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Are you an Amendola guy? Or a Welker guy? One week in and the debate is on!

Sep 9, 2013|

We discuss the production of Danny Amendola on Sunday, as well as his injury. We're finding people are falling into one camp or the other... Pro-Welker, or Pro-Amendola... no grey areas here.

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You wanna talk LaDainian until we can that if you don't wanna talk about a month I absolutely wanted to -- Danny Amendola because he was one of the keys to the game -- and he -- if I were you. I Witten gloat about Danny Amendola because it's we saw. The entire Danny Amendola profile. And one in 160 minute game yesterday -- one -- the thought that I would do. Low -- -- 0:1 AM strike you as a -- yes on one hand. He had goes great catches and they were great they were really tough catches. When the patriots absolutely needed to have him in that final drive in the fourth quarter they came up big with some with some -- does that a lot of receivers can't make. Yet the other part of the Danny -- story is we don't know he's got to play on Thursday because of the injuries you don't know what you gotta get out of him. From game to game and you don't even know he's gonna be available in game two. That's part of I think the problem your hat and a and I wanna help are brought I think I think -- I think I'm gonna help him. I'm telling you what god loves her. Given your natural wanna help you -- you -- about -- -- -- LP I feel that I want to help you. Are believing the Danny Amendola now. The narrative on Danny Amendola says that the guys always hurt and injury promised not often all the rest not enough. Isn't actually that that's the -- -- anything about their that he had two injuries in his career and right now we struggled a little bit of a groin -- that he was able to play through as a legal earlier for don't have that -- was somebody else and it's going with the injury report. That you just mentioned. Don't narrative on the report on narrative is this idea that that the Iranian -- story that he always hurt that he's never in there it's -- it's why does that why haven't figured -- aren't there where you can. I didn't say why he's hurt or he could have avoided injury or he's not -- -- this I don't clinic and really. Calling somebody up for their for their lack of toughness a professional football players seems kinda silly. Coming from talk show host. Who have never played games so. I'm not going. But the practice. He has been injured. Quite a bit. Over the last two or three years he has this game and donating it to -- yet but we have complained. So that's part of that's part of the story. Even when we're -- swear at me his old. All declaration. On Friday that he would lead their league in reaction not knowing that you do any damage to all its super -- did say that he's a superstar. Did nothing in the game if he can dissuade me from -- -- you can get a healthy he will lead the league. In receptions. What a great second -- he played -- Just thought from. If he's healthy. So that's why is that if he's. So I mean that's that's part I think what was so great is that he wasn't healthy -- -- -- all of those things he wasn't healthy he came into the game not a 100% healthy obviously it got worse at some point during the game he -- at the end of the second quarter he went back -- the dressing room he came back the -- he came back a little bit late missed the first defense of series and the first offensive play of the second half. And then after that was fantastic down the stretch. -- third down balls converting 73 down conversions in the game 91 down 204. Yards at ten point four yards per catch average which by the way was three yards better than Wes Welker and on Thursday night I object out -- Stop I'll bet that's one of the things you literate and employers and they didn't catch the ball -- and and go. No jewel are right now after one game he's better than last well don't they are less welcome was better than anyone had any well. Play soccer has but he played in the league big east both of these guys have played in the league so right now what do you think Wes Welker is overrated and not. Based on their production in the NFL. You'd have to stay after 56. Years that. Look at the body of work of Wes Welker is much more impressive body of work Danny Amendola course of course the body of work with with Wes Welker has been with Tom Brady in this -- in duke playing a lot of things will play Tom Brady. And and and are not absolutely and I visited her out saying. All of man I've I'm so great because Tom Brady got some some average even a decent players play Brady. And into with a counselor and and again I don't wanna take away from what he did here. He did a good job tried to write about today WEEI dot com didn't rip Wes Welker first time he was a good player great it would Brady was that the caller said the other day. All he did what he was trying to -- -- in relief worker and mostly all it is about -- third after all it did when it was being in the right -- rhetoric yeah right well it was a on the right runs right routes -- and -- probably exactly the place that Tom Brady wanted to go -- Italy did do all those things. While it was here I thought what was great is that the Iranian mental that all the yesterday edit and did them all despite having little bit of an injury and right on track to lead the league and he's second in the league as of today in receptions -- person -- Moore was name on Bolton who was just Mendes. Yesterday and his San Francisco debut he was -- -- -- football yesterday it was crazy watched. But I don't know that. And receptions hasn't tied for second in the league is 91 downs first in the league. Seven of them as I said came on third down and four of them at the very end including the two great plays. Odds for first downs on the final drive when his team absolutely needed them and and without taking cheap shots that Welker. That's the one thing if you're looking at any negative from Wes Welker is courier New England it's the one or two big drops in huge spots recent dot he'd just come up with OK you're sure but let's go nowhere nearly as it got out -- there. And yesterday and Wes Welker had many catches like Danny Amendola had -- mini games like Danny Amendola had yesterday. So that the that's what makes -- so memorable. With Wes Welker dropping the balls in the in the suit dropping that ball in the Super Bowl is because. We've gotten so we used to him. Coming up with everything right the fact that he would drop. But given