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How much pain can Ellsbury take?

Sep 9, 2013|

With the news that Jacoby Ellsbury has a fracture in his foot, Mut and Merloni discuss the timetable for the centerfielder’s return. Although Ellsbury has a history of lengthy trips to the disabled list, Mut and Lou expect him back this season.

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Spent three hours on football today I haven't covered at all to wanna talk later on this -- -- at the end of the hour about the Eminem performance. Not on the field but in the Booth Saturday night Michigan Notre Dame -- burger herb street. And and then. You heard testing group we'll talk about that before the hours out here to a clock but I do wanna talk -- baseball was a big weekend. For the Red -- -- three out of four and you joked earlier. We deal of a baseball the first segment BCA get this Saturday basically. You lose the game PRD got we need to get Austria four. Go -- Sunday sees me go back to line up Saturday bowl guards in there guys are resting in everyone's an opportunity doubles they got that game Friday night. When they stormed back to win that thing and fair also can we got our split with Nixon guys -- -- -- the game Saturday on a good offensive effort. They lose the game Sunday to find over the weekend. They logical meals -- it's a compression fracture non this place. Of the new evict killer ball and glad that rightly it's -- it's a lot at some healthful for yes he would try to figure out. Exactly what that is out spears got a big story. Up WEEI dot com trying to explain is Matt late just said Jacoby Ellsbury is going to be a walking boot for a week John Ferrell. -- company yesterday it'll be back for the in the regular season. You know all of us something about these injuries do you feel confident we see Jacoby Ellsbury ever in Red Sox uniform again. Yes I think that was discussion know that yet the Jacoby Ellsbury and in a perception on displaced. Rights of the bones still lined up and they'll just healed but the compression fracture. Alex appear older but this is well we're talking about before ticket and a doctor actually explained the same way is the sick at the bones of styrofoam right and -- nearly pushed down the styrofoam need to take your finger Africa comes back well this one doesn't socially compression fracture. On Jacoby Ellsbury so we all right away -- the Dustin Pedroia who missed three months and the year was over that was a lot different. You know that was. I think under the foot or more pressure situation. When he walked he couldn't even walk after he did it. But -- -- a situation -- became a -- overtime open opinion in Natick and to keep the bone in place. Cody Ross had a added similar one against last year and missed a month. We played baseball in the big leagues in a month he rehab at the tuck and a couple of games c.'s -- playing three weeks that was also in the bottom of the foot. This would Jacoby is on the side of the foot and neither one of those two guys in in Cody Ross and Dustin Pedroia could walk after the -- this immediately. To -- -- for a week. You know in it 300 just re aggravated the other night against the Yankees so as a -- in September 5 set some time off. I -- no actually no reason why would be back you know for that final. For five games you know leading Colorado may be seen in the probably the most definitely in Baltimore before the pre season stuff of their policies -- And a lot of guys -- good stuff on his -- needs whose are pretty good line on this as well he's been talking about the swelling in that four basic it's a matter want to get the swelling down. It's about managing in the rest of the year now does that mean he can't play every night during the regular seasonal build up so that. You'll get to October 4 that first Friday of the AL BS and that's and expect in the play. Every game from Eric and have two off days in that best of five so you have some time off there. It just a matter of you know it seems like pain management but when he comes back it's in the can manage the pain and the kid play for for a week played on this broken that's the biggest thing and this wallet that we -- but the narrative of of the Indian Dolan and it was Tom -- tweeted about the the dared the narrative of the Indian adults and it leaves everything up at this kid came back and tough it out. Lot of people the narrative Jacoby Ellsbury Hughes you know he's not top does wanna play. He played with a side -- -- displaced fracture in his foot for a week he stole a base. But the the at bat or the play after. He apparently brokers for it so that's not the part of worried about I guess the part of worried about -- is that swelling part of this that. The swelling got so bad where they said look we can't win and take a break and see what it feels like the swelling gets so bad going forward. He just can't run is not the same player because when he's at his best he's stealing bases he turning single and it would double