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Bill Belichick with Salk and Holley: "There's no team in the league that's where they want to be right now"

Sep 9, 2013|

We welcome in Bill Belichick the afternoon after a difficult win over the Buffalo Bills. We get Bills take on the new additions, the missed opportunities, Danny Amendola and we delve deeper into Bill's past as a Mayflower Mover.

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Expected to join us here in just a couple of minutes talking holly in Foxborough on a patriots Monday here WEEI. The coaches our. Brought you by Mercedes-Benz. And by little Debbie. Coach will be here this hour maybe more than a couple minutes. Maybe navy. Market until Bill Belichick went to be anywhere -- to -- and -- -- and make them my job but. Why are -- radio sir can you imagine a -- shares are gonna tell you where to be like when and why am radio in just a one time and where where you know we get to tell them. Now we where we were in Foxborough yes and then made it in meetings yes. They say be at this meeting at this time when we're at this meeting at this time. Right no I would definitely do that. You -- -- amen on time kind of guy -- -- Bill Belichick tells you were to be. I promise I I would absolutely be there curious via the open Mike got some submissions how many wanna hear some more what you believe. The mayor Mayor Menino -- called Danny Amendola if and when he's called upon to talk about -- Gambrel Tompkins may be good one's backside Felder. What is the mayor called few of these guys you can use the open Mike but bottom right corner of WEEI live after your apple -- android device that was brought to you. By eighteen -- plays some of those come and appear in a few minutes your calls continued 617. 7797937. Bigger tax -- an -- right thank you mr. mayor I'm bigger pictures we wait for the coaches. The salmon dole is this this issue that we're gonna discuss my guess is throughout this entire season we're gonna talk more about the running back situation what you do they -- now. At the end of that game to come away. Feeling better worse about the -- -- question. I would say. You have to be -- to come away. Feeling better. Because -- unless you think that this is who they're going to be the entire year. Come away thinking. It probably can't do worse on off. I mean not not just their offensive execution on plays where as we mentioned last segment. No Tom Brady's -- -- as a receivers those receivers are looking and him. Guys are bumping into each other. You know running the wrong route. That's part of this other part where you just give away. A 74 yard touchdown. Of the receiver. I mean excuse because the running back -- didn't hold onto the football but they didn't seem to know. There was a -- -- ball he did know it makes you wonder if if if that was part of the benching to say it's one thing that lack of awareness get to give up to give up the ball. Within the billionaire. And you're in you're looking at the gods. On your knees. As the action is going the other way you're looking around looking up at the replay -- what happened here. You know why are they run -- with the thought that it was down but it normally nobody touched in the -- in. You pick out what it right so you look at all the things happen. In that game. And they still won it in and that was it team that I don't think it's very good and in this division and frankly I don't think it's very good even though. In all three of those teams won yesterday. It's not gonna get much worse than that. And they and they still came away with their tenth consecutive opening. And that's the positive and ultimately I agree I come away with -- -- and still very good about the patriots and who they are this year feel good about the offense. Again -- dole doing what he did get a running game that was effective over -- hundred yards for Shane -- even though we didn't start the game is the primary option I think there's a lot to take away that was pretty positive the defense -- side of the ball. You mentioned it earlier get off the field on third downs not so much individual efforts although both -- -- -- tonight I had excellent games the safeties were largely. Not noticed which may -- is a good thing they make any big plays -- seem to give up too many huge ones. The defense was okay. I guess a -- any concern it's that -- Buffalo's not a great team and be. The penalties the buffalo took really him I mean there are a lot of really bad decisions made. By the bills are the game when there was a couple of hands in the face penalties that affected them the bad decision making by the coach regarding mentioned a couple of his mistakes. The fact that he. And to try to try to play more mistake free than the other side and outlast them I think that's a good way to being. But not everybody's gonna make as many mistakes is a bad ball. Hello team is going to make any other question is if you look for the negative. And that's part of you know you just have to look at the game entirely and look at everything that happened and you have to do is be realistic. You wanna say something is negative you wonder. It was a surprise to Brady. For the receivers to perform like they did and the heat that they live up to its expectations. That they. Did the were -- a little lower than its expectations. As something that we don't know. In terms of being on the same page and we won't be able to figure that out until probably. You know 567. Games into the into the regular season. Well it's very coach Belichick -- of the conversation are no nonsense conversation with the coach brought you by as always by SP ally. Don't Ted Bruschi did and -- affordable dependable life insurance from has to be -- the company that is projected over a million family since 1907 go to SP ally. Dot com today coach and he had the opportunity to review the tape review the film