodge your complaint and and and you can talk about some of the things that did -- don't make you comfortable in the workplace. They don't exist in the NFL. So sometimes. That's a bad thing. But most of the time. If you don't have just like 88 team full of just Clinton's. It's actually a good thing. And one of things in the NFL they will not just put up with is touchy Feely stuff for caring about your feelings -- how do you know. Your responsibility. They won't put it on -- -- the right to your face your responsibility as a running back you have the fortunes of all of us. In your hands whether it's 25 times a game or thirty times a game. He must protect the football because -- letting us all down and I would be very surprised if the head coach and tells Steven Ridley that. If the running backs coach until Steven -- that ordered members of the offense and defense then go up to Steven Ridley and say. What you -- do agreed agreed on all accounts might agree with every single thing -- said but I also think you got to get him back in the game -- you happen to read -- especially not -- yesterday but they do -- and whatever Thursday's game these -- the state if it happens again it happens each in in short short order or it's another fumble that anywhere close to his -- is that one. He got a really serious problem on your hands the cup points Steven Ridley is not somebody you can trust for the season six on 77797937. Stephen dad. -- -- -- Not much. Two quick things and -- in terms of running back situation are really being. That game yesterday do you view wasn't showing that's really what would -- one's going to be direct the year. I think you get these defense -- the bigger size and a little lower like suggests the Steelers. And the Bengals coming up I think he's gonna how I think you can have a lot more passing -- like that where we're at any kind of all the more physical presence running back. On the other quick thing guys if you guys noticed what the protection. So older -- older was playing a lot of third tackle -- -- you know kind of the ground out he I don't like when they do that. -- bit because I don't think. I don't likely get a market and it I don't know what it is you know a little bit slow and the other thing I think it -- And defense when you put -- hurt apple might it's. You know it a lot of those plays he saw he wasn't -- factor really at all and I don't think any of those please. Holder was in their that third tackle they're really gained any Edison but he started therapy noted. Well look but with with older I don't I don't know I don't necessarily think you -- your hand I mean you have to look at is look at his background him specifically. -- went to college as the -- and a guy who is. Yet a left tackle. Now by trade in the NFL put an extremely athletic left tackle. And personal. So I think they look at they're not looking at. -- we're trying to deceive you what they're looking at the first of the number of ways they can use him and you can move this guy all over the line and have me do good things. Liberals try to deal the fact that gronkowski who's a significant part of what they do both from the passing game in the running game. Just isn't here yet right and and unfortunately such -- eight didn't play well and -- was heard at some point in the game his hamstring issue so you try to do things to make up for those two. It's not like usual it all by the way us older maybe think about his his rookie year so. You've got Matt Light still here but she had sold her on the team. Look at the number of snaps that he had as as Italians -- actually fairly high so is something that they have they have done many times in the past. -- -- Well hey what's going on. You guys percent -- there was no longer show urgency. I'm just minutes talk a little bit about receivers situation I guess. I'm I'm actually yeah I vikings fans I know what it's like that be we have an organization that you know won't build around their stars. It's pretty frustrating. But I do like the -- and I don't think. There -- like that at all mean they do take risk. Maybe not going outside and the people are pretty want all the time but they are willing to take the risk. Might my questioner. In our familiar guys Bob's son. I -- -- -- -- panic yet it was one weak it was sure it didn't look great over him and -- but. If they don't end up panning out at the -- Churn out to be something you know calmly steps six point seven sometime before trading deadline. Where the window net debt. Brady's left fourteen you see them make it a more fit to treat for -- on to try to get someone big will it. Draft picks and about trying to not really their style but. Or anybody else's style army who would be you know tell me a guy who would be available at the NFL training deadline. Who you feel comfortable the patriots giving a draft pick. And who's a big time difference maker are available right they why would be available beer you -- to give up enough to get them. And then finally can -- a with a wide receiver specially Kenny come in learn your system quickly enough and be a significant threat. That it's going to be worth. Well I can guide you did it comes to mind is is Larry FitzGerald with the Arizona. You know trade Larry FitzGerald in the middle of the season. Not at that so that's okay. They don't know they would probably not you probably are looking at that level maybe there's somebody I -- I mean I'm gonna get I can get noticed maybe get a mid level guy but even then it seems to price it. You need to get something with the guys you've got a mean one of the what are two of these guys. Need to develop into being a legitimate target maybe it's -- -- -- and maybe it's Tompkins obviously -- got the most number of looks in the first game and so he's probably in the lead for that although I don't think -- himself. All that well so let's say. Let's see if one of those three guys and maybe throw such -- in there as well one of those four guys can step up and be a threat because they're gonna need one of them to do so mikes in the and I might. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes so I've heard a lot of it seemed like there have been a lot of negative comment about the BI I think I. Pressler had -- a lot of positive signs community. It seems like they always start out a Belichick defense so it starts out slow and kind of cruised through the season. Mean they were somewhere around 30% on third down yesterday. They only gave up fourteen point one of which was. A touchdown on short field. And buffaloes really only they're really only to drive was to start the second half. And down when it came down to the end of the game I thought the last four drives that I don't have the numbers autonomy but I do anything yeah they paid it was sitting there were a couple of -- Bizarre tell me why -- they throwing the ball at the end of the game and you have a lead you're supposed to be a team that is able to run the ball you've got. Even if you don't what -- you CJ Spiller an effort Jack effort -- Better with Fred Jackson in the game anyway. The project is a legitimate running back -- give him a bought the pills or you're right. There train -- every time you watch them play they will do something stupid to lose the game and happened once again a few times yesterday. -- just that that's who they are the bills that we talked about this before I think if you have. He had a guy who has had. At the palace at the limit for. You've had four patriots game via your member of the Buffalo Bills weren't major teams with the bills yet with the bills. I have to move up -- -- you're a player like Fred Jackson Uga players and we made some place they but you have to go Beckett is collectively. This franchise. Just remember all the terrible things. -- institute everything grain to bring back mark Kelso got to got to hit that could be double helmet. Johnny Cash in your response in -- -- -- Thurmond and John what's going on. They were -- on the man. Sort of thought the ball around you know really mattered to him how he fumbled that are pretty get on a case about it the -- -- better -- get him out there and -- -- what. I'd say that the that had to be out yet to I'm glad they took them out of the game had taken out. Your great. What I do agree more important that it felt like Caribbean goalie like a secret able can promise I don't see the walk along beautiful ballpark. Say for example can promise sadly it'll spot or for bad games in a row. You know or maybe one bad game -- -- games and then you'll put back into all of you put someone else and it's regularly got to get a copper and that the -- This whole mentality so competence level com's live. Which he made -- rallying around -- on the you know you aren't a good -- a -- aren't you know so -- which would you feel terrible that. Deborah just -- just say OK here with a gold and that's one thing but with a guy whose whose fumbling in the game. It in football Maine it's as are really good comparison because because Tim Thomas is -- That's one guy and that's giving up the score as opposed to. Just turning just giving it to the other teams turning it over given the ball the other team in -- with the running back you have of most teams. -- who don't have Adrian Peterson and -- game changing -- you know you got. Two with three guys lightly I don't think you're you're number one running back may not be that significantly better than your number -- learning center rotating summit you have to have but overall John. I think I would tend to agree I think you have to take him out of the game yesterday and I -- problems of the fact that input -- and he gave the first -- that that technically wasn't -- mobile -- was that fortunately they recovers okay we'll give you another one but don't happen again that. You can't allow yourself to fumble. Without being touched not pick the ball back up and expect to remain in the -- and I think every bring him back out there there let's it would he's got your hockey example as well with the goaltender. Even if it's a bad game. I think the coach does expect there are certain things you will give up they expect you to give up goals they prefer you not but they expect it to happen. Football coaches whether it's realistic -- -- they do not expect you to finally it's very realistic don't fumble before that day you know even just opt out of context here just stopped for no gain a good -- -- -- kept a -- Kevin -- says the -- had a fumble and promote early in his career I agree. And it turn around turn into one of the most trusted ball handlers in the game maybe have Ridley go talk to him I don't know -- something like that helps. But that's a grameen Kevin -- early in his career. My -- -- just called