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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - 09/09/13

Sep 9, 2013|

Four guys, four topics to tackle that we haven't yet touched upon. Eminem in the college football booth, Ray Lewis on crime, Anquan Boldin and MORE!

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Now word excel and -- score. All right roller board or the four. Fun cleaning. -- -- Well we solved it finally -- on Sports Radio OW DE. Eminem appeared regret must murder and Kirk herb street and ESPN and closed just very very strange. So we're set to break her movement who was helping reduce that with you. March when -- within and outside of lassie. Lassie freaks me out a little bit now. The celebrities and broadcast Booth is not something new but it is almost always terrible. Sort celebrity parents in a broadcast Booth has been the worse there. Seemed friendly first rap song to win an Academy Award of the original story you sold a hundred million records worldwide you my friend on the flight back. Now I'm really comfortable right. -- don't think it was on a strange race basically what it will what do you have to say you're great. -- must Berger was not my job. Its a little bit too much. I'm uncomfortable with that let anyone western. Remember vacant look on its -- is not what I really started in particular that I really wouldn't. That was tilted sideways I don't know. Whose playing you know. My dog when he's confuse us -- of -- -- you probably cut. Ultimately. It. -- -- He smoked something anyway how to what was strange news in terms of celebrity appearances in -- in 2007. Patriots on the historic run in they had a game in Baltimore and that they probably should've lost the Rex Ryan called a timeout. On fourth down that would have stopped the patriots. Well in the broadcast Booth and I was Don Shula. And Don Shula and Tony Kornheiser were doing was dominant before that time. Don Shula was -- And after 72 dolphins -- or. Openly -- should be I get the it was strange though I think that was a really strange celebrity. Not many stand out to me think of that many EU member Sarah Silverman during the world. To open. Making repeat jokes that you'll all over that -- -- -- what was -- with you Celsius the world answers. The World Series which was -- can talk about. She was talking about people being high. And yet. Now and he said no kept saying no it a couple of suggestions here Tom Arnold. Your own name and in the blue and the news is doing an interview witnesses as -- those -- that's if that's not quite in the -- -- Go to Beverly I don't care about the quarterbacks. Girardeau in. But. I couldn't care less about the team struggling throughout. And creep me. -- And grumbled that a spectacular game yesterday in his debut for the 49ers collusion. The ravens traded both into the 49ers for six round draft pick could this turn out to be the most lopsided trade in NFL history no -- the answered this question will. Always I'll be forever I think you Herschel Walker 1989. And number are you another summit ever ever ever going to change. Outrage you you set up the Dallas Cowboys but you'll you'll forever separate. Just a rumor running back you were able to bankroll a dynasty got I think they got six role players. Or maybe it was six draft picks in five role players return Herschel Walker. And I five of those guys before five of those guys were a multiple pro bowlers mean it's not. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There and make those eight winning. They were able. To put it nicely and Emmitt Smith it's still a pretty good. -- I would just answer that we just to get more in the enter in -- -- the idea that they can Wafer sticks around it was a lot man I wish that we was just. Doing out registry it was great we're here for the Cisco. I think before they made any deals. I think we have fourteen or fifteen drastic. Going into the April draft. You won what four -- dissect this. OK you know that -- from and I guess we'll give away some more projects Seattle with him for Cisco grudge match Sunday -- -- San Francisco looking good listeners is that games and Americans -- have been here. Ewing having received a beacon. Did you not talk about -- and its -- -- and he screw them. Early interest in Phoenix last night was great really interesting entertaining family didn't let their -- it's just pure lies at the beginning of the broadcast last night did you watch that interview Bob Costas -- did you he said about. -- liking punk rock. It was really into punk rock like Twisted Sister and -- -- what are you talking about. Personally -- let those things are punk rock where -- hill that's what you -- seems the thing. Twisted Sister and -- more punk rock thesis here. Are metal more medal mean. Snyder. This new new more. About that any -- I got producers. That's why he immediately said oh Dee -- it seemed like he -- Twisted Sister and you think Bob Costas those Twisted Sister. But he does a bitch about Kostis could name three twisted sisters that you can a particularly. Nobody can only. -- -- Cordero Patterson of the vikings. Made an enemy with a viking legend though. Randy Moss made some comments about Paterson wearing number 84 quote. First of all that's disrespectful to give my