afterwards what was what was your feeling how did you. How do you feel about the game after watching the film. Well I thought we did some some good things all three phases of the game in the and there are some areas that. We definitely need to improve in the wouldn't get things -- the way you want them to so. I think those reflected in the final score you know come down on the final. Play politics. Nine away some good things not a defense. A what what did you like it was there is -- way if there's one thing that gets him -- give coach some some headphones here a struggle painful sometimes to get to some. But it also got. -- what was some some of the things that stood out view of the Q when you look at them a film again today or even last night. Reason okay. I like where that is trending like Rezko. Well I think you know we we did like assembly -- composite things were able to move the ball Manhattan you know quite a -- yardage. Good on third down and didn't convert the red areas and some of the points out of -- that we would like to. Let's turn -- on offense defensively we. Applicable best series but we had a lot of good series at some turnovers and enforcement -- -- -- -- situation at the field position -- play good situation football on the fourth quarter. And that was good and Clinton -- not a good thing on the first death. Well we'll get the ball back but then we lost the ball game the touchdown so. Ellison what we're looking for. You mentioned the third downs as soon as -- the third down conversions especially late in the game. Were one of the major different points of difference in the game how how much of an emphasis was that for you heading into -- It's always a big emphasis on third down. As soon notes of possession announcements it's not a turnover but it's it's like to turn over because it gives you opportunity -- the ball or he finds a way to get a -- of you know it's a huge it was a huge plays and again. It seemed as -- payment goal was a target on a whole bunch of those key third down play is that something you expect from him. Tomorrow well when we look confident confidence and and in between. You know Tom -- good -- going or the best matchup doesn't. And that's where it is imperative that somewhere else than it would have helped themselves and those squares and hopefully we go somewhere else. Now what that was what I ask you -- you know how it breaks down to the process you know late in the game obviously you're down 2120 need to score a field goal touchdown. You know held with a touchdown. But at what point. Did you start. Thinking are we gonna play for the field goal and is there any. It's very yard line in mind that this determines that if the retirement game when you start thinking OK we could score a touchdown here. But we're gonna play for the field goal and getting down to five seconds and they can't do anything with five seconds special -- about it. Mean when you start thinking am I this is what about it. Oh well I think when we we got that last possession loan and before the for round two minute warning there were midfield week and we converted a third down. And that put us on in the field goal range -- you know definitely put us in the field goal range and then. After chains run that put us problem. And -- down inside the twenty yard line which. You know success rate -- field goals inside that is in San Antonio moments it's pretty odd so. -- again a few yards closer is always good but I don't think in the end. Percentage wise it's it's -- it's a big difference so in -- biggest differences on the field goal or. You know over under fifty in the fifty to 55. The percentage is obviously drops off. I think once too much you can get it down there. You know inside the twenty yard line here here and now here in the ninety's. What do you think and on that three run that you mentioned that got you down there what do you think indices running backwards farther out of field goal does it -- goal range before finally turned the corner and and gaining positive yardage. Well well. They hate you just had to get a little bit of ground because there's a little bit of penetration I don't I don't think era that that close to get them we had to get into a good good seal block from mom. -- -- man and then console report around the corner and -- And he -- -- to kick around the corner there and we created that space and then look like we -- gonna get a first down and then. Questions they'll break a tackle Aaron and put another. 810 yards on the play -- -- -- and and that. There really solidified our our fuel position. Let's talk or Ridley for a second here imagery in who I guess the positive that I. The average five yards a carry and -- nine -- circuit and negatives are obvious but the ball on the ground twice. And he had an opportunity to come back up and on the ground first time. Buffalo challenged. Challenged denied. It's a philosophy is it. Generally. I'll give you one time. If you do it twice you're on the bench or is it not as simple as that. When you just when you determine OK guys. He's going to be out for the game now because it's two fumbles there are number game situation how you determine. Apologists and think busier as a coach and manage in the game you try to do -- lesser -- I don't think there's any such formula for anything you just. And just try to do what's best and Austin's good player but he ran hard. And we got a long way to go home or -- in -- -- -- force this year. So -- Unita may be sooner rather than later the injury that's been reported two rushing Vereen. How how impressive was his performance yesterday over hundred yards given what he was the only. Tocchet into the job force alone it is good dominant and he was open on some routes that. A local currency on all the -- confidence that his signature on run with a -- -- a good job as a receiver and. He came to. There is there ineffective Ridley is -- conversation. That happens after the game whether it's view or the running backs coach was it just the fact that. He's a running back and he understands the importance of job security so that's pretty obvious what he need to do going forward. Not a student loans from. No problem. So note the you know Bill Belichick doesn't have a have a doghouse. After you know two mistakes. In the first game of the season. Well on almost gonna turn to a fills us laughable to somewhat unknown -- it went. We're giving you -- Emanuel -- first game yesterday. You know he's a big killed. Big strong athlete and an authority he did some good things can handle himself pretty well -- -- problem. You know thought through all his good arm he beautifully controllable. Make all the throws. And is athletica it's on a couple of those some bootlegs and mental placement. You know I'm sure that you continue to get better. Military in the place is on talent coming into it how concerned were you with his running ability or his ability to escape the pocket. Hello we definitely respect that and in charities. He's big and he says he's fast he's athletic so. You know he -- mentally they're worried you know scampered down on the sideline on us. We gonna. And we we definitely respect that that they did that affect the way you in. Blitz him attack him. Pressure him -- definitely excellent here it won't let let a guy like that just an -- run around monuments now. -- -- -- we we tried and I thought our defense aligned trailer Ron English. Mike Buchanan you know -- Basra outside but the inside guys to -- he scramble offense on loans went on to the tackles Tom Meehan and -- nonchalant but those guys to have briefed on keeping him contained that you know studies in an athletic guy back there and he runs as -- from -- faster than than the -- into that you keep good leverage and you know keep boxed and. Will that affect the ability to get -- not just because he's fast and can escape the sack but does it affect the way they're coming after him so they have to be more cautious. Well thank cautious is the word is thinking is set to be aware and and you know euros Russian and discipline -- to build -- better. On the innocent as you don't worry too much about them run away from him. But you know because like Peyton Manning has an example on the you don't wanna give him a bunch of time to step up a clean pocket so that's nonsense -- -- wanna do with him either. But when guys can Roman can scramble for first downs only. In here and you don't make it easy -- -- -- -- make -- go back control under pressure and you know your coverage -- chance tonight to play itself. I think it's always important. If you certainly don't wanna make it easier for quarterback that can run for a first -- to start ago the report. You know we all look loves football on him should know by now most of us know right now that what we see and we line. Won't necessarily match up with what we see that we can -- her we twelfth for that matter but I was wondering for a for you and you've seen. A lot of teams seeing some championship teams. What the -- isn't as it. He had championship teams they are 10% of what they're gonna be on week one is it. Reversing the team coming in -- 75%. Of what they're going to be -- you know I mean it gives you could -- Break it down in terms of percentages or. What that growth. Pattern is from teams from week one to the end of the year. Well I think that's the that's the 64000 dollar question that -- but it wants to know. And then known and institute -- think the key is to keep improving as she says there's. There's no team in league that's where they wanna be right now I mean every team has a long ago -- what the outcome of the game -- yesterday. There's a lot of things that we all have to improve and coaches as well coaches and players so. I think that's that's relentless in due in September and October's teams of and we have to improve we have to work on the London and polish model and get to know what I would say generally -- mid season form. And -- or. We're not there yet but. You know or a lot further along and work -- always go for it with a longhorn training camp. But we shall go long ago when and that's that's the key for anything and so we're where we earn. Where other teams that down. You know we've we've won opening games -- Austin. That that's not the measure after seasons. And that's the sixteen game regular season schedule where Europeans so. And this is one step along the way it. We have we -- we can learn from yesterday but. It's good to be one notes that when division and and and -- we gonna turn our turn our attention short week and jets. You -- my coaches needing to improve not only how do you see them is that in terms of for coaches it just the speed of the game. That you need to readjust yourself to or is it just. How quickly use you see things happening as an adjustment from. Well I think it's it's those things but more importantly I think it's just figured out what what the strengths of your team -- with the weaknesses are -- -- How to maximize. What you have -- football team -- how to get the most out of even after it'll still trying to figure out what that was stormy as some of these guys -- the first game it's their first game with -- us in some cases the first game in the National Football League so. You know it's one thing to go out there pre season and run around it's another thing out there and right overseas and one here. Plan for sixty minutes when you're in game plan when your -- stressed. As much as the other team construction and in whatever is that this mean they're doing their best when the game and you know pre season has gone there and in the play were you they play with their -- -- -- evaluate your players and there's all the scheming game plan and because you want -- violate the players now weren't wins and losses -- -- which -- you find