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Tom Brady on the week one win

Sep 9, 2013|

Tom joined the show and discussed the teams comeback win in Buffalo. He said that these are growing pains on offense.

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As a patriot Monday our conversation with Tom Brady is brought to you by northeast electrical distributors the cancer center at Beth Israel deaconess and crescent credit union good morning Tom are you. Good morning I'm sure you're unhappy with some mistakes and some of the sloppiness in that football game I'm wondering are you surprised. By it did you expect more or did you have some free indication that maybe there would be some issues on opening day. Well proposed not necessarily game with. Of perfection but I. I think they're big they're big ones like to turn -- America we did a decent job with the penalties that. The turnovers were you know one thing that really held us back from. Scoreboards fortunately allowed them to score their points so. Those big part of the game of antiquated turnovers and you know it's it's it's a different outcome but that's. That's pretty much every football game sure you a lot of the games are heavily yesterday. A lot of them. Hinge on turnovers and Mars was -- you know we turn it over we can play great and you know we really allowed to have an opportunity to stay in the game and an -- should be ahead in the fourth quarter needed we needed to make a lot of good plays there at the end overcome. Tom how does the conversation sound between Bill Belichick and -- after that fumble and does that sell the same way when bill talks do you after yours. I -- I cited talk to a map reader wants I don't really know where you know he doesn't like turnovers and he lets us know he stresses that every single day that you know the things we have to do. You know protect the football and protect the lead and being Smart -- physical limiting turnovers is you know is also important to winning game seven and we just didn't do great job of that. Tom Kimbrel -- -- was out there for 91 snaps and -- You know for to us on TV. From layman's perspective that he was not on the same page views that he was again when -- action. Was that the case and specifically. And that ends in the end zone when he stopped -- across the back of the end zone humid you look pretty frustrated was he supposed to keep going. Red I'll watch the tape you know on calendars and look there's things that we can all do better it's not. You know just one player it's not just just KP it's. It's all of us that you don't have. Work harder to communicate says. He'll be on the same page and we're here in you know the first week of the year. There's a lot of things that. You know we can do better there's a lot of things that. You know that. Are right yet and -- about that your gonna expect everything to be perfect commanders. My first time -- playing meaningful game where if you know a lot of these guys so these things that you -- under fire and you. You've got and -- you're going to Rome and -- problem and hopefully you can be you know better every single every single week out there. You you said you were surprised that that then Amendola came on the second avenue and having a great second half. It was the first indication you have that he was gonna play. When he's in the huddle is that how that or are on the sideline. How do you find that out in and eggs in a really tell us how surprised you were because generally groin is you don't shake those off have time to you. No I mean he's he was you know -- battle -- to get out there and and you know we've fought really hard to do it and think. You know -- got out there and and you know father of about the first half where he URL when you really you know fought hard. -- -- our medical mental and physical -- to -- out -- to -- -- play in the second half and what a great second I have to play you just bought -- There's going to be life do you think Tom with releases something that's going to be and his head is something you're concerned about now. Going forward here. I have no idea I mean -- in the world trying to do a great job and we're trying to do is to be accountable indeed federal for the team so. It's about like you know anyone ever wants to go out not do the right thing or make physical mistakes are certainly that -- -- it's just. You know sometimes it's it's. You know that's just the way it goes but we ought to be mentally tough enough to bounced backward. They usually don't go -- -- and it's just a that that's helpful poll is that it's like I think it's our. Military -- we wanna go may have you know we're really. You know we've got everything figured out at this point it's. We have a lot of football we got. You know teams. Are very different from week to week. I'm saying they're very different game to game depending on the level of -- shipment. You know we just have to do a better job excuse next week as an offense from our defense played great which was. In -- really saved a full day. You know hopefully we can provide on those guys just keep doing what they've done. Tom I know you -- all turnovers but the fumble vs the interception did you pick the fumble more than that the pick. You fumble. That. He had me at its report that you never you know expect to happen so that's. Know those ones -- one we can totally eliminate and should never really come out so. That's. In that should never happen. Technical football question did grow up and Hernandez make life easier for west last year more room fewer defenders. Well amid the the better football player you have -- Mateen you know the better your gonna be so. No those were two really spectacular football players in Korea -- including where if some. All those guys really fed off each other so the more. -- really great football players have a team you know the more convivial but I everybody's so we. No word will work to get an appointment there's a lot of time and energy that was almost players. To get to that point though you know that's it's hard to expect the level -- XQ should be. Where it was -- guys as you've never done that with the force that's what we're trying to get through in the war we can practice the more we play the world. Sometimes the more. You know sometimes the more mistakes you make early but hopefully the more we learn from them that we don't make them again that's. If we keep make it on the record with a lot of games so. And we gotta we gotta do their job correctly in the mistaken. You know doing a lot better to have leopard jumped they're going forward. Well the reason I asked whether your tight -- last year created more space pure defenders for -- for for Welker it would seem to me that in absence of those guys with those guys absence. That the job will be harder for -- -- to get done and be as productive as west wants. Well -- that they give it. The level production firm it's really can be any player doesn't necessarily have to beat the other tight ends let me if if the outside receiver position the perimeter receivers produce a lot there's more space at the running game. -- forward to the running game that we produce more there if so therefore if -- you know other titans are more productive than you know all of that is. You know about spread the ball running and fighting your matchup so you know if you totaled only one guy on the team that's where their coverage is going to be