number to a rookie. I don't really believe in numbers but I think from a professional standpoint I didn't make that number for them yeah. Yeah. Non Null or not I don't know exactly now -- to hamas' stance. First of all young and you -- a very conservative. Quarter of Patterson got to say his name ways it should be pronounced its cord or -- is Korda rail -- and court derail fused -- mentality. I'm not. I've kind of making fun of the name quarter rail. -- somebody mocking me right now. I loved the fact that Randy Moss thinks this way. More entertaining any. Randy Moss ran it -- only a Randy Moss press conference a Randy Moss view of the world. Hearing Randy maus his take on things and this is -- you know supporting this is a lot. So I'm glad it Randy Moss still looks at the vikings looked at number 84 and says. Even though. I was disrespectful of the vikings a couple of times in -- -- him out and play what I wanna play then shot myself out of town the last time I went there. They should have respect for me it never give up my numbers. Tour rookie. Model it does take a certain I'm Barbara that ran -- with actual Olympic. I mean. No they're not going to keep 84 for you forever they're probably not gonna retire for you. Part of having your number retired is being below your -- -- be on good terms of that organization they wanna help you out. Right I mean really 84 Minnesota Vikings. Don't you think -- hawkish enough -- Randy Moss. Ready on Lil but now be thinking of -- rail pats corner rarely get didactic given enough. -- -- did I get an a for effort English on the on the rail. And let -- retire 21 from -- on. AT&T question yesterday and today have to think so yes and I really think the -- when they unofficially got it already they should given way to some chump. -- -- -- -- It's pretty content. I don't Biomet and everything but -- -- citizenship and speaking of chumps and excuse is that coming from the person losing -- means to deliver a lot of -- -- -- a familiar -- -- -- and so we -- -- on -- -- -- -- we have a lot of guys -- tonight. Has the authority to help us a lot. Some potential points or do we get when we need -- -- hundred points without any candidate but they need to be -- how has our team we so I wound up throwing him tell one week. Thank you draft that was the worst running back ever so what 116. Of the season means nothing to have you seen -- -- so. So we're going to be just fine what is your read -- to CJ Spiller ran sick thinks quite -- -- different things. The other got a -- employees. The other guys some kind Denver save money at all signals that expensive -- Ray Lewis made his first appearance on ESPN Sunday countdown yesterday during the broadcast for -- Chris Carter -- the Aaron Hernandez situation in -- -- -- his insight. We have to do this -- for an of the National Football League. Our numbers are very small when it comes with the pain in the -- happens and every day America. And that the numbers of what app police get in trouble not Tom McCormack who want your points. New England had to -- something -- like 31 other teams had to know something about Aaron Hernandez and I'm and that's your -- now it's up to you to say you know what I'm still gonna try that. Your home of her. So what are your thoughts armory lewis' comments about Hernandez well if taken out of context if you just say New England had to know something they sound really bad. But when you listen the whole thing if -- is New England had to know something just like the other 31 teams. Had to know something is absolutely right that's why Hernandez fell to the fourth round it's not exactly earth shattering information by. It's interesting coming from Ray Lewis of all people the guy who. For better or worse has been most often compared to Hernandez because some of the things he was allegedly involved with early in his career. It goes on during that interview talks what Shannon sharp pull him aside and asking him to to really change who we used to hanging out way it's been. Shannon -- seems like the kind of guy like him or -- him who's able to do that I don't know if there's anybody on the New England team who should have done that. Who was able to do that who knew enough about the situation to do that. But it's uninteresting question. -- on there may like it if you're talking about the patriots should they have known about what he did at Florida of course they should have known in the in the did know. You don't see a guy that talented. -- to the fourth round unless something is wrong it's either. Something with his character or medically you know you don't think he's going to be able to play for a year or he's got some chronic injury so -- I don't think that's beyond I don't think that even debatable. But for Ray Lewis it seems like. He is it's a missed opportunity for him. And maybe didn't see the irony. Of what he was saying and the crap happens every day America from that. Well what he should've said it was okay what he couldn't. Is. Our. The patriots knew something about hearing her name. And I look at my own situation. Where I was a good guy. But if you're looking from the outside. Look. I was hanging around the wrong guys I got myself into trouble and fortunately. I was able to you know get out of this situation