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Adam Schefter: "I could see Brandon Lloyd back in New England"

Sep 9, 2013|

Adam told the guys that he can envision a scenario by which the Pats bring back Brandon Lloyd. He added that he still has trust in the Pats.

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Three Dennis and Callahan Kirk met a hand alongside on this patriot Monday. Our conversation with -- -- -- -- is to remind you to wake up the -- with Cumberland farms farm house blend coffee. With football insider Adam -- all in love with surprising delicious taste. It's amazing price of just 99 cents any size only act on farms and joins us on the AT&T hotline hello -- show after a long time no talk aren't much different. John Jerry cook are those same episode will be -- a few weeks. -- it's important. You know us very well adamant our job first and foremost. Is to overreact to one game one set of of stats one set of highlights and the reaction seems to be this morning. The one of the great quarterbacks of all time in the National Football League has been surrounded by just one weapon. Danny Amendola who may or may not stay on the field are our concerns justified. I think it's fair it is little wonder that and -- we are assembled here -- that we get the chance to watch the dunes in this room with about twelve different TVs on. And they hit -- reaction to some of the guys in their all the guys that don't count de Chris Carter and -- he shot him. Ditka and Ray Lewis everybody -- -- -- -- negated and Cris Carter just go all -- they also belong to so many of us. And extolled the virtues of being in Yemen billing and all options and -- -- the only -- that. Also would produce stronger summer and I I don't think -- -- -- Cris Carter was -- yesterday like -- You don't just lose these guys. And stick to these other guys and -- -- that machine is gonna run the same way you don't -- putting 93 against thanks to put into the seventh. And Putin that -- the engine responding exact same way and -- sort of situation you're I think it's gonna evolve over time and I think to expect them to be great early on right away. We got some of that chemistry is probably unrealistic. But I think we'll get better and improve over time now are your fears about the guy I think is something to it and we have a boat -- at a game like -- And you know how fragile he has been in the past. You can -- help but wonder. What if he's got what he's not here today and. -- -- like this animal like you know you. Eavesdropping on these guys especially Chris cutter because he either he does like -- because you never adds. Yeah he was going off yesterday I mean -- was -- rare form. Attributed guys who were critical of the patriots in there and these -- supporting cast this mediocre supporting cast that surrounded Tom Brady with. Do they attributed to arrogance that's the buzzword up here when things don't go well for Bill Belichick. When the moves he he may expect pars it's because he's arrogant is that when you hear. From the insiders you know down there. Hulu insiders are but I I think Britain England died pretty treat people are like that. Looking for a reason. Defiance of the won't -- wanna. Put something to defeat the patriots and yes I think when things don't go the way they want you know you utility can be addressed differently if not that easy you know. I put talk from the people who -- against. To keep the -- Cyrus hit a -- and so and so but it's still one of the most successful organization in all sports they -- the success and they had those Buddhist because they have been very good -- -- -- for very long period time. Like a lot of other radical change. -- and the easy question but by a few times fortune topic yesterday was a -- Brandon Lloyd and it was a great last year because certainly serviceable. Wife she still on the street forget the patriots why is he nowhere right now. Well a few things first -- -- think -- like -- the -- -- gave up -- the -- gave -- a lot of the patriots gave up bottom three teams in the span of less than two years right so that -- -- -- to a message that maybe just maybe. If they're stepping to the player now. And again he's -- didn't -- -- a good player in this league but clearly there's a reason that teams are giving up on whether it's the personality whether it's the -- -- would ever made big I don't know the actual reason but if you're that many teams. Who -- -- receiving help that are saying good -- you did it if there's a reason for. -- -- that sent him one of the great mysteries the offseason was the the trade. Anquan Boldin. Baltimore to San Cisco say. Sixth rounder did that at the time to make any sense to you and do you think maybe you've heard from other teams who said. They didn't call us we get a chance and they and they didn't ask us -- wanted to make an offer. Will you please let this has been a lot of time thinking about this yesterday and I actually a -- within a couple of people aren't. Temps go last night with little things that -- -- what Baltimore. Did not keep it crumbled it. -- -- dollar and 69 dollars which which you sit and watch it. Right now like this morning after that the former chief -- how can that be and I think this the ravens had -- own. The dentist to it would suffer a potential we see them in the injury in appreciation. They would have happily paid 69 dollars but that's not what happened and they made the decision