double and a triple. And can -- be that same guy he comes back is more my concern and is he gonna completely put him in the boot. For the week that they said no -- that takes care of the swelling in you go from there again. You know. It's so different to me because of those two guys couldn't even walk -- is this -- play an entire week. And was still run the bases he really didn't even notice right have you noticed he was holding back you get picked up it was just a sore foot. Thought I just he's going to be back in this idea of the only sector into the free agency -- dot -- influence. Jacoby Ellsbury has he done enough. I've from day one of the most important step for him is you know -- that the home runs good detail much money gets the games played if you're Jacoby Ellsbury -- -- Boris. You don't want your free agent your prized creation the finished here in the DO you wanted to give back in Carolina. You know guys had a good year not 2011 but a very very good year enough to go out there make a good amount of money for multiple years. He come back and you get -- -- a year. You can make your money in the post season. They even before this injury before the -- -- -- -- Wii's price range is fifteen point and could dictate what it does in the post season. If he just goes crazy he might get close to twenty million dollars -- -- is the last thing you saw there -- Carlos Beltran in Houston. Good lord the postseason he had that put him in -- category make an unbelievable amount of money to go along with a good offseason Jacoby can be that same spot. If he struggles in the post season it's easy -- of course. In my guys a team player he fought through the pain he came back a little bit too early to maybe just confined to swing. But he's healthy he's young players can find the off season so he welcome back and he will try and they gonna need him. They don't absolutely need him he's too big of a part of this team right now I mean you're talking about a guy that has been a major impact 52 stolen bases. His speed you know his hitting. I was all over -- it has been about whatever it to -- means so I'll upwards of 209 B right now. Has had a look more popular in the second half and seems to have found his group we still positioned very well. And he's been an important part of this team top of the -- a look at that. You look at that line up with him batting first in victory and a -- -- that you want. It's been unbelievable that you right now it's the way those guys settled -- Victor Reno to Libya big works and just bat from the right side. They have set the table during a time when Pedroia scuffled near a little bit right a couple of its over the weekend but until then. Have been scuffling Ortiz had a -- where he was scuffling Mike Napoli is on fire but we know these issues. It was Ellsbury victory of their at the top and I envision them. Being what they have the last three weeks and that being a major part of -- rothmans progresses if he can't go he's not the same Jacoby Ellsbury. They got changing things well again the good news is that he can walk right on it you can obviously play on it we've seen him so now you're in a point with a Red Sox can afford to do this. Make sure the guys healthy make sure everybody is ready lined up here for the next to a three weeks that's all you gotta do and -- he can walk on it. Maybe you don't want him to run on here for the next week but the mini comes out of their boat. You know it's undecided is thought you know if he can't run a 100% can certainly sit in the cage right and take his swings you know it hit off the tee and -- soft toss and and take batting practice in the cage if he wants so. It's not like two months of two and a half multiply -- -- you know -- got to get back in the flow of things here again. He could actually take a week to ten days off swing the bat for a few days in May be going two weeks. So it's it's not much of a drop off and luckily you know this wasn't three or four weeks -- when -- grind in this thing out you have opened up some space here -- -- -- campus played in and others in the American League east. But you've got their conference all week and said do a lot of different things with resting guys -- make that your guys are healthy. You know one guy at a time not seeing you put up 5% just rest five or six guys here -- And take advantage of -- testing for granted you still want to grind it out and and finish thing as soon as possible. The rest guy it's fine you know I'm not I'm not overly concerned I know Jacoby people are. But I expected to be back and a couple of weeks ready for the last. I -- and you just thought you know in the 98 game right that's how to set it set the tone for this weekend he gets on base steal second. And he is the game winning run in a 98 win that set the tone for this weekend have you taken three out of four. From the Yankees and I feel like they'll manage this thing pretty well it let's go worst case scenario for second and you think they'll come back and I