fumbles walk. He's addressing what you fumbled every time he touched the ball and I remember game with the Indianapolis for Belichick to seemed completely lose faith in somebody else was hurt and no I'm not giving him the ball on the way rather throw it. We give it to fall down near my own goal line and by the end. He never fumbled the ball became incredibly trustworthy there's still hope for Steven -- to turn that thing around and not be popular for the wrestlers -- clear -- police have got to get it under control -- consider him in -- yet. But he has two fumbles in the first game and here is definitely dressing the world right now Chris is in New Hampshire actress. Seles doesn't go on a cruise definitely learned a far more uniform. K Michael on this. Yes let's not yet microscopic. Press Secretary there aren't generally I don't know he's -- great you sound great don't worry about ice out of radio -- radio down. And let's just have a conversation. You -- me turn radioed opera. Karzai's sorry about that that was just a little bit distracted. -- You sound Michael a little more moderate vineyard and when you talk about and then bola. Today vs when we last spoke on Friday. -- I still think you're playing devil's advocate. No I'd rather have Wes Welker dynamic Dolan there is no question. You ideally come. But can we compromise I think that found a spot where you and I can agree we can we can live in harmony on this for us in the on the big chalkboard they give themselves -- Manning to Welker chalk up one. Brady and the -- -- chalk up one that's all we know it will go forward from do we agree on that. That's the compromise. Where's the compromise there so they that their one and out that it. It borrowed from an excuse me you were told me that it it was out of the realm of possibility. We're which was challenged in that Welker -- -- to -- and a look at live up to Walker's numbers are on greedy and exit. -- Yeah out get probably did say -- I got to promised equipment and I don't think that I am an analyst on -- level par. Not after we go after one week he has. And that's just one week that one of sixteen yeah after when -- -- after one week he's on his level. -- make the game notes -- -- in the game -- had ten -- he had more receptions and Welker did he had more yardage than -- -- higher per catch average and Welker -- he had -- third down conversions -- Welker did he had everything except for the two touchdowns although I'm saying Welker gave one of those touchdowns back we have got to play -- -- on -- -- -- -- game on Thursday again. I said to one of as some literature out of through one of checks come on out there are 116. As part of he matched if not exceeded what Wes Welker did in the first week of the season that's one of sixteen. We'll see what happens on Thursday and Sunday but the one of sixteen he was right there with -- if not better are are are you bonus that I. The one of sixteen he was better if you are you willing to say it now you're not now what does he need to know. What -- Wes -- to comic view where the Welker score. I give him credit for one touchdown he scores Georgia and won back. Off topic these court to act and he gave one he fumbled inside his own five. He scored two we gave one back letting it linger for one -- articles and it was not a club and now they wanna going away you know Danny Amendola did. I'm full on third downs -- the guys were clearly at him he came up he and it was unbelievable -- -- have him praise for that given credit for having a better game and your boy Vinnie Jones for Ivan. They got -- don't make. Though that guy you called about five minutes ago talking about relief get back and get competent but I couldn't disagree possibly more. If all the couples are black elite all the bubble aren't appreciated it's at ample opportunity and I hope they get -- -- issue I think -- really get. What techniques. You barber had a boy this would you wouldn't believe and you know we put up -- I'll -- -- numbers when he finally got it together no doubt at all. You feel that's all the running back coach this. Or an occasional or was it's funny you mention Tiki Barber you know the guy who helped -- Coughlin. Coughlin he wasn't crazy about Coughlin that Coughlin. Showed him how to how to cure -- football. And it was not a problem it was not a problem at toward the end of Barber's career in and the caller is right for a -- of some incredible seasons with the giants. -- try to right at the moment where you left. -- just send them to to Pittsburgh to talk to Mike Tomlin. That I was gonna try to fix a bomb went from a ten to talk to Mike Tomlin because I thought he learned valuable lesson in the program Marie had to carry the ball the exact right way and not getting knocked out during class or anything like that if Mike Tomlin couldn't teach him that. But nobody can -- -- they really do look they look identical. I mean there's something going on that I had never seen two people not look more alike and are not like we're not about cousins rub rub though they look like the same human being -- -- it was truly unable. Face the eyes but cut. It is it is and it got that crazy I -- assembly how much they look like all right I'm -- or call six or 777 on seven and 837. Also -- the question any question you got only answered 37937. Salt now WE.

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