have been Ochocinco and a situation. We would have said. OK if figures -- I think that's that's just what he does. You know in in that same game you know Deion Branch has some drops and Aaron Hernandez had some drops. But for Welker to have these drop the guy that this security blanket bird Tom Brady. To come up short in that situation which shocking. Props to Danny Amendola yesterday they don't win the game without him they don't win the game without some really clutch plays by the defense. And they got some help to -- Princeton. A buffalo man and -- we get you guys involved -- 6177797937. Your reaction. If you wanna get on Michael for his position on Danny -- that's fine with -- -- -- -- god he's ready for you I was certainly -- we brought -- when he exited the game in the second -- -- one of sixteen I was gonna do that it's it's a one season and -- -- those are free are you ready for the people. The tweets that came at me mid game saying he was softer than poppy bleak. Not -- either. That was that was I think the highlight of the tweets they came out to be right about what was it about 145. Verse though. -- yesterday afternoon softer than puppy -- Was the best -- I think that I got you should hurt. I don't Tom current sort of wrote about and and and listed in his current in his -- some of the nasty things people wrote to him right now about -- Amendola. When he went out of the game for little bit and people just. Fish is to say about -- but also vicious and reactionary and even one -- -- with Twitter Twitter brings that out of it does get it to distant and it's an anonymous dissuade you you don't. You have no idea. What's gonna have to -- and again first quarter second quarter just jump on all over. Danny Amendola or anybody else sort of -- -- the patriots lose this game buffalo was off to buffalo and this is awful and you know they're going to be six in ten this year. On this condom. But that they let the whole thing play out. People were out people were unbelievable and I think he's were without -- was right on with his columns and that there is a segment of the population. That wants him to fail. They want to prove that Danny Amendola is fragile or not off. The narrative and they want to prove that the patriots screwed up because they're almost more -- to Wes Welker than they are to the patriots and they're upset that Belichick made this huge mistake and they want. They want Belichick to be wrong even though they are -- treat fans because I don't I don't caught up. I think he's always -- other Arabic or something amid a group not everybody there's a group and I wonder if the majority. Feel the way -- And image and this is does not feel about. West that Wes Welker situation. I would rather just very simply no hate on gallium and bill in for the record. -- -- on him. But I would rather have. Wes Welker. -- Danny Amendola this year. Next year and the year after Heidi you know what you gotta take state and he got to the got to get off that fence. So too -- no -- Danny Amendola is going to be at the age of thirty he'll know what Wes Welker is going to be at the age of 35. I don't. But based on what I've seen from both guys I would rather have Wes Welker and mean. That I want you know Bill Belichick to be wrong bill Belichick's -- patriots upper. -- so I can be right -- is it -- your preferences would you rather have this guy or that. But of course the preferences -- -- in the fact that you only know one of the two guys well because you -- Welker over the last few years and -- dole even -- he's been in the league for four years is a bit of an unknown quantity and the moment a couple of people who -- -- throughout this narrative of always always hurt either he's not tough or he's injury -- whichever way you want to look at it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They saw you watching has anyone seen Ellsbury and Amendola at the same time solve this -- bleak it's not as drawing he was growing a pair of come -- for good team and he got scared I mean this is what happened. Instantly as soon as he exited the game. All houses I don't think anybody now. Even for casual but very very casual fans of NFL -- anybody's an unknown. A -- in my -- and and if you have if you've got fifty. You've had fifty more characters in the season. How would anybody footballs and -- just because of of where we are now in the. Don't mean apparently you've never seen the guy -- -- -- -- ultimately you know we is there's a huge difference between knowing little guy is because you've seen my fantasy team were seen -- stats. And watching him play every week that's when you re a mean look that's when you get a real appreciation. For poor play areas I mean it's why the local guys tend to know their teams better. That even the national guy perhaps the time to those national guys know who they are they watch a little bit check a little film with the exception of the a couple of guys who really spend we're gonna have jaws of a couple times this year and he rarely spends the time on the film etc. For the most part you're you're -- based on the highlights and on based on what you see a little bit. Flipping through the red zone but when you watch somebody every single game get a sense as to what the pluses were what the negatives for instance. If you just looked at the numbers. You would think that camera pumpkins was OK yesterday Ryder -- a couple of balls for an undrafted rookie that was pretty good at. On the on -- if you watched. Hill what was with that guy yesterday every time an eight there was in this connection between him Brady he's looking back to Brady like Thomas the wanna screw it up it's like him and the other guys all -- quarterback you're undrafted well. And -- well name it now in all fairness and he's up I don't wanna put Danny Amendola and today yes. Or or or right here put him in Foxboro with the red jacket on the paper -- -- -- -- -- -- a couple of games there -- a couple of times yesterday. What am until it was sitting down next to Brady and Brady had to tell him -- -- no couple here come over here so I think. All of the all the patriots receivers whether it was Boyce would like he ran the wrong route -- -- you know when -- him he was in briefly lose Tompkins a couple of times already in the wrong route. -- -- -- You can talk about the injury all you want. I think they were unhappy with -- On the interception that went to Brady but with this ball. And Amendola two guys on offense I feel like. They probably can't play any -- game offensively. And they came out with the -- Brady and got huge mistake and I