out what your strengths are what your weaknesses are her. And I think that's part of coaching is trying to figure out how to how to get the most your team how was your best chance to win which plays with -- wanna play. What's you know what what can you do -- with McNamee would do you feel like you can't do more to control them so I think that's that's key to a certainly making decisions and communication with the players and you know situations and coaching and all that there's there's an element that. And I think the he figured out your team and what you have been the most but that's that's where we spent more time. He said on Friday you worked as a mover when you're can't get mayflower moving and storage read that that is are things are moving read -- over the united together. You know pack on the load the trucks. Unload an -- unpack and got to get in on a certain amount time. Opens on with the you know with the dealers but you know when you're men who have an Annapolis and you have the military there where they basically move them every two years. A lot of -- business. Larry were you there for your brawn -- for your brain I mean where you are good at. Figuring out the best that's everything or were you more just brute strength. And well now says the worker do you listen. It's 15161718. Groups it was good -- kept me. -- definitely get in shape for. You know -- summer for football Carlson when. You know you're a different job site every day here in a different house that are different -- -- move in different stuff and so you know apart it was interest and Louis. Those trucks get hot summer and apple -- today -- If if there ceremonial body famous. Probably somebody in the navy and and Sony now. And nobody. Sticks it'll nervous you break something that belongs to the admiral some like I don't think that we don't that's the consulate have insurance. Well coach we appreciate all not yet melanoma and got a tough question and we get him out of here day. Time now for the -- -- question of the week. Is brought to you by your local Mercedes-Benz Dragic -- try to help you track your local Mercedes-Benz dealers. Seeing them for the limited time Mercedes-Benz certified pre owner of that on the web -- in the USA dot com. This quick -- question is from Susan in Bellingham Susan want to know with this being opening weekend and and a fellow. Makes you wonder what your first war most memorable. Opening weekends. Well first opening weekend wasn't on 1975. -- -- -- with Baltimore colts and course but those days we at six pre season game -- seem like McCarty played half the season by the time the season started. We actually open in Chicago that day and analyst Walter Payton's first game. He was a rookie and Jack party was the coach -- Chicago and that was the guy we -- game plan for Lewis was almost more pain in the bears and Paterno well 35. So it's Monica likely 135 person. And then. And knocks on the emerald category -- with the my opening game in Cleveland. With. Dallas. And Jimmie Johnson. And I'm not mistaken I think I think Dallas -- Washington's second week of the season. And we we obviously weren't born Erica and and they were real good and -- Should tell me you know after a couple of years afterwards it. I don't think we're really even bother game plan for you it's clear we are so worried about the Redskins and actually -- this -- again on the week to win. So much for trap game yes and if then there -- and grow -- -- on the island. Opening weekends always exciting weekend in the count it. Have you always remember those innings but they're they they they have them you know -- a place and they're in your memory discusses the first one. You know the way it in London and -- -- ten has an impression on them and so I think I remember most on. I guess you never know you never know how guy how good a guy's gonna be when you see him in in his first game -- Did you have any clue I think they'd be like one of the all time greats -- patent but did you see. Oh well this guy is really he has all the characteristics of a terrific player could just -- given that. Well yet what you definitely saw it going into the game you know from pre season -- the city. You know six games and he saw acquitted them and you know it was definitely guys that your game plan for a thank you. Don't think we quite saw what it what's gonna turn out to be. On that day or you know that at that point in time -- You know he Tutsis and his special players that are gonna build around them and as they shouldn't Wear your first opener with -- LT. In 81. To remember who we opened with -- you know what that song. I'm rollovers of the Johnson's in America when. A do over my first game with the giants won a special teams coach and -- and we opened with the Eagles. That was a big game because the first punt. You know I told the team you know prior to the game -- said in a first time we get a chance -- a Russian -- here's a rush for the news and you know we should get this. And here's don't block and then and I and an open up force correlate with the auto wooden and Gary Jeter blocked it ran back for touchdowns and so I gave me some credibility -- happy to see -- -- and sit sit -- turnout. Well coach we certainly appreciate it will let you go now first without she was against it goes against the -- we are -- -- a few times that that would make sense -- unions there would have been younger and they went and got information that they were in the end. That office -- frailties fall though like I've gone -- throw my coach thank you so much our conversation with the coach Rogers always. By SB ally do Tedy Bruschi didn't get affordable dependable life insurance from SP ally the company that's protected over a million family since 1907 go to SBA alive. Dot com -- back him or hear from fox for assault and -- and patriots Monday. W media.

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