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Sebastian Vollmer on M&M: Don’t want to be the guy to mess things up

Sep 9, 2013|

Vollmer joins Mut and Merloni after yesterday’s nail biter against the Bills. Sebastian knows that the team will have to play better than they did this past weekend. Their focus now turns to the Jets on Thursday night.

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Our -- model or not a 37 WEEI here to let stadium -- patriots Monday will get its Red Sox issues at 1 o'clock we are. Football until that -- our buddy Steve DeOssie Dyson to join a series studio on a patriots Monday I -- and it's a voice I was ever and not when caught a lucky win abiding. The war that we when I've used -- -- fortunate win for the patriots yesterday on the road week -- -- you agree or disagree. Absolutely agree unfortunately they were playing buffalo. Cleveland. In mid level team. That might not be the same result but maybe the pitchers step up to him no more than enough ability to book. Fortunately we're here team you know ultimate -- -- -- -- made some obvious blunders. Great challenge in game a whole. It we're gonna lose you win its second innings -- -- -- curious but that and the field not working the clock on the footwork. A lot of reasons a lot of things that ball floated even -- the patriots tried to shoot themselves -- for any number times. Bottles Berkshire and so -- during the. Steven's gonna join us up the next couple hours and take all your phone calls in reaction to a patriots win a tight win. -- on the order -- buffalo -- a guy was a part of that is offensive line Sebastian Vollmer. He joins us here and he's brought to you by our friends at Toshiba business solutions. Sebastien I'm curious to give it a close game like that out of the gate is that. Helped set the homeland to get the team focused and and not. Not a blowout win by a close game the end to start the season cover up pressure way to get guys up to speed first game of the year. It'll all I don't know over currently US -- earlier thanks. -- -- -- allowed him a little to look at the side. But you know we know them play well enough and it's six but do it -- to do you know what Goldman and all are welcome -- -- very. Yeah I know much like the other we talk to rest that week three pre season game and it was just pre season so. All the really matters is wins and losses but a lot of room for improvement on mentioned bill. Just with just a couple days to prepare well I'm sure breakdown in and get on you guys globe and here. I'm determined. That -- every. Only item that has been has been here you know knows that we haven't quite well and that -- we'll open up a huge. Look like. You know the local -- you know coming up on Thursday. It seemed like oh Buffalo's put me an undue amount of pressure on Brady judicial something that. That was different from what you're expecting. -- I don't know I can't really expect much for Dave you know preceded -- and turn -- over. So that'll show don't know usual everything that I have. And street comic got to assume certain things then. You know -- parents as well it and then I think we did that policy. Oh look enough yet but it looked but it. You guys that's in turn overs and then Lleyton at the third fourth quarter you're trying to fight back and edit a TV shots of passion of com. I screaming at the offense on the sideline trying to get guys up and and get going is that something in those tight moments you've seen your quarterback do you try to get your team. Refocused for those final fifteen minutes. Yeah absolutely adamant that your bonus for a long arms our middle. You list those moments when want to get people out we -- without it. It. You know -- mean obviously when it went -- close game you know it'll make you want it to the -- you -- Can't afford -- state. Of how to pull it out somehow but it sort of -- on the same page at all at -- -- -- -- on and concentrate -- little prospect. Yeah that's -- got to wonder in his singer because it was a sloppy game but then Ford -- minutes ago you guys is down that final drive was it to. Was there a message from Tom under senator going into that with everything it happened before the game. Well -- get one at the -- knows what you do -- at all all the -- our situation we all know. Now it's forty minutes to go regrets about it out of you all know what you gotta do -- early part of all the things you know you. On the books since they call it as an amateur you all very concentrated. And you don't you don't wanna do that -- -- -- -- -- When you move the bulls' -- you guys do it -- and it doesn't resulting in points the frustration level has to be high. How do you guys do that individually and as a team. -- -- first elected in middle all the I don't think. Or to pressure Iran and that's what the knicks saying what you look -- opportunities. Are flat or I'll I'll think you have to common rooms or you know. Are -- but it negative emotions you're able to help move forward. Six were sitting which didn't do well and Xstrata and mr. electable while they're. You guys run the ball pretty well yesterday 158 yards on the ground Stephen release started out he had -- nine carries 46 yards early. Over five yards a -- Sebastien then he goes out with a fumbles. The do you take do you -- say anything to be running back a situation like that -- haven't trouble. Are holding on the football or he just -- let that. I'll let him think that coaching staff and the running backs Ivan Ivan fears figured out. -- up -- this group and states with its ultimate if you make and grade are real personal don't know what they're wrong and what happen. You know I don't know the purposeful and over it you know there isn't so sure. And any player that makes sense that about it and you know sort of figure out what happened. And an honor to coach you know they're used to make corrections and I'll tell you what happened. -- -- You're given the way the game went yesterday's it is it better for the steam at the quick turnaround to get back onto the field door. Which rather have a week to kind of prepare and -- correct some of those issues. Bomb I don't know -- we don't have a short but don't really matter all that you know Armon. Linda you're element you know don't sociologists. Some cooked a lesson. Don't. The pair. Faster yes it is and an organ. And -- had to put a -- or not but also on that middle of the spill. Have you watched yesterday's filming who has -- right onto the jets with a short week. Girl well I'm angry at the stadium now well over there. Well -- talk about it what's so and then move on pretty quickly here. Quick turnaround home opener third -- I get the jets Sebastian Vollmer joining us Sebastien thanks your time today we'll talk to next week. -- Semester -- joining us here on a patriots Monday. Here to let stadium as always he's brought to you by the -- business solutions to hear hear us talk and you heard come on the admitted they're fortunate. To win that game and I got to believe that's. The feeling tail winds a -- Steve but I'm sure this is a mobile Belichick's going to be able to. Use this is a teachable moment going for even in the win a lot of areas they can work on for that week to just so short but this first quarter. This season I've never seen a successful season in the NFL without some sort of fortunate. Bounce or some luck that that helps you achieve that success of the problem is that. This week one and you don't -- we have so many of those. So for lack of better phrase lucky bounces that that help you. When you may be viewed should've lost that game us in the picture loss but you know that was way too close for everybody's comfort. You're going to have those games over an 111213. Win season. That you just wanted to -- right away because it is all the everything seemed to level off and older that. You can have a great week one week in baseball -- next week your -- it looks -- you don't know. You know oh well what's coming matches so. Put it behind you understand what it is. It's a win chalk it up if at the end of the season they missed the play Els by U oh game real war whatever they start thinking about this the other thing. It's not that big deal only because it's week one only because it's a win but. I also think that is going to tend to make people think that the sky's falling well not in big chunks but. Little pieces here falling left -- Yes Jeff the EU should have been able to see this the struggles offensively and that it was gonna take time and we had this conversation six weeks ago all right putting Brady in a situation these young wide receivers and once we got looks Adam you know we started -- feeling that. LA and we can kind of like what we -- but it's different when the lights go on Steve you know that Grammy pre season is pre season. And you see Tompkins with one foot instead of two -- you see guys act like rookies and its gonna take some time.

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