can't put all the mistakes we have even gotten of the Ridley fumbles which now become an even bigger deal with -- and missed a few weeks of his broken wrist injury. But even Brady had a bad fumble if are the -- now. Very open I don't know ever seen him do that are not there you situation out here the government that is that is the Tom Brady bread and water to see him do that there was incredibly surprising fortunately for them. Buffalo eight isn't that good and be made eight honed a ton of dumb mistakes. Ten penalties for 75 yards and -- negated a bunch of big plays Stevie the mouth Johnson after catching a beautiful touchdown pass from Manuel who by the way. I thought was pretty impressive for who was a post. About a liquid which a lot of a buffalo quarterbacks. Erratic buffalo quarterbacks forum. Fitz Patrick to a loss meant to look at times drew blood trail edwards' wish you a lot of these guys come through here. And game one I don't know what he's got to become I don't know what he's gonna grow up to -- in game one pretty component absolutely and the numbers don't fully grown in numbers don't tell the story. Every time if -- nice. Classic on the gated with a legal hands the face and I'm so stupid thing is offensive line did. I thought he was pretty damn good and I was negative on on the on him heading in I thought Manuel was good but of course Stevie Johnson drops another first down conversion on our third down play just -- just play it it -- in -- -- them from burning some clock but it didn't result in points I thought it would when he dropped to music you can read manuals that Stevie. Come on your money -- when you're the guy who's -- in the way he does got to produce. Can't drop an easy ball in your hands like that 617. 7797937. Get your calls all throughout the day Bill Belichick to join us in about an hour invincible for closer to 4 o'clock Tonys and Melrose the get a start today I don't. They are you doing. You guys -- not. It on the big big big obviously. -- well for example it is everything. That -- went -- local news in the festivities that again keep it healthy we noting that we thought about welcome and I look well. -- has better hands I don't know will mostly out of his hands are meant. By after a ball but they told me. -- football man coming -- a lot of guys were faster and Welker guys are bigger stronger and Welker. That would let them go into game four point play football greatness about the vegetables. But -- is that during the -- -- be struck me about the game yet there are so pre season game and I was greatly my friend -- couldn't. In the a couple of the other guys receivers. Then there was like they were playing against. They were in high school something it there was no separation what -- and you but he. If you look at that let me in game. He -- separation -- -- unbelievable. I don't know what happened whom you speak. Into their. Season started and that's what happened. -- start to wonder whether or not it was that whether or not he just didn't have his good -- -- -- to the offense and knowing exactly where needed to be and when you don't know exactly where you need to be than you got a slowdown -- thinking about it instead of just concentrating but you don't mean you're you're trying to remember OK what do I do in this spot what do I do here what do I do here as was just going out doing it be able to play full speed. He he he looked he took a step back. There's no doubt if you were watching Tompkins compare to the guy that you had seen in practice in in pre season games you look like anything close to the same player. I enter -- and I'm innocent not even. Being sarcastic. Even seen anything like this in a pre season and they're not really gain planning and -- are game planning and are showing you everything that they have any team so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know escaped the -- with just able to do some breaks up the line and escape the jam easily. And as -- -- -- we'll watch office. He said he's he's leaving himself while he's leaving his body opened on the jeans and an experienced quarterback. Would just put a hand to right to its chest and throw -- Guys were really doing that the pre season. A couple times yesterday and they were they words there was different looks and he's on a pre season and different techniques so I think. It's they got they got the schedule from the gods. With no due respect to buffalo in note due respect to that yet. They got -- the schedule. They have is made fourteen that is still in transition on offense and they're not gonna face real challenge team wise. Until week. Four when they go to Atlanta. So -- played poorly yesterday Tampa to skate camp right off you're used to be week three when they -- ten got and then -- -- -- they did the planets that I would -- dreadful they got just -- gone till yesterday. Jets on Thursday off Thursday's unbelievable. Yet ten days. And he got the Buccaneers and then finally go to Atlanta. For -- and -- football team if they we're going on the road to play the jets I would have a little bit more fears that game only because. I as I told you -- like you know Smith a little bit I think he's one of those guys who can run around make some plays and surprise you -- -- you know China. Kind of comes up quaking and not entirely sure what he's going to be and who he's gonna who's gonna throw to when he's gonna run when he's gonna take off what that speed looks like in person and then all of sudden he surprises you with a quick we will trap game type thing. Com so if that was on the road. I think I might have a little bit more worry but the rookie quarterback going on the road. First game in New England trying to deal with a -- I don't know I just it's really it's hard to really put it on into the jets heading into Thursday six point 777979837. Under react to from yesterday's game the patriots win I know there -- those who were unimpressed. Because it was a he squeaked out win in buffalo. I don't know why I thought they did what they needed to do in a year where it's gonna take some time especially for their offense to become what it's gonna become. I thought it's a pretty good win anyway you can get it on the road even if you -- come back late that being said that it wasn't him -- but there was one other little injury thing. They came out of this game that I thought was incredibly surprising and maybe even a little bit concerning its mining machinery and play but that is next -- -- volley -- or your calls for a Foxboro patriots Monday here and W media. Bring it -- I like karate kids on in there you're