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NFL Sunday: The Athletic QB and the Read-Option -- Flavor of the Month or The Future of Football?

Sep 8, 2013|

The gang chats about the big fad that caught on last season with multiple teams using athletic QB's and even inputting college-type offenses with options. Is this here to stay? The guys discuss the advantages and the drawbacks to that style of football in the NFL.

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And I got a I tweet early this morning from one of the people who is volunteering. And working along the route today as the Jimmy Fund walk. Point six miles for a great cause and he said Dayton would be listening on the radio as they were helping out and volunteering in which I sincerely appreciate -- but they're volunteering. And that they're listening so for those of you who are may be listening in on your radio as you make your way on the Jimmy Fund walk. A great cause welcome to the program we enjoy -- with -- -- and we hope that. We take your mind off what your feeder feeling her at least a little while as we work between now and and noon today. -- better people than me as I don't think I could do 26 miles right now. And got Levy we appreciate what you -- out there. And nice that the volunteers are listening to we appreciate they've got the -- on out. Along the courses well let's talk a little bit about running the football -- you had a guy last year who ran for over 2000 yards there's the thought that. Heck if things went well he can run for 2500 yards or some spent we party talked -- is hardy talked about the patriots running game and what Ridley did here last year and what. It is expected Ridley and -- are gonna do it's such a cyclical game. Are we in a running cycle now we're going into a running cycle in the NFL Ers it's still bombs away foot. All judge you remember a time last year. I'm guessing maybe you might have been an offseason question movement and bureau there early September interview with the -- fell to one of the press conferences. And they pressed him on this issue of you know the given in this conversation is that it's a passing -- now with the league being a passing league double and a passing league and he wouldn't concede it. And I think that's important I think you could you could reasonably say that it's moved to more solvent spread packages but people still run the ball from that. The tempo was hire a lot of teams are pressing the issue of that. But I think at the end of the day there's always going to be running game and it made that you know the percentage numbers may slide. From 5545. On one side to 5545 in the other but don't ever expect that this passing league is going to be global 730 in elect kind of thing. You got to establish a running game. To create the opportunities in the pass game and vice Versa if I was just take you to at the other exactly when is always going to be that way you'll never escape that truth yeah so I don't think too hard core car hardcore coach. The lives his life in the film room breaking this stuff down he knows he can't have one without the social role going to be tough to get them to concede as much now. We live in spreadsheets and an end to -- box scores and things like that fantasy football league's. You might get that impression. I really don't think that's a reality on the field slightly the -- move one way or the other but it is -- -- week like you mentioned they also don't expect it not to come back the other way when it goes too far one direction. Matt I think there's something cute -- because -- remember that exchange he had it was he was over the course of training camp last year and so when asked him by Corey Dylan and he said commuted -- when asked him can you imagine -- dealing getting a chance to carry the ball 30350. Times. -- injuries passing Elie Kenny said hey Corey Daniel if Cory Dylan showed up now he could carry the ball 300 times there have. I do I I think that a good back is always going to be in demand that I think that. If your coach in your gifted with someone like -- Foster or Adrian Peterson or Doug Moore -- her arms are Alfred -- -- whoever. I think you'd be crazy not to lean on them on a consistent basis in give them a football 300 plus times a year I just think that. Go to the bottom line is a talented football player in the town of football player Bryant matter what Ares plane it. There's been a lot of talk this summer and especially the last couple weeks. About quarterbacks who have become running backs. Particularly with the read option in and I used Colin -- McKenzie is the example because. That was the beat interchange the -- that took place this week. You've got a great match up today with San Francisco against Green Bay Clay Matthews junior talked about the opportunity to -- elect on -- -- when he. Isn't a quarterback in the pocket anymore but becomes a running back. That brought Jim Harbaugh -- into the mix and talking about the possibility of targeting players quote on quote his term not mine. But. The fact of the matter is you've got more quarterbacks taking more -- than ever before CE RG three in the time he missed in Washington. Yeah and the reality of what is it. They're not always taking his -- in the read option plays the often taken it in the moved the pocket pass plays with a just make a decision that the Mets actually RG -- her Lester actually wasn't one of the read option play is it wasn't there wasn't that. So -- I think you're definitely gonna put yourself -- more apparel but by virtue of doing that. But what's different I think now than in the past is look at. You guys in the past and haven't had a -- successfully J. P. Losman you know also thrown through the bills topic this week was a guy that can make a lot of plays the street. But the reason you don't see the -- success the reason those guys don't sort of excel in this league is because it would do the other port and an equally high comfort level. So the only reason we're having this conversation about RG three about cap -- -- about Russell Wilson is because three point competent and on site. What guys I'll say this too they Andrew Luck is a better running quarterback and RG three I mean -- -- if you -- -- doesn't look like it tries to what march yeah I just doesn't do it much but I mean it's. -- -- -- to be included in the conversation as well I think that ultimately. It did that the read option is nice in the way I know kind of battle got to chime in on this but I think the read option is a little bit of flavor of the month the kind of feel to it. I think the reality is you want a guy who can maybe mix in a little bit of that not. You'll does not become a team that -- it's overly reliant on that because I think it's going to be eventually sniffed out. But I think the threat of it is -- in May be some of what people did on Thursday night in in May be. You know I don't wanna bring up his name but you know maybe -- the third string quarterback number five who were doing and over the course the pre season you know you. Teams will eventually find a guy like that to me be run it on a semi regular basis but I don't think that teams are going to be -- I don't think -- gonna go all in on the read option McChrystal. I think the important point is the -- element. You have to have the threat