so. If you have to be that one guy you're. You're gonna get a rough spot all year. You know I think the idea -- -- that -- marked ballots from clearly not. Allow them to -- you know one thing that would do would network could have a lot of areas that they have to defend a lot of areas. But the warriors set to defend and then. You know the more matchup sort of have the Mormon actually you know the more work terms we get the -- particular players -- Such -- you know good solid football. If that's. That's how you win over the course for the loan fees -- not just give it to one guy. Are you are you afraid you might be asking too much of Danny Amendola. I mean. You made Ted Kennedy made seven catches in the second half to some real gutsy plays over the middle need to do that again Thursday -- home. I mean who never out there have to have to excuse me get to catch it and that's in place so I I think it's. You know that we're -- done since he's gotten here is -- able to have five different. You know far different open spot until -- -- -- detectable in traffic -- diving catches and he demonstrates such a great job of that though. That's. Yeah that's a really. Positive. You know thing that being brings are often and so. You know the more often -- he can do that the better -- to -- for a -- So you know that's that's what field goes over the course the year. But here's if you'll allow me one more Welker. Compare maybe will be done -- -- a year after this one -- comparisons to meet Tom I don't know what you but -- it was a freak I've never seen. A tougher more durable player in all of my years of watching football. I don't it seems like it's asking too much for him and -- -- that same thing to take the same hits and still get up -- novel every single time isn't Danny Amendola just the a mere mortal. Mature Welker was. Well -- I think you know there's. -- there's no question you know how tough you know -- was. The line up every week and it takes a lot of -- physical possible to do that a lot of preparation over the course of the offseason. You know that's that was agreed to -- that's the reason why you have that kind of production and you can't produce. Whatever 400 plus catches and you know going in eight games. You need to place sixteen weeks to have the kind of production. Work -- -- and so many other really players that. No rush for a lot of yards or former. You know that's that's the ideas. You -- there we feel that you -- you -- produce so it is -- it. That was part of a great trade -- would -- his ability to be out there on the field to help us win. You know but that's what we're hoping everybody can be opened. You know -- expect that the -- that we've -- going to be that's the way that. You know -- it out and inflation and that's the only way to improve was when you get out there and actually go to a good thing you do when you do really well. -- four of us seventeen for 42 yards in the pick when your throwing to the three rookies and you talk a lot in the pre season about staying patient with these guys are growing pains are you gonna be able to do that -- unit will stay patient is these guys. Sort of figured out. Well we're gonna we're gonna do whatever we need to do to win and I think that's. If if normally try to always find open -- find open match up and you know that's ultimately what I'm gonna try to do so it's not if whoever ends up being it ends up being an ever have a lot of confidence in the guys that were up there yes today. And I just we got to do better drop back Q. Tom clearly that fourth quarter sack the design was not have pumpkins and elements slow dancing together in the end zone was that the reason you were sacked. Second part of the question is an -- -- the film yet did you consider running it at a certain point. Yeah I I I did make it -- right but that's probably what I should have done so. You know obviously it didn't go well -- better. Think that I could definitely do better no one area that spell it helped a lot first they would make that type of place so. You know hopefully we can do that. You know going forward. Eight on what trying to beat on the rookie here Republicans look so good in pre season and so many people said while he seems to have this simpatico with palm already and they were kind of shocked by it yesterday. Not so much do you attribute some of that to the bright lights of opening day in a rookie with his eyes wide -- say well this is for real the -- live. You know it's hard -- it's hard to. You know it's hard really. Simulate game action and hard to simulate. You know that the adjustment that -- made the speed of the game I mean yes that you're. -- for both teams Arafat and the bills neither can really knew. How we were gonna play the game and so you really. If you don't know how you're gonna attack each other you don't know how you're gonna. Know the strategy of the game so you know as the season goes along you'd better ideas of how those things are gonna play out. Play them. In all of -- -- or if so what sort are trying to. You know be wrote it's harder you know look and we want to go out there and they'll play the best game you're gonna put policies and you know that's possible that we have a lot of football left we have a lot of we have a lot of things to learn from a lot of things to grow from there and you don't have the strength support you will be fine. It over the next couple months it's it's we really don't know those things right now we're gonna try to get their stats that we can remember it usually takes well most of. This is a Thursday night game at the beginning in the years that -- test of a team's mental toughness know -- it's attest to their physical toughness. Do you feel like it it's it's a difficult thing to do was the human body design the plate to and FL games in four days. Well it's I mean it's it's it's quick turnaround there's no doubt about that it. And it's meant so just as much physical on the -- -- body soreness from. The first game of the human race and 95 played yesterday most can run 65 December. So you know we were a lot of plays you know a lot of guys you have to work hard. Get the right kind of rehab this week and -- reckon that treatment let your body physically prepared and spent as much time mentally you can't get ready for the jets which are a very difficult skin so. We've got you know we got our hands full and you know work on. Try to put everything we can't intuit and after that you know we have candidates support group for the next and so they're given -- -- -- It's. If you if you can win the game and civic positive for the team so hopefully we can. You know we can. You know draw off march 3 or fourth game and look no matter what situation where we've got to make plays. At critical moments to win the game and so that's you know that's what we have to do about -- -- sort of try to do. Well I always tell myself -- wrap this up with a 345 wake -- call set a sleek fast legacy your terms heal fast think fast it's a just a couple of days away with the jets. Yeah you're right about that Bob Brady -- Dennis and Callahan good -- double talk the next week. I'd already -- -- in -- on the AT&T hotline AT&T is the nation's fastest and now most reliable four GL TE network or interview with. Is brought you by northeast electrical distributors beat cancer center at Beth Israel deaconess and crescent credit union.

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