tender -- If he can't go. How do you readjust that line up there at the top you know knob has been speculated the lead -- guy keep victory a bank's second so not -- can get on base. Victory a leading off and Jonny Gomes. How is John Ferrell set that thing up to maximize that top of the order potential for this offense on -- Pedroia and Ortiz. Those are three guys right I mean Victor Reno in -- and go home she can do different things if Vick leads off. You don't have a -- with lefty righty just to kind of get them did not and the strong side side at that I think. That's what you'll see you know will Victor really awful now the leadoff. It's you know it's it's -- it's a toss up. You know now was gonna get on base but then he's on base in front of Victor Reno an awful lot may be -- use his speed to maybe go the other way around mean eagle Victor -- leading off. The -- kind of -- in him but. To me the -- because she -- get Jackie Bradley just in case I mean. If you -- put to anything it's gonna be jacking Gomes you know against -- -- -- play center field victory goes out there in left and right in again out in left against. Against lefties and put victory to a senate now of in writing and Gomes in left field. And you played this thing out you have to see as much as you believe that that tackle wheels you'd be back. You have to get a nice strong look you in the last three weeks Jackie Bradley. And he worries that we've seen this before in the rookie could come up here and he couldn't. You can get to eighty get on base at 39 eclipse because gets on base or it 200 in sort of struggle swinging the bat. You know so I think this is more of a three week audition your last seventeen game audition for Jackie Bradley. And Chad -- and -- nice job yesterday of reminding me of how good Ellsbury has been in the post season at 07 World Series came up late in the year. Coco Crisp have a hard time he's a plants -- there at the top it's Ellsbury Pedroia. The 07 World Series for 38 with a one point 18 -- PS. Wasn't the MVP but as Chad points on economic case -- hit 333 against the angels in the weight. AL BS September of 2011. When it was all chicken and beer. And again the numbers there that 1358. With a one point 0670. PS eight home runs during the month of September so when this team is needed him. He has been great and this year after kind of a slow start. And guys like me -- on he's turned it around and that's speed there at the top police help manufacture runs. He's been awesome and he. All go as far as say they can't win a World Series without him because they've they've beat everyone Maggette it's when he discount anything they've done but he ambient -- at the top. Being healthy and being Jacoby Ellsbury makes the rest this up ensco it was it was one of the big moves -- over the week. And I think the -- people's eyes because those. This time a year you know one lose a player like that when he running out of time the other one was -- buckles is coming back he's gonna throw on Tuesday on Wednesday it's going to be Ryan Dempster Felix LeBron now. We you know Friday -- -- through so we we just. For awhile now assume that it was Ryan Dempster idea with their performance on Friday Saturday mourned baseball shall we started talk a little bit more ball -- to bumping and guidance gift. You know let's I think four to six starts now he's failed to get through five. Three and two thirds two outings in a -- something wasn't right Friday night he was way off base not a lot of -- the backs up -- with fastball nothing seemed to be right now. If you remember they did this in May with Felix to brawny really get off to a bad start to skip them. Alan Webster came in and got their start against I think -- was -- Kansas City in the good. They gave -- doing that that breaking aching back is that's when he started his run of fifteen straight start one William Kristol -- -- yep unbelievable now. The question that I have is is he coming back in this rotation. Because he given their time in the bullpen to kind of work some things out. And they've already talked about given some other guys a break whether B Lackey NPV and give us some these guys little breather as you do have six starters down the stretch and hopefully. You you can have the opportunity to maybe rest won once a while some may be does. But you bring them out of the bullpen and does he look sharp on the ball but let's face -- still searching right you are still searching for somebody that in the can helping out. Sold to the use them out of the bullpen they just skip Bowman just leave them alone that's on the keep an eye on. You know because down -- stretch to eventually probably go to Penn -- he and Dempster. So whoever's out there right now why would you get a look at right now is she with the like. I think that's why -- -- Dempster would go to the pats might -- dancer of the pen because that's going to be his only role at least would do brought. They have a history of feel -- brought a being able to pitch in