the Brett you're the best around you don't hear enough of that. Michael how much are not I'm not speechless I'm just thinking. About Julian settlement that you don't song now in the acts of torture to he had -- I was one of the I think you're I don't know if you -- this or -- introduced it. On Friday one of the haters that we had because of course -- west haters and and mentally users. Not much in between so one of the west haters talking about. In all the catches that he had how many times we have doubled its touchdown. -- zero -- career -- nine. Well you know. If you wanna go along that if you go along that path. Julian and as the guy who. Had touched down you know element I touchdowns or not some in the development touched your house and you don't I don't think -- -- Team touchdowns are huge. And cultural touchdown to that important it's not that important to me I sound on the board individually. -- team their enormously important score touchdowns not field goals for a person. Whether the touchdown is drawn up to go to one guy or another that really make that big difference to me although I will say it sure looked as if they -- gronkowski down near the goal line to have that real big presence somebody who could you know just throw a defense to back out of the way clear some space for himself. And be open down you know I certainly not just that -- different guys have different jobs you know why some individuals. Just read a couple of touchdowns they're always open and then again like Jerry Rice with a lot of touchdowns by Jim Brown did to Walter Payton didn't. Emmitt Smith. They matter. There they are extremely important obviously for the team but. Individuals who. Get a lot of them are special and I guess to me that's no more importantly -- -- were three huge balls on third down -- protesters -- -- -- enjoyed enormously important -- -- your team is behind economic development has heard every time I'll take those third down half catches across the middle that Danny -- made yesterday 617779. 7937. -- to Kevin. Up the corridors. Just wondering -- he received being hours. No pressure on the quarterback -- and also -- -- fined a awfully adamant that you organized noticed -- -- we try to -- it. That is that where you -- little. Pop culture and the way he -- really didn't catch but what is it. Or just what that puts it into his. Puts into his body first do -- -- in various channels it controls -- Yes -- -- so many great catches but don't -- back it will because of the -- tried to get it out of wondering of that because he's not a natural wide receiver. And wouldn't hurt either being the person that's you know putting special election peaceful little and they can't go. While I was gonna say the guy who -- the obvious guys' skins are Curtis will be Chandler Jones. And then. You also have to look at even though he's not your your prototypical pass rusher. Not as fast as some guy's got a -- some -- coming Ninkovich yesterday. You know comes in a recovers a fumble. Comes up and in a big situation but. If I had to focus on Noah on -- on Gordon has guys and I think they both played every snap a -- Jones and think of that you guys who you're expecting coming off the edge I was expecting and hoping for little more from Tommy Kelly. He was running that play too -- to equal it. But but he didn't he wasn't all over the place I was expect that more of a pass rush from him expecting a little bit more disruption I guess it's not gonna. Like I gotta say with what the patriots defense and I felt like I didn't know what look like there -- a -- like in the first few weeks of the season. But the offense would have to lean on the defense a little more. To get things done form and that's essentially what happened yesterday. We have a problem with the what the defense suggested there was some confusion. And the pictures whenever Telus has Bill Belichick today he won't tell but there was some confusion on that on the touchdown. Where to leave is looking back for percent to help but if you if you look at the play. I'm always looking for I -- Steve -- Gregory on the play Gregory appeared to be on a Chandler. So. It can be looking for Gregory I mean he's he's got responsibility. Right down the -- if you leave that guy. And you help ought to leave then got a pass right on the same that it does not touchdown it's a huge gains on the middle no. What happened there but there was there -- many of those breakdowns by the well professor at -- because they are. They were missing their guy in the middle for quite quite awhile that -- Brandon Spikes -- that. I don't look I don't know exactly what was wrong and dehydration is is what was listed -- maybe that means he came into the game with the flu and he was battling through the flu the entire time so I don't I don't wanna judging god but I will say. It's about look after after not being around the team in the offseason the way he wasn't working out at home not being around to it to work out with them and then leaving in the first second quarter due to due to. Dehydration. Not a good look what that's. Only that's only if you believe what -- tell you. I don't believe efforts you don't believe the golf course not. -- all the great -- so much they lie so much constantly but I do I and then they tied him with something that made him look bad luck with impunity OK okay then why are -- -- They made him look bad -- it because if you if you don't wanna make the look at him look bad he's out for a little bit you say that he hit his head that you say that he had a little week of his groin or is laggards hamstring or sports. Or shoulder or something other than dehydration because the moment. You tell the world that he's out dehydration. Everybody thinks why would you possibly be dehydrated. In the first quarter of the game hey wait a minute. Weren't sure not around the team in the off season and maybe that's a lesson to him maybe they're getting him back for that I don't know all but but if that's -- if it wasn't dehydration they chose the one thing that makes him look the worst. Well I recommend -- dehydrated you know buffalo in September we'll -- always -- and hot I mean it's really one of the hottest places in the United States America. It's happened to a lot of people -- bizarre right I mean so if it wasn't dehydration. You would agree that at that point they're making them look bad so I wonder why wonder and and of course and but the fact that. He wasn't around throughout the offseason they're just they're just trying to. Prevent real information. From from coming out I mean I I was entertain and