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Jerod Mayo on M&M: They have to win by any means necessary

Sep 9, 2013|

Jerod joins Mut and Merloni after the Patriots pulled out a win in Buffalo. He explains what they have to do to put this game behind them on a short week before the home opener.

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Let's keep our patriots Monday role here you're surface Sebastian Vollmer Jerod Mayo on the defensive side joins us here. They're great shot he dropped walking up the field with Tom Brady in week we couldn't hear sweet we figured you would let us know what you and Tom talked about -- -- leave the field yesterday in buffalo. I would vote let's let's leader's remarks a remote no way -- enemies at Atlanta when his. As a matter where this glorious. It -- forward -- torture are pretty hero Arafat outward away yet it was -- and we're on the road. I get the division of -- lay out clear cut and to go influence. -- -- because a guy kind of an unknown and EJ Manuel it seemed like you guys were more or -- kind of -- sitting back and forcing him to make decisions and move the ball down the field. Was that sort of the -- going on attacking the scouting get out of the pocket make a lot of place. I'm definitely you know he's very athletic quarterback with a strong armed. But I do we keep everything under resolute be OK and I honestly I think. How easy is it to put. This behind you with the with a quick weak against the jets coming up. I'm very easy enough to get have a good game you know -- wanna know as well as how we enjoyed we enjoyed the buffalo land you know -- that's why yes because they'll go move and are now our focus now on on the debt. -- wondered did you did you guys really enjoy -- and OWs a W but was there -- more. Negative talk about what we need to improve. Because you guys -- at the point where you expect to win each and every week and you wanna do the right. -- -- -- you know it's hard hard to women as we you know ticket. They're -- -- -- a lot for any day in you know we're happy to get to where I -- free Wi -- where we need to improve. Nobody is going on gangs these we have a long way to go -- one -- -- -- I think because you know a positive and luckily have a lot of improvements to make spot on in every -- Well you have the benefit of being a veteran with a lot of games on your -- lot of big games under your belt. How do the rookies react to what happened yesterday and how do you get them to focus on what these developers and right. You know we got to keep reminding them quick turnaround you know where a couple of days -- and the -- really you know they come and they work hard it was to the coaches you know we have a great coaches staff and -- everyone around here -- short term memory so you know what a bunch of pictures and luckily so rather remove orders are also up and -- their third and one last. Jerod Mayo joining us let's talk enough fourth quarter you got hit with -- an unnecessary roughness call fifteen yards. -- explain what happened there seem likely. You look deputy were sure at the receiver had the ball are not a you'd have a long time to pull up I was surprised you got here for penalty there what did you think about that call. Malcolm a matter how bad but the rent out -- well you know. You know I'm confident that Britain on the bodies or at least -- for the guys go to the receiver that you actually -- that was your guys also. I certainly hand in as a quarterback get hit by it nowhere to vote there and oh the bank bank -- you know that call to sound. Period a year or more as he was saying you know you've played a lot of big games and does wonders for you in particular because a lot of young players on this team. When did the game start to slow down when did you start to feel comfortable because I had a -- week one we do as a rookie thing sort of speed up on you -- along to take view. Yeah it takes -- you know he never really you know really get comfortable here anyways you know we always change where you know change every week. Wouldn't call alternately defense is new. You play them often silent Bob was special and so. You've ever get comfortable but the games slowed down when you know when you say you're saying your playbook and you are your players and and you could start. Really that it looked office's policy again. When you blow. When you guys came on the fourth quarter was obviously -- some defense stops good guys that are very good job. Get the ball back. Was there at the talk on the sidelines of your guys it's our turn to step up and put this team -- position when the game. I'm definitely you know and you know there were not you know it's a pain right and I. No god know we had to do our job is to keep them out of -- -- -- the ball back in its offices apparently some possible and I was in my the guys you know there was no. No and required daylight as you a requirement to flick the ball back fortunately little to do. -- -- Kyle -- is on here every now on now with us made a couple of big plays you talk about his emergence here and start -- a nickel back but I thought. Yup he is -- stepped up his game two point reading count on him really Jerod and a bunch of different situations. Gary Player a lot of different roles for us you know approach -- -- do a lot of different things and yesterday and I would do here is where its course. Those turnovers and I -- -- are still. Now poultry there. Or there was -- we're tired -- -- -- those still still possesses mutiny is yes. You love the jets coming in here and your favorite team -- minute jets are lighter green Rex Ryan he's ready to go. Not blow up or to get their I was at the game. They're grateful although it was Larry you know -- -- -- our game. -- that -- have in court right now that run around a bit so -- was it was agreement. I Jerod appreciate the time today to look on Thursday. Drug Mayo joining us here in a patriots Monday or interview with Jerod. Is brought to you by Verizon stay connected to patriots at home or on the go with files quantum Internet and NFL mobile. From Verizon that's powerful it's a good point Steve before nine -- yesterday didn't do that a lot why -- -- they get turnovers. And the turn -- are great. I love those three and outs I want a level and I -- control and brawn no huddle when they're up late -- they forced nine punts on the road. That's a good day for the defense hold them to 30% on third down. -- realistically buffalo had 812 minute span there where they scored 21 points and other than that I thought the defense was was fine. Points of emphasis both offenses and defenses all -- -- we see the pictures offense we want the best in the league it was the going into the half. Trying to score coming out of halftime trying to score here was trying to score but emphasis is always placed -- most parts. Buffalo's team was able do it that was really the only breakdown I saw on his defense. We're taking your phone calls Steve DeOssie is here patriots and bill 6177797983718. Tee -- line. It's 37937. We talked often -- talk defense we'll get Steve's take all what he -- Danny -- dole yesterday plus more your phone calls don't go anywhere.

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