and me. It was a little too much preaching in the autumn of introspection what you're -- what. Asking you get a little people think I had I wanna hear bring your personal account -- hear your take I don't necessarily what you can regurgitate. You know what's been said multiple times from. Talking Heads and former players who have a bit of trouble like you -- you actually what's it like. What's it like he's talked to support what might be behind bars now what's it like to be accused rethink your life is over your career is over what you think he's going through right now. Lewis is. Very qualified more qualified the most talked about that while he decide to go to different director with a but I don't know if what he said it. Was necessarily as explosive as it being an -- it for four and thank you. -- that contact. With all of that yesterday -- -- -- some do and all that stuff anyway. -- industry anybody. I didn't realize what this thing to Madonna wanna go that far. If you say are doing making a big statement -- -- NFL analyst wore a reporter anybody else you say. The patriots had to know something. And then when you press people when they say they had to know something so what are you saying he's saying. The patriots had to know that they had a murder on their hands on and on amassing net. I'm just saying they should've known that he had some issues of Florida -- of course is everybody saying they couldn't have known what he did Florida. Is anybody saying that could have known about you know failed drug test are -- think that's. It's almost like wasted it's wasted breath of course not you wanna go to the next level now we have a conversation I was able -- -- as it's available now. Tom Jackson. Almost went there he says the patriots had to know that Eric Hernandez was on his way to incarceration. Not thought about that there's a fair statement to -- actually it is. Because -- crack their -- around shooting people. Yes. You are on your way to being incarcerated. If they fight you. And there is justice in the United States of America yes you'll be incarcerate pay. Andy for all the grief you're given that I just wondered tomorrow night -- -- the Novartis. In the Promos earlier tomorrow night. We are kicking off Bruins coverage here in WEEI with a midnight madness shell. Ahead of Wednesday's opening of training camp -- commonly. Yeah midnight show PJ dean and outperforming Obama with me. Three of -- I don't. -- -- -- -- -- Yes -- Mr. Spock. As you can sometimes used as mr. Obama -- and around the common and tomorrow night at midnight. And now we're gonna do acquit an hour long midnight matinee show just preview in the bruins' season get excited for training camp which opens on Wednesday morning. And DJ is going to be with me along with now on what I wouldn't bring them into my joke. Were coming in I would not normally would but this is I would look I I would bring DJ and I would feel we're bringing out -- would be pretty loaded to bring now go into the jail -- not a -- commitment to doing midnight madness show talking Bruins tomorrow night. Get ready for training camp which starts on Wednesday. And I figure into your coming in to help -- -- with it's it's. I -- -- show units since I'm going to be here I figured you would be you can use today's Thursday -- post game after the patriots games. No I mean no one to mark coming -- amid series. They're really good idea. Node -- that would. Not go that that coming back and with a little punters up. That's a good idea whose was it wasn't with Obama now I don't know I don't it was a -- that's a great idea what I was asked yesterday if I wanted to be a part of that of course yes I absolutely want to be part of it. So I I will be will be there tomorrow night at midnight along with DJ and now they had already committed. And I said yeah I mean I think I hiked up. Midnight madness that he hyped up. -- -- about those -- curious as to how that -- that's a little past my bedtime is about men. So you guys that you -- look -- like around 121230. The question is slow for Mike Napoli has at times a completely screw up the whole night if you Knapp head of something like -- is coming tired that's what I figured. I wanna sit and wonder what times reports -- -- -- Twelve votes that he's not included twelve and why isn't included. Now maybe maybe we'll ask don't fake you know what sport improved their surprises on things like -- you never know who -- calling you never know might be aghast you'd never know what conversations may come out of it I know the very first thing I want to talk about. -- you know start right at 12 o'clock tomorrow night -- on talk about -- do what. To correct now. Oklahoma man. Okay Al Gore wanna talk about -- I really didn't. Playing the point on the power plant let's go I don't know I wanna see a little less -- on the power play to make it -- lots more easily -- -- -- even make are you kidding me he's gonna be a top pairing defensemen and alleviate the team without an exaggeration we'll talk about tomorrow night. At midnight come join has been a lot of fun Bruins that kick off special midnight madness event tomorrow night Tuesday night at midnight Vince Wilfork joins us next salt and -- W --

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