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NFL Sunday: Dale Arnold, Matt Chatham and Chris Price are Back for Another Season

Sep 8, 2013|

It's finally here - Week #1 of the NFL Season. The guys get the intros out of the way and discuss the long list of changes for the new-look New England Patriots.

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Mean I I hate to start week one hop. On and how note but. I'll just point out to folks that the show's been called NFL Sunday for twenty years. It is the longest running sports show in Boston radio or television and for twenty years it's been known as NFL Sunday and I'm sorry I'm just not gonna call a pro football's on. Because I think it sounds stupid and do an organ out here in just the second we'll see FL Sunday next. If we build -- a pro football Sunday are NFL Sunday or whatever it's I'm so that it. About the literally when the open -- was the first time I've heard it was called that and I don't quite know why I mean. Tell me. Say it -- -- if there talk about it. As I mentioned this show has run now. For over twenty years and -- deltic this morning when I got ready I was up very early getting ready for the show and I thought back to. Ron Hobbs and Kevin -- since Steve melts in the original trio. Co hosts on the program with me and through the years we have -- cycled through great football mines like Christian Fauria and Troy brown and Kevin ball. And the current incarnation of NFL Sunday is just as good as any of those. -- it includes former patriot linebacker and three time Super Bowl champion Matt Chatham who's here in studio with me. The superb NFL and patriot beat reporter for WEEI dot com. Chris Pryce who is on the line from orchard park New York crossroads of a million lives were crime never takes a holiday good morning press good morning to you guys are you guys doing all -- want to follow. And got Tommy current from Comcast sports net will join us later on in the program will he's all Orchard Park today and and will join -- -- -- -- When stuff. -- a half -- but you'll join us in the past for NFL Sunday welcome back happy to have you with us. Those of you Gordon the program -- just get something out of the way right off the -- is it always comes up. We'll just we'll just get out of the way out now and to some people know. On every single program on this radio station other than this one. You take uncles and you talked to fans -- on every other gate -- that I work on this radio station of the in this one I take phone calls and talked pants. From the date of this program was set designed and implemented twenty years ago. It has never taken phone calls. Quite honestly we try to -- it might have phones started at hand and there are all that phone call what we just never did it. -- and there are a couple of reasons behind at the most important reason was that we try to jam as much football information and a three hours as weekend. And to get or different phone calls in the course of a two hour period. All telling us how Tom Brady's gonna have four touchdown passes today is kinda takes away from the information flow that we try to. To get into we're happy to hear from the on on text on the AT&T text line at 37937. Were happy to hear from you. On Twitter. If you like to join us on Twitter we're always happy to -- you know -- comments or questions there as well. Not -- Chatham 58. Act seat price NFL. -- Tom current or at dale. Just normal course of events we don't take phone call we talked about football. In fact when the show started twenty years ago we actually. The sub title of the program was for that -- stock and football which is. What we've -- with this whole thing I hit it has been. The most news worthy offseason in the history of the New England Patriots. If you think about on and off the field. If you think about it and he lost one of the most prolific wide receivers in the history of the patriots when. You didn't elect to re sign him any and he went to yours. Conference rival and another really good quarterback in Wes Welker now playing in Denver. You had what five offseason surgeries for your all world tight end the guy that many people thought what's on the path -- the hall payment may ultimately end up there anyway. To some -- opera that has not going to be able to play as the season opens today. And of course real world. We know that. The most horrific story you can possibly imagine. Tight end Aaron Hernandez arrested ultimately charged with first degree murder sits in a jail cell this morning was arraigned this past week. And will of reportedly go to trial sometime within the next year. -- there were a bunch of other smaller sub plots and stories that went on but Chris this has been an off season like no other in the history of this team. And that's saying something when you consider the history of this franchise which has had some pretty guns go off seasons in the past you know you you don't you talk about. The loss of Welker the loss of Fernando isn't it it just seemed to be it it just seemed to go from one unbelievable story to another I always tell people want. You went when the Tebow thing is like the fifth most eventful thing -- mean in your off season you you know it's been crazy because you were Tebow you can go that weird notice. I avoided that and buy them at night that was -- there in -- -- first round draft pick her name atop their -- and I actually didn't know. We haven't talked about the draft -- and all the comings and going and you with a brain and -- situation in a Villa Dante Stallworth -- -- with field and -- ballooning accident it's just didn't even know that congress. It was absolutely ridiculously eventful offseason but we'll see this in my experience with them. Down there over the course of you know the last month or so through pre season through training camp. I always go back to divisions -- -- is for me kind of the captain of that locker he's thinking you know Brady is -- -- the CEO but you guys like -- really run -- locker room in Vince. Always goes back to the idea of you know we understand. How -- Unbelievably -- did the Armenian historians and we understand the gravity of the situation but at the same time. We have a job to do that sign out front -- you know that's an affront to ignore the noise and their job right now was to ignore the North American over the course the last month. Beat -- pretty good job of that. Insult that it's it's very noticeable -- -- and it's something I think that helps in your in your life when you get out of that place. Stop you you know you wanna think about all those different things are going on the -- focus on. And in topic is my job as a special teams guy look at how does that help me recognize which return on scene you know farm outs Elena how does that help -- record -- what plays coming up. I know it's bad I know it's got you know that there are some emotions attached to it makes great story elected I could fixate on. What if I really wanna figure out how I'm delegates CJ Spiller on the ground. War room is there in my mind stuff I mean that's just really what's preached around there and it's not just a marketing messages just not be yes. Trying to control people really help your source the distractions really become a problem if you Letterman. You know the patriots. Kind of rolled through a pre season with a three and one record their only loss they got trashed in Detroit -- forty -- nine. One at Philadelphia 3122. Beat Tampa Bay 2521. Beat the giants 28 money. I will say this through the course of the four game pre season when it was number ones against number ones which is all I ever really assess when I watch it. The Patriots offense was better than I expected it to be. And I don't think that the way the regular season starts out. If you got some deficiencies they may get masked because you're gonna play buffalo today you're gonna play the jets on Thursday you're gonna play Tampa Bay and we number three if you do have issues on offense and I happen to think they do. They may get mask didn't end you may not. They may not come to the forefront you're going to be missing some people just today. With Aaron Dobson now I'm not being able to make the trip and unavailable. None of us expected Rob Gronkowski was gonna play in week one so that didn't exactly shock any of us. Chris were you pleasantly surprised by the offense are there still questions for you. I think there's some questions particularly in the passing game if all of those disparate parts in the passing game can kind of come together over the course of the first 68 weeks I will say this that. I think a lot of people we're gonna get into this I know during the course the shown over the course this season but. A lot of people are sleeping on the fact I think this is a really sneaky good running -- I think people are completely forgetting the fact that Steven -- ran for 12100 yards last year. I think people need to look at a guy like Shane Vereen who if he stays healthy I think is poised for very good season I think they're gonna rely on him. To take up the slack for guys like Welker in Hernandez and would head. I think this group of running backs could really be important over the first 62 weeks over the course this season as. All of these new faces in the passing -- start to come together announcing they're gonna completely ignore the passing game but I think. That I wouldn't be surprised to see big performances that -- especially when you consider three the first six teams are some of the worst run defense is a week. In so Steven Ridley Shane Vereen and those guys so leaderboard I think those guys are poised for pretty good season I think those guys are going to be leaned on pretty heavily. While this passing you starts to come together. Having said all of that though I I do think the running game may have some difficulties if the passing game. Isn't anywhere close to being as prolific as it's been in in recent years. I'm Matt would know much better about this than I would if you're if you're a little less worried about. In of the all world tight end tandem in Wes Welker scorching you're down the slot. You've got guys coming up into the box and all of a sudden Steven Ridley may find it a lot harder to run the football. That's a fair point and I think it's it's -- murdered football -- probably guitar to hear me say