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NFL Sunday: The Boys Look Back at Game #1 Between Denver and Baltimore and Some of the Other Goings-On in the NFL

Sep 8, 2013|

Dale, Matt and Chris address the amazing output by the Broncos offense on Thursday night and what they can draw from that game. Is Baltimore taking a step back, and if so, are Denver the new top team of the AFC? They also talk about some of the new guys in the league and how college players adapt to the style of play in the pros.

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-- two NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEEI. I I know full well what the Red Sox have done so far. Three games and their New York beat down as you heard Scott say a moment ago they wrapped up the weekend's series at Yankee Stadium this afternoon. And believe me I couldn't be more excited about what's happened and how much fun it's been -- watch this offense. And and under normal circumstances. We'd be talking Red Sox baseball but. I it is NFL Sunday it is the beginning of the patriots season it's the program that we put on the air here. So we take a respite a three hour respite from the baseball talked map -- -- any less excited about it than anybody else because it's a blast to watch this weekend. But this is the part of the of the -- programming where we talk about the start of the NFL season. It did start on Thursday. We saw team the defending Super Bowl champions looked like a team that have lost a lot of parts which they have in the off season. We site Denver team that added a real key offensive part and look really good offensively. Pretty much what we expected all the may be -- the seven touchdown passes was a little more than we expected but. But having said all that was there anything out of that game -- -- I'll start with you that. It led you to believe that the balance of power and in the American football conferences is more wide is there's a wider gap there than we thought there was going to be. Map I don't take much away from a Thursday game -- played -- a couple times I just. It's it's an awesome event for the NFL -- huge kickoff thing. What -- so outside of the box it's just it's it's the first pitch you know I you're not gonna learn a -- from that I think a lot of the the film study the teams -- moving forward. You're not gonna you're not there's not a dealer replication of the play calls even that you saw in that game from week two to 34 when you -- in one of those two teams so. If you don't you don't take a ton from it I think gives a Denver fan you're excited about while we could have the super prolific offense and the defense isn't a question mark maybe that we thought it was today. Can you make it through October healthy you know are all these people going to be -- kinds of things seven touchdowns you'll never see you again I don't think we need to worry about that. Baltimore looked a little ragged and I think this may be the Super Bowl hangover I think teams off -- go through that. It's not entirely on Tom probably was our our game and in our game against the ball buffalo -- 31 and often have we lost border war game that was coming off of. -- support for a that was season after America no that was 2002 because 2003 was when he got -- the -- flu season opener Erica well and my point is. Moot but I -- well and -- Well but anyhow the point is it's not it's understandable for a team that was not much is expected of them that ran through the gauntlet. Wins the Super Bowl champ -- comes back all loses half the -- all the play makers. The legendary figure that heads that organization and ray Lewis and looks a little Wragge we wanted to really rough road trip that should have been all himself. My point is don't take it home from -- if we're still talking in the same terms a month from now I put some legitimacy to that. Ravens got hosed I think ultimately the -- really got hosed I really do it I think you know we can argue about the logistics of baseball -- football but the you know if that's a home game and nothing of people meaning doesn't throw for seven touchdowns even if the games in Baltimore but I think Baltimore earned that right to host that game. And did -- I I think in the long. Which you met today I think that if there's one Jamie throw out if it's a -- one. I think that sort of ceremonial first pitch of getting really really I think the power structure in Baltimore is such that if I'm a ravens fan I have faith that they can get the thing turned around and figured out. I you know maybe they're not a Super Bowl team again this year but I have a hard time believing that the ravens are not going to be one of those teams. Did did -- going to be playing into January just because they are who PR they have John Harbaugh -- Flacco they every right state of Leo so many great elements on both sides the ball so many important elements but it really in the long run. I do I think the ravens got hosed in this level. Exit as a player and a coach effort -- going back and reviewing tape that you you're trying to determine if the team we have coming up next week is a good team is a bad team those kind of things. In the ravens had an ugly way damaged or lost skewed when you go back and watch and you find the reasons for one for why they were giving up place. If their -- beat physically or have any difficulty matching certain people that so okay they might have some deficiencies. When you see them making errors like literally cutting it tight and loose on a double -- move -- the mill buildings on covered. It looked racquet I mean there are a lot of dollars and Harbaugh the media covered that is post game press doctors like this was -- he's the kind of things you're going into a Monday meeting we all hashing out hey. This is what you gonna do in the situation it is you get rid of the mental mistakes so as -- as if Baltimore your opponent next week you can't count on the errors. Because that that throws and a couple off. One of the things it's important remember to a bill has said it and I'm sure he said it to you now when you're playing is that. You you don't really know the team you have until you get out there you know you can you can game play and over the course -- the spring in the summer and they'll go through the preceding and how do you think you have a pretty good idea and you think you have a good handle as to where you are you really don't know who you war until you step on the field for the first time. And then you kind of find some sort of calibration and you say okay we need more this blessed us and I think maybe that's one of the things that the ravens -- -- -- -- Having said that and despite the fact that the defending Super Bowl champions came out of the AFC is it safe to say as I believed to be the case. But the balance of power in the National Football League belongs in the NFC. It is it is a deeper better conference -- the AFC right now. Top to bottom yeah I agree with -- top to bottom I think particularly when you look at the NFC west the top two teams the NFC west the Seahawks in the 49 is a big -- -- teams right now. Are far and away the class of the NFL again we're sitting here you know seeing this in -- one and obviously things could change. You know 234 weeks down the road but I think when your looking. At the more powerful conference if you're just looking at PC vs the NFC from top to bottom. I think yes he has for super -- I don't know that is you know not a mistake an -- -- -- Bjorkman I would try to make is that it is Cortes I felt about San Francisco and his people all those