of something else you'll have to consistently held to a few more the world -- his pocket quarterback we still just out. Basically Tom Brady Drew Brees Aaron Rodgers and who -- who can make plays this viewed as well Peyton Manning -- your pockets sports. But there will always guys who could make plays of their few Randall Cunningham was was -- disagree with Ron Amadon made a lot of plays -- his -- John Elway made plays with his feet. But in the absence of extreme competence in hillside you don't know about these guys so you got a W both. And I think the most important thing that you shouldn't overlook is that is quoted as Tom Brady and those and as rare as the Tom Brady's -- means the world are. It's equally rare to find a guy with a track speed cap or Mexican throw the ball pretty well. That they -- that they have the skill set but RG three few people on the planet have that so don't expect it now they've opened that door and there's a hundred other guys waiting to walk in the can do it at that same love I just don't think that's the case. Well and Tony Dungy had an interesting interesting point about the read option and and those types of offenses and quarterbacks. He -- you're seeing more and more teams in college running at an -- back to my point about quarterbacks apparently able to step right in and -- No viable NFL quarterbacks almost instantly. And and that two -- the come reminder Russell Wilson and Colin can't predict who stepped again. You don't win that offensive background and -- obviously you know -- was it a different animal you know he he was the consensus. First overall pick in the draft. But dungy points -- you seem more colleges running it it sort of seems logical to think that it may percolate up. Like there's a reason that you or not -- as a as a passing quarterback in high school systems it's pretty rare we find it -- sits back there picks apart and you're gonna have. Lots of holes in high school defense system -- places to go with the ball. Then you come to college you might that sort immediately might be you're two in children that got -- Richard sophomore but it's very rare rebuke for years an awful system. Nor those guys -- for that good your problem leave after junior year. Pocket quarterback missile that takes a lot of time and you look -- look at Tom when he was sharing reps at Michigan. He was not the guy he is he was later Reza pro being a really phenomenal pocket Corbett a lot of time and development. That's said of the easier the fast track way is to find guys that can -- little bit of both it's a simplified offense you can drop the mandate cannot successor. And I think we're looking at a cyclical roster like you have in college work you know you might have -- -- -- the -- on the next year quarterback -- in the air to your windows. So can you teach him to be this top level top notch -- of -- probably not. It makes more sense. That said we're gonna failure look at her ten year old longevity you're looking to build some of the communicable long. And that's why I think it's a little bit different you wanna teach or preach because you know if it's a running quarterback only if you had to spend ten years at Michigan that be a different conversation. You might not be able withstand the hits the tenure in the NFL as a pocket -- the finally depicts the fewest hits the -- position as Peyton Manning. Because just gets the ball is in its pick -- picked up -- so I think it's really sort of a different gold a different game and that's why they do do different things. While we're talking about this did you guys see the -- the Buick you game last night. I did not now because if you like the quarterback ran for like 300 something yards against Texas and just they did -- just rolled up on Texas and they didn't. Did that kind of thing looks nice in the box score but vigilant to match point I just I don't know if that can translate to the next level what to do with it was fascinating to watch because this quarterback just took that it took this deference and regular friendly warm Weather Underground there was it was it was just fun to watch but it's you know you don't know if that's sustainable -- you know over the course -- -- a -- -- pro or college career. Well you kind of gave a little bit of life to somebody on the AT&T -- like -- who said at a boy Chris price Tebow can make plays with his feet no problem here but somewhere. The point am I I I -- stress here and and I believe me we're not gonna spend much time talking about Tim Tebow. The guys that we mentioned cap and I'll Russell Wilson other guys -- can -- Yes hit there there's a dual threat that makes them sole viable and makes them so dangerous. Tim Tebow really is a much of a threat because all you're gonna do we stop the run. I think you need to have a multi dimensional skills that if you're going to be able to do that I I think when you look at capita company can run but -- can also deliver very clean ball and I think that's the kind of quarterback that you need. Now look at the next generation maybe Mandela -- god maybe he can make it translate to the next -- you we can deliver a still a huge yes the arms strengthening of the pocket presence and he has the ability to kind of command all three of those aspects but. I I think that ultimately you know -- to your point -- it for -- well taken -- that you need a quarterback who can excel in all areas not just a guy who's kind of a gadget guy. I like Johnny -- and sell for instance coming up through the college ranks in the Heisman Trophy. He's guy who can -- great to throw the ball if he survives right but I -- just saying he can he can do ball. He he is -- a dual threat where you know Michael -- I I always said it was the best running back in the National Football League you know and maybe Adrian Peterson. Part of his his problems early on was he couldn't throw once -- to throw the football then it became more much more viable. It's intermediate accuracy in the was and the reason after steam sort of hit -- I think that -- you know the fact about the -- is ridiculous in itself if you guys know me but. Yes -- stats and info I think sent out some charts this week where they showed where the passes me enough or completed dated a sort of a hit. -- to -- like a dot spreadsheet receive all the nonsense all the page I think that was -- actually was aground at Yucca. So sought dialogue whoever did it in the and he got -- around the universe but. Anyway they. It was interesting to see that -- the rule issues -- in the intermediate passing. That's for the accuracy matters that were most of the vols need to hit so it's not in control to go route who -- through the check down you're going to be able find most people do that the real high -- see the guys that are good. The guys that can hit the twelve yard -- cut the yard out route. -- fifteen yard comeback intermediate routes that's for life is -- We'll take quick break when we come back on the other side of the flash at top the hour with -- of the -- we will break down the Patriots offense. And when you see Tom Brady's numbers against the buffalo defense that'll be the first part of the hour. A later on in the -- look at the buffalo offense against the Patriots defense NFL Sunday continues here on Sports Radio WB.

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