that but I think this'll be one of the years were you find out just tells how much he both sides you know Tom. Finds those additional -- finds those mismatches because people or stretched. People were concerned that you might run the ball on the throat as well and that creates the one on ones that creates Batman makes them pull out the double teams you don't you're no longer have the deep pulpit you have to -- that -- well. And that the thing that was the new -- I think from this team not only this team across the league but. Teams that are more willing to really commit to the running game. From -- personnel groupings from from wide receiver first packages from the put three wide receiver on the field or to keep two tied in -- don't have -- -- -- and even the box. The commitment to trying to run the ball no situation basically stretching unilaterally rather of the vertically to create lanes. And what that stresses defense is that makes you have to go to more athletic long guys because you have to cover more ground it's not just. You know the walls and trying to just push people yarder to into the backfield. Beat you up to separate from a block and cover the real foreground the space -- I was faster than you. That's why you see Tommy Kelly's body types that's what you see Chandler Jones more valuable people like that. Sort of the the commuter the KGB body in and then did JPP all these kinds of longer leaner guys because once they spread you out. Not only have to cover ground -- tackles catch guys and you know catch running backs in the in the passing game. You have to catch you have to do what happened running backs in space in -- really tough to do. I will -- let me different report will say this -- I do think the difference lies somewhere in the middle I think they're sending to the idea that a lot of team for playing nickel and I'm Lester to -- and you know avoid getting burned by Tom Brady but I do think when you consider the fact that bid again this is a really good young group running backs. And I think they're starting to come into their -- and and I also think they've been in this is something we've been in Ivins guilty about it is is there any other media member. We're forgetting the fact that this is a really good offensive line and I -- there were some questions over the course the pre season. You know what's gonna happen right guard is he always is Disney told the rated got to take the next step but I think history tells us that. Dante Scarnecchia is gonna have these guys ready to go you know when that when the when the lights come on pin and I think this. Again you know you look at that the body of the work that they've been able to put together. I think when you throw that into had been there when you look at the offense in totality. I think this is a pretty good running game it's going to garner some good yardage -- Let's talk Tom Brady for just a moment because I think he was one of the offseason stories as well by -- -- all accounts. I see -- -- the parking spot he was there for the vast majority of the offseason workouts and based on the things I've read he has spent more time in this off season. Than ever before and had to try to get a young and very inexperienced. Wide receiver group up to speed with what the Patriots offense is like. I think -- long gives an indication that Brady understands. There's a lot of work to be done here chorus. I I agree with the and I think it was really interesting to hear him talk on Wednesday he was he was very open and in -- I think very honest a lot of ways about. The learning process that goes along with having a new wide receivers that goes along with having young wide receivers he admitted you don't he's not the most patient guy in the world. In it takes some time to to learn how to work with these guys I don't think. I will say that they don't think we're gonna see Joey Galloway a moment with these guys that's not to say they're not gonna have some your rookie mistakes along the way but I think Brady's -- appoint his career where he understands that it's. A work in progress in in that is counterproductive to what they're trying to do. -- but but yeah I had I think it's gonna take some time he described it a couple of times over the course the pre season the offense the passing -- particular. As a work in progress in in it in it just takes time to. To learn how to play together you can take all the reps in the spring in the summer in passing camps and all that. But there's absolutely no way you can replicate -- wraps her game action and in I think that's gonna take some time as they can get a dispute. Let me be the senate -- -- format over the past several years if Tom had -- the same sort of effort. In the film Roman and off field. With the receiving corps would guys like Joey Galloway. And Chad Ochocinco have been better receivers for the patriots and they work well I think you always pass him I don't administered it to -- -- just more -- for people. And I think. The reason that's important is just understand this is a whole new landscape you know the way a -- progression works the play call an offensive system. There's a first god that your first read