kinds of things and same with Seattle and those sort of the the -- can Mitchell -- migrate to now they still were they were were softened them. That the team it just got hot in the AFC the in the last season so yes. But because of parity MB clubs away this thing looks out over relatively short season. I don't know author's -- I mean I've Seattle's a team that won but three weeks in the September last year was on know -- to radar Russell Wilson -- even exist in most people's minds. And I was the hot its biggest thing that ever want to expect in a bounce back your from -- and I think he'll be a good player. But it's just such a huge projection to assume -- -- -- -- -- -- -- might be and you might -- the apps are right I'm -- about money at public vote that way. But because of the uncertainty in his league I don't know -- area I think San Cisco could very conceivably take it and not -- they they weren't a team that use their height and much only found Vernon Davis in December. And then they can be relied heavily on Michael Crabtree and Randy Moss -- -- part of all the people were gone there going to be line a lot of young receivers. Kind of walk out like New England is so. -- them back their 'cause they got the poster boy cap and it I'm just I'm not there yet Seattle same way we'll Russell Wilson have a CT that we don't now. But that's what makes this so interesting to me out when we restart talking adapt to just presume that teams hole. Take off of their last year and have a percentage increase it doesn't always work that -- book is which is why -- like this game I think it makes it that much more interest. If there's a common theme in the National Football League over the past two years and and we don't know what the results will be this year yet but we know what the results were last year. It's that. Young even rookie quarterbacks are ready to play at the National Football League level much much sooner than they were in the past they're better prepared at the collegiate level. I think that the style of offense suits the athletic young quarterbacks -- we look at Andrew Luck and RG three and Russell Wilson and guys like that last year. You've got more. Well one I think probably gonna fail miserably in New York with the jets but you've got EJ Manuel starting today against the patriots again young quarterbacks is almost the trend in the NFL right now press. I agree -- did anything can we talked about this a number times last tripping one of the things that those guys last year had in their favor in addition to being tremendously talented -- -- very Smart was they -- with coaches. Who understood their talents and understood how to maximize their talents and understood that. They couldn't be as dogmatic in their approach may be as they were in years past talking about guys like Shane and its newest especially you know if it. I think the situation set -- very nicely for that group I don't know. If every single group of rookie quarterbacks every single year is going to come into this is a really similar situation. I'm really intrigued by by this kid here in buffalo in any Jamie noise I know you do feel like you're kind of damning him with faint praise but I think. This is a guy who probably in this quarterback class has the highest ceiling because he offers such unique skill set yes and read option ability. Plus he showed an ability ethical region to deliver a very consistent ball he completed almost 70% of his passes. As a college player Florida State so he does have some multi dimensional ability -- you might be a little bit too much state to ask him to knock off the patriots in the first career start but. I think this group of rookie quarterbacks. But there's. It's it's still open ended in I I do think although when that in the long run I don't think there are ultimately going to be as successful last year's group for memory. I think there's there's there's there's a college compiled this in Dale's point as the -- on -- won't go here for too long but. You watch what's going on the -- levels of these these top global programs Braxton Miller in Ohio State is running an office looks a lot like the stuff were seen on Sundays. Some of these young -- should be surprised with the Urban -- running the program exactly and Devin Gardner in Michigan a lot of these guys that can do both it's no longer just the running you know just a running quarterback it's the -- can be proficient at both. The ruling puts a stress on the edge guys 'cause he's athletic and -- But it's competent enough to throw the ball on the field. Working as a Nebraska all these guys I mean there's there's there's. There's a reason the transition is a little easier the third they're being asked -- lot of the same things. Heck number I mean another guy though the freshman quarterback at Penn State who is being too little music it is two bullets from bill O'Brien and that was the old patriots offensive coordinator. It's reasonable expect that these guys -- gas and a lot to do. At that don't level the things will be asking to -- year one when the walk in the NFL I really think that helped the transition is why this is easier. Busy day man -- -- going in and in and have some amazing performance in knocked off one of the top teams in -- -- first week not necessarily. But I think it's a good indication that he's not going to be asked to do a lot of thinks today but he was months ago down in Tallahassee. I will say this to Matt in it's important and then Iraq wrote about this this week there when you look at the performances of the rookie quarterbacks who did very well against the patriots in their first start against old -- check. One of the things that they all realized I think collectively put their coaches in and bury themselves. It is that they shouldn't be asked to win the game on the road when you go back can you look at what Russell Wilson did. He got a great performance from his defense is well within wide receivers when you go button in look at what Colt McCoy did a couple of years ago he got a hundred -- something yards from green -- -- as well as a great performance from his defense here you go back elbow back to Ben Roethlisberger against you guys in 2004. Got a great performance from the from Jerome Bettis in his defense it's a complementary game and I think they have to understand any -- -- -- understand -- world has to understand. That to beat the patriots -- rookie quarterback you can't put the game on your shoulder got to get great performance of from the guys around. And of course some degree of that honor on voter tires because it takes agree office -- protect the angry people catch the ball on the running game's got to be there and if you're the bills from that perspective. I feel okay. You got Fred Jackson got CJ Spiller and have a bunch of new youth he weapons in -- receiving corps and you have a tight in the -- has given this team problems are you least. Go in knowing you have a fighting chance next hour we will specifically look at the Patriots offense against the bills defense and segment due. We'll flip but look at the Patriots defense against the bills offense. That's a long way around me saying and CJ Spiller is a much bigger deal today than EJ Manuel. If the Buffalo Bills have a chance to beat the patriots and -- that much of one but we'll get in all of that next hour as well take quick break. Welcome back in just a couple of minutes Chris prices an orchard park New York. I'm Matt Chatham is here in studio with me Tom. 1130 yourself NFL Sunday Sports Radio W the.

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