meaningful situation out of the pennies already gotten. Dempster has not this year it's been six years since Ryan Dempster pitched meaningful and -- been six years is he pitched out of the bullpen all together. So why I don't know why I understand what you guys are talking about Saturday UN in -- and -- me and it and at some level make sense but. If -- is gonna pitch out of the pen and started now. Starting him now and see -- has at least with you brought you've got a track record of him being of the pitch out of the pen for this team. With Dempster we have no idea so if this the case right would do brought both the -- he never gets back in the rotation. That at least reasonably well answered -- not the rotation in the playoffs he's on the postseason roster because you have to get some sort of test when Microsoft gonna go to the intervention right. Or one of those guys in the pan -- one guy doesn't make the roster -- -- his roster to. OK so so they're both gonna be in depend eventually. Then. You take a look at one depending -- guys stole the ball better as a starter you leave them there. And Dempster hasn't been sharp but he's been better than -- feel the brunt lately. You know and this is why a month and a half ago or talk of a playoff rotation it was a can't really do it. You gotta wait and see back then there was no question we Pulitzer thrown fifteen consecutive starts of two runs or less of whatever was three runs or less you know it. If you -- the decision then how do you not think it's just from day one when -- we are six starts later and former McCain pitched -- fifth. He's didn't you know you can't do it. So you handle both these guys eventually. So will. It's a toss up to the guys the ball better his daughter and right now it's Ryan Dempster as having great there's been better than two -- well it'll be interesting because I don't you agree that there's a chance one of those guys does not make the post season roster at this point and -- -- one -- -- could be due Rotterdam mr. out of the -- Quick -- 25 man and then. You Dempster to brought to sort of sit in this thing out and waiting for either best of seven right now I honestly written on their bullpen you've only got four deference to me. You know we -- does allow Workman Breslow. That might be at the -- within ralphs and with that. They chose a definite. Mean you might think that the Orton might be a definite or morale -- may be definite or to them but there's a chance that that both too broad and Dempster can being your bullpen. We really after those four guys as as as important to -- actually lights out well known anonymous OK. Morales. I think Morales is a lot to me reminds me of Andrew Miller. It takes him both a lot of -- goal in the can be wild at times but when their on the both can be dominant. We saw that from into -- this year in the past he's been a consistent result from -- last year at times be dominant but he's really consistent. So I don't think there's really any -- of the most for. -- probably didn't have seven guys out there she stood at three spots to me that's who knows Thornton morale is Dempster to -- you can go up and down Britain. Derosa I've no idea. So the chance of both of them can be. Really -- Brittan -- and pitched in August 31 they finally got him evolve this week and I still think there might be a role for him. Against certain lefties but I feel like where I feel like we have a three week audition -- that a lot more -- tomorrow. But the question that Bob what are the Red Sox have to accomplish in the next three weeks part of that stimulate you just said. Figured out what they held apple and it's your brain a work -- forty. He he threw a wild pitch yesterday pitched pretty well Friday night inning and a third scoreless ball he got the win of course. You know I get the crap from a young guy on Twitter seacoast patriot. You know get after me after yesterday's game you know he tweets every says how's that Brandon Workman obsession go on for. Well into -- yeah Friday night. -- work -- -- ending if you heard scores out -- pending at the doubly. Yesterday at two outs run right through wild pitch I'm not given up on Brent a Workman and though he's so that's when you -- stop the rest of that group blues right. What do you have and the next three weeks. That's part of what John -- one -- -- has got to figure out they got to figure out what the rotations going to be. They got to figure out what you get from Clay Buchholz what his role might be in their chance that. If he doesn't quite make a starter he's the guy in the bullpen. And a bullpen in general misses this season's not over -- seven half game lead. But there's still -- to figure out this team which makes it a very interest to run between now. -- Indiana September 6177797937. The phone number 617. 77979837. AT&T text line is 379371. Talked to keep in Bedford on the Red Sox. Mix in the Red Sox calls with your patriot calls here on Sports Radio WEEI.

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