provided you see a critical covered his first guy the next guy and probably a check down element you work through the progression who's gonna get the ball. When these guys were talking about that that didn't work here of the Joey Gallo -- that -- the prices the Chad Jackson things like that they were never won two or maybe even three. They were that we really need some production -- a third spot it was Randy in it was west's and and it was maybe not a tight ends and then we -- we need something -- close the spot. Would Aaron Dobson progression would camera -- pumpkins projection would voice project there there of their growth looked the same had -- been and that's how we don't -- And would bid had made sense for Tom to spend that much of his time in -- -- not that much time allocated -- offseason now. Working hard has bought off with a number four option in his progression. I just think it's realistic now we got talked about the slot in the preceding it. That the his first option is the guy he needs to work with second and third those guys and all the ones they're all new to their all they sold the people that are part of the conversation affects his early -- -- -- -- And he made the point to us in the pre season Moroccan troops were more or pre telecast stuff that make. I'm excited about this this isn't about why lost this is another way to look at this. Is were gonna grow together is I'm going to be playing for five more years six year whatever wasn't an -- of the number seven -- -- made my eyes pop that he's going to be around. And these guys are all coming in on the on the ground -- meet together we're gonna grow as a group potentially at a low dollar number because he's your all rookies will keep contracts a 34 years. We're going to be together over the next stretch think about how good we can be together so you definitely see a god it's rolled up the sleeves get them they're getting dirty. And looking -- to help these guys move along with him. As there ever. -- a greater concern about an offensive performer staying help lead in the raised with Danny Amendola. By far your best wide receiver and the guy who's supposed to take Wes Welker is place but a guy who has a reputation -- of not being able to stay healthy. You know it fair or not the only way he's going to be able to dismiss those critics is by playing thirteen 1415 games are both Davis and and he's always there always gonna be tied to get a fair or not a you know you look at welcome you look at -- cola. -- you look at their career arcs in their you'll be -- -- similar but. You're the only thing and it did -- -- doesn't have a going -- Welker has going form is the durability I think it's a little bit unfair to compare Amendola to Welker because Welker not only one of the most durable wide receivers in the game is one of the most durable players in the -- If they Amendola comes out this year in place but they fourteen games get two to 85 balls. I think a lot of that goes by the wayside but again a year old the perception is of him as a did I was a delicate player is a guy who's you know whose injury prone and annual fair or not that's the label that's been slapped on him I don't think that's for I think some of those have been -- giving one of those -- entries here you go back -- look at it was a little bit kooky but I think. You'll over the course of his career when he's been healthy. He's been able to be very solid very consistent number one option in again if he stays healthy there's no reason to think that he -- chief of balls and. -- isn't it interest -- that we migrate to that and I make sense to me that. That he doesn't need to fill in and replace production and I'm not concerned about him mrs. you know toughness all that you -- -- you some of those scenarios. Tim -- I don't particularly worried that he's gonna snap a form again matched historically odd -- thing you'll probably never. Oversee but you know we're not in Baltimore we're not talking about how is Daryl Smith going to replace ray Lewis and and it's over you know it's not face the franchise of course a fifteen years but -- is production over the course the congress here met nearly as much -- -- team. What I don't think. In this situation I think people off the looked OKC good catches and yards -- him is he going to have as many touchdowns. -- been that bad and that's and that's spinning it's completely unfair because he got to look in the bin I know we're gonna talk about the leader -- really think -- is going to be a guy who's going to be asked to to step in and do more. We welcome it's not a straight up payment all for -- I I again nobody knows marine I am thinking it could be could be any number of people can be -- pick and of these catches -- could be. It could be the tide in -- sub -- move move you know -- in -- part of the field could be any number of people -- that we'll have a more healthier himself and conservative and at that spot so. It's truly not a one for one but to migrate towards that they look a little bit -- were they play a similar position so. I really don't think that's how can play out of the course of the season.

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