that the team pressed up against the cap they had to take your Flacco. They had to come up with more money for other players at other positions. That needed cap space. And the way to do they thought was to have better wide receiver. They get word that six million dollars and so the invasion part of me as -- from the 4200 -- -- last night they should probably the podiums. Inquired. -- -- more about told his availability. And it's not comparability and it should I don't think there's any at all so this is one team. That went to Baltimore. To TrueCrypt on the -- because everybody saw that the ravens were gonna have to release them. So separatist widely. Swooped -- and and so okay we'll do this extra -- so it was just extra prepared Baltimore used to trade up. A few slots in the circuit not to go to a lot of back on the ground. Simply republic wrote the wide receiver yes they -- look like a total beast. Piece. OK the guy comes out there and was Colin Catholics go to guy. Is -- he's never been this guy who played with a broken base wants to go jackets it lately about brought. Come expected I wouldn't -- like all my god he's over like that's what I thought well -- what comes back out catching us it doesn't believe. Out of Brady's top three weapons as it appears now would be gronkowski hurt up plan -- bill. Injury prone element also with a knee injury history worst case scenario are -- viable options out there if these guys are not on the field for the patriots are there. Street free agents or other people out there that bit covered top your mind the -- say. That's only the patriots might bring in -- Deion Branch I suppose is over the hill and done correct. I would think that that might indicate I think Brent nobody will be guided OK if somebody guys -- not developing and haven't injured crops. Recoveries criminal slowly and whatever maybe you -- -- dire straights here. I think maybe you'd turn back to Brandon -- at that point about the -- the question. The umbrage and in my power that -- estimated that he could be persuaded under the right circumstances if they -- at the -- you want disarming. But I think -- would be more likely in -- doomsday scenario you're portraying right now. Hey guys it's unfair or better better put unwise to say after just one game -- -- patrons may not be Super Bowl material. Is also fair to respond and react to one Peyton Manning broncos' performance and say they are. Well we'll let let me just say this. I think it's unfair and -- To sir that the patriots. May not be suitable material and that the Broncos are after what -- period. This is an overreaction Monday OK okay and on this very special one game. European -- into the greatest smut Betsy king's statement that he came to the best in the league like team is no good -- cubicle to super. And let's -- some. Which would -- some -- -- before we can make judgments it's still and that matter. I don't know. I don't I don't that there will be a little like I -- it but the fact that boost that New England. Similar ratio a key as -- -- troopers reported seemed. Still -- divisional road game tonight it into rooted in -- And gave -- -- -- -- favored by you on twelve and how. Yeah metadata that they got plenty of time when they don't look great but it looks as impressive for everybody that they Rhode. I mean I'd -- -- combat robot hello everybody thought it didn't happen OK and -- out the last. -- a lot of work pretty complete some -- to keep its durable plastic but. And they know it didn't put in there the weather -- sort of going to be a lot of games over the course -- that that happens and and ultimately all you want to come out with a WWW. On the road -- in particular. What do you think happens Thursday night adamant tell me this about but the jets have a competition open competition for the quarterback spot. Today have it like Monday Tuesday Wednesday and and then pick -- quarterback. You can go to historic there's an -- -- just within that team's quarterback right adjustment yesterday. It looked like he went out and played like college tablet but. The basically you need to go well that makes -- good decision to give that team for one week at least a little bit a hole that maybe to add something there he was mobile. He he doubts that he was resilient. He made pursuant to the idea at all is that. In the -- -- had five penalties on third -- that turned jets' first including the one that everybody remember about it David where. Because that play goes that way now were talking about just it -- upbeat optimistic tones. But the fact that he did play pretty good for rookie in his first game and he will be restored until tonight for the jets. When they do account to Foxborough and the one thing that. You can -- that the -- is good defense is pretty good and Rex Ryan. -- world bravado and all his faults. He is still a good decent football coach of that team can play defense and that people we will be -- -- and I know there's no reason that no emotion when the game against. The fact is that the jets were a bit better than I think people have portrayed in this summer. You're ESPN colleague now Ray Lewis yesterday sitting there red flags -- the patriots had to have known something about Aaron Hernandez that's fair to disagree with that. Assure every can do about him coming I mean -- that stood at that that he. Well -- occasion to meet everybody knows that some of these guys have -- he can anybody