no fault of your own Tracy Wolfson entertain by. The reported half and I talked to both coaches and Bill Belichick man of few words -- said. You know instead it was Danny Amendola come back Bill Belichick said I'm gonna do what's best for the team. And then something else that was like. Eight of. She might that I spoke to Bill Belichick -- anything like a cliche I want to laugh. At the Bill Belichick and he said no -- that six months I've been -- -- -- jive talk or dug around -- information face beacon which -- we play the whole lot with little Welker and and -- montage there. All the great things that he did. All of them -- his name pronounced correctly but like I did see this on Twitter was sent to me -- was a good idea that's all WEEI what will Mayor Menino called Danny Amendola. When he is eventually called upon to say something about. Roast beef and NBA I don't know if it'll be that necessarily but what will you say it. For Danny Mandel or heck if you wanna have some homeless how about the rest of the patriots receiving corps is camera Tompkins proved difficult. Four Greg Gumbel may be org and you're off one of the two maybe it would for the mayor's well. I got dobbs and you got boys to be a lot of options outside fell but that's got that's got -- written all over. As did those wider -- result there the year. They're almost beat him the Mendoza. Went truckload. -- go to theorize WEEI live app in the apple or android mobile device click the open Mike button. Bottom right corner and leave your message force in ten seconds or less we use it here on the show brought to -- AT&T the nation's fastest now the most reliable. Four GL TE network give us a give -- say Mayor Menino is some for the patriots receiving corps and I plenty of good will take us. On the home caught totally put them on them that you have an idea here is interest we have a twelve. Count on. Twelve candidates for mayor and the city of Boston. You Wendy and anyone that wants to separate him or herself from the field -- mangled leg at a at a closer job now certainly is not delusional and boats and hurting. Hasn't heard in the last year's cotton would get on that what are Mike Ross is their Mike Ross butcher the English language -- watch -- -- -- We are amazing so remarkable athletes. Become my action a moment. Maverick and I aren't. Never get -- that's my favorite forget all the names you can have all the names all trade all the names for ironic. I think he also likes dork in corinthians I don't know 6177797937. Just gonna thank you mr. mayor -- joke. Yes -- I'm doing fantastically well today. I -- that -- -- the court called back prior to seeing them -- them. I you're doggone well I played -- -- You were better than Wes well. -- oh loss story at bat and match. Gotcha question. Please do because today is that today you really want asked me this. That's right by the much like. I would go get cut bureaucracy that's a real sports. Amnesty and caught ten. Yeah. -- and but what use rabbit -- Indians oh the first quarter believe awards. Not just -- can -- tell -- Well it sort of stuck it -- -- -- -- part of it. What's the difference well below what mattered is what he did at the end of the game who cares about what happened in the second quarter. He was gone for a couple of plays in the second quarter that's your argument today joke not that -- -- 73 down conversions. Three in the final drive and set the pitcher it's up to win the game you care more about a guy leading in the second quarter. Yeah that guy we were talking about earlier you're the guy who would rather see Wes Welker be great and the patriots failed -- Danny Amendola even though your patriot fan more. -- you know. I don't want to work out and helped. Yeah sure another. Am of course I wanna see guys on other teams fail yes you're right if I want the patriots to win the Super Bowl yes I want the guy who used to be here it is now on another team. To fail yes absolutely. I want Peyton Manning to bail I want the jets to fail Sumi I wanna see the other teams out there failed you know I'm sorry would rather see the patriots. Going to be talking on the market right. Well I don't know you know. We went back Christian year last year. Late groups and while what you saw yesterday that they're gonna gonna play all sixteen. I said he will play games this year why I say that these tough if you don't think he's a tough -- come back there after -- is growing grass your board game with and get back in there on she got one point joke or one point about that -- well -- -- -- That's the only question about after yesterday you can't really. -- can't really quibble with -- what he did yesterday there were a couple of times and you know. He can join a class on this when all the receivers. In those offensive meetings gonna be called out for not knowing where to go at the right times a couple of got nowhere to go. Britney had a column over to the other side of the line come over here on the wrong side unless judgment -- standing Tompkins. Same thing with with senate failed even so. That's one thing you can folks but in terms of coming up but the catch -- -- it -- absolutely needed to be made a straight money when the game when the game is on the line. They and it was obvious that they were at first you thought OK and then go for touchdown here but it was obvious they are playing for the field goal. It was he that was huge drive was only 49 yard drive a lot of plays those little deceptive because the report those plays were just for position. -- just try to make sure that we have a good angle for discounts ski. You can argue with what he did when he was on the field but Turco is an issue. I don't know what a look at his toughness over his durability -- -- the guys off because I don't know when an NFL players getting hurt. I don't know what it's gonna happen I don't -- -- somebody's just gonna roll over someone's knee and he's just gonna end up being injured I don't know what you're -- well -- and you just you know you're -- get it wrong or roll over your ankle whatever it is and it I don't know what that can have a -- NFL player chemical I don't know what you're toughness is -- able to play through to the quote -- little Auburn quote grateful quote Greek philosophers. Well on this program. Give you -- quote. Just north and I hope it's from anywhere I hope it's from a grateful laws are -- this is from -- Is it for. -- I don't do not know the -- -- I don't which I've never heard of this velocity from our marches and you you may have heard it from John Rawls is -- from Robert knows you may have heard the philosopher is -- different Lawrence Taylor. I have no I don't caller. He is the philosopher when nobody knows Laura Taylor very well good moral philosopher king it's coming -- sultan Ali -- -- your calls Bill Belichick about 315 WB. He was you know he's battled a week to get out there and and you know we fought really hard to do it and -- You know got out there and and you know bothered about from the first half where he -- -- when he really you know fought hard. You know sure a lot of medical mental and physical toughness to get out there to you know playing the second half of what a great -- have to play you it's just awful. -- your philosopher Hoosier great philosopher king well one of the textures are -- Now so Kris wasn't so great he was great built at some level. A -- Texas got it right talented a 413 Springfield. Chicopee. It was. Bill Belichick. About every night -- got to work for Bobo gotta do you the only musicals. That's what it is so bill Belichick's and we like to say that dependability. Is more important than our ability so. You can go on and on about the toughness. Of Danny Amendola and anybody else not just picking on him. But at the guys are going to be out there the guy is not dependable. It's going to be very hard for the coaching staff to get on war with them and I know domestic and -- Dolan is in this category we have -- -- name. Yet we haven't mentioned it a lot. That's the Steven Ridley. -- that's always gonna say do it does that quote refer to health. Or does that bulk refer to knowing that you're going to do your job when you're out there -- about not being an up and down and look at what should it -- took it to me in the latter well if if if you tell if -- tele and the patriots coach coach. -- could rely on me for eight games. During a year to say okay how about the other eight games in the regular season so sure I'm having party being on the field. It is part of the job I mean that's part of what makes some players great. Where we kind of looking guys I only reason they wouldn't do this baseball time only reason. Yes for example has all these numbers can be played for a long time playing for a long time -- -- you're absolutely right what do you do now -- at the running back position to back to these calls here. In just a second but you know Ridley. -- embarrasses himself but certainly. Embarrasses himself in buffalo with a couple of fumbles the high profile fumbles and -- island ferry this early one name but the second almost so much worse and the first -- -- formal fund. That's when you're even touched. You you -- fumbled the ball when you're not -- maybe if you got the after -- thing where you like you get shot in the -- like I didn't have this wasn't fast and he just put that on the field the ball on the ground and lost the football in the middle of the drive and that was an atrocious -- sat down for the rest of the game which made perfect sense it was ironic to -- that happened in buffalo whenever I think of Belichick and what makes Belichick better than whoever happens to be the coach of the day for buffalo I think running -- I think buffalo saying. Yeah we're also when they don't want Smith were gonna go Travis Henry what is Travis Henry middle bit more ability. Then Antowain Smith for mark but a whole lot less dependable. The next want to fumble the ball all the time that's why and one of the many reasons the patriots were always better than the bills during that time period by he ironic that myself and -- buffalo found in her interest and commitment. -- -- -- Very dependable. You know where I'm not I'm dependable as a football player very dependable well. As a maker of BP's goal. Old Travis Henry and his annuals you are talking about. Travis Travis Henry -- Antonio Cromartie they can have a show we all have a skill Michael Australia's. Marksman is an arm starts at 77979. To 37 -- and over again. And other content to them. I just ate it got bill -- or fourth quarter when believed. God I don't -- trying to light run hurry up offense. -- -- -- trying to keep on video bitumen a kind of I don't. Like a cup -- -- -- jump up and got a lot of quick screen out then. It is -- wasn't working out especially if you actually talk back on the field in golf from the opportunities but he -- -- -- four. So surprising. And good point -- Talk about third downs and password when it comes down to four. A defense no do you not easy to do you do a good job of keeping the team from scoring obviously but the thing is. Sometimes on third down some of the game comes down third counting off the field third down just for the patriots they came when they needed to happen they get it. Or eleven I think -- three of eleven -- or 111 of the other bubble was in the war for their support for thirteen 31% for. The bills of the patriots 11 for morning. Hitting different 55% at 31% how many of those came in when they really matter at end of the bills went three and out three and out a couple of huge strides I. First of all. -- horrible decision making throwing the ball and I mean some really. Some really odd decision making on the buffalo sideline compounded by the bad penalties. But give the patriots credit they made plays -- they needed to they knock them off the field on third down and they did the exact opposite when they were on offense found a way to stay on the field with a few great passes from Brady to to M and a lot. And she chain brings Ron. -- fourteen yard runner so even though he's -- crap I think got a most of New England running backwards after they were already in field goal range like eight. I know you might have more yards but just from forwards don't don't give them a chance to tackle you back outside of field goal range but millions of make -- work. And you you mentioned around I mean there's a big difference between having. Having big balls and being reckless -- -- -- he was reckless reckless from the start. When he challenges. That the first fumble by by Ridley. Think there's no. You don't have a you certainly didn't have a good look at that. Net and overturn a play like that it was like. It was so hazy. Doing you know there was no upside to -- pictures of recovered. A fumble at the door they call a timeout. Wasn't his worst decision of the day because the way he handled the last few minutes ended up being even worse Steve's a Waltham high state. -- very delicate and or. Has it really got it because. Good bit of the court jury ought to it but I was really. But I would chipped it this year so I get them do that you or that we're not be -- -- -- -- getting out and -- and I like the lower