predicts that will be and follow in something. I would say that I mean and if they didn't then. It would never happen in every dressing indicated that that support that really secondary. It took us to the extension. Is losing -- thing we need to know elements such a talent that you you fuel. Good enough about him to go that direction. And I think everybody knows that these guys have -- it's amazing I mean every year -- -- because it is for the address and port through my notebook. And you can see. Certain guys are that teams are really concerned about it you know and sometimes. It is solid nobody said anything about Aaron Hernandez the first couple years like -- the patriots will again went with a really bad guy. That was awesome team sport and nobody sitting just like do you know anybody right now. Ripping up the side of the Arizona Cardinals drafted Tyrone Matthew. Not today not. Now -- but. Hey we. In the same thing you could dismiss. If you commit murder. You could never say you saw that come and didn't matter how small. May have murdered just takes everything else off the table it's murder if he got busted for smoking or drugs or stealing drugs that are or hit his wife for drunk driver and you say we knew it was a bad guy. Can't say we do we was a murderer. That that that's correct that's my point like you don't concerns and questions about god there are other players a couple of -- -- smoke pot who has been in trouble with the law would -- -- -- change and -- that it wasn't the first. And in fact the flag and some of these other guys. All of a more extensive than the ones and I guarantee you there was something. We -- him. That allowed him to be involved whatever he -- it didn't that we didn't like I mean it was our ideas but but it will -- -- what happened. That's at the trial before but. How could anybody predicted. Somebody would be. Part of that anything like that. Well let that's why in the pregame yesterday at a called the most shocking offseason story the offseason -- the news that may be in the history of benefit. It's funny about that you don't have a bad back then sent -- The script on Saturday -- the route and they say hey you know the produces peace I will personally get okay. I used should what you say -- -- it would it would really be in the most shocking story of the all seated. And they present and you want change and I suggest. I would like they're mood is one of the most shocking intermission were shot and still associated. Movement any NFL offseason because those they knew about it. Those in addition I've been telling you tell me. But number two would be well there's no there's apps there's no competition no -- -- -- -- Ray Lewis is too. And most shocking story. They had any -- -- -- -- I've got to maybe I was wrong that I that it -- that second part didn't read the book the most shocking story this -- across the united. Shockey could open the coliseum. I didn't pick up a little bit shocking the -- and I think that you know maybe there have been other drugs like. Michael Vick did dogs like that that's pretty stunning. Okay. And they Lewis great public -- -- that was pretty silly to say that's why I don't understand automatically this is one and I'm sure there have been other things that. I'm just not calling from maybe the forties or fifties or sixties but. I mean -- that's why I added on Saturday that exact line that you're referring. Am I going back to third tonight's opponent the New York Jets -- one Sanchez we believed to be is quarterback it's a one Smith I -- to be good quarterback. If geno does nothing to distinguish himself in the next week or two. Whenever Sanchez is ready to combat. -- that little soap opera play itself out who wins who loses. We're gonna give -- away. Okay immunity should be the winner I don't know what the US that the quarterback direction job a job is to get the man that is basically -- that organization at this time. So -- that's who he wants and it was broadridge -- -- the Rudy did yesterday. Then I think that statistic and -- also address. Which -- split this out well wishes with the jets six weeks from now -- two and forward to what spot it was Steve Smith loose. Horrible. In this conference is being shattered in. There's no reason is that the term -- to a quarterback there's no future with them. Well I didn't give -- -- reps to somebody who's going to be -- But he's capable of being -- -- -- this team for a long -- that's where they need to go left and I don't want. -- to -- I think the -- And the topic what do you were quoted in the past domestic investment and and blowing something -- we're seeing he's the guy going forward. It's up at a always I would you give Sanchez -- back to lose that has got his head bands that. I don't know that I -- Mostly people and a lot of money and go post to take this thing this didn't they audit they are. -- out of the brand was horrible. It's horrible it is it's just not trouble a good NFL look out. I I can argue with you on that one bit. It gets the animal has always good -- -- -- have a great Monday -- after our conversation with -- has been brought to you by -- -- -- -- with the issues farm house blend coffee today and DCU digital federal credit union. What in DC you save you and that always Adam joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T. Nation's fastest and now most reliable Ford GL TE network.

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