back injury it. It's not all out brawl right. Open and added that it be a lot. You begin. -- when he was out -- he was you really. So exit -- -- get a lot of the patriot fan look at them. As I possibly up to welcome back a -- Well I think he's gonna absolutely play that level and maybe even exceeded and that I would only quibble with the words scouting reports I think it's the narrative I think it's the narrative that he's fragile the narrative that he's not tough the narrative that he's never out there the truth of the matter is he's had to -- he had a bad elbow -- not any you know -- -- two injuries. The truth is if you duplicate potential games played looking over the last three years of the last two years tell me how many games that are played. Tell me how many games he played and. In the last two years it's just back from Iraq he hadn't injured the counter I don't tigers are you -- -- I'm not blaming him for his injury and not blaming him for. Well he had an excuse -- a good excuse for some guys didn't have a guy just sometimes -- -- sometimes football players get your. -- I don't have to disclose the games played you're you're you're trying to create your own narrative. To counter the narrative that you don't. If all the facts was out there how many games has he been out there the last three. He has been out there for twelve games in the last two years because he may have -- -- won game two years ago I don't know eleven games last season so I'm just you don't you're there isn't I. I didn't give -- reasons I -- I mean I know is completely a one game two years ago he played in eleven games last year just given you the facts. Nothing else people can make their own decisions like on back and look at the injures 61777. On 790% a lot more your calls Bill Belichick about twenty minutes salt -- -- money in -- WE. At Gillette Stadium today Bill Belichick should join us here in the next ten or fifteen minutes salt and volley on WEEI WEEI dot com -- As well -- check winning his first game of the season up in buffalo yesterday. Come from behind victory was an ugly at times shore. Could buffalo be better than we thought maybe we'll wait and see a -- to judge him based on the one game I still think. They got to discipline issues but I like EJ Manuel more than I thought I would do after watching them play for an entire game so -- we'll see what happens buffalo over this year may be more corporately the next few for the patriots Ayman dole for me was a huge story coming back in -- caps -- 73 down. Conversions ten balls on the day. And the -- would be now you're gonna do a running back -- you know act coming coming out of the game it looks like Shane Vereen Michael set up. Tell almost become your featured back heading into next week and and he ran really well he's the only running back in the league as of today with a hundred yards on the ground at. And then you find out he's got a broken wrist he's gonna miss a couple of weeks here after having surgery. Played the entire game really with the wrist he heard it very early in the game. And now you're left of this decision on what -- gonna do a running back -- gonna go back to Ridley fumbled twice the second of which was god awful wasn't even touched on the play. Do you trust -- who was up and down pride in what grade in the game you go back to boldly on Washington as a third down back and what what direction do you go now. Well I think and that's good question for Belichick I think a couple things one pretty impressive from Shane Vereen -- know what we know now there. And I wonder they knew it at the time or you know and at the time that's our football players. They get a little banged up there are some throbbing or some pain that you don't really. Pay attention to it mind over matter and you figure out after the game it was actually break. Same thing last night watching the cowboys. On the giants pretty sloppy game Tony Romo he probably has cracked rib or something whose -- after the game how about the shot the ribs and there's applause will be doing a lot of guys out there -- -- -- -- so props that are Shane -- forward. Being able to be productive while being hurt but I think they they're forced to go back deliberately. Even though they have some questions about I think yeah for this game and I am just guessing the order would be. Ridley wine. I think blunt would be too and I think you have boldly and three the sacrifice you make in this game is you don't have you're. Prototypical third down back -- just don't believe that. That Leon Washington has that value. At this stage of his career and I can see him being a guy. For lack of better phrase that you see him. Being one of these Jonathan Smith. Around guys you know just kind of back and forth back and forth -- cut back cut cut. I don't see. I believe me they had to have our advantage to making him -- of those that you -- and actually number -- -- get them back on to a kickoff return where blunt was not exactly impress -- -- takes the first one runs back to the twelve yard line immediately see what two or three telling her that he had to I think in one out to the twelve -- the second -- -- -- -- they -- not a lot and for the most part they were -- in the ball through the hands on 617. 77979237. Ron is in Medford -- They ignore you when you guys have your conversation -- we'll -- with bill. This -- -- -- the call what are your what are you. You could try to call a conversation never quite feels like one. Korea while -- legacy is that dictatorship not a democracy but anyway. You know something the offense. -- figure out this year you know commercially Caldwell wouldn't. And and Gabriel. -- -- figured out these guys insure virtually no big deal about war. That -- actually it's been more than two feet. -- -- The annual tribute Sweeney -- beer -- -- and yet again that we are actually here and we want to with with -- I mean no ability to get to court. It all out a little bit -- or even get will still have no ability to get actual war. While. I'm not sure -- it's not about social work and Ron -- policy and I I'm I'm not -- and I'm willing to go there. After week one. Now Jimmy at least until week five week six. Before. I didn't I didn't but I am not sure they don't have the ability flat out you're not -- Ability to rush the seal after where there are a lot of plays or manuals just sit back there for 56 seconds -- a receiver part. Downfield I I think not a lot of made there were a lot of three step drops maybe they worked it to get it away quickly I think they might have been spinal -- he maybe didn't come after him every time. I don't know -- it certainly you're right they didn't get to woman but I don't know if that was -- that was a huge problem in the game Michael did you think it was. Auto gently open numbers or it's not a clemency in the paper yet. And look at the steps but who wouldn't -- any result here you freaking out being offered absolutely upgrade your ability. -- get the. In those guys are -- out there say every other larger point we talked about to run we talked about this -- we talked about the run on -- on Friday. I understand that you want somebody to to get after the quarterback every every team in the league. Once somebody who has gift and not try to -- -- aunts -- -- and round and what that's -- guys are well paid but I think. It may be John Abraham is not the right fit. Four for real good for I'm a fan of a -- they didn't give Freeney for you -- gotten four -- reasonable price but -- John Abraham in the last couple years and I -- the book on him was he had his numbers against bad teams and against good competition. He disappeared so I'm not sure he's right that I understand it. The guy I mean there's could -- imagine there was Paul Kruger there was Michael Pineda was. What's his name -- From the giants and just like -- -- -- during your -- yeah Osi Umenyiora and there -- some ways you could go on the air but. Until I -- you're right Mike I think that's something I'd wanna wait a couple of weeks before I determine. That they don't have much of a pass rush up a channel Jones looked like he played a pretty big game in your guy Ninkovich while 61777979837. How about about mark in Northampton primark. And I hate it was a mark so mark. Well -- of several that are on. I just got a couple. They. I guess small issues and notes earlier this season but what just a specific political ones that. Sweep early it was per square with one. -- -- Last I know that we know Arenas hurt by. I just don't like -- -- I don't think he has the skills that political -- be doing now play -- It -- another one later -- to the short side of the field I gonna block for big man like that though he's not slow and eat it takes a lot of get going now. -- that's not a slow guy. When you look at I get -- they also pulled it because Canon over the left and we're not extra blocker but. It looked you know good to -- some momentum and indie games and how every way he can really. Keep the momentum going or not I just. When -- -- those plays then you know the guys are being put in place would probably be the right skills certain that scenario if it kills momentum. The other plays. It's about was like apple Tompkins in the you know in the second half where Brady stepped force and the ball and he was like -- like no evidence first small thing but. Again you know that stream of momentum and it's just that's a concern it would merge goes. I think last year web you know the -- -- doing his thick end around plays and it seemed so. You know kind of question what what was that all -- Mitchell momentum maker mall for the all the data that's -- Well I think they do add up but you don't mark this is something to keep in mind and and we're not used to it here because of how the patriots have finished on offense. Where they have been in the league rankings -- a year to year. -- -- -- Still even though the season started. It -- you you've got you open the season with divisional games back to back division opponents. You're still trying to find out who you are. What these -- I have no idea you're doing it without rob you have no idea what how how can Tompkins has got to respond. Oh win when the seasons as a rookie undrafted free agent how's he gonna do in this environment and buffalo. We have to -- twenty -- yesterday not available. You don't know what's -- Phil's gonna. Yesterday and I had a big mistake and Amendola -- -- clutch plays he made some mistakes -- they are trying to find themselves up. And the same thing happened after him he's absolutely right markets we talked about. -- Josh McDaniels last year the first four games of the season it seemed like they were just trying to feel out. What worked and what didn't work. And it is a process as -- among them before they really start I am -- an adult patients with a wide receivers this year at the beginning of the season trying to. The give them some time to figure out exactly what they're going to be like the Brady the only thing that jumped out to me from the game. Why -- want to aside from him and all. Was Tompkins welcome back a break for whatever reason seem like it happened a few times the first time I thought maybe he was looking for flag but they they want plays where there would be even chance of there being a flag and eventually. And maybe think he's looking back to Brady. And look maybe he's trying to say hey I screwed that up on sorry trauma but it sure looked like he was looking back -- Brady like I was expected the ball here why wasn't there. And I don't know that that doesn't that doesn't strike me the right way coming from your undrafted rookie playing in his first game quite a moment why does that mean what -- -- and now. There's the likelihood if you go a probability. Or likelihood is that. He was wrong and Brady was right but. What -- pretty screwed up Michael -- I'll take my chances -- -- number I'm just out I'll take my chances I'll take that -- every time I get the one bet on Tom Brady the hall of Famer does almost everything right and the other bet is on -- pumpkins is never play in the an NFL game before and all 32 teams passed on seven times coming out of college. I like with the kids capable of thought it was great during pre season may still a bright future. But I'm getting gas that if I were him even if he was right. I wouldn't be looking back to brown and. I don't know man happens all the time football games being. Our quarterbacks jump on receivers in the receivers -- -- quarterback you saw it a couple of times yesterday and unfortunately CBS pulled away. Oh win when it was really started getting interest in there are some sideline conversations. That were happening between Brady and his receivers and some of them were pretty enemy. It is because you're not on the same page surprise surprise. I would rather keep that stuff for the sideline rather than looking back to Brady after every single play when you're an undrafted rookie coming up Bill Belichick will join us how important were those third down conversions late for Danny Amendola. Plus the coach that more coming up next alcohol